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  • 11:54:19 pm on August 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I just know Jaeme is going to come around that corner!

  • 11:51:52 pm on August 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Jaeme is wondering where her sis, Alysa disappeared to……(love the monster high shoes)

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    There you are! Fishing too I see.

  • 11:43:20 pm on August 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!

    The solar eclipse was fantastic! An experience in life that is difficult to describe. Never saw one before and won’t ever see it again. Made my hair stand up on my arms and brought tears to my eyes. Forgot about everything else in this world for those brief 2+ minutes of totality. In fact for the full 3 hours. Birds stopped singing, cicadas stopped too. Just one mockingbird making strange little sounds and of course, crickets. Greatest thing, people were united through it all. All the cheers that went up and neighbors climbing out their upstairs window to get a view from the roof. Street lights came on as the ‘haze’ moved in and the shadow came. It cooled down 5*. Jupiter and Venus came to view at 1:25 pm! Awesome just isn’t enough to describe this phonomenon that moved across the country at 1,447 miles per hour. Something so much greater than we are, can only leave one breathless and tingly.

    Queli ~ Well, I hope that means I will be getting a box like that in the mail soon. What a mix-up or whatever…I hope I don’t need to call them AGAIN. :-( (Barbie is so cute from the back).

    Jackie ~ Oh no, not puter issues! Maybe it is the Grimrucks!

    Kate ~ More fun with family visiting :-) ~~ Yeah, Stinky had only 2 baths while he was here! ha! ~~ All the blue dresses are so pretty together and the Star Trek tops are great! Right down to the insignia/button. So talented with sewing projects! Everyone receiving those items had to have been happy! Nice gifts from your friend.

    Fiona ~ The flu can really be hard on a person and takes awhile to get to feeling normal again. Congrats on your Skipper and Tutti haul. Those kinds of dolls are fun to ‘rehab’. It can be rewarding.

  • 10:50:25 pm on August 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    We have totality tomorrow; 2 mins and 20 secs! I think that will be cool. I’m not sure if I am going to be outdoors all that much or not because I’m just not sure how safe it is even if you aren’t looking at the sun. I saw something online tonight (which I didn’t take the time to read), but it said not to have your pets out in it. Well if it isn’t safe for them then how is it safe for us? We do have our glasses and am sure they are the good ones (hope).

    Jackie ~ I hear ya and hope you made it home OK. Get some rest and quiet as you need.

    Queli ~ It is fun to go shopping with you! Learn a lot, ha! So the ewok really is in there!!! OH no! That is not good news for me hee hee!

    Here’s a photo I forgot or maybe decided to omit from Stinky’s adventure to the Castle. After he received the breast plate of honor, I think it was suggested he have a bath.

  • 11:36:36 pm on August 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

  • 08:36:45 pm on August 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello Girls!

    Stinky, having enjoyed his stay with the Faeries, is back at the Foreclosure House. He is really trying for a room there, but I’m not sure he will be successful at convincing the 2 now in there to give up the room. He has even taken it upon himself to make a few changes. Oh no, does that mean more attempts at photos? ha!

    Queli ~ You and me both! (the beach; and one with swaying palm trees). Pretty gal! At first I didn’t know who she was wearing the foster grants, but, I have her….can’t miss that shock of pink of hair :-) ~~ I love the names you give your dolls. If I ever need help creating names for another story, I will have to source you! ~~ Been awhile since been to Michaels..may have to go one of these days. Nice bullfrog! I found the cutest little tree frog in one of my plant container’s drainage dish. He was so cute; pretty small and boy, could he leap! ~~ There’s the blue haired girl!! Love the colors of her uniform along with that blue hair…very striking! The ewok graphic is so cute on the other box. If he were actually in the box, I would get that doll for the ewok.

    Jackie ~ Glad your hubby had a good week and that you can head for home tomorrow. Have a safe trip. Wonder if the flight will be loaded with eclipse fans? I hope Stinky has behaved himself while waiting, ha! Bet he can’t wait for a little action.

  • 09:26:56 pm on August 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Hot and muggy! Very muggy! Like Jackie says; ‘weather you can wear’.
    Been taking some doll pics, but not happy with how they are turning out. Too dark, or not just right, or out of focus. Have a few that are keepers so one day I’ll get them loaded on to the disc, then to photo host, and eventually here :-)

    Queli ~ Cute little dress and fitting everyone is a plus. Nice kitty ears will be fun for Halloween. ~~ Good to see Four taking a break and going home to Barbie for a change. And he plays with toys!! Love the tiny action figure! He is pretty articulate. ~~ Diana is stunning in the gown..much prettier than the one she comes in. Really like the ‘godkiller’ sword down the back of the dress! ~~ Sister set from TRU has colorful winter fashion! ~~ Love the facial expression on banana flipper minion’s face! Priceless. Despicable Deck is cool. Your little ones display the cards very well :-) ~~ I saw the Hasbro Star Wars action figures at Wal Mart too. Was kind of in a rush, but there was one with blue hair and I kinda liked her! (at least I think she was part of the Star Wars…) Made me think of you and your color guard girls.

    Jackie ~ Good to know your hubby is on the mend and already back to work. Yes, glad someone sent him home at 1pm!! He must have been pretty tuckered out. Bet you will enjoy some doll time and be happy to see Stinky!! :-) More Stinky adventures soon! ha! ~~ A bear on your street? Is he out of his normal habitat I wonder?

    Kate ~ Ah, little soy containers. You know, I think I asked about them the first time I saw them and had forgotten what you said. I think they are pretty cool. Wonder if you could find little corks to fit them? ~ Stinky’s incognito look is impressive! Is he a French artist? Wonder what he has in those bags? Nice looking flight attendants! ~ My Stinky is still enjoying his stay with the heroes and fairies. I’m sure once he returns, he will be deciding on where he wants to live. He also wants to start digging through doll clothing to see what he can find to wear.

  • 09:53:24 pm on August 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Antiope, Katnis, and Four have all made a safe return back to the Fairies and Queen Elinor. Stinky was so glad to see them again, but seemed a bit shy around Antiope although I think he was taken by her. He wants to spend another day or two so he can hear all the stories about this trip. One thing for sure, passing through the Wildwood was pretty quiet…not a Grimruck in sight. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

  • 09:41:09 pm on August 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!

    Rainy and cloudy today. Good day to clean house. Later on, was able to get out and clear out some more flower beds. Mid-August and already doing a fall job. Been messing about in the doll room whenever I get the chance. Can’t seem to stay out of that room :-) I am needing to find a room for my Stinky. He is wanting his own room now so while he is visiting the fairies I figure had better start sizing some things up. He has been eyeing a room in the Foreclosure house that is currently occupied. We’ll see. I don’t want to have to evict anyone even though the Tonners were evicted so could use their place for one of the Castle scenes and have not moved them back in as of yet.

    Queli ~ I would like to have the climbing gear from the camping fun Barbie. ~~ Nathan makes a nice playmate for the little girls. Got to have a few boys around to balance things out :-) ~~ Nice collection of color guard you have so far. It is fun to pick a theme and just collect those, but I do like a variety, ha! ~~ Who was the most villainous of the villains…. the Evil Queen? Well, we saw what happened to her :-) (she is still around but keeping a low profile for now).

    Kate ~ Indeed! I am so enjoying your pictures of Stinky wearing all his stuff. Maybe because he had no place to keep it all so HAD to wear it around every day, haha! ~~ That was so special of your dad to make shelves for him :-) So cool that he takes an interest in this too. Everyone gets to have a little fun. Is the yellow dish Stinky’s bed? Now, his room is tidy and has a place for all his stuff. (sorry about that, ha!) ~~~ Seems that is what I have the most of too; desserts and sweets. They seem to be the easiest to come by like the tray of macaroons Queli posted. I used to drool over Marie’s dinners and foods for her Barbies. I hear you on the tea sets. I see a lot of them at the flea markets and just have to walk on by. ~~ Before I forget, what are the little white ceramic items in Stinky’s room?

    Jackie ~~ Bet you are going to miss having your son around. Things are gradually getting back to normal and hope you will be home soon. Always glad you stop by. ~~ Doing the scene of Antiope and the Queen had me laughing. The picture turned out looking a little rougher than I had really wanted, so just want everyone to know the Evil Queen was not seriously hurt; just strong armed. She did try to stuff one of her apples in Antiope’s face and that just did not go well for her, ha!

  • 10:27:14 pm on August 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    City Chic

  • 10:21:48 pm on August 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Again!

    Queli ~ Well, I did just that..copied the whole thing in a word file. I have the photos, so just the printed story.

    More new dolls! The little keyboard looks interesting! And I do like the brown-haired Holiday Barbie! ~~ Ken is getting younger and younger all the time! ha! I like his thick brows and his eyes. Nice hair too :-)

    OK, as promised earlier today:

    Here is Antiope ‘subduing’ the Evil Queen as Four(who is hard to see; too dark)is trying to talk the Yeoman into coming with them.  He did need assistance from Katnis since Yeoman was under the influence of some bad apples.

  • 05:09:42 pm on August 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Quiet weekend here at home. Just the way I like it. Was able to get a couple of pictures done which I will post later. I think you will enjoy the one :-) A scene from the Evil Queen’s Castle that needed something visible, ha!

    Kate ~ We had fun didn’t we? Glad Toothless made it to your house. I bet he met with Merlin and was gone before anyone knew it. Oh I bet Stinky is so relieved and proud he gets to keep one of the Royal Rubies! He had better take care of it before he loses it, ha! Cute little party filled with sweets and good friends! I see Stinky is still all decked out. He is going to remember this for a long time. Kangaroo is going to have that cake all to himself isn’t he? He is cute! The Minnie cakes are pretty cool! Don’t realize how tiny some of these things are until you remember how small Stinky really is. Look around real good so don’t miss anything :-) And wow, Stinky meets Claudette and Lavinia! Lovely dolls that I have been admiring from afar…so far.

    Jackie ~ Yes, hubby needs to stay mindful and get his rest so he heals and doesn’t loosen his wires. Glad you can come by as I’m sure you need a little something different to help you through. This stuff is good therapy, JMO. ~~ Elinor it is, and I keep misspelling it too…no E at the end.

    Queli ~ I had to go back too into the story to remember a few things :-) I may need to write it all down someday before it goes poof!
    ~~ Your girls looks so relaxed in the Space Chair. ~~ Such sweet little girls with your bud vase ~~ I like the Toki Doki dolls too! ~~ Always enjoy your posts and pictures. I don’t think there are many dolls and doll ‘stuff’ that I don’t like….that is the problem :-)
    I’m glad you enjoyed the story. One of these days you will have to entertain Stinky!

    Hi Fiona! ~~ Radio stories go back a ways :-) Have a radio station near here that still does them.

  • 11:15:25 pm on August 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    This is Katnis’, Four, and Antiope’s last night at the Castle. They will be leaving in the morning to return to the Fairywood. They too, are glad this is over.

  • 11:08:43 pm on August 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Just a quick fly by. Will be back in tomorrow to post to you.

    My Stinky is just so happy his brother is in the clear. He is so excited hearing about his brother’s experiences. He wants to meet Katnis, Four, and the new Antiope. He wanted so badly to go to the Fairy cottage to meet the Fairies and Queen Elinor. So, that is where I took him and he is going to stay there until the heroes return so he can meet them as well.

    Don’t worry guys, there will be no more Stinkys visiting any more castles for a long, long, time :-)

    Thanks and glad you enjoyed the saga, ha! Thanks for your input too Kate. I think we had a good time with it. Can’t wait to see Stinky’s party/celebration.

  • 08:36:14 pm on August 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Please read my earlier posting from this afternoon prior to this, the grande finale.

    Now for the grande finale(I’m sure everyone knew Stinky was innocent). Yeoman did spill about how he was so jealous of Stinky and all the attention he was getting. What took the cake was when the Kings and Queens had the Breast Plate of Honor ceremony for Stinky, and the Yeoman was not invited. He had wanted to be a Knight so bad he could taste it. Then, when Four was knighted in a secret ceremony; well that was the straw. While everyone was at the dinner, the Yeoman snatched one of the Rubies to later be put in Stinky’s Breast Plate case. Yes, the Yeoman was the one who took care of Stinky’s packing so he would not have to worry about it that night or the next morning.
    As soon as the King and Queen heard this confession, they sent message to Kate’s Stinky via Toothless. Sending a dragon into the modern world is a big responsibility, but they are confident that Toothless will accomplish this mission as well. The Queen is proud of her young dragon even though he broke the rule. Maybe it means her dragon is ready for the next level. Besides, the King and Queen are certain there will not be a reprisal coming from the Evil Queen. A message was also sent to StinkyIII and Queen Elinor. Antiope, Katnis, and Four will enjoy another day at the Castle before leaving. And the Yeoman? Well, the Queen has the key to the dungeon where he will spend 24 hours or when the ‘apple of truth’ wears off……he is still babbling! The King will once again take the Yeoman in, but this time will try to appreciate him more and help him become the Knight he always wanted to be.
    And about the bag? They emptied it’s contents on the floor and found several days supply of full cans of tuna and corned beef hash(Stinky’s off the menu choices), one set of silverware & of course, his own clothing.


  • 03:43:35 pm on August 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Antiope at work! Isn’t she beautiful!?

  • 03:41:09 pm on August 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Story update:
    Katnis and 4 have implored the King and Queen to allow them to search the Wildwood for the Yeoman. Much against their better judgement, they lent the pair a couple of swift horses. Not long after leaving the Castle, they spied Toothless and he saw them as well. Although Toothless had been strictly forbidden to enter the Wildwood or fly above, he does anyway.

    In the meantime, Antiope is still at the Castle of the Evil Queen, debating on whether or not to invade and see what is happening or to merely head for Tanglewood, and approach the King and Queen with what she saw. Easy decision to make once she saw that the Evil Queen had released 6 spy ravens from her castle. With her keen sense of hearing, she heard ‘wings’ above and saw the dragon. To her amazement to be seeing such a thing! Dragons have not flown in years since there were no dragon riders left. Antiope knew this dragon had to come from Tanglewood Castle! She allowed herself to be seen by Toothless and the reaction was immediate; Toothless alit nearby with great fierceness. And then Antiope heard foot falls in the woods….it was Katnis and 4 on horseback!! They immediately assured Toothless that Antiope was on their side. Antiope told them what she had seen, and they made the decision to ‘attack’ the Evil Queen’s castle! (talk about taking charge!) Antiope scales the walls of the castle and enters through a window. She immediately locates the Queen and the Yeoman. She could hear the Yeoman babbling incessantly as the Queen urges to him to hurry up and get to the good part about Tanglewood Castle and the King. Antiope rushes to the entrance to allow Katnis and Four to enter and together they surprise the Evil Queen. Antiope subdues the Queen(and her apples) as Kat and Four manage the babbling Yeoman. He was reclining on a large sofa, eating an apple…the kind that makes you tell the truth. To make a long story short, in spite of also fighting off the nasty ravens, the three escape the castle with the Yeoman as the Queen still dazed and not sure of what exactly happened. Antiope headed for the stable to grab the Yeomans bag and strapped it on Toothless’ back. He took to the air and headed for Tanglewood as the three with Yeoman head for Tanglewood as well. The Yeoman continued to babble all the way back and had regaled his childhood, his youth, his time as a laborer….the three knew they needed to get to the Castle before he would spill the beans about Stinky. The King and Queen needed to hear that!

    More later.

    Antiope subduing the Evil Queen and her apples!!

  • 03:06:09 pm on August 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Jackie ~ It almost sounds like your hubby had more done with his heart. Hoping he does get more mileage now :-)

    Fiona ~ Amen to ‘should have written it down’. Had no idea it would become a novel, so think I am going to hasten to the ending. ~ Sharp and small scissors a must. The ones I use have very pointed tips and only use it for cutting hair(my own)and my dolls.

  • 09:13:51 pm on August 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Been a busy day!

    Queli ~ Love the owl chair! And Layla matches to a ‘T’! She has a nice library!

  • 09:11:30 pm on August 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here is the Yeoman when he first became a part of the King’s men. The King took him in, in hopes of making a great Knight. But, this is what he did early on. He took one of the chickens from the courtyard, took it to his room, lit a fire right in the room and proceeded to try to roast it right there!! The King was very upset and disciplined him hard, even though he had felt pity on him when he took him in.

  • 09:01:49 pm on August 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Back at Tanglewood since the Yeoman’s disappearance, the Queen having the master key to the Castle in her crown, was able to access the Yeoman’s room and found that he had packed his belongings but left the room in such disarray. The only thing the Queen found were a couple of pieces of the royal silverware under his bed. It was apparent, he was gone. He had been questioned pretty hard by the King since the King was not well pleased with his performance. Yeoman had been passed over twice for becoming a Knight. The Yeoman upon questioning, was just too free with accusations of Stinky having stolen the Royal Ruby; that he couldn’t be trusted because of his heritage, and was always grinning. The King had seen something different and what this Yeoman said, was not about to change his mind. It took a lot of courage for Stinky to come forward with having the Ruby. He could have just stayed up north, hid the Ruby and never said a word, but that is just not Stinky and the King knew it. (Boy, if the King could have seen him hiding the ruby in the nesting robots!! ha!)
    Upon learning that the Yeoman had no intention of returning to the Castle, the Queen unchained Toothless, her dragon, and set him out in search of the Yeoman. She has ‘trained her dragon’ and Toothless knows he is not to enter the Wildwood as not to be seen. No one needs to know there is a dragon flying again in the realms. But, Toothless has not returned and until he does, no one leaves or enters and no one is declared innocent or guilty.

    Here is the Queen and Toothless her young dragon. Note the key to all the Castle in her crown.

  • 08:38:46 pm on August 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    The King and Queen have finished their questioning everyone. Four and Katnis were in defense of Stinky, but, unfortunately since Four and Stinky had separate rooms on their last night, Four could not verify what Stinky did during the night hours. Nor could Katnis verify what Four did that night. Stinky’s message via black swan was a complete surprise! Admitting he had the Royal Ruby! But his claims of not knowing how it got hidden behind his breast plate in it’s case or the fact he did not even pack his own things seemed to ring some truth to the King. Stinky just didn’t have the opportunity to do it based on how the events of the day, that night, and the morning the trio left the Castle.

    These 2 offered a great defense for Stinky. He was plum wore out after the ceremony and dinner. His room was empty of his belongings except for the his breast plate. No bags, no nothing and he never left his room until Four woke him up at 4am.

  • 10:14:15 pm on August 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Busy day, so went by quickly. Spent a lot of time making phone calls or should say, playing phone tag. Worked for a little while down in that drainage ditch. I think I am getting ahead of the poison oak down there as well as other types of weeds and small trees. We had 3+ inches of rain Sunday and it sure is nice to not have water backing up into our back yard because the ditch is plugged up.

    Queli ~ You are welcome! Some pictures do take time to set up. But, as you say, when they turn out great it is worth it. I went back and looked at them again. Working with such small items and to get them to say put or sit nice, can be a task. The older I get, sometimes the harder it is to set things up. I am bumping into stuff and knocking things over…..ha! Or I’m in too big a hurry. I see Chelsea has her shoes off since her feet are on the sofa. Good girl! ~~ Interesting MH series. They sure mellowed on the face paint though. The feet and hands are more ‘animal’ on the little ones. I do like the high chair! Queli, I’m just not sure I’m all that crazy about these new

    Kate ~ You are welcome! I have had those patterns for awhile and I finally figured out that I am not going to use them. Kept them as a collector item and decided to not keep them for that either. And then I thought of you! You sew!! Perfect! They go to Kate :-) And it is also a thank you for allowing me to have Stinky for so long and the inspiration it/he did give me to play again!

    Jackie ~ Hope you are doing OK and I really hope you can be home soon. Take care.

  • 09:08:48 pm on August 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    And here is the Evil Queen of the Wildwood Forrest Castle. You will be learning more about her very soon! Here she is with one of her infamous apples. She has an apple for everything! And the one she is holding in the photo, is her “tell me the truth NOW” apple.

  • 08:47:36 pm on August 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Let’s take a moment to see what Antiope has been doing. Remember her? Keep in mind she was not on the King’s list of individuals he wanted to see and since the Castle is on lock down, no visitors are allowed in and no one can leave unless permitted by the King.

    Antiope is swift, intelligent, cunning, and seems to have a keen sense of what is going on around her. She is an expert with a bow and able to hold her ground in close hand to hand fighting. Not only that, she is center mass with daggers. She is a survivalist in any situation.

    While Katnis and Four were waiting for the Yeoman, Antiope took to the Wildwood Forrest and hid at the outter edge so she would remain out of sight and yet be able to watch the road and keep an eye on Katnis and Four. Once Toothless arrived to guide the pair to the Castle, Antiope moved on deeper into Wildwood Forrest. Something wasn’t right. Not far off the road, she found a wooden, 2 wheel cart that seemed to have been hidden in the thick underbrush. It had not been there long, was empty, but there were footsteps leading away and also horse hoof prints. Taking a closer look, the cart bared the insignia of Tanglewood Castle.

    Antiope continued to track the trail all the while making certain she was not spotted or followed. After perhaps several hours, she came upon an iron fence and more of a cleared area. She was entering what was known as the Wildwood Castle. Not much is known about the King here, but the Queen is widely known as the “Evil Queen” of the Wildwood. The Wildwood is always avoided if at all possible(that is why they take the tunnel when leaving the Fairy Woods). The Evil Queen is a part of the 4 Kingdom federation, but she is just not well liked and is not very scrupulous. Grimrucks are nasty creatures that lurk in the Wildwood and she uses them to her advantage.

    Antiope takes position where she can monitor the comings and goings of the Castle. Carefully, she takes a look for the stable and there she finds a horse with a rich harness which also bears the Tanglewood insignia. Now, she must keep watch because she is certain this is where the Yeoman went off to. But, why here? And then she spies the Yeoman! He is dragging a nasty looking bag that seems to be full. It seems he is hiding this bag in a room in the stable! Once he has done this, he quickly heads toward the Castle where the Evil Queen awaits him at the doors and takes him in.

    Stay tuned for further updates on the Wildwood Castle!

  • 09:10:55 pm on August 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Update on Katnis and Four. They have arrived at the Castle after a long wait for the Yeoman. He was to meet them at the edge of Tanglewood Forrest to escort them to the Castle but, he never showed. The Queen then sent Toothless, her dragon.
    A message sent through Fairy Scout has arrived. Both Katnis and Four have been questioned at length. As soon as they arrived the Castle, they were immediately taken to the King and Queen. Word is out now the purpose of the questioning is because one of the Royal Rubies is missing! The King has received the message sent by Stinky via the black swan. Katnis and Four were shocked at the news of the contents of the message as well as the King. It seems he and the Queen have also been questioning all members of the Court and those who work at the Castle, right down to the stable workers. Katnis and Four had been able to do some questioning of their own before being taken to their rooms, to find out the Yeoman was sent out yesterday for supplies, but never returned!

    Jackie ~ 10 new meds. Wow. Glad you have home health there to assist you and get you started. Keeping my fingers crossed that all works together to achieve the goal. The drivers down there remind me of the drivers here. I hate to go out any more, because of the aggressiveness of drivers, speed, and yes, not using those turn signals. I can drive all the way to Nebraska or further west, and not have a problem until I get back here. Awful!! ~~ Yes, Stinky was a big inspiration and one I needed!

    Kate ~ Oh such cute pictures of Stinky. I may have to lift a couple of them! Now he has his back pack on…aww. I’m glad he sent that message. I’m sure the King in all fairness will get things sorted out and now that Katnis and Four are there, they will be in Stinky’s corner. Four had grown very fond of Stinky. ~~ The black cat shirt is perfect match for you AND William!

    Queli ~ Great instruction and picture guide for cutting doll bangs. I just smooth the bangs down, hold them down with my left thumb and use a small, but sharp scissors. I usually start out a bit long on the cut as the bangs will sometimes ‘lift’ after any restriction of thumb(or tape) is removed. I use good lighting and carefully snip away any stragglers. ~~ I love Chelsea’s doll shelves!! That is soo darling! Great way to display your mini’s and create a play room too. Good job!

  • 08:30:14 pm on August 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    To refresh your memory as to who the Yeoman is; he is the one who met Katnis, 4, and Stinky last time.

  • 08:26:03 pm on August 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Can you imagine being questioned by these two? And you know Toothless is lurking above waiting for any word from the Queen.

  • 11:09:09 pm on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I don’t believe it….had to go look at Kate’s pictures one more time before I left for the day. Needed one more giggle :-)

  • 11:01:02 pm on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I had to keep Stinky occupied and busy because he is so concerned with what is going on right now. He likes bright colors so was ready and willing to offer me a hand with the beach hut. I wanted to cover some of the graphics on that wall, but not a permanent cover. He likes the hut so well, he has decided to stay there for awhile.

  • 10:46:09 pm on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here is a picture from when Stinky first met some of the royalty at the Castle. This was before he met THE King and Queen. If you look at the feet of the golden case, there are what seem to be red stones or gems on the rug. Surely, it’s not one of those is it? Oh oh. And Stinky had to have seen them there. But, look at all the people in the throne room and precious gems are just out like that? Apparently, it was another test…. :-(

  • 10:34:30 pm on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Been a rainy day today, but we needed it and it’s nice to have rainy days once in a while.
    Lots of interesting photos today!

    Well, I have not heard anything in regard to Katnis, 4, and Antiope. If all goes well, they should reach Tanglewood Castle late in the day tomorrow. StinkyIII stayed behind. 4(Four) thought perhaps it would be best if he stayed behind since really don’t know the purpose of this trip. The fact the Castle is locked down right now, can’t mean anything too good.

    Jackie ~ Oh boy, one thing leads to another! Glad you finally got to go home. Yes, a good night’s sleep in your own home and bed will be nice, huh? One day at a time.

    Fiona ~ Oh such interesting pictures of the boat and the whales! What an amazing trip that had to have been to watch these giants so graceful and playful in the water. I think had they been adults, I would have been a little skittish about them being so close to the boat. ~~ I have already removed the nest from the flower pot and did keep it. I have a small collection of different bird nests; now where to put this one?! I’m not so sure they will nest there again because I had to water that plant at least every other day, so was always around their nesting area. I’m sure they thought it was too ‘busy’ for them. They tolerated me and that is about it. Absolutely didn’t like Myah the cat watching from the door, ha!

    Queli ~ You have some cool pictures to share as well! ~ The terrapin turtle is awesome with his designs and ‘prints’. What an awesome Creator we have! This kind of stuff just don’t happen by accident, does it? Then the snapping turtle is just so icky, but has a ‘worm’ for a lure. Wow. ~ More interesting dolls and love the Poppy Parker in green! I think she is the most glam Poppy I have seen. ~ A lot of new things coming out all the time. Funko Pop Luna is something else :-)

    Kate ~~ I busted out laughing when I read your story and looked at those photos of Stinky!! Hilarious! But the poor little guy doesn’t know what to make out about that ruby. I’m pretty sure he knows where it came it from, but just how it got in his belongings is the mystery.(Surely he didn’t steal it?) I didn’t see it when I packed his things, nor did I see the little bag it was in. Will have to do some sleuthing.

  • 09:54:27 pm on August 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here are the little wrens one day before they fledged. Their little tails are only about 1/2 inch long!

  • 09:51:04 pm on August 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Antiope did not arrive until this afternoon. Katnis and Four were hoping she would arrive yesterday so she could accompany them to the Castle. She was not ordered by the King, but Queen Elinore of the Fairywood requested her accompaniment in order to protect Katnis and Four at least until they arrive at the Castle. So, Antiope must escape her box and catch up to them! (I really like this doll! Her hair, everything!!)

  • 09:42:19 pm on August 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Katnis and Four left early this morning for Tanglewood Castle. Katnis is pretty concerned about why they are being ordered back by the King and why Stinky had same order. My Stinky wanted to accompany them since his brother is apparently involved in this.  No doubt StinkyIII would like to visit the castle and get the royal treatment too :-)
    Four is wearing his crest that he received from the King. The four colors stand for the four Kingdoms/realms. Tanglewood, Wildwood, Fairywood, and Edinburgh.
    We wish them well on their 3 day journey. They should be at Tanglewood Castle by late Monday and hope to hear from them via messenger; Fairy Scout. Stay tuned! Update daily!

    <img src=

  • 09:33:06 pm on August 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Lovely day today! It was 57* this morning! Nice!
    The wrens were just across the fence in an evergreen this morning. The adults were on the deck, fussing and acting as though they are still looking for a baby. Later today, have not been hearing any of them, so they must have moved on.

    Queli ~ Thank you! I like how you restyled Lani’s hair. She looks great! That was my plan until decided not to get her and now I want her again, so if and when I do get her, that is what I will do with mine :-) Lani only came as a gift set right? ~~~ Neat Chelsea! I really like the little bulldog! Isn’t he sweet? ~~ Queli, I think I will give up on not buying dolls because guess what?! 3 came in the mail today!! Wonder Woman, Antiope, and City Chic. I unboxed City Chic right off the bat!
    Yeah, the chain from Mad Max is a hoot! But, the ruby..the ruby is a mystery because I don’t recall Stinky having a ruby to pack. I hope Kate says where she found it.

    Jackie ~ Hope you guys get to leave the hosp. tomorrow! What an ordeal.

  • 10:43:58 pm on August 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Modern Circle Barbie got a little makeover.

    Been back to work on the Foreclosure House and beach hut. A little here, a little there. Maybe one day I’ll get it all done.

  • 10:17:07 pm on August 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,

    I can’t believe it, but the little wrens fledged the nest this afternoon. There were 4. The first one, and the most daring, flew out just a little after noon. The other 3 took their time by standing on top of the nest and climbing about in the geranium plant. The parents were doing a lot of ‘calls’ to make them leave and finally at around 2:30 this afternoon the other 3 took flight, one right after the other. I hope the parents find the first one, because it seemed to me they were looking for him. They checked the other 3 looked inside the nest and around on the deck, so I am fairly certain they were looking for the 4th one. I’m going to miss all the activity.

    Update on the King and Queen of Tanglewood: Last news is the Castle has been locked down not allowing anyone to leave or to enter. Queen Elinor received word from the King via Fairy Scout. Simply to send 4 and Katnis at once. The King also asked for Stinky, but Queen Elinor informed him via message, that Stinky is far, far away to another foreign land. This is beginning to sound rather serious.

    Jackie ~ So glad to hear your hubby is doing better and really hope he can fly the coop too :-) I bet you are ready to come home. ~~ I visited McDonalds one time for the minion toy. I had one other from a previous series.

    Kate! ~~ Love the way you do a story! All the pictures are great too,Ha! Look at Stinky dive right into the box. He sure had fun collecting all his souvenirs and things he would find or like. When he had to do chores, he decided to keep some clothespins for a remembrance of his escapade. Not sure where he found the joker card; probably playing with the kids. ~~ How clever that he has his own red sombrero! I see he has a cactus in his room. ~~ Had to laugh about the chain from Mad Max! Look at his room! What a hoot! I tell you, Kate, Stinky is a lot of fun. BUT I see he has a nice, shiny ruby? Now where on earth was that?! I know I did not see that when we were packing Stinky’s things.

    Queli ~ The little dachshund looks good with his new eye paint. She did a nice job. ~~ Barbie the builder looks neat in her hard hat and reflective vest! Neat set. Lots of new dolls and with all the fashionistas too, there are a lot of new items to choose from. The one Barbie I think is cute (she’s been out for awhile) and that is the little farm Barbie with the chicken. Adorable! So hard to cut down when Mattel keeps pouring them out! ha! I like the winter set with the snowmobile too…the outfits are what I really like. So, thank you for always posting what is new out there!

  • 09:52:35 pm on August 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I really in truly do like this doll! ‘Lovin’ Leopard’.

  • 09:46:35 pm on August 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,

    The baby wrens are growing so fast. I read they can leave the nest at 14-16 days. In that case, they may fledge as early as this Sunday to perhaps Tuesday. Looking at them today, they seemed more mature than yesterday. I thought she had 5 eggs, but pretty sure I am seeing only 4 babies.

    No word for sure what is stirring at the Castle in Tanglewood. As soon as I hear something I will let you know.

    Jackie ~~ Sorry to hear your DH is having a rough patch in the hospital. Those beds are not that comfortable in the first place, let alone an allergy to the soap. And a hospital is not that easy to sleep good in; always something going on through the night too. Hopefully tomorrow. ~~ I miss Marie too and Marigene. They were like fixtures. I emailed Marie awhile back and didn’t get a reply, so hopefully all is well. Or my email didn’t go through.

    Queli ~ That is what i liked about the lamp…..all the colors! Beads and threads :-) ~~ I like the outfits for the Rocker Barbie; esp. her pants and the dress! Love her blue sleeve. ~~ The pink dolphin is cute! ~~ I have seen only the blonde Holiday Barbie. The Hispanic looks pretty. ~~ A convention in Kansas doesn’t sound too bad to me either.

    Kate ~ Thank you. Sounds like a good idea for the talker doll remnants. ~~ I like the mushroom! I bet Stinky wants it in his room? ha! He looks so good with head wear! I forgot to mention how much I liked his dk blue hat with the red ball. Stinky the III is just hanging out in the doll room for now. Love going in the room and just seeing him there. Not sure how I will get him involved in this Castle situation that is brewing, but I will have him being good for the most part. If he does do something sly, it will be for good cause :-)

  • 10:14:36 pm on August 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here is Wrenny Penny’s nest in the geranium planter. It is like a little cave. Has been so much fun to watch.  You can kind of see 2 of the babies; they still have the dark grey fuzz, but are not as fuzzy.  The silver rod is of  a changing color led light.  So,  they have a night light at night.  Was already there when the Wren chose her location.

  • 10:10:01 pm on August 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here is the lamp I was talking about. Found it same day as Venus McFlytrap.

  • 10:07:09 pm on August 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello Girls!

    Not sure what is going on, but word from the fairies is the King & Queen of Tanglewood Castle (Cruella), are in an uproar. No one is really sure what that is all about. Little Fairy Scout had been out doing her usual recon and overheard a couple of Grimrucks talking about it. Queen Elinore has put everyone in Fairy Kingdom on alert. She has called up 4 and Katnis as an extra precaution.

    Kate ~ Loved your little story with Stinky and the nesting gummy bears! The stacking rings are just the right size! Neat! ~~ The talking Barbie innards are interesting, but does look messy. I have never had one apart. Neat display piece if were clean.

    Jackie ~ Hoping you guys can come home soon too. My brother had a pacemaker put in several years ago. He seemed to notice a difference within a few days. He was awake during the insertion, but of course was given something to relax and local anesthetic was used. He was home the next day, but with limited activity for a couple of weeks so don’t dislodge any of the wires. He has gotten along with it pretty well and has had ?3 battery replacements since. ~~ Relieved to know that Stinky got to your house in good shape. Packaged him pretty good. Stinky seems to have the same effect on everyone, ha!

    Queli ~~ Chelsea had a great time at Hallmark. Hard to turn down those little blue eyes when she spies something she would like to have. ~~ I like the Ocean View boat! I’m with you on the space issue, so I guess my girls will just have to be happy with their wood boat and oars :-) The hamster in the wheel is pretty neat; just need a little cage to put him in. ~~ The pink bunny slippers are pretty cute!

  • 09:44:19 pm on July 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

  • 09:24:29 pm on July 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    Was a busy Sunday. Went down the street and trimmed a huge bush that was growing over the sidewalk. Since school will be starting soon, I would rather have the kids walk on the sidewalk and not the street. Then, at home I went on the other side of our fence and cut some non-poisonous sumac limbs hanging over into our yard. When DH got home we cut down a good sized mimosa tree. That took a couple hours to get cup up. Then loaded it on the truck and hauled it to the landfill where they accept yard waste. It was dinner time (5 pm)by the time all the work was finished. Should sleep well tonight.

    Jackie ~ Hoping DH continues to make good progress and all goes well for you both. Nice to see you and thanks for checking in.

    Queli ~ Pretty sure it’s a 1959 Edsel. ;-) ~~ I may have to have a look at TM and Michaels’ too for Day of the Dead items. Always thought of creating a Day of the Dead Barbie, but have never gotten around to it. Chelsea is cute with all her toys and she is so poseable. Nice she can stand on her own too.

    Kate ~ There would be too much mischief if the 2 Stinkys were together for any length of time, ha! ~~ Nice little vanity set and I have a full size pitcher like the mini you have in the photo. MH squishy is pretty cute. Is the doll your Wonder Woman? She looks good in such bright colors.

  • 10:09:42 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Gabby never stops talking.

    Telling Max how he needs to be careful using a knife to open the package…..

  • 10:07:47 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Max has had enough.

  • 10:06:16 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hulk is ripping the package apart, Liv runs away scared half out of her wits, but Gabby keeps right on talking….

  • 10:03:32 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Talking Barbara to death…

  • 10:00:36 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Barbie is not talking… all.

  • 09:58:55 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

  • 09:57:30 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    that mouth is just a going…

  • 09:48:42 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    and more talking……although she did a great job adding the streak of color to Stinky’s hair top of his head.

  • 09:26:33 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Queli ~ I’m pretty sure your car is an Edsel. :-)

    You know Gabby….she talks constantly! No one can get a word in edgeways.

    I saw a nesting doll today and thought of Kate right away. It was pretty cool too. The usual shape, but was an owl. I tried to get it open and it was fairly stuck. I don’t think Kate has an owl in the bunch.

  • 09:56:49 pm on July 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Look who took over the beauty salon! Gabby lost all her customers due to her constant yakking.

  • 09:36:55 pm on July 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    Just a bit cooler today so ‘Wrenny Penny’ had a better day chasing down insects to feed her brood. There is one who just stays near the opening of the cave-like nest, props his head on edge of nest and keeps his mouth open :-) He’s not dumb and he’s only 4 days old.

    Jackie ~ The Magia 2000 Barbie is something else! Wow! ~~ I think MH dolls were a big hit for adults but I bet that slows since the dolls have become more child friendly. ~~ You have had a busy last month! Just hope things all go well for DH. ~~ Stinky is trying his best to get to your house. He has already left Fayetteville and on his way to final destination.

    Queli ~ Enjoying all your photos!! Love the dog dish towel! Sky is a good model for these photos! She is getting prettier by the moment! :-) Ha! There’s Santa with the leg lamp too! The Chicken topiary is pretty this year!

    Yes, Queli, I mean to tell you I found that doll at the flea market. :-) Didn’t know she was Venus McFlytrap, but now that i look at the print of her dress, those are venus flytraps! I was tickled pink to find her even if I didn’t know who she was; she is so cool! And there is not one snag in her sleeves either. ~~ Glad you enjoyed the Wren link. I love birds; always have since a child. My mother bought me my first bird book when I was about 10. What is so cool about this wren in my flowerpot is the fact she is right outside my deck door, so I can watch her feed her kids! The one day it was 95* and she was exhausted; panting. That night, I went out to check on her and by the deck light I could see her in the nest. Her head was lopped to the side, eyes closed and sound asleep. Bless her heart. Generally, I can’t go out there at night without her being wide awake, watching me. Today, I noticed some ants on the deck rail, so I used some Avon skin so soft to apply to the deck and any surface that would come into contact with the plant or pot. Ants will invade bird nests and literally will drive them out and kill the young. So, I am trying to be her ally right now. Skin so soft will also work on hanging hummer feeders by just applying to the wire atop the feeder. Keeps the ants away like a charm!

  • 10:17:20 pm on July 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here is the last MH doll I found at the flea market. She is wearing French DOTW hat. I had a good day at the market that day. Found an interesting lamp and then this doll. Had to get her as I thought she made a good match to the lamp. Will have to get a pic of that later.

  • 10:09:25 pm on July 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!

    First things first!

    Jackie ~~ Oh my, so sorry to hear what happened to your DH. Once he gets his pacemaker he should be in good working order. In the meantime, they will keep a close watch on him. This has been quite the month for you! You need a private jet I think :-) ~~ Yes, Stinky is on his way to your house. I sent you an email with all the details.
    Have a safe trip and get your rest! Take care!

    Kate ~ We will find out if Stinky II has same traits or not. I’m sure he does, but he may have a few of his own for an individual personality. :-) He had some quality time with your Stinky and they did a lot of visiting; sharing life stories, laughing…you know, that sort of thing. Playing tricks on one another…like the smoking car deal. I imagine you have to keep your 2 Stinkys separated don’t you? haha!! And yes, I had a great time with your Stinky. Opened a whole new chapter. ~~ So, you got yourself a squishy MH doll. I may have to have a look at the store one of these days. ~~ Love your photo!!

    Fiona ~ The male wren is beautiful! Quite different from us humans, ha! But, the female bird can’t be drawing attention to herself, her young, and the nest. The male with his flashy colors will draw attention away from his family. Here is a link all about the Carolina Wren:

    We also have the house wrens here too. They are both fidgety little birds, very vocal, and have monstrous curiosities.
    I have 2 bird baths in our yard, plus I set out a water dish just for her. It was not as warm today, so I think she fared much better. It is raining now and will be rainy tomorrow as well. So far, she & the kids are staying dry. ~~~~ Whale watching sounds pretty exciting!! Have a good time, stay safe, and bring back some pics!

  • 09:04:55 pm on July 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Oh boy. The 2 Stinkys decided to take the Prowler for a spin. Next thing you know, Stinky I was wanting to show Stinky II where he went on his motorcycle trip with Mad Max. In this heat, it wasn’t such a great idea. The Prowler began to smoke and sputter, but thank goodness, Stinky II is familiar with Prowlers and knew just what to do. As soon as they got moving again, they turned right around and came back home to enjoy some time together before Stinky I leaves to continue his adventures at Jackie’s house.

  • 08:55:26 pm on July 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!

    I am feeling so sorry for the Carolina Wren who has her nest on our deck in the geranium pot. It is just so hot and humid! At least the pot gets shade early afternoon. I don’t want to move the pot since she chose that location and actually, it is a pretty good one. She is far enough under the eaves that she will stay pretty dry in a rain(as long as it comes straight down or wind is out of the north/northwest.) I have a feeling though, she is feeding her brood by herself and it is hard on her in this heat. She sat on the edge of the pot for at least 30 mins just panting. Not sure how many babies she has, but today it seems there is only one strong one; yesterday there were at least 3 with heads up, waiting for food. What do you do? She must have one of those partners who lets her do all the work :-( hmmph!

    Stinky is all packaged and ready to head to Jackie’s house. If I do my grocery shopping tomorrow, I will get him sent off.

    Queli ~ Dow Gardens does look like a nice place to walk or relax or have photo sessions. Sky looks good there! Love her dress! ~~ All of your LOL girls are so cute together! My faves are the ones with bows in their hair and ‘Marilyn’. The Art of the Brick is also interesting. I like the blue and yellow ‘sculptures’. Different! So many nice pictures and appreciate you sharing your travels :-)

    Jackie ~ I really like the table gift! Great costume on the man. I enjoy all the posters too and think it would be nice to have one of them. So, who does get them after it’s over? ~ Dessert does look yummy, but I can’t refuse any dessert! ~~ Nice job on all the blue sweaters you did. That had to take a little time to do.

    Kate ~ Bet you are going to miss your niece! The whole month flew by and the 10 days zoomed. I bet your dad enjoyed the extra company as well. ~~ Nice photo of your nesting collection. It has grown for sure; but that is what collections do, ha! ~ I did miss you here though and glad you are back :-)

    Fiona ~ You summed up Stinky pretty well. Wouldn’t have him any other way than himself. He truly is a loveable little guy and tons of fun to have around. Even though I have one of my own, I will miss Kate’s Stinky. I have to go and put Syd’s arms down….she is still in the position of holding him up in the air, ha!

    As far as Stinky II’s car, I was hoping to find something more along the lines of a pickle or banana, but the Prowler caught my eye and that was it!

  • 09:11:59 pm on July 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Queli ~ I like the little lace top. It’s not a Barbie top, it is a top from a set for the little knock off dolls and I can’t think of what they are called right now :-( Sparkle Girlz?

    There is a photo of Stinky and his brother with new wheels! :-)

    Really enjoying the museum with you and Barbie! Love the “Hold Up”. Awesome! Reminds me so much of a museum back home that has been around for a long time. Remember going there as a child and still like going there when go back for visits. It used to be called the “House of Yesterday”, now is simply the Hastings Museum. There were at one time a lot more Native American dioramas and artifacts, but they have since been removed.

    Jackie ~ Love the golden outfit and doll! Thanks for posting her pic!

    Waving to the rest of our Barbie girls. Gotta run! Need to take Rootie out before it gets too dark.

  • 08:54:32 pm on July 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!

    Doing well! Weather is same-o same-o………hot and humid. Shouldn’t complain because we have not been in the triple digits…..yet.

    Well, Stinky decided he wanted a vehicle to get around in so we have been shopping around for some sort of mobile for him. And, we found it! Perfect! Here are the Stinky brothers with Stinky’s new Prowler :-)

    Absolutely outrageous isn’t it? Not at all what I started looking for, but could not pass on this little number.

  • 08:31:32 pm on July 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hope I don’t get caught! Aunt Jaeme won’t be too happy since I am wearing her lace top…..

  • 08:27:06 pm on July 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Fiona ~ Thank you. It is really going to hit when I go home this fall and my friend won’t be there. I can’t even visit her grave because she wanted to be cremated and ashes spread in special place. It just seem so unreal right now. ~~~ I am excited about having my own Stinky. He is just a neat little fellow.

    I found a site that describes him to a ‘T’.

    Today I went shopping at the flea market in hopes to find Stinky some sort of automobile. I love Kate’s idea and what she has for her Stinky. So, I decided to find something cute. Looked and looked (and in fact have been looking) without success until today. Found a little red model car that will fit him perfectly! Not what I was looking for, but I think it is ‘Stinky’ through and through. Will have to get a picture one of these days.

    Queli ~ The museum pictures are so interesting, esp. the mosaics. Since I love birds, I really liked the Red Headed woodpecker feeding it’s young. ~~That particular Barbie was so appropriate for the museum tour. Looking back again at the ornaments; so much to like. I liked the little birds too!

    Kate ~ Sounds like you and your niece are having a good visit and enjoying your nesting doll collection together. I’m pretty happy with a Stinky of my own. I would have missed yours a lot since he has been here so long. He has become a part of the doll room, so I see him each day even if I don’t do anything with him. I think he has such an interesting background too. (see link above in regard to his character). :-)

    Jackie ~ Yep, another Stinky! ha! Hope the gala is a hit and you win something!

  • 06:00:18 pm on July 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!

    Hot and humid!

    Queli ~ Thanks for the hug. ~~ Look at that cherry pie ala mode! Now that is a deep dish pie! Doesn’t Barbie look pleased to offer it?! :-) Love those little houses; perfect for Kelly to play with. So many goodies for everyone to look at….I still like the leg lamp.

    Jackie ~ Glad you are having a good time.

    Hi to Kate, Fiona, Marigene.

    Meet Stinky’s twin brother, Stinky!

  • 10:46:47 pm on July 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Peruvian DOTW goes well with the Indian scene. The other baby came with another Native American Barbie.

  • 10:26:58 pm on July 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    Received bad news yesterday afternoon. A long time friend from high school passed away this last Saturday. She was always one of my main visits when would go home every year. It’s just not sinking in right now.

    Queli ~ Enjoying all the Christmas orns. So many neat ones…which ones to buy? Love the clock and leg lamp. The tiny WW and SM figures are perfect toys for the little ones. ~~ I think limited edition Barbie would be my choice too.

    Jackie ~ Good to have you checking in and happy you are having a good time. So nice to be around fellow Barbie lovers and all the Barbies!

    Fiona ~ Thank you! Stinky is Stinky in the photos. I did take a picture of the twin Stinky along with Kate’s Stinky today. What happened here is, I fell in love with Kate’s Stinky and after learning more about who he is, I decided I wanted one for my myself. Fortunately, I did find one on ebay(with a little help) and decided to get him. He is new in the package and haven’t turned him loose yet. Was so excited the day he came in the mail because he did really come all the way from Finland. :-)

  • 09:21:23 pm on July 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here is the other fashionista doll; ‘Lovin’ Leopard’. Decided to pair her up with 1979 Sport and Shave Ken. I kept getting a glare on the backdrop or maybe it is an alien invasion, ha!

  • 09:16:26 pm on July 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here is that renegade Stinky visiting Pocahontas. He is all excited to be on the horse. Check out his headband and feather!

  • 08:59:38 pm on July 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Hot one today! Decided to mow the yard. I use both the push and rider mowers. Just some places you can’t take the rider. The shower sure felt good afterwards.

    Stinky’s brother arrived this afternoon!! He was dropped off right at our doorstep and was I (I mean Stinky) ever excited! Couldn’t get out there fast enough to bring him inside! Woo hoo! I’m sure Stinky is telling him all about his adventures that he has had over the years with everyone. They have been inseparable :-) Stinky’s brother has a bit of an accent, but they understand each other pretty well, ha!

    Fiona ~ Other than ‘Ivanka’ / Candy Stripes, I got ‘Lovin’ Leopard’. I do like the curvy girls and I liked this one’s spunk, ha! ~~ Oh, if you like DK chocolates, you would love these. Variety of flavors and absolutely divine! ~~ Poison Oak is healed and now the red skin where the blisters were is disappearing too. Glad of that! ~~ Stinky’s brother is also named Stinky, ha! Who can tell them apart! :-)

    Jackie ~ You may be having to catch your breath, but the anticipation of a fun convention would be supplying you with energy, right? ~~ I thought the fashionista doll beared resemblance to Ivanka too. That is why I gave her that name. Not sure if I will have her get together with the Russian dolls or the Chinese dolls working in her shoe factory. ;-) ~~ Neat Barbie mural/poster. I’m not on Facebook, so I will miss all those photos. Have a safe trip and a good time!! Will be thinking of you.

  • 09:57:21 pm on July 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Here is ‘Candy Stripes’ fashionista. Just got her yesterday. I have decided to call her ‘Ivanka’.

  • 09:54:27 pm on July 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

  • 09:46:30 pm on July 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    I got a box of chocolates in the mail yesterday and are they the best chocolates I have EVER eaten! Arrowhead Chocolates from Oregon. Yum Yummy! Packaged so they don’t melt whatsoever!
    Went fleamarketing and to Walmart. I picked up 2 of the new Fashionistas.

    We got over 2 inches of rain yesterday. It was a downpour. Guess I got what I wished for! I went ahead and left the house for my morning walk/run thinking I would beat the rain or just get caught in a sprinkle. My last mile was in a downpour. Then the lightening started to crash. I think that is the fastest I have ran in awhile. Soaked to the bone by the time I got home. Rain was in my eyes and the streets were puddling and running water. That was my excitement for the day. It must have traveled to your house then, Jackie.

    I’m sorry too that Venus didn’t win.

    Jackie ~ Sounds like a long day of travel for you. That was probably the most tiring day of your trip. You better get well rested so you are bright eyed and bushy tailed for the convention :-) ~~ Poison oak is healed…just red areas where the blisters were. Dried up pretty quick this time and no spreading.

    Queli ~ Oh such cute little LOLs! And they are perfect with the little Barbies! And what a bonus the glasses and purses work for Barbie! That is pretty neat the shoes are marked L or R. ~~ I spent a little time in the doll room again today. I could just hang out there all day I think :-)

    I thought I saw Fiona’s avatar when I signed in, but maybe her post hasn’t come up yet.

    On June 27th, Stinky heard from a brother who lives in Finland.   He is so excited!  His brother said he is coming for a visit to the US and wants to meet Stinky here.   The brother has left Finland on July 3rd, but no further word.  We are hoping his brother gets here before Stinky needs to head to Jackie’s house.  I must say, we are getting a tad impatient.

  • 11:08:44 pm on July 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    After all the rain we had last week, I am hoping we could get some this week. Everything is getting so dry and having to water. The Black Eyed Susans are doing the wilt.

    Queli ~ Isn’t it fun to work in your doll room? I like to see girls I haven’t seen in a while. Watch out for the dust! I had a few on little shelves attached to the wall that I had not handled in awhile, and they had some dust accumulation :-( You have a nice collection going! Love the two little cuties from Australia and the table and chair set.

    Jackie ~ The summer when convention was in Nashville, I had a very bad case of poison oak. It was everywhere! I think it took nearly 2 months to get rid of it all. I was taking antihistamines which didn’t make me feel too great. Didn’t stop me from spending an afternoon in the sales room though :-) The worst part is the severe itching…not painful, just itch!! It took a lot of time to treat all the areas of skin too. ~ Are you back home now or still with all the magicians? Do you ever volunteer to assist any of the tricks?

    Kate ~ Princess of So. Africa is beautiful; she has such an elegant appearance. ~~ And I thought your niece was with you this week. Well, I will wish you a good visit again for this coming week. ~~ The single peony almost looks similar to a poppy; esp. the red one. They are so colorful and pretty! I like the maroon colored one. ~~ Be sure to check your email.

    Fiona ~ Oh not painful, just very itchy and messy.

  • 10:36:35 pm on July 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Stinky really appreciates it when he can hang out with ‘friends’ his own size. I do notice when he is finished with outings, he likes to go back to Sydney and be held.

  • 09:56:12 pm on July 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,

    High humidity today. It is like having to push the air out of the way to make your way around. It was 78* at 6:15 this morning. No walk or run for me this morning. I did get grocery shopping done and hurried home with the load.

    Jackie ~ You are welcome and wish you many more!

    Fiona ~ Isn’t Stinky cute with Sydney? I have left them that way in the doll room because it is so cute! ~~ I think I am done with escapades for Stinky, so all he is doing now is posing. But, spending some time with the Indians could lead into some fun adventures. ~~ AA Midge sounds pretty neat as I don’t think I have seen one. Did Mattel use the Midge head mold or someone else for the AA? Did she fade into a sickly greenish-brown color? :-( I think I have seen that happen to one of the Barbies that had a dark tan. ~~ ~ Poison Oak is a poisonous plant by skin contact. The leaves have an oil that stays on the skin unless you wash it off within a short time of coming into contact with it. But, if you don’t know you did, and you keep working…….Also, the heat and high humidity makes the skin pores open and increase the chances of an allergic reaction. Not all people are allergic. I get the contact dermatitis from just brushing up against the plant or a plant that has touched the PO. If my dog walked through it and I pet her, I would get it. I get tiny blisters that itch like crazy. If you break the blisters, the fluid inside will cause the ‘poison’ to spread. So, wherever else you scratch, more blisters will pop out. You can wind up with it everywhere and it can take weeks to get rid of it. If it gets very bad, can go to Dr. for a shot or oral meds. I was lucky this time. Just one spot on my forearm with a cluster of blisters. I use calamine lotion ( the old kind that had diphenhydramine in it). Then sprinkle baking soda on that and cover with a large band-aid. Dries it up a bit quicker with use of baking soda.

    Waves to Queli and Kate!

  • 09:11:55 pm on July 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Stinky just had to meet Charlie’s Angels!! They have been hiding out for a long time and came out just to meet Stinky.

  • 08:49:18 pm on July 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    Hot and humid day; the kind where you stay in as much as you have to. Took a new photo of Stinky and more friends, but once I brought it up full screen, could see it was blurry. This happens so much when I take pictures. I can’t ever really tell on the tiny camera window. I’m debating if I want to reset it and try again or just post it blurry. :-(

    Jackie ~ Happy Birthday to you!! I see Queli went to a lot of work and baked you a lovely cake! All we need is a cup of coffee and we are set! Yum Yum! ~~ A magic convention…I guess I had never given thought to there being a convention for magicians. Be careful that you don’t disappear! ha!

    Queli ~ Such a nice dress on Barbie! I thought it was a nice quality dress. ~ Love the colorful dress on your color guard….matches her to a ‘T’. ~~ Ha! Snow Bite has ‘bahnannahs’ for her Minions :-) ~~ I found another loose MH doll at the flea market. Couldn’t pass her up. I need to get a picture posted as I sure don’t know who she is, but I do like her! She is very colorful. I found a lamp the same day, then the doll. She matched the lamp so well, I had to get her too!!! Crazy.

    Waving to Kate and hope you are enjoying time with your niece.

    Hi to Fiona and Marigene.

    I still do miss Marie very much.

  • 08:31:00 pm on July 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    “You are kind of a cute little fella.”

  • 10:55:11 pm on July 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hey all,

    I have poison oak. It was only a matter of time before I would come in contact with it as much as I have been around it.

    Queli ~ All by yourself today? I wasn’t going to sign in but thought I would join you :-) Yes, Stinky has an extended visit, but I probably won’t be hosting him again and Kate and I worked something out.
    Another cute photo of Curious QT and Kelly! ~~ Love the snow ski picure!

    Well, here is Stinky with the Minions. The 2 little ones are erasers I found at Target a long while back. They don’t stand alone very well and they do come apart so is easy to loose those tiny feet and hands.

  • 09:16:50 pm on July 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Stinky decided to visit the Peds/OB/GYN clinic to visit Barbie, Ken, Julia, Chelsea, Midge & new baby. Midge had been in the box for a long time! I am thinking she has the magnetic body for the belly. I have one around somewhere (probably spare parts box) and need to see if it ‘sticks’.

    Queli ~ This is the Ken who inherited the glasses :-)   I snipped those little tabs.

  • 09:08:59 pm on July 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    It is heating up out there and the humidity hangs in there. I finally got the yard mowed yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t wait any longer.
    Stinky is hoping to get in a few more visits. He would like to see the Indians and spend an afternoon with Charlie’s Angels; time permitting of course. He says he may have a date with Sydney Chase too. He pretty much has all his souvenirs rounded up and packed. Maybe he can work out a trade with the Indians; never know.

    Queli ~ We have our own inside edition of the Tour de France and you do a super job! ~~ Squishy Pops does sound like a gummy candy. Hopefully someone doesn’t try to eat them. ~~ I have the Mars Barbie too and she is still in her box. ~~ Such a pretty dress on the blue haired Barbie! ~~ Leading Baby is a hoot with those sunglasses! She could be a little Marilyn.

    Kate ~ Thank you. In fact, just this past Saturday night, someone started shooting off BIG fireworks at around 11 pm! Couldn’t believe it! It took Rootie a night or two of no fireworks to go out that door at night without coaxing. She is back to her old self now again. ~~ Back pain is such a pain! So your dad likes Napoleon Dynamite, ha! We get a kick out of it too and have watched it several times. It is good to watch for when life is handing out lemons. ~~ The little Russian Alexander is such a sweet little doll! I bet it was a hard decision for her to make on who she should live with. She’s an Alexander at heart though :-)

    Jackie ~ Thank you. Mmm I like the Rob’s dolls Rose dress! The color and everything about it! But, I like the NiniMomo dolls best :-) Esp. the Paris and St. Petersburg dolls. ~~ All the ideas and creations at convention are so inspiring. ~~ The brunette looks good in the red helenca suit! A brunette Barbie of that era was refreshing to see since most were the abundant-hair blondes. ~~ That lady did a very nice job on her look-alike outfit..right down to her hair.

  • 09:26:58 pm on July 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Love the striped SS! When I was a girl, I had one vintage Barbie; a brunette BC in the red helenca suit. I used to look at pictures of the striped suit and just wish. Now, I have several and hate to take them off the dolls because I am still in love with that suit!!

  • 09:02:04 pm on July 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    I was really hoping to get his yard mowed today, but it rained 2 AM, so grass was pretty wet again this morning. So, will shoot for tomorrow! It did give me a chance to clean/weed in my smaller flower bed & shrub areas in the front yard. Spent an hour and half doing that, but it was fun and the sun was shining. Still humid and it was heating up. Once Iris, & Lilies are finished blooming, they look kind of scraggly. Right now the Hosta’s and yellow Yarrow are blooming(front yard). My spirea & azaleas are done too, but the bush needs trimming. Ivy & Vinca vines grows so fast so that is a constant
    work. Violets are done, but foliage stays nice.

    Queli ~ Nice sports news brief on the Tour de France. Great pictures! It is no wonder those guys stay so lean. And yes, the crowd is a bit too close. They should have to stay back a bit more. ~~ Fanime is another cutie! I love the big bows! How do you keep from getting repeats and always finding one you don’t have? Mouse makes a great purse for Barbie. ~~ I really do like the tall girls. For one thing, they do go better with Jaeme since she is 12″ doll. ~~ What an adorable picture of Kelly and her ‘doll’. ~ Love Barbie’s minion dress!! Only proper she be surrounded by them.

    Jackie ~ Pretty convention Silkie! Amazing Barbie convention time is almost here already! ~~ That is a nice community you live in, esp. with things to do right there and the pool is a bonus for sure! ~~ I indeed did set off a Barbie Bomb! What a mess it was, but have it all put back together now. Took down the blue doll house today so there was more ‘stuff’ to put away. All the little accessories add up and take room to store. ~~ I need to start getting Stinky’s (or I should say) Stinky needs to get all his souvenirs ready for packing so I can get them sent to Kate. I want to make it look as though HE put it all together, ha! ~~ Hope you and your DH had a nice lunch today.

    Fiona ~ Thank you Fiona. I have a few other repros that didn’t get included because I already had photos of them and didn’t want to take their picture again :-) But, yes, I do think they are lovely. The first ones weren’t near as nice. ~~ I think I still have one big foot Barbie left. Seems I did leave her barefoot all the time just to show off her feet, ha! ~~ Take your time on the re-root and good idea to just put it down for a bit and find something else to do. You won’t get sore fingers and your reroot will be like you want it. Doesn’t pay to hurry when working on a project.

    Waving to Kate and Marigene!

  • 10:52:01 pm on July 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    More drizzle today. Maybe I can get my yard mowed tomorrow?

    Had several errands to run today which took me right into the lunch hour. Just couldn’t pass by McD’s, so guess what? Had a happy meal and got me a minion!! Is he ever cute! So glad I did that! :-) ‘Groovin’ Minion.

    Queli ~ Thank you! I need to get the vintage girls re-dressed. I have more outfits…just too lazy to do it Maybe one of these days when I’m not sorting and straightening I’ll get it done. ~~ The back pack is pretty cute with the hair. Wonder how many kids would be yanking on it though; especially the boys. That is a pretty good deal and it is time to start thinking about getting ready for back to school. ~~ Haute Coutour; simple elegance! The uniforms would be interesting. ~~ One of my GF back home had a my size Barbie that she would take shopping for clothes. Said it was the only way to find clothing that would fit or look good on the doll. I think it’s pretty neat that you get such a positive response from people when you take your dolls out. ~~ I have a question for you about the L.O.L dolls. Do you know which doll you are getting before you open them? I glanced at them pretty quick today, but they all had the same doll pictured on the outside. Is that what will be inside or is that just a graphic?

    Jackie ~ Oooo more of the glass art and gardens. Lovely place to go. ~~ LOL at air you can wear….like a damp, hot, blanket!

    Hi to Kate, Marigene, and Fiona! Marie, if you are looking in.

  • 10:19:48 pm on July 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I had to dig these girls out. Stinky was having a ball!  He said he was happy to see that Barbie likes fur.

  • 10:11:16 pm on July 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I think some of the vintage reproductions are pretty nice too. I also like some of the vintage clones such as the doll wearing bloomers in back row. I’m not the only one who likes the reproductions :-)   (the red-gold ensemble; ‘Golden Elegance’, is original)

  • 09:54:00 pm on July 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,

    Another cloudy and rainy day today. I don’t know when I am going to be able to get to that lawn! The grass is really growing!

    Queli ~ Forgot about the curvy sweetheart with the blue hair! Thanks for helping me out there. ~~ So Felicia was a big hit at the 4th festivities! :-) So neat to have people take an interest and even take pictures of her. ~ I don’t know when I’ll get that happy meal. I may pass on it since I just finished ‘downsizing’ ‘stuff’ in that doll room!

    Kate ~ Nice group photo! ~~Stinky liked to fall over here when getting him posed. Especially on the rugs. I had a little nail handy during one of the scenes and placed it under his heels. That seemed to help him out. I think I even mentioned it in the story. ~~ Rootie did not fair well with the fireworks. We have had them every night for countless nights now. I had to pick her up and carry her out because she absolutely refused to go out that door. I’m surprised she even did her business, but it took awhile. We adopted her from animal control and she had a lot of issues; especially with strangers and any loud noise. Apparently where she came from, there must have been a lot of ruckus. Still fireworks tonight, so she had to bear it again.

    Jackie ~ Minions in the cereal too? Must be a new movie on the way. The mini Trix looks good :-) ~~ Skipper has a very pretty dress! ~~ A day at the pool looks fun with all the colorful inflatables! Now for a little sun and cold soda!

    Fiona ~ As with your Tommy, same with Rootie. Had to carry her out. She weighs around 35 lbs, so a bit to have to heft, ha! I will be so glad when the 4th is over. ~~ Celebrations here can include parades and all sorts of fun; even in the small rural towns. Picnics and BBQs and then the night-time displays of fireworks. Some towns will have live band performances all to celebrate our independence. It is a federal holiday.

  • 09:20:59 pm on July 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    First half of the vintage group.

  • 09:15:03 pm on July 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Since I spent so much time in that doll room, I figured it was time to check on the vintage barbies that I have packed away and seldom see the light of day. I have a couple of ‘greasers’ that need to have their faces cleaned. ~ Stinky decided to join in on the pile-up.

    I needed to take a close-up, but the brunette Midge in the red is a freckle-less Midge.

  • 09:15:15 pm on July 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy 4th! to everyone!

    Well, I have spent a lot of time on the phone today, talking with family. I have one more call, but can’t seem to get through so will try a bit later.

    Queli ~ Felicia is so ready for the 4th of July celebration! Love the crisp, white blouse and the denim shorts. She looks so good in them!
    The pony tail holder is great! Nice color on the blue hair and that is b-l-u-e!! Very sharp! Who is that girl? ~~ Friends having lunch is nice photo…I like the snooty look of the sweater-clad doll. I just may have to think about her :-) (here we go). I like all the shoes too; esp. the socks and shoes on Stacie.~~ I may have to visit McD’s just once to get a minion. ~~ Oh! about forgot! Love the family photo!

    Jackie ~~ Great 4th of July photos and the travel pics fit right in! I like the sandwich scene too!

    Kate ~ Your story is so cute and it also cracked me up!:-) Love the humor! BOOM! POR is taken aback, little Alex is blown backwards, Stinky falls on his face, and black swan just drops. You had to have been laughing as you did this, no? haha! Then pops up Czarina in the neatest outfit! Her little face mooshes out the hat! No more green potatoes! Feed them to the horse! haha! Stinky’s hat is cool! & what a hoot. Best part of it, little bear is no longer down on her luck and has a better life with wonderful friends to boot ;-)

    Fiona ~ Hi and sorry I have to rush with you, but I need to get my dog out NOW. Was going to take her out before the neighbors began their fireworks, but I am already too late.

    good night all!

  • 09:11:06 pm on July 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,

    Had a little storm yesterday; not much to it. Clouds looked worse than what it actually did here. .60 in. of rain was it. A bit of wind and it was over. Storms were all south of here today and apparently a lot of rain dumped there as have flash flood warnings down there. Warm and muggy here, so stayed in the house except for when have to take the dog out. Working on hauling another load out of the house, haha!! Stinky has been in the doll room with me now and has been enjoying himself immensely :-)

    Jackie ~ Nice RW&B scenes. My neighbor just got home last night from their little vacation. One of their stops was Topsail Island-Beach in NC. I told them that was the beach I used to go to long ago. It still sounds nice. They did bring me a couple of souvenirs; one a bottle of ocean/and sand with small shells. I had to laugh; it was their daughter’s idea. I have an idea for what I’m going to do with it. ~~ Fun looking at convention pictures. You and your sisters always seem to have fun. I bet you will miss their company this year. ~~ I really like the rocker Ken!!

    Kate and all, I hope you had a nice little Sunday.

    Marigene ~ lovely doll next to what looks like blue bee balm? Mom used to have the dk pink color. She called them ‘firecrackers’ because they look like fireworks bursting. ~~ Finch picture is cute. We have both house and gold finches here. ~~ Is always good to help others.

    Queli ~ Your worlds collision created a cute pairing up! I can see how you are liking the little LOLs so much. Their little mouths are a hoot! The one with the huge sunglasses is just a riot!! I have been avoiding walmart, but I will have to go soon and sure as I do, I will make a pass down the doll aisle!

  • 08:01:11 pm on July 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I decided to take Spellbound Lover out of her box and wish I had done so when doing Stinky’s royal adventure. We’ll just say this is a part of the Ceremony we are all just finding out about! Maybe Stinky will reveal more as time goes on….who knows? ~~ The sun made such a warm glow for this shot. OR maybe it is part of a spell that SL has cast!

  • 07:56:05 pm on July 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Isn’t she beautiful? Love how they did her hair with the red ribbon. All the reds in the photo really stand out. Now, does she have wine for the ceremony or is that some love potion she concocted to give 4?

  • 07:53:24 pm on July 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Maybe this explains why 4 got his own room for the last night at the Castle of the King’s Court, hmmm?

  • 10:39:07 pm on June 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    Heating up and the humidity is climbing. Tomorrow we may have some thunderstorms.
    I’m still not finished in that doll room; the bed is piled high. Apparently, more stuff has got to go! Stinky has been avoiding that room right now and is hiding out in our bedroom. What is taking so long, is the fact I decided to go through the rest of the house looking for things to part with. May as well have a big load, ha!

    Jackie ~ The Smith glasswork is beautiful! I am truly enjoying these pictures. How beautiful it would be to have something like these in your own flower beds and to have them light the night up in your yard. Love the bird of paradise and purple dragonfly. I like the arch too. ~~ Looks as though your Barbie clan are enjoying being on a cruise. Can’t believe it is that close to another Barbie convention. ~~ Our dog does not like fireworks. People have been shooting them off at night for about a week now. Not supposed to, but they do anyway. It never fails to see ‘lost dog’ posters go up in the neighborhood after the 4th. We never let our dog out alone and always have the gates closed.

    Queli ~ Oh Curious QT is a QT! I like her! Love that huge bow, dress, and striped stockings! Tiny little farmer with over-alls :-) He has a big tractor! Farmers need big equipment because of the large number of acres they have to work in order to make ends meet and get all the work done. Love being able to ride in the combine when go home in the fall. ~~ Isn’t the keeshond a beautiful dog? Wow. ~ New Ken has glasses! I like them too but I suppose there are holes in his head? Remember the Ken I had with the glasses? I don’t have him anymore, but I do have his glasses!! I just snipped the the little prongs with clippers and have another Ken that wears them now. (Jaeme likes to borrow them too). It used to bother me when dolls were nekkid, but not anymore; not since I started collecting them anyway. Others that don’t have much to do with dolls seem to be bothered by nekkid dolls. When I used to consign dolls, I always made sure they were clothed. ~~ Blue beauty is pretty! Love the color she has. I like the afro too.

    Kate ~ I’m going to have to google Aloo Gobi. I have a number of Indian spices so may give it a whirl! ~~ What a heartwarming and intriguing story! Waving arms and magical nesting doll that is so pretty! Cute little Alexander doll and fainting bear who won’t have to sell potatoes any more. Love it! Can’t wait to see what the magic is going to do to little bear to change her. Stinky is so helpful and he does look good with black swan.

    Fiona ~ I enjoy hearing about your dogs and the different kinds you have had. My brother had an Australian cattle dog named ‘Corky’. He was a big help when it came to cattle. They have such a herding instinct. Moo is so pretty! ~ LOL! Stinky gets everyone inspired. He seems to do that to people :-) ~~ No fires here(yet) as most are in the western half of the country. Really scary stuff and the cost is phenomenal!

  • 10:10:41 pm on June 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Another nice day, but it is going to end soon. Heat and humidity returns Thursday. Been working in that doll room! Decided to remove one piece of furniture and it has turned the whole room into a tore up mess. Going to have to do a lot of re-organizing to get it to look nice again. Just too much ‘stuff’ and removing a piece of furniture may not have been the answer.

    Jackie ~ At first, I thought it was your doll house. Now that is one item that takes a lot of space. If I parted with a couple of mine, I could keep the piece of furniture in my doll room and things would look great :-( ~~ Always enjoy convention pictures. ~~ Yes, Stinky will be missed, but will have lots of memories of his adventures and will see more of him when he visits you :-)

    Kate ~ Absolutely enjoying your little story! So cute with their travels in the house; beginning in the dark closet. I like Sindy on the horse in the dark. It adds to the suspense of the story. Cute too when she has to carry black swan and the nesting dolls are traveling too. I love it!! ~~ We have a lot of poison oak here and I have to be careful because I am very allergic to it. It grows thick down the “Forrest Road” and near the tunnel. It does try to sprout up in our lawn too. I think when we had all the migrating birds spend the winter here last year, the seeds they were leaving behind were poison oak seeds. I have never had so much of it coming up all over. ~~ Aloo Gobi…is that an Indian recipe? Love Indian food!

    Fiona ~ The flags of the Murray are beautiful! It’s nice that Missy can get on board too :-) We used to have a steam boat here on the river but the city decided to part with it. Last year had the largest steam boat in the world, the American Queen, come visit. We have also had the ‘Delta Queen’ dock here as well. Those kinds of boat rides are so relaxing.

    Queli ~ Lots of new dolls! Not too many are really jumping out at me at this time. (Maybe because I am fed up with the doll room right now?) Maybe 64 and 68.

  • 09:13:47 pm on June 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls!
    These past 2 days have been so nice! Low 80′s and low humidity; evenings cool down nicely! Windows will be open tonight for sure!

    Jackie ~ I bet it does feel good to be home again and back on the puter! ~ I liked the fair blonde gal from the Eclipse series. Never did get her even though I liked her. She is attractive and I do like the lighted dresser! ~ I have been wanting to get Stinky with my Tonner dolls too but I have been pretty busy again the past few days. I don’t think I will have a chance for dolly fun until Thursday this week. Always something going on around here. ~~

    Kate ~ Isn’t it nice to have decent temperatures? Feels so much better. Myah is not much of a belly-up sleeper, but she does like a long stretch when sleeping in front of the screen door. She loves it when the door is open and will spend her whole morning there. She also loves to watch the birds that come onto the deck. Right now there is a Carolina Wren building a nest in my geranium pot. She really fusses at Myah, but keeps building anyway. Interesting nest she is making; kind of like a cave. ~~ The nesting dolls are so colorful and stackable too! Love how POR looks up them! And look at King Stinky!! He looks so good in red. The other Russia DOTW head piece fits him to a ‘T’!

    Fiona ~ Your description of the ride on the paddlesteamer reminds me of the movie version of the story, “The Wind in the Willows” (narrated by Vanessa Redgrave). Love it! So peaceful and calming. ~
    Both you and Jackie found some girls to work on. I used to love to find them in a mess and make them beautiful again. Working on that hair is a good stress relief! ~~ Some of the dolls I would find would have big hair messes. Some of the 80-90′s Barbie hair would get worse the more it got brushed. I think today when the hair has had it, the doll goes bye-bye and mom buys a new one.

    Queli ~ I looked at Olivia again today and it seems she may be hiding a little laugh as though she saw someone do something a little peculiar…or even a little embarrassing. hahaha!!~~ I like the kind of sky that is in your picture. Clear and no humidity!! Pretty day! ~~ The little LOL surprise dolls are kind of cute and would be fun to reveal. I think the one in the pink poodle skirt reminds me of Barbie even though she has brown eyes. Black and white stripe top like the SS too.

    Stinky update: Even though the last adventure story is officially over, thought you may all want to know that they all made it safely to the Wild Wood forrest and are currently resting up and visiting with the fairies and Queen Elinore. Pony made it back with the carriage to the King’s Court and Toothless went a little further with the trio than planned. He knows his way now to the fairies’ home. He too has returned to King’s Court and was disciplined by the Queen who looks like Cruella. Not many dragons as there once were and like to keep it quiet when own one. You especially do not travel into the Wild Wood if you are a dragon!

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