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  • 04:27:33 pm on June 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…I have been to several Chihuly exhibits and they have all been
    breathtakingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos. He’s one of
    my faves! His sculptures are so well suited for an exhibit in a park
    because even thought they’re made of glass they’re very organic.
    Look at how great the yellow spikes fit over the gate. They look like
    rays of the sun…I love smoothies too :-)

    Fiona…thanks for a better photo of Moo, love the name :-) …it’s great
    that you take your pets on vacation this way you don’t miss them and
    they don’t miss you so everyone’s happy…Scandinavians sound like
    hearty folk. There’s no way I’m getting into cold water. Rexy Bear
    must have been part Scandinavian too :-) …yep, that mango swirl
    was delicious!…can’t wait to see where your inspiration leads.

    Shirls…oh no, you’re reorganizing your doll room?! Good luck with
    that! I’m sure it’ll look great once your done, don’t despair…I’m loving
    all the new dolls and just bought Blue Beauty. Good choices with 64
    and 68.

    I found the last 3 of the 19 fashionistas at TRU.
    Everybody’s going crazy over this one.

    Blue Beauty has become part of my Color Guard. She is the first side-
    glancing doll that I’ve absolutely loved.

    Love her dark red shoes.

    There is an image of her on the back of the box. Not every box has
    this feature.

    Found the Lil Sister LOL dolls at Target. Their containers are
    significantly smaller and they come with a keychain so you can hang
    them from your backpack.

    There are only 5 layers of surprises as opposed to 7 like the big dolls.
    Layer 1): Secret Message, Layer 2): a sticker-color change (not 4 like
    the big ones), Layer 3): accessory, Layer 4): accessory-usually a
    purse for the big sister, Layer 5) doll.

  • 09:42:08 pm on June 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone!

    Jackie…oh no, you didn’t find the patriotic hats? Bummer!…thanks for
    the convention recap. Barbie conventions are the best!.

    Kate…yep, Mattel has done a great job with the Fashionistas!…the
    L.O.L dolls are by MGA Entertainment. They make Bratz, Bratzillaz,
    Lalaloopsy, Mooshka, Moxie Girlz, Moxie Teenz, BFC, Vi and Va, and
    Project Mc² and own The Little Tikes Company…I have the BILB DVD
    and watch it once a year. The “Making of” feature is my favorite part
    of any DVD. I have never made Aloo Gobi but it does sound tasty…I
    feel like you and Shirls are spoiling me to death with your photo
    stories. I love photo stories! That humble little potato seller is a great
    character. I love it that people are always pampering Stinky, so he
    gets to ride on the horse. Very interesting first installment…and there
    was even a big, black, hairy monster! Thus the adventure begins!

    Fiona…thanks so much for the travelogue. I can’t tell you what a joy
    is to have you on this site. I love hearing all the stories about your
    wonderful country. I think it’s great that you got to take Missy with

    Had brunch with friends. I love it that doll collectors always travel with
    our dolls :-)

    Mango Swirl smoothie…It was aesthetic and delicious!

  • 11:32:34 pm on June 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    It’s Monday, Monday…

    Shirls…interesting that you went back and took a second look at the
    photos. I do that sometimes too. I did that a lot with Stinky’s
    story…thanks, sometimes the sky looks so beautiful I just have to
    take a photo…I’m having a really good time with my new L.O.L.
    dolls. I know I’m buy some more because they are just my cup of
    tea…thanks for the epilogue on Stinky. Everyone returned safely even
    though Toothless got a tongue lashing from the Queen for dragging
    his heels.

    Jackie…it’s always good to revisit convention photos. Love the
    centerpieces. Organizers put a lot of thought into them.

    Kate…I’m always surprised by how well Mattel has it’s pulse on
    current trends. Their ideas are so timely…Yes, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
    was in Bend It Like Beckham…L.O.L’s as door prizes is a prefect idea!
    I’m stealing that one from you :-) …it’s always good seeing your
    nesting dolls and Stinky in his red headdress.

    Fiona…thanks! I hope the L.O.L dolls make it to your neck of the
    woods. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…I would love to ride one of those
    paddlesteamers. They look like great fun…have fun restoring your
    new dolls. Rescue dolls are always entertaining.

    Okay so I posted the new male fashionista dolls. Here are the female

    Love this one. She has silver hair.

  • 06:11:38 pm on June 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday!

    Jackie…it’s good to be back to a normal routine, right?…Are your
    Genes all Ashton Drake or do you also have Integrity and JamieShow

    Shirls…you’re welcome :-) …I always like seeing the dolls IRL too
    because they can look very different from the promos photos…thanks
    for picking up on Olivia’s vibe :-)

    Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see

    I bought 2 L.O.L. Surprise dolls from ebay. As far as I’m concerned
    they’re just baby Barbies. There’s a lot going on with these dolls so
    you really get a lot of bang for your buck.

    Collector’s Guide: tells you what the carrier is for
    (bathtub/stand/hangout/purse) and the philosophy behind the dolls.

    On the other side shows you the dolls in Series 1, what clubs they are
    in, if they are popular/fancy/rare/ultra-rare, and what the stickers

    There is a second guide that tells you how to make them
    cry/spit/tinkle/ and/or color change.

    The other side tells you how to use the carrier and …

    …gives you info regarding the color change.

    Here are the surprises: Layer 1) secret message: this one
    says “Fashion Fan”. Layer 2) four stickers: changes
    color/spits/tinkles/cries – you put them on the Collector’s Guide under
    your doll so you remember that they do, Layer 3): bottle, Layer 4):
    shoes, Layer 5): fashion, Layer 6): accessory – pacifier. The 7th
    surprise is the doll.

    So here is my 3″ Cheer Captain with all her accouterments enjoying
    her hangout. See what I mean? She looks just like a baby Barbie! She
    even has the B for Barbie on her uniform :-) 5 points of articulation.

    Here she is with S.I.S. Swing. Aren’t they the cutest things ever?!

    Hanging out with Chelsea and Tommy.

    She makes a perfect doll for Abby!

  • 07:11:46 pm on June 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hurray for Friday!

    Kate…thanks :-) …tell your dad “thank you” for the info re: Capt.
    Marvel. I really appreciate it. Didn’t know there were so many of
    them…Ken and Francie look wonderful in the colorful fabric!

    Jackie…sending you and your sister a (((hug)))

    Fiona…thanks…always good to see you…so people can ride on the
    paddlestreamers. Found their website online and I would love to ride
    one of those things and visit Echuca…It’s always fun to hear the things
    you’re doing with your band. I’m sure the uniforms are going to look
    great once you’re done.

    I went to TRU and found 16 of the 19 new fashionistas. I had a good
    time looking at all of them and taking photos. I wanted lots of them
    but didn’t buy any. I decided to wait and deliberate then go back and
    shop. I’m posting the guys first.

    This one reminds me of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

  • 07:31:07 pm on June 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies of the Barbie club…

    Jackie…even though the end was inevitable I was saddened to hear it.
    May he rest in peace and may your sister find solace in his memory.

    Shirls…I like all the new fashionistas. Seriously, I think Mattel is trying
    to bankrupt me!…wow, your story was epic! So now all they have to
    do is get home safely. You know, that dragon was perfect for this
    story. You got him just in time :-) So now, there they go, riding off
    into the sunrise! Love that last shot. Thanks Shirls for keep us so
    wonderfully entertained. Now you can take a well-deserved break :-)

    Wow, talk about a dark and stormy night!

    My girls got a new one-size-fits-all fashion which Olivia is modeling.

    I love the white blouse. I’m going to buy multiples because it goes with everything.

  • 10:18:01 am on June 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…thanks! yes, people have lots of fun with LEGOS, my favorite
    was the one with the bike and the lamppost you see below, the
    bananas were very cute :-) …take care.

    Shirls…yep, the instragram photos are VERY neat. The composition is
    wonderful. I’m sure they edit out the joints. I could do a bit of that
    with Aviary in Flickr but right now Aviary is out of order because it’s
    being upgraded :-( …that cake was fabulous and it looked delicious.
    Usually they have more of the large builds like the elephant but this
    year there was just that one in the aisle…aren’t those bananas just
    too funny? I’d love to have that minifig of the woman pirate…I’ve
    never tasted a mulberry. Are they sweet or tart?…wow, Stinky got a
    breastplate! A nice, sparkly one! I’m sure it was a perk for both 4 and
    Stinky to confer/receive it. That was a very emotional little ceremony.
    No wonder Stinky is exhausted. Love that photo of Stinky in bed.
    The fashions and the bedding are wonderful.

    Marigene…love that Twiggy. I wish Mattel would release a repro.

    This was my favorite build. The lamppost is about 3′ tall.

    Cosplayer as Emmet from the LEGO movie.

    Burnt popcorn

    4′ Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

    Duplo station…it was fun watching the children having such a good time.

    Robot vehicle challenge…you have to knock your opponent out of the
    circle. The one on the left won.

    LEGO derby races. The second on the left won by a mile!

    The End!

  • 09:37:06 am on June 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…glad you enjoyed Titus…I’m sure your sister is very happy
    you’re there with her…thanks!…good vibes going your way.

    Shirls…thanks! I love that book. I visit @barbiestyle on Istagram
    everyday and yes, I would love to be part of the team taking the photos!

    Kate…those FP stacking rings are on my wish list too. Can’t wait to
    see photos of yours…Vina is not very talkative but when she says
    something, everyone listens. She and Olivia get along very well. I
    have other green dolls but she has the darkest and richest color…I
    love my new book. I had to have it since I browse the Instagram site
    daily. The book has a Credit page but it doesn’t specify who the
    photographers are :-( …I think the colors on Francie’s fashion came
    out great. I really like the way it looks…look at William, he knows he’s
    a celebrity :-)

    Two guys were putting up a poster of a tv show called The Profit. It’s
    always interesting watching people at work.

    I was gorging on my neighbor’s blackberries. I love this time of year :-)

    At the LEGO exhibit…I always have such a good time when I go to
    this show and even though I’ve been attending for many years all
    that creativity is still overwhelming. The theme for this year was Lights,
    Action, Bricks! The participants had to incorporate that somewhere in
    their scenes.

    LEGO glove

    This guy made weapons with moving/interchangeable/removable
    parts. They were a sight to behold and it was really interesting
    watching him take them apart and put them back together.

    Sushi bar

    This man makes a new hat every year.

    Captain Marvel next to her creator. He told me there would be a
    movie coming out in two years. I’d never heard of Capt. Marvel, had
    to google for info.

    2017 exhibit t-shirt

    This mechanical entry represents a father holding his son’s hand. All
    the little elements of the hands rotated in a very specific pattern! I’m
    telling you, this was amazing!

    There was a whole section of LEGO furniture.

  • 08:36:03 pm on June 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday…

    Jackie…massages are good no matter what’s going on…thanks! As
    soon as I saw that fashion set I knew I had to have it…you are in my

    Shirls…Vina looks great in that jacket as you can see below…I think
    Stinky is going to be reminiscing about that cross country trip for a
    long time because it truly was an adventure of a lifetime!

    I bought The Art of @barbiestyle book and absolutely love it. I can’t
    tell you how much my photo skills have improved just by looking at all
    those wonderful Instagram photos.

    Photos inspired by @barbiestyle

  • 03:34:53 pm on June 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hurray for Friday!

    Jackie…thanks :-) I find minis hard to resist…I know the waiting can’t
    be easy so I’m sending you good vibes and a (((hug)))

    Kate…thanks!…I’m thinking about getting the stacking rings too…the
    minute I saw the LOL Surprise dolls I remembered the surprise balls
    you made for one of your doll meetings. It’s the same idea. The dolls
    look just like baby Barbies to me, and yes, there are 45+ to collect…
    in Series 1!!!! Series 2 is starting to show up in some areas…you
    know, Lanie looks good in everything I put her in and she doesn’t
    have a bad angle…I’ve always like that Russian princess. She’s

    Shirls…so we were thinking along the same lines regarding the
    mysterious key, great minds :-) …hmmm GW, I know several people
    that have found some pretty good deals there…I really like that
    pink/gray/black set too and Lani looks great in leggings, don’t you
    think?…ah, so now the truth comes out. Stinky was being put to the
    test and was not found wanting…hurray! I wonder how the king will
    reward him because I’m thinking he’s going to be compensated for his
    good behavior. The suspense is killing me! Something BIG is going to
    happen. I can feel it in my bones :-)

    So here’s another fashion set I bought.

    Olivia’s leopard print jacket is so cute, and I like how Vina looks in
    those colors. Vina is starting to settle in here. It’s taken her a while.
    She’s very reserved and doesn’t make friends easily but once she
    does, they’re friends for life.

  • 03:10:00 pm on June 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    It’s Thursday…Thursday’s almost Friday :-)

    Jackie…thanks!…don’t know why but I’ve never been tempted to go to
    GAW. I know you always have lots of fun there.

    Shirls…It’s good that you’re taking a break from your creative writing.
    It’s a lot of work because you’re not just writing the script, you’re also
    setting up the photo story…you know, what I remember about the
    Tarzan movie (even though I never saw it) is that it won an Oscar for
    Best Song “You’ll be in my heart” by Phil Collins, such a lovely song.
    Don’t know why I never saw it. Going to have to correct that. The doll
    does have an unusual look about him but he looks great in your
    photo. Like they say, the dress makes the man…gotta love Tuesday
    Morning. I have found some wonderful doll items there too…Castle
    Dwellers, huh? I hope to see photos of them in the future…yeah, blind
    box are just not my thing either…thanks! Absolutely love that Polaroid
    camera. I’ll probably have to buy the little green toy soldiers too…
    Kelly’s dress came all the way from Australia from a dolly friend…I
    was thinking about the key in the Queen’s crown. It could be the key
    to a secret room where magical things happen or maybe it’s the key to
    the dragon’s lair!…so many possibilities!

    Found some more fashion sets at TRU. They are all for the Original body.

    Put them on my Tall dolls: Lani Rothschild and Myrna Loy

    My TRU just got the L.O.L. Surprise dolls.

  • 04:50:08 pm on June 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Kate…I hear ya…I don’t like blind box because I like to know what
    I’m getting too but they have become super popular, they’re everywhere!
    …the gummy candies were very tasty :-) …your silkie looks very
    relaxed and very fashionable.

    Jackie…take care and give my regards to your sister.

    Shirls…you keep writing, I’ll keep reading!…wow, the King and Queen
    look fabulous! I’ve never seen that male doll look so good! Love that
    breast plate! The Queen’s fashion is really beautiful, love the colors,
    style, stole and all the gold chains. Great little twist there at the end.
    The dragon got a great entrance, nice touch. Well, much to Stinky’s
    credit, he’s being the prefect guest! As they say, discretion is the
    better part of valor :-)

    Got some minis from amazon. I’m posting a link to the Super Impluse
    website so you can see more of the toys they have to offer. Lots of
    them work well for 16″ dolls and Riley Kish. The Barbie and GI Joe are
    3″H. The Fisher Price chatter phone is about 1.5″ from back to front
    and the FP school bus is just over 3.5″L. I have seen the dolls at TRU
    and have posted photos.

    When you push the red button the film comes out.

    The phone clicks are you move it and the eyes move, subtly, but they

    This bus is darling. The door opens, the Stop sign on the driver’s side
    swivels, the driver moves to and fro and the bus clicks as you move it.
    I’m always amazed that something so small can have so much going on.

    17″ Maddie Hatter with her Rubik’s cube.

  • 04:19:51 pm on June 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…thanks, and yes, I love that sweater girl. The articulated curvy
    looks really good…thanks for sharing photos of HF. I really like her
    and her original hair style. I think all her wigs are so cute.

    Jackie…sending you and your sister good vibes during this difficult

    Shirls…well, I agree, I find that sweater girl irresistible too…you
    missed out on the Mexico DOTW?! Bummer, at least I got one. I was
    shocked when she sold out in 2, count them, 2 weeks!…I understand
    that you want to see Lani IRL before buying her…Mattel has been
    cranking out fabulous fashion after fabulous fashion and I’ve bought
    lots of them :-) …yeah, the one-size-fits-all sounds great in theory
    but those dolls are significantly different in shape, and I agree, I think
    Original and Tall look great!…Mattel did a wonderful job with the
    collector WW dolls. They’re all fab…as far as I’m concerned, you can
    keep on writing the Adventures of Stinky and the Gang till the cows
    come home…what an imagination!…that little carriage is just too cute
    and the kids all look like they’re having fun with their guest while the
    horse acts as chaperone…it was a good thing Stinky kept his wits
    about him during his audience with the royal family, and how could he
    not be impressed with Cinderella. After all she is the fairest in the
    land :-) I love that everyone is dressed to kill!

    Sari…what a pleasant surprise…waving!

    I went to Target looking for the L.O.L. Surprise dolls by MGA
    Entertainment but didn’t find them. I think it’s a really fun concept but
    I only want 2-3 of them (I don’t like blind box items). Kate is very
    familiar with this concept because she has wrapped toys in crepe
    paper and all you have to do is unwrap and unwrap till you find them
    all. That’s exactly what this is and the dolls are adorable. Here’s a link
    to the promo:

    What Target DID have was Barbie gummy candy. The graphics on the
    box, as always, are great. So if you want a treat, buy some. They’re
    by Kellogg’s.

    This is what they look like.

    The candy comes in these little pouches.

    Myrna Loy is taking a leisurely walk on a beautiful sunny day.

  • 02:11:39 pm on June 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Kate…thanks, and yes, the movie was super!…Vina in Solo in the

    Jackie…my thoughts are with you and your sister.

    Two new dolls have been posted on the BFC. I want them both!

    Body Type: Articulated
    Facial sculpt: Karl Lagerfeld
    Fashion Sewn On: No
    Fashion: Sweater dress
    Accessories: Coffee cup, cell phone, pencil, journal, sunglasses, and purse

    Body Type: Curvy articulated
    Facial sculpt: Carnaval
    Fashion Sewn On: No
    Fashion: Aqua-gold metallic brocade dress
    Accessories: Golden hoop earrings, a golden ring, clutch, makeup and cell phone

    From the archives…

    Dr. Nikki Graham, world renowned surgeon/cardiologist/professor,
    British subject, lives in London.

    Remember this Doll of the World? She was released May 5, 2014 and
    sold out May 19, 2014. I was going to buy one a month for 5 months
    so I could put together a Mariachi band but my plans were foiled by
    her unexpected popularity. DOTW usually sell out in 2-3 years. I’m
    happy that I at least got one.

  • 02:07:36 pm on June 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday…


    Shirls…thanks!, yeah, I really like that School Pack fashion set…I
    know! Lani looks great! Have you tried finding her on
    Here’s a link:

    Link to

    And the saga of Stinky and gang just keeps getting better and better.
    So glad they finally made it to the castle safe and sound even though
    it was a little late in the day. The princess and prince look just like
    royalty always do: amazing! I love the white lace collar on the
    princess’ dress and it’s good to know that they’re humanitarians and
    don’t take the peasants for granted. Four is ever the diplomat
    smoothing things over for Stinky. The carpets look wonderful. Love
    the print on the blue one but they’re both lovely. And look at that
    spread! They certainly deserve a good meal after their long journey.
    Leave it to Stinky to ask for something off the menu.  The fair
    maiden is certainly that. She’s beautiful. Love everything about her
    and the hand mirror is perfect. Poor Four, after sleeping rough for so
    many days, now he has to sleep on the floor! That bedding is lovely.
    Thanks for taking so much care setting up the scenes.

    Wonder Woman has a mini me :-) If you haven’t seen the movie, GO!
    It’s fabulous!

    Found some fashions at Target that are one-size-fits-all and that is
    almost true.

    This is the one I bought. I like the print on the fabric because no two
    dresses are the same.

    So here it is on Original/Petite/Curvy/Tall. It fits them all but does not close in the back on Curvy.

  • 07:45:02 pm on June 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…it’s Friday…glorious Friday :-)

    Jackie…I’m always ready for Christmas but I’m definitely not ready for
    Halloween!…nice nautical scene…happy trails :-)

    Shirls…I’m loving all the details in the Continuing Adventures of
    Stinky and the Gang i.e. the little family of geese, the jingle bells
    around the horse’s head, the jewelry box and the little sprite on the
    tapestry. Stinky’s carriage is just adorable. I can understand why Four
    has a twitchy finger after all that traveling through dangerous country
    and being sleep deprived, poor guy. This story just keeps getting better
    and better!

    My girls got some new fashions. I really like this set.

    Petite 10.75″

    It also fits Skipper 10.5″

    Wow! What a difference a doll makes. You must admit that Lani is
    rocking this fashion!

  • 08:09:36 pm on June 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…I’ve been listening to the political hearing too and between
    that and the elections in the U.K. my brain is fried!…your girl is
    dressed to the nines!

    Kate…thanks, and yes, that’s an Annette Himstedt doll. Her dolls are
    all so beautiful…poor William, he’s a very social cat and does not like
    being left along so you know he’s going to do all he can to make you
    feel guilty :-) …love your nesting dolls! You have a great collection.

    Hobby Lobby has it’s fall/Halloween items out and is starting to display
    it’s Christmas items. Their ornaments will be out in July, can’t wait!

    Someone on another board posted this credenza and I almost bought
    it but it’s too deep (4″).

    Lani is very photogenic. The camera just loves her.

  • 01:11:35 pm on June 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…thanks!…yeah, George Clooney is a dad at 56! Usually at that
    age they’re waiting for grandkids…I’ve got that Bath Boutique Barbie,
    wish I’d bought the whole set…the Birthday Fun Kelly set is adorable!

    Shirls…thanks…I have a hard time leaving that store too, and yes,
    those are Annette Himstedt dolls. I’ve always wanted one because
    they look so lifelike but where would I put it?!…I can’t tell you how
    enjoyable your stories have been. They’ve got everything: comedy,
    action, drama, you name it, it’s there. I’m so glad that having Stinky
    there has allowed you so much artistic expression. So now he’s on his
    way to Tanglewood with Four and Katniss. This is a little spooky,
    mysterious and exciting…let the adventure continue!

    Here are the last of the doll store photos.

    Prince Charles is 11″H.

  • 05:18:00 pm on June 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Shirls…thanks :-)   …Stinky looks fab in a tux…I didn’t know Queen
    Anne’s lace was a weed. I think it’s very pretty…6 inches of rain?!
    That’s a lot of rain!

    Kate…thanks! Love going to the doll store, and no, there were no
    nesting doll otherwise I would have posted photos for you…You got
    HF?! Can’t wait to see photos!…oo, your silkie with her tsum tsums…
    how cute!…you can turn Queen Anne’s lace into hats? How do you do
    that? …here’s a photo of Vina with her plastic gloves. I put them on
    all my dolls when I redress them. They are the tips of sandwich bags.

    Where’s Lani?

  • 05:59:46 pm on June 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Jackie…sounds like you had a fabulous time at your reunion!…your
    brides look lovely. I especially like Wedding Day Barbie.

    Kate…wow, Stinky and the giant accessories…that would make for
    interesting photos!…well, Fred does look like Patrick Stewart so I can
    see why you would think that :-) …Vina looks wonderful in her
    metallic mesh fashion.

  • 07:47:53 pm on June 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Marigene…hey there, good seeing you :-) …thanks for sharing photos
    of the beautiful baby and those gorgeous dolls!

    Shirls…thanks, Lani and I had a great time at the store :-) …BC looks
    fierce and I know she and Stinky got along like a house on fire!…I’m
    sure he ate everything in his fairy bowl as a courtesy but a little
    protein wouldn’t have hurt! Love the leaf they’re in…he’s met a whole
    bunch of different people on his adventures and he had an audience
    with the Queen! Just goes to show that he can handle himself in any
    environment. So now he’s going to Tanglewood? What a lucky little troll!


  • 04:12:00 pm on June 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hey ladies…it’s Saturday, fun day!


    Shirls…thanks! Love my new girl :-) …thanks for the info about
    Brenda and her fashion…loved the re-post of Stinky’s adventures.
    He’s so entertaining!

    Lani Rothchild at the doll store.



    Lani, Lucy, Fred and Ethyl

  • 07:15:22 pm on June 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hey there!

    Jackie…glad you got there safely. Computers…can’t live with them,
    can’t live without them.

    Kate…thanks! Yes, the Our Generation sets are for 18″ dolls like
    American Girls so they’re way too big for Barbie…what a great
    name…Kalinka Malinka :-)

    New girl in the house!!! I think I’m in love!

    She comes with great accessories: Honey, iPhone, clutch, Starbucks
    coffee, sunglasses, belt and she has 11 points of articulation (MTM knees).

  • 08:56:55 am on June 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello Barbie clubbers! Summer is finally here and I couldn’t be happier!

    Shirls…oo, your tough bunch…I like your tough bunch. “C’est cool” as
    the French would say :-) …love that photo of Scarlett Overkill (gotta
    love that name, almost as good as Cruella DeVil) and the minion…that
    pink floral dress on the non-Barbie doll is very pretty. Did you make it?
    …I was shocked and delighted that the glasses fit My Size Barbie.

    Jackie…thanks…have a safe trip and take lots of photo so you can
    share them with us :-) At first I couldn’t understand the concept of the
    gray lady Gene but then I got it and thought it was great…genius,
    actually! You can’t design a gray Barbie because by the time she came
    along we had living color.

    Here are the Our Generation mini sets I bought recently for Gooliope.
    They are all deboxed and I’ll try to take some photos with my dolls
    soon. I love that they are all retro items and the perfect scale for
    her. She loves getting new stuff.

    The radio actually plays six 30 second songs from the 50′s! How cool
    is that?!

    When you hit the keyboard, one key actually types!d

    One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy!

    From the archives

  • 08:39:31 pm on May 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello my fellow Barbie lovers! I hope everyone’s doing well.

    Kate…congrats on your fabulous new dolls. Can’t wait to see WW out
    of the box.

    Jackie…your Gene dolls are great. I especially like the one in the blue
    fashion from convention…isn’t DC wonderful? Love that town.

    Shirls…I’d never heard of the Uneeda dolls so of course I had to do a
    Google search. There are a million of them! Found this website:

    I think your dolls are 5″ Tiny Time Teen dolls and here’s a link just for

    That is such a darling scene. Love that little dolly’s undies :-) and you
    gotta love Stinky in his sombrero. He is one hip hombre :-) That fairy
    ladder is too cute. Love it!

    My Size Barbie got some new glasses. I bought a boatload of Our
    Generation mini sets which came with 2 pairs of glasses. I wanted
    them for Gooliope but they were too big for her. The good thing about
    having different size dolls is that they were bound to fit somebody.

  • 08:35:48 pm on May 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…thanks :-) …I’m glad the BFC is going to continue too. My
    favorite part has always been the photo forum. I hope that continues
    too…oh yeah, the MH shoes have always been TDF! The designers
    have such a wonderful imagination!…your silkie looks lovely next to
    those white flowers.

    Jackie…thanks!…sorry your hubby is under the weather. Tell him I’m
    sending him good vibes…hope you get your AC fixed soon before it
    gets super hot…I really enjoyed your patriotic photos.

    Shirls…thanks!…can’t wait to see photos of your Hair Fair Barbie!
    She’s a looker…And you know Stinky’s going to want to wear the
    wigs. He loves stuff like that :-) …aawww, look at Stinky’s bunk, so
    cute! I don’t recognize the dolls. Are they as tall as the Kelly dolls?
    Somehow Stinky is always on wheels. Now he’s on a skateboard and
    loving it :-)

    TRU has this new Wonder Woman. LOVE the cloak!

    Also saw these 3″ Barbies

    Pilot suitcase

    If I had room for this I’d buy it.

  • 04:23:00 pm on May 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Boy, our numbers are dwindling!

    Jackie…Sounds like you’ve had some interesting weather changes…
    love the fashions on your dolls and the pattern on the curtains.

    Olivia has been in a pensive mood due to Memorial Day.

  • 04:18:30 pm on May 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Remembering those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

  • 10:42:58 am on May 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…thanks and you’re welcome :-) …that’s a lovely Memorial Day
    photo. Love the Star Spangled fabric.

    Bought the second Gooliope doll and named her Booterpe. She’s the
    big sister. Her hair is blue and very silky with a pink/yellow streak in
    front. I put her in Vina’s fashion. Vina is not happy ;-)

    Booterpe and Gooliope

  • 06:35:17 pm on May 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…I was very happy to get that email. I’ll post any further
    developments…thanks :-) …50th reunion?! Wow…have fun!…Bummer
    about your tv. The new ones are expensive and the quality is poor!

    Olivia and I went to Hobby Lobby. This is the one Marie sent me and I
    just love her. I think she’s so pretty…B is for Barbie!

    I bought something like this a long time ago for Ken’s fishing cabin
    and it looked really good in there.

    Isn’t this a great sign?

    They still had the beach chairs.

    Jackie…HL has the patriotic hats.

  • 05:23:08 pm on May 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Got this email from the BFC:
    Coming Soon…Thank you again for your patience and loyalty as we
    enter the final stages of preparation for the whole new Barbie
    Collection look!

    Here’s the scoop: We expect to re-launch the Barbie Collection
    experience in July 2017. Shortly after that, we’ll be opening our new
    membership program for you. Through all of this, we’re working hard
    behind the scenes to make the transition as seamless as possible.

  • 04:55:14 pm on May 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…Happy Memorial Day weekend.

    Kate…thanks!… I truly hope your doll club continues. I’ll keep my
    fingers crossed for you…Yes, that is Barbie’s mantle with the little
    English village :-) …wow, that is a wonderful fashion your Barbie is
    wearing…great job as always!

    Jackie…thanks for sharing your summer photos. Love to see your
    dolls outdoors…Gene’s fashion is TDF!

    Shirls…observing hummingbirds is so much fun. They are cute and
    quick!…I can understand why Stinky is still resting. He had a huge
    adventure!…thanks :-) I wanted another Effie to redress but there are
    so many other Barbies I want, and yes, a second fashion would have
    been wonderful.

    Saw a new TALL “Denim and Dazzle” fashionista at Target. I really like
    her. She’s got Myrna Loy’s nose.

    My girls got new fashions.

  • 08:10:32 pm on May 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…thanks :-) …your Barbie looks like a southern belle with that hat.

    From the archives

    Hallmark’s Old English Village. I collected one a year for ten years.
    I have multiples.

  • 08:12:28 pm on May 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…thanks, it’s fun hanging out with dolly people…oo, the sharks
    look terrifying!…I really like that Kenvention set too.

    Shirls…thanks!…man, Stinky sure has kept us entertained with his
    adventures. He’s having a great time at your place. He looks very
    relaxed in the hammock :-) and of course if he’s in the west coast it
    stands to reason that he’d go to Baja California. He’s now been coast
    to coast. He came from the east coast and went as far as the west coast.

    From the archives…

  • 08:36:55 pm on May 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…the beach is such a fun place to be. Love the smell of the sea.

    Kate…thanks!…Lola Falana?! Wow, I haven’t heard that name in
    forever. Love your Barbie in that fashion. Good job!

    Shirls…Get your motor runnin’
    Head out on the highway
    Lookin’ for adventure
    And whatever comes our way
    Yeah Darlin’ go make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once
    And explode into space

    This is definitely Stinky’s song :-) You know…every photo is a
    masterpiece! I can’t believe he went all the way to the west coast.
    This is what happens when you’re on a bike. Time ceases to exist…
    Looks like he went to the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque…Max and
    Catwoman make perfect road partners, and he ended up at the beach
    with the Malibu gang…what a great trip!

    Was hanging out with some dolly friends. These are the dolls I took
    for show-and-tell.

  • 08:15:52 pm on May 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…ah, June brides, gotta love ‘em!

    Shirls…thanks!…holy cow! Stinky’s in the dog house! Jaeme’s even
    holding a wooden spoon! Ah well, he’s got to do lots of chores but no
    one can take away his good time :-) That photo of him in the helmet
    and flowers is just too adorable! He looks truly repentant.

    Claudia and her Auntie Clawdeen

  • 12:32:32 am on May 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Shirls…thanks!…Stinky and the Barbie heads cracked me up :-) So he
    found some Barbies his own size, huh?…aawww, that photo of Stinky
    and the beagle is too cute…and you made him feel right at home
    surrounding him by the Russian dolls and the nesting dolls. That’s a
    cool photo. He’s having such a good time at your house.

    Jackie…thanks!…looks like everyone’s having a fun time on the yacht.
    Love Barbie’s fashion.

    Kate…thanks!…Francie looks great in that fashion, love the
    kitty/double cherries/hearts fabric!

    This is the Hallmark ornament that made me a collector.

  • 12:53:13 pm on May 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Fiona…thanks :-) …there are lots of free photo hosting sites on the web.
    I use flickr and like it very much. It gives me lots of options and one
    free terabyte of space. I have Pro because it’s ad free. My albums can
    be public, private, seen by family/friends only, unavailable for google
    search and I use all those options. It also has great resolution. Here
    are links to youtube videos with lists of popular sites but remember,
    you have to do your homework to see which one works for you.

    Jackie…thanks, glad you got a chuckle from the photo…love that
    Capt. Sparrow doll. I bought multiples.

    From the archives…
    This is one of my favorite Hallmark ornaments.

    The calm before the storm…Skipper loves her peace and quiet but
    knows it won’t last long.

  • 08:16:44 pm on May 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…thanks! yes, she came with the dress. Buy it, you’ll do a great
    job with the repaint just like you did with Malibu Ken!

    Jackie…take photos of your bows so we can see your handywork…
    Barbie and Ken at the beach. Love that you painted that scene…have
    fun at lunch.

    From the archives…

    Barbie and the gang welcome MH Headless Headmistress Bloodgood.

    The sewing room

    Where’s Barbie?

  • 08:51:15 pm on May 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…thanks!…nice outdoor scene. You covered all you bases with
    the tent and the food and the kayak…bows with a fork? I’ll have to
    look that up on youtube.

    Kate…thanks, I think Skelita is lovely. The artwork always looks a
    little scarier that the dolls. This is my third Skelita and there is also a
    skeleton doll…POSA and Skipper look very cute. Love POSA’s fashion.

    Shirls…thanks, and I agree, just when I think it’s safe to stop
    shopping for dolls, Mattel releases one I find irresistible…man, Stinky
    is having a fabulous time! Love that camping scene with all the details
    like Max’s knife in his boot :-) Stinky is in his element :-)

    Scaris Skelita

    Skelita and the Create-a-monster skeleton

  • 08:33:07 pm on May 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…thanks!…you got two HF? Yay, can’t wait to see photos!…Your
    WW looks lovely in her LBD.

    Jackie…ha, ha, ha, da Vinci made me laugh :-) …stay cool and drink
    lots of lemonade…so what were some of the trivia topics?

    Shirls…wow, Stinky is definitely having a MAJOR adventure. Now
    he’s “Gone Fishing” :-) and with a mystery babe no less. You know,
    he’s no dummy. He likes them pretty and now he’s also got wheels.
    Super photos! Love all the stuff in the boat. And the hat is a perfect fit!

    Amazon exclusive…MH Skelita Calaveras

  • 07:52:44 pm on May 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    You can pre-order the Hair Fair Barbie on the BFC.

    Marigene…sounds like you’re having some interesting weather…lovely
    photos. I especially like the redheads with the same fashion.

    Kate…you’re welcome :-) …I love HRH. My girls have gone a little
    crazy over him…I’m really enjoying Stinky’s adventures at Shirls
    …your Barbie is so pretty and I love the fabric on the shirt.

    Jackie…LOVE Ken in his kilt! Congrats on getting that redhead.
    Everybody loves a redhead…yes, big scare. Hackers can hold us
    hostage because we can’t live without computers  …great Mother’s
    Day photo. The leaf chairs are fab!…that is the 2003 Tommy as Ivan
    the Porcupine from Swan Lake.

    Shirls…Stinky looks smashing in his tux. The bouquet of flowers was a
    great touch…thanks for all the wonderful photos of Stinky’s great
    adventure. You have a wonderful and very fertile imagination. Loved
    the photos of Stinky at the salon.

    From the archives…I looked high and low for these photos. Barbie is
    wearing a Hallmark ornament. When the white felt hat was released in
    2011 I bought a ton of them to give away. Everybody loved it. It only
    has 3 pieces. It would be really easy to make some in different colors.
    I commissioned the jacket and hat that Teen Skipper is wearing for
    Riley Kish.

    Then Hallmark released this red hat in 2012. It’s made of resin. I was
    hoping that they would release one per year but they only made these
    two :-(

    Art can turn something utilitarian and pedestrian into something pretty.

  • 02:47:48 pm on May 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  • 01:38:00 pm on May 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there everyone! Happy Satruday…

    Jackie…I’ve always liked that little blonde guy with the buzz cut. He’s
    got such a cute expression on his face.

    Shirls…okay, so Stinky’s great adventure has begun :-) I like how he’s
    getting a lay of the land. He’s going high, he’s going low, he’s leaving
    no stone unturned…thanks! No, HRH’s fashion is not removable in
    theory but I’m sure some people will manage to take it off.

    I redressed two of my dolls. Petite is wearing the second doll’s clothes
    and the second one is wearing a Herve Leger fashion and bag.

  • 03:25:17 pm on May 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone… photos of Stinky’s visit with your little gang :-)

    Kate…thanks. I love that little clown :-) …aawww, what a darling bear.

    Shirls…thanks!…man, that photo of Stinky in the fairly bed is so
    darling. He looks all tuckered out!

    Here are some height comparison photos with His Royal Highness and
    some of my girls.

    Petite and Curvy

    Original and Tall

  • 03:13:36 pm on May 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Kate…here’s how I post multiple photos on ITP.

    After you choose the photo you want to post, click on the down
    pointing arrow, then click on “View all sizes”. This takes you to the
    resizing page.

    I click on “Medium 640″ , then right click on the photo and
    choose “Copy”.

    Go to ITP, type in the tags and paste the address. Repeat as many
    times as necessary. Click “Preview” to see what you’re posting.

    If you like what you see, click “Post here” and you’re done.

  • 05:57:41 pm on May 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Kate…thanks! King Ken is fabulous, so glad I bought him…you’re
    welcome!…ah William, what a life :-)

    Jackie…have fun with your new Ken!

    Shirls…wow, things seem to be jumping in your neck of the woods
    and the party hasn’t even gotten started! :-) …never a dull moment,

    Got a new MMMQ set.

    I love that it says Happy Birthday to Q :-) It’s got a boatload of accessories.

    The girl on the left is the mystery figure.

  • 08:54:26 pm on May 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Kate…thanks :-) …love Barbie’s dress. Looks very familiar :-)


    I just got the King of the Crystal Cave Ken. Absolutely love him! I
    apologize for the poor lighting.

    A doll box wrapped in white tissue paper, shipper and mailing box.

    The cape is very soft and substantial.

    He’s a platinum blonde and is very fair like Twilight Edward.

    As far as I can see the fashion is removable.

    I think I’m in love!

  • 07:47:10 pm on May 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…I had a great time at the park and the kites were all so
    different…I spy with my little eye a bird on top of a post. What kind of
    bird is that?…Is it warm enough to swim yet?…thanks!

    Shirls…oh,oh, Stinky has arrived. The fun is about to begin :-)

    My Hallmark has the membership ornaments so I finally got to see the

  • 07:57:36 pm on May 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…I hope you got all your stuff done…Mattel has made some of
    the best Irish Barbies ever!

    Shirls…Oh yeah, everyone in your dollhouse is up in arms about
    Stinky’s arrival!…so the small fairies can be little stinkers? It just
    seems like the smaller something is the feistier is gets…I don’t know
    why I didn’t buy that Scottish Barbie. She’s great!…Cleo is a beautiful
    doll…hmmm, seems like you got a lot done at home…I’ll keep my
    fingers crossed that you find a Leather and Ruffles Fashionista that
    you like…Stinky’s up for some mischief, the little green monster is up
    for some mischief so let the mischief begin :-)

    Let’s go fly a kite…

    Painting a craft

  • 12:45:01 pm on May 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…happy Sunday…

    Shirls…that first colorful photo with the vintage dolls is just lovely,and
    I see a Hair Fair fashion…I think Stinky and your little green monster
    will get along like a house on fire! Let’s just hope those two little
    mischief makers don’t SET the house on fire :-) …thanks!

    I finally got this doll, really like her.

    Tall, dark and beautiful…

  • 10:19:06 pm on May 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I’m baaack…

    Jackie…I love Paul Bruce’s fashions. They are really well made and
    beautiful…yum, that dessert is tasty and pretty. Love the Scotties
    …thanks :-)

    Shirls…Clawdeen is looking good and surrounded by a bunch of great
    looking dolls!…I think John Smith is one of the best male dolls ever.
    Love his hair…Love the waitress’ uniform. Did you make it?…thanks!

  • 04:24:28 pm on May 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    PIAO – I’ll be back later.

    Shirls…Clawdeen made it safe and sound! Thank you so much, I love
    her. I had an outfit all ready for her but I thought your wrap was very
    creative so I posted her in that. We’re all excited she’s here. Thanks
    also for all the other goodies. Boy, opening that box was like
    Christmas morning. Thank you for everything!

  • 06:58:21 pm on May 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…wow, you sat with Paul? He is such a great guy and very
    talented too!…so #34 is made out of paper towels?! So where was I
    when all this talent was handed out?!…man, all those dolls are
    wonderful, thanks for all the great photos!…thanks, I really like my
    new dolls :-)

    Fiona…thanks!…it’s always good seeing you…a friend of mine just
    came back from Spain and showed me a photo she took of some trees
    which she thought had an unusual shape and because of the photos
    you posted I was able to ID them as bottle trees :-) so thanks for
    making me look good!

    I went to a restaurant that gave us popcorn as an appetizer. That was a
    first for me!

    I think bright green and hot pink are a great combo!

    Found these fashions at Walmart.

    More Hallmark…WW (1.7″), Superman (1.9″)…that’s a lot of detail for
    something so small.

  • 08:20:47 pm on May 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…how exciting that Bill Greening debuted the Hair Fair Barbie.
    I’m going to put it on my Wish List…So Mattel has a new designer?
    And he designed the curvys? I like him already :-)

    These lovely girls came to live at my house. Color me happy :-)

    Love this bag!

    Festival Barbie

    Pool Chic Barbie…love this facemold.

    More Hallmark.

  • 08:17:49 pm on May 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Kate…you’re welcome…thanks! I love Vina. I know what you mean
    about the hair. I didn’t want to reroot her or cut her hair so I braided
    it and piled it on top. The fashion she’s wearing comes with a violin so
    I guess she’s a musician :-) I thought it was interesting that her hands
    were soft plastic and that her nails were painted. I really liked that little
    detail…I posted a link to the online Hallmark dreambook below so
    everyone could take a look. There are so many cute things to see…FQ
    looks great in her Parisian fashion.

    Jackie…that hammer toss gone wrong is a hoot!…love #47′s look
    especially the hat…the beach looks lovely. Is it warm enough to
    swim?…I bet that fisherman was as happy as a clam with his BIG
    catch…Stretch Armstrong is at Target in the retro section. Have you
    seen him?

    Shirls…I’m glad Hallmark’s back in the game too!…I like that WW doll
    too. If I buy her I’ll put her on a MTM body…my girls are all excited
    that Clawdeen is coming and they have an outfit all ready for her :-)
    …I’m with you. Those warrior Barbies are fab! You know, I honestly
    think Mattel is trying to bankrupt me!…thanks! I didn’t quite know
    what to do with Vina’s hair but I liked the way it turned out…that’s a
    very pretty bridal gown. Did you make it?…wow, you have a bunch of
    Bild Lilis. I’ve always liked that doll because if it hadn’t been for her
    Barbie might has looked different…glad your eyes are feeling better.

    Vina acting goofy. Gotta love that rubber chicken. Those items are
    from the Wellie Wishers.

    LA Girl got the purple MTM body. Now she can twist herself into a
    pretzel :-)

    More Hallmark ornaments

  • 08:44:11 pm on May 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…I’m loving those competition photos! People are soooo
    creative! The Scottish theme was a big hit with everyone. The Kens
    look great in all those kilts…I’m glad Mattel and Hallmark are back
    together again too…you’re welcome…Michigan is a great state to

    Fiona…I was thinking about you on Anzac Day. I’m sure you had a
    lovely celebration. I really enjoy hearing all the historical information
    …congrats on getting 2 Skippers. It’s always exciting having new dolls
    to play with. has She-Ra for sale.

    oo, what big muscles you have!

    Here’s my friend’s WW redressed. She and Vina got along like a house
    on fire!

    I’m going to be posting some of the Hallmark ornaments that really
    appeal to me.

    This is a tree trimming elf in charge of watering the trees.

  • 06:54:53 pm on April 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…I trust your Sunday has been a very nice one.

    Shirls…regarding donating money to the site: it’s done through PayPal
    which is a secure site. When you click on the donate button, it takes
    you to the PayPal sign in page…your dolls are lovely. Is that a Brenda
    Starr doll holding the Mickey Mouse bag?…you boil permed Petra’s
    hair and it melted?! Wow, I didn’t know that could happen…great
    vintage dolls!…I know just how you feel about the new WW dolls.
    They’re fabulous! I really like the giftset with Steve…I also like the ones
    from Walmart especially the facial screening. The females are a little
    shorter that Barbie and they have big feet like the Monster High dolls.
    I’m very tempted to buy one. I was hanging out with a friend the
    other day and her travel doll was the Diana in the blue fashion from
    Walmart. I’ll post a photo at a later date…the things I saw at that
    miniatures show was just beautiful. The chandelier was one of those
    things…I would love to adopt Clawdeen! You have my anticipated
    thanks :-)

    I got my Hallmark Dream Book and there are so many ornaments I
    want. Here are the Barbies.

    Homecoming Queen – July

    Dream Date – July

    Golden Dream – Limited Edition – July…I don’t have a photo of the
    ornament but it’s in the same pose as the doll.

    Ballet Wishes – October

    Holiday Barbie – October

    Veterinarian – November

    Shoe-sational! – December

    When you sign up for membership this is one of the ornaments you can
    Lavender Luxe

  • 02:46:10 pm on April 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…ah Zehnder’s…gotta love the food…Frankenmuth is still one
    of my favorite towns.

    Kate…wow, you’re going to have lots of company. I like it when
    family/friends stagger their visit. I mean, it’s nice when they all arrive
    at once but then they all leave at once and then the house feels so
    empty :-( …whoa there, Stinky has a boatload of hats, lots to choose

    The BFC has these Wonder Woman dolls on pre-order.
    Paradise Island giftset


    Antiope…she reminds me of Jeri Ryan, Star Trek Voyager’s Seven of Nine
    Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One.

    Saw the Gabby Douglas doll at TRU.

    Sighted at Walmart

  • 02:11:23 pm on April 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Lately there has been a preoccupation on this board with security. I
    don’t really understand why some of you are worried about this but
    I’m going to give you my take on board security so please feel free to
    let me know if I’m way off base.

    Most doll boards and websites in general are not secure. There is no
    need for them to be. A website needs to be secure if it’s going to ask
    you for your personal information i.e. name/address/phone/SS#/CC#.
    Examples of secure websites: PayPal, facebook, any web store. You
    want a secure website if that website has your personal information.

    Doll boards DO NOT need to be secure because they do not ask you
    for personal information. Most doll boards are not secure i.e. In The
    Pink, Doll Divas, Ultimate Chat, Prego, Ellowyne’s Ennui, etc. Anyone
    can lurk on this board (and on most boards) but in order to post
    photos/comments you need to log in. This gives the owner of the
    board the ability to ban anyone that does not comply with the rules
    but has nothing to do with security.

    Some boards have secure and non-secure sections like the BFC. I am
    a member of that board and the Photo Forum is not secure but the
    shopping portion is secure for reasons stated above. You do have to
    log in in order to post in the forums but once again that has nothing to
    do with security.

    Just because a website is secure doesn’t mean it’s absolutely safe.
    Yahoo was hacked a few years ago and people’s private information
    was breached. Yahoo didn’t tell anyone until a few months ago. They
    were trying to fix the problem on the QT but ultimately they had to tell
    their members of which I am one. The first thing I did was change my
    Yahoo password. I haven’t noticed any adverse effects yet but I’m
    forever vigilant because hacking has become prevalent in our society.

    For those of you that are having second thoughts about posting here,
    please don’t. There is nothing to fear. If you don’t feel comfortable
    posting here then you should feel uncomfortable posting anywhere on
    the web.

    I hope this helps with any doubts you might have, if not, let me know
    exactly what makes you feel uncomfortable about posting here and I’ll
    try to address those specific issues.

  • 08:50:40 pm on April 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…welcome back :-) …love the mannequins and that backdrop.
    GAW always does such a good job with that. I’m loving your photos.
    I’ve been looking at photos on flickr. I think this theme was one of the
    best ever!

    Kate…thanks :-) …thanks for the offer of hosting Stinky but my life is
    too crazy right now. Maybe in the future. I know I’d have lots of fun
    with him…you’re welcome. I’m glad your dad enjoyed the photos, and
    believe me, it’s one thing to see them in photos and quite another to
    see them in person. Loved those exhibits…Barbie and Stinky made
    some very delicious cakes. My mouth is watering and I love Barbie’s
    fashion…that is a fun photo of Francie, Stinky and your dad’s toy
    soldiers. I really liked it.

    Shirls…thanks…thanks for asking Kate to post photos of her dad’s toy
    soldiers. I really enjoyed that photo…I love going to TRU. I could be
    there for hours, and that’s just in the Barbie aisle!…that cute little
    shoulder bag is having its inaugural wearing tomorrow. Color me
    happy :-) …loved that back pack too. Might end up buying it…Leather
    and Ruffles is HTF here too but believe it or not, I’ve found her 6
    times but I just didn’t like the way she looked :-( …Pesche’s is a great
    garden center. I love going there during Easter and Christmas. They
    have some beautiful stuff…I showed a friend a photo of the
    honeycomb candles and she went and bought them!…It’s been awhile
    since I posted photos of Gooliope and Maddie so I was very happy
    when I found that set for them…your fairy garden is so cute. Love all
    the details. Are your fairies kind, wise and helpful? Or are they
    mischievous, naughty and troublesome? Inquiring minds want to
    know :-)

    Target had its red spheres covered with Mario and Luigi. I thought
    this was too cool!

    Magnolia tree in their parking lot.

    Loved this Our Generation record player. It’s perfect for 16-18″ dolls,
    don’t know why I didn’t buy it.

    Saw this 15″ Chelsea at TRU…my, what big eyes you have!

    I went to a miniatures show (1:12 scale) and had a wonderful time!

    I didn’t take many photos because the vendors don’t like it but I did
    take a photo of this 6″ working chandelier.

  • 07:16:55 pm on April 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday!

    Jackie…I know you had a great time at GAW!

    Kate…thanks!…You’ve got a K9! Great little critter. I can’t tell you
    how much I enjoyed your photo story. It was so well thought out.
    Stinky was so thoughtful to find fashions for Vina and I liked the one
    she finally wore. I think pink is her color. Interestingly enough my
    Vina is wearing a pink fashion too…I know your dad likes toy soldiers
    and I’ve been meaning to mention that the Frazier Museum in
    Louisville, KY has a wonderful toy soldier gallery. I thought of your
    dad when I was there.

    TRU has some really cute bags/backpacks/hats. Love the graphics.

    I bought this shoulder bag.

    I really liked the hats but they were too small for me.

    I really want Leather and Ruffles and if I could find one as perfect as
    this one I’d buy her but all the ones I’ve found have something wrong
    with them :-(

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this fashion pack is a real
    bargain. You get ten fashions and ten pairs of shoes for $40! That’s a
    fashion and  a pair of shoes for $4!

  • 09:10:11 pm on April 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday everyone…

    Marigene…thanks for the lovely photos!


    I went to a gardening center. It was a great place to explore and there
    was lots of eye candy.

    This miniature village was darling.

    That little girl had lots of personality for being all of 4″.

    Gotta love a colorful flower pot.

    The little puppies were all so cute.

    Travel cases

    I love gnomes :-)

    I love little bottles. I have a whole bunch of them. Blue: Mermaid
    Kisses, White: Unicorn Smiles, Pink: Fairy Wishes

    Honeycomb candles.

    All the Easter items were 50% off.

  • 09:07:27 pm on April 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Marigene…love that first photo of your girls in red and black!

    Jackie…oh no, you went to Bonner’s and it was closed?! Bummer!…
    spellcheck has a mind if its own. Can’t tell you how many times it’s
    done a number on me too.

    Shirls…thanks!…I would love to find some Barbie jammies in my size
    too…love the cute little Easter bunny in the basket. It’s the perfect
    scale!…your painting The Empty Tomb is wonderful! I’m sure your SIL
    was thrilled…Jaeme definitely looks great in that hat. I remember
    when people used to wear hats to church. It’s not as prevalent now…
    the British, now they know how to wear hats!…Ken and Barbie are
    always a well dressed pair.

    Kate…thanks!…POSA looks beautiful in that gown and of course
    Stinky had to try on the hat! He loves hats!…you can also buy the
    Barbie jammies online…yes, Vina arrived today. See photos below.

    I got Vina today so I’m as happy as a pig in mud! Couldn’t tear her
    out of the box fast enough. The packaging is very elaborate which is a
    shame because I’m not going to keep it.

    First box

    Second box

    Back of second box

    Third box with Vina. She has the mermaid facemold.

    Back of the box

    Her skin is very deep green with a bluish tint. She’s going to be great
    for St. Patrick’s Day. MTM articulation sans articulation at chest/ankles

    Here she is next to Westy so you can compare the skintones.

    Vina wears a two piece fashion plus gold arm cuff (pictured above)

  • 07:18:54 pm on April 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…I hope everyone is doing well.

    Kate…I’m dying to see that Ken too. I think he’s beautiful!…I love all
    the Hunger Game guys and Four too. They are great looking dolls…
    thanks for the info on the bunnies. They are very cute.

    Kohl’s has these jammies on sale and they come with a nightgown for

    These are toddler jammies but no nightgown for Barbie.

  • 08:22:11 pm on April 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…good hearing from you. Keep the updates coming.

    The BFC just sent an email saying we could pre-order The King of the
    Crystal Cave. I ordered him and he’s on backorder till the end of the

    “The first male and fifth doll in the Faraway Forest™ Collection is
    inspired by the magical beauty and enchanted world of the Faraway
    Forest™ and its mysterious Crystal Caves. Dressed in imposing warrior
    regalia from head to toe, the King of the Crystal Caves reigns supreme
    in this mysterious realm. His muscular body, striking white hair and
    icy blue eyes all add to the allure of his commanding presence.
    Sculpted armor, faux leather belt accents, crown, sword and flowing
    cape all feature exquisite detail and a powerful look. Explore the
    magic and mystery of the Faraway Forest™ and its Crystal Caves with
    the fifth doll in the collectible series.
    Body Type: Articulated Muscular
    Facial sculpt: Tango
    Fashion Sewn On: Yes
    Fashion: Sculpted armor, faux leather belt accents, cape
    Accessories: Sword, crown
    Doll Stand: Yes
    Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 15.5“ x 3.3“x 9.5“

  • 07:48:01 pm on April 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…I hope everyone had a nice Easter and that you all are
    well. Everyone’s Easter photos were super! Thanks for sharing.

    Jackie…thanks for the update! The only thing predictable about the
    weather is that it’s going to change :-)

    Kate…thanks!…yeah, that’s also the bad thing about MMMQs, that
    they don’t take up very much room so I keep buying them!…I really
    like your Easter display. The bunnies up front are really unusual. I like

    Marigene…thanks for sharing your Easter display.

    I really liked Peeta from The Hunger Games. I bought multiples of
    both of them.

    The Hunger Games Gale

  • 07:31:50 am on April 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Easter Jackie, Marie, Marigene, Shirls and Fiona!

  • 10:32:22 am on April 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…I know you’re having a good time and you haven’t gotten to
    GAW yet :-)

    Kate…thanks!…I ordered Vina too, should have her by Tuesday…yes,
    the MMMQs come in small mini rooms (right) and large play sets (left).
    Here are some samples.

    Happy Easter

  • 08:52:48 am on April 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hey, hey…it’s not just Friday…it’s Good Friday :-)

    Waving to Jackie, Marie, Marigene, and Fiona.

    Shirls…thanks!…I have a MA doll from that line. I’m going to look for
    it and post photos. Your girls look great in those spring colors…I
    agree, Jaeme is a keeper! She is a high maintenance doll!…I’ve
    always liked the Moxie Teen dolls. Did you buy the boy too?…I love
    that your MTM dolls are surrounded by so many cool items. Love the
    fabric on the pillows. The scale is perfect!

    Happy Easter

  • 04:02:29 pm on April 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Shirls…thanks :-) and yes, I’m loving the MMMQs. I also like that they
    all fit into the new case I got. I carry them around everywhere I go :-)
    …Don’t you just love it when you find something you really like and
    need? Those tomato plant cages sound really colorful…congrats on
    your new doll. I think that Video Game doll is sooo cute. That
    headphone set looks better on her because it’s smaller. Her bicolored
    hair and anime eyes are awesome. The kitty is very cute…so glad
    your happy with Corey. I know how that feels :-) …gotta love the
    rubber duckie with the rabbit ears!

    Kate…I found this coloring book at Joann in the checkout line, thought
    you’d appreciate it.

    This display is from Target.

    Here are the original 6 MTM dolls from L to R: Bonnie Tate, Olivia
    Townsend, Barbie M. Roberts, Pearl Tanaka, Yvette Tanner, Blythe Taylor

  • 05:37:12 pm on April 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…waving as you cruise down the highway to GAW!

    Kate…food poisoning?! What a drag, glad you’re feeling better…love
    the design on the purse and that teeny tiny rabbit is just perfect for
    your collection! He looks to be about the same size a MMMQs.

    Shirls…thanks! yeah, I love the hairdo on the bubbletastics…that
    lighthouse building is actually a convenience store next to a gas
    station. They have EVERYTHING in there!…I don’t know if the MH
    dolls are losing popularity but I stopped buying them when the facial
    screening changed and they became more child-friendly (whatever
    that means). I thought they were perfect before but no one asked for
    my opinion.

    Walmart has the new Mattel Wonder Woman dolls from the upcoming
    movie (June 2). I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet.

    At the café having coffee with a friend.

  • 03:04:37 pm on April 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Marigene…great pairing of your dolls with the flowers. Both are very

    Jackie…thanks :-) …very nice Easter scene with the Chelseas, the
    Easter bunnies and the chocolates…have a safe trip and take LOTS of
    photos so you can share them with us :-)

    My re-bodied Bubbletastic Fairy Barbies…love these girls.

    Isn’t this an interesting building with a lighthouse in the middle? :-)

    Hal and Michael

    MH Lorna McNessie and Twyla…they are just under 10″H.

  • 07:06:26 pm on April 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello Jackie, Marigene, Marie, Shirls and Fiona…hope everyone’s
    doing well.

    Jackie…thanks, and you’re welcome :-) …gotta love that kayak and
    your doll looks great in it.

    Here are the curvies I have so far:

  • 12:52:40 pm on April 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday ladies…

    Jackie…yeah, that condiment holder is fab! I posted the online link
    below…that white plush bunny is adorable, and the Chelseas with
    their rabbit eats are ready for the Easter egg hunt. The baskets are
    super….the Grand is one of the prettiest hotels ever!

    Shirls…thanks and you’re welcome!…yeah, I agree regarding the
    umbrella you found at the flea market. I’m sure it belonged to a picnic
    table too. I remember that World Market had a picnic table condiment
    holder some years back so it might have come from there…Gabby
    always makes me smile. My niece has a friend that never stops talking,
    and I mean NEVER. She’s really sweet but gives me a headache.
    That’s what I imagine Gabby is like   Max looks like he’d like to
    put that knife to a different use!…Love Brenda and Barbara’s kitchen
    …so Brenda’s a beautician? I didn’t remember that…congrats on your
    new dolls: yellow haired Chelsea and Video Game Barbie, can’t wait to
    see photos, and yes that Barbie does have that Sailor Moon quality
    with her ‘anime’ eyes.

    Hobby Lobby…forgot to post the flamingo umbrella. Isn’t it just too cute?!

    Barbie had to take her bunny to the vet because it was a little under
    the weather. The vet made it as right as rain in no time!

    Mattel has Barbie and her DreamHorse on the site.
    This horse is fabulous! Here’s a link to a youtube video.

  • 05:51:33 pm on April 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello Jackie, Marigene, Marie, Shirls, Fiona!

    Jackie…Aawww, I’m so glad you enjoyed the flower show photos. I
    had such a good time!…so Millie was a travel doll. Wow, I’m sure
    whoever got her was thrilled. I can just imagine all the goodies she
    came with, and she got her photo taken with the Mattel designers!
    What a lucky girl…thanks for sharing your Easter display. The Barbies
    look very cool but the Kellys always steal the show. My favorite is the
    one on the right with the colorful fashion.

    I went to Hobby Lobby and thought of Kate because they had these
    giant Easter nesting eggs. The sizes are 16″/12″/8″ so there are 3 to a
    set. I was so tempted to buy them to put them outside but I resisted.

    They had the 1:6 scale Adirondack chairs again. This is the 3rd year they’ve had them and they come in multiple colors.

    I also found this picnic set. It comes with a red/white umbrella, salt/pepper shakers and mustard/ketchup containers.

    Having some iced tea in the back yard.

  • 05:39:56 pm on April 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…I love it when I come here and I see the board full of
    new photos :-)

    Marigene…love the Francie in the pink raincoat and hat…it’s good to
    know that your friend is a kindred spirit when it comes to gardening.

    Kate…thanks!…aawww, that photo of the baby bear in the egg cradle
    is so endearing! Love Francie’s fashion. Did you make that?

    Jackie…thanks :-) …that is a lovely photo of your silkie! Love the coat.

    Shirls…thanks!…glad the storms passed you by…yes, since the http
    does not have the ‘s’ it does mean that this is not a “secure” site but
    that doesn’t mean that that’s a bad thing. Secure websites, i.e. bank
    websites, need special encryption because of the sensitive information
    they handle. We don’t need that here. We sign in because the owner
    of the site wants to keep track of the people that come here. This way
    if anyone causes a problem she can ban the person from the site. So
    don’t worry about the http not having the ‘s’. We’re fine…you posted
    some wonderful photos. I really like the tattoos you put on your dolls.
    I wish I knew how to do things like that but I have no artistic skills…
    Love those red sunglasses. They are right up my alley!…Teresa looks
    so good in her pink sari. That color is perfect for her skintone…so are
    you going to put the heads on articulated bodies?

    Easter candy, anyone?

    Abby is getting a little culture at the art museum.

    James McNeill Whistler

  • 08:18:26 pm on April 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…thanks!…whew, so happy you missed the BIG storm…wow,
    those Barbies look fabulous in their sweaters!…love the flower print
    on Barbie’s gown.

    More photos from the flower show.

    This is Pampas Grass. I love that it’s pink!

  • 09:44:52 pm on April 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…be safe!…it was a dark and stormy night…I’ve always wanted
    to read ‘Paul Clifford’, the book that quote is from so I finally looked it
    up on the Gutenberg Project website. I’ll let you know how it goes :-)
    The Peanuts gang looks great in that display…holy cow! Those are big
    bears!…thanks for the info on the shelf cloud. I learned something
    new today.

    Kate…thanks…aawww, little Buffy looks so cute surrounded by the
    Easter eggs…can’t believe this Sunday is Palm Sunday…where does
    the time go ?!

    Marigene…I hope you watched something good on Netflix :-)

    Sighted at Walmart…love the little pooch.

    Thalia Coolidge wearing Ziggy’s fashion.

    Abigail Smith went to a flower show.

    I loved these flower bears.

  • 05:38:17 pm on April 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Waving to Marie, Shirls and Fiona!

    Marigene…thanks for IDing all the flowers. That’s very helpful to me.
    Love Skipper’s shirt with the Barbies on it.

    Jackie…thanks!…love it that you’re going TO the beach and your dolls
    are having a good time AT the beach :-)

    Found these at Walgreens. I wish I had a reason to buy them because
    I really like them.

    Ziggy and Hal

    Sighted at Walmart

    Saw this photo online and thought it was beautiful…Moeraki Boulders,
    New Zealand

  • 03:57:34 pm on April 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    If you’re looking for MMMQ’s, I found Series 2 blind boxes at Dollar

    Kate…thanks :-) …you’re on a roll with your wonderful photo stories.
    Holy moly, George is really teeny tiny! Love the giraffe egg and how
    the other eggs just keep getting bigger and bigger! Stinky’s hat is
    super. He must have quite a collection.

    Jackie…thanks!…My condolences on your nephew’s passing… Aren’t the
    items donated for the silent auction wonderful? People are so creative.

    A friend just gave me the Disney Belle and Gaston set. I was
    speechless! What an extravagant gift. I loved it. Belle’s fashion is
    beautiful and Gaston is perfect from head to toe.

    I had to put a book in Belle’s hand. She has 13 points of articulation.

    Disney Belle in village fashion and Hasbro Belle in winter fashion.

  • 05:29:06 pm on April 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…love your Michigan photos. Have fun at GAW!

    Kate…thanks :-) …wow, Buffy and the rabbid were a big help when it
    came to reorganizing Stinky’s room. That was such a cute story, loved
    it!…so colorful :-)  Of course the nesting eggs are perfect for Easter.

    Fiona…yes, she rode in on her skateboard. She’s a champ! You’re right,
    just the different skintone makes a difference…I hope your Kellys are doing ok.

    Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1 – Whistler’s Mother

    Arrangement in Multiple Colors No. 1 – Handler’s Daughter

    Arrangement in Multiple Colors No. 2 – Handler’s Son

  • 05:09:26 pm on April 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…since it’s April Fools Day I decided to stay home and
    play with my dolls because I didn’t want to be pranked…did anyone
    play a prank on you?

    Jackie…So did you reupholster the furniture in the living room photo?
    It looks really good…ah, that Barbie Dream House, what a classic!

    Marigene…hey there, good seeing you!…love how your Skippers and
    their backgrounds are color coordinated.

    Shirls…don’t you just hate it when you loose access to your photos?!
    And I agree, why do companies feel the need to fix what’s not broken?
    Hope you can post photos soon…thanks!…and yes, Abby is related to
    your island dancer :-)

    Abigail and Shea Imogen Smith

  • 08:38:46 pm on March 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…Yay! So glad you got the MMMQ’s…you’re welcome! That was the
    first set I bought and it’s still my favorite. They are a mini Barbie and a
    mustachioed Ken and your mystery figure is the surfer girl…very cool.
    Your dolls and figures are so welcoming. The MMMQ’s have found a good
    home…Stinky looks great in that hat!

    Jackie…I don’t know that bassets can change from one breed to
    another but I was sure having fun with that …Barbie in the South
    Korean dress looks wonderful. Where did you get that?!

    Skateboarder Abby has joined my doll family.

    I think she’s very pretty.

    Love the shirt and tank top!

  • 08:02:09 pm on March 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Kate…so the bassets turned into beagles?! That’s funny :-) and now
    I’m even more confused :-) …thanks!…you do a wonderful job with
    your OOAK fashions. That reversible one is a winner!…Barbie got this
    basset as a gift from Kenvention.

    Jackie…I’m sorry I missed the BBB in its heyday. I would have loved
    to participate in the swaps. Wow, 25 people, that’s a lot of people!
    …your Genes are so pretty and I really like the graphics on the

    Wearing the other Herve Leger fashion

    Killer shoes!

  • 08:35:35 pm on March 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Kate…thanks, and yes, that’s the Herve Leger Barbie. I like
    everything about her…wow, all those fashion were gifts? You are truly
    lucky to have such great dolly friends…ok, so the dog is a basset
    hound. I always get them confused with beagles, don’t know why
    …thanks for sharing the flocked Kens. They look super. I like the one
    with the red curly bangs :-) People are so creative.

    Jackie…thanks :-) …I love that “hamburger” stand. It is just too cool!

    Shirls…thanks!…I know exactly how you feel about the flea market
    find. Being a fellow doll collector I empathize completely. The same
    thing happened to me in 2006. I found Rio Rita from the Rio all-suite
    casino resort Las Vegas. She was $3, mint in crushed box and there
    were 3 of them. I bought them all and gave one to a very appreciative
    friend. As you can see she’s dressed like Carmen Miranda and it was
    love at first sight for me. She makes me happy every time I look at her.
    I love it that Stinky has become our little celebrity :-)

    Sighted at TRU.

  • 07:44:48 pm on March 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good evening…

    Kate…oh no, you forgot the camera?!…Bummer for us! But it sounds
    like everyone had a great time. Good to know that the bingo game
    was a success. Can’t wait to see some of the flocked Kens. I’m sure
    they look wonderful….yes, go see BatB…you’ll love it!…boy, Barbie is
    going to have a hard time deciding what to wear with all those
    options. Did you make all those lovely fashions? Is the puppy a

    Jackie…your photos of the kiddies are lovely and so colorful, love them.
    Mattel did a great job with the Twilight dolls. I like them all…thanks,
    and yes, I’m having a great time with Belle. Emma was the perfect
    choice for that part.

    Shirls…I don’t remember seeing those photos before so they’re new
    to me! Trichelle is my favorite S.I.S. doll. I think she’s beautiful and
    That’s So Raven was too cute to pass up so I bought her too. Love her
    ponytail…the My Fair Lady hat looks fabulous on that doll! Great
    job!…thanks! I’m very happy that I can see all MMMQ’s at a glance.

    Hello Marigene!

    Hello Marie!

    Hello Fiona!

    I finally got around to photographing this doll. Love the face and the
    fashion and the hair.

    Sighted at TRU.

  • 07:31:07 pm on March 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…thanks :-) …no photos from Photobucket?…Bummer :-(

    Fiona…thanks!…I agree, Barbie’s original fashions were amazing which
    is why they’re classics.

    Some friends and I went to see Beauty and the Beast again. We had a
    great time. Here are our travel dolls.

    Saw this Barbie at TRU.

  • 08:34:13 pm on March 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday everyone…I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was

    Jackie…thanks!…I really got a kick out of seeing Harry Potter on the
    tree…I like Peeps. They always say “spring” to me…So Barbie and clan
    are on spring break? I know they’ll have a great time on the yacht.

    This Beauty Salon set was a gift. I love these little critters.

    Tommy is holding the mystery figure.

    Found this case at The Container Store. I feel so organized I just can’t stand it!

  • 05:13:13 pm on March 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday everyone…

    Jackie…thanks!…wow, love all the dolls your posted. ‘enry ‘iggins is
    still one of my favorite Kens. The Disney guys look great too, and of
    course Barbie doesn’t look so bad either :-)

    You never know what you’re going to find hanging from a tree.

    This is the first year that I’ve seen Peeps merchandise all over the
    place. The pink one is 24″ and the other one is 17″.

    Quinceañera Barbie at TRU

  • 02:38:26 pm on March 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…hanging out with dolly friends is the best. Please don’t forget
    the camera!…thanks! That DA exhibit was wonderful. I thought the
    blow ups were a very nice touch too…I’d never heard of the Peace
    and Love dolls. They’re very cute :-) Love the poncho.

    Jackie…thanks! The DA fashions belong to Cosprop, one of the world’s
    leading costumiers to film, television and theatre. They specialize in the
    hire and making-to-hire of period costume for professional productions.
    They also offer an exhibition service to museums and historical houses.

    Shirls…I don’t get any pop up messages from this site but I do get them
    when I access my emails…thanks!…I don’t have Zig Zag yet but I
    know I’m going to cave. She’s a great looking doll as is the Spring into
    Style curvy. She looks lovely in orange.

    Bought the Target Exclusive 11″ Winter Belle doll with extra fashion.

    Her hair is really soft as is her red cape. She has articulated
    elbows/wrists. No articulation at the knees.

    Oliva is wearing the Village Belle costume. It doesn’t close in the back.

  • 08:34:04 pm on March 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…thanks!…your Francie has such a lovely face.

    Jackie…thanks for sharing the travel photos.

    Fiona…thanks for the all the info regarding the band festival. I really
    appreciate it. That type of thing is just my cup of tea. It definitely
    sounds wonderful…yes I actually went to see 2 Downton Abbey
    fashion exhibits. The first one was at Winterthur (former home of
    Henry Francis du Pont) in Delaware in 2014
    The estate curated the exhibit. Then last year I saw another one in
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin at the Paine Art Center and Gardens curated by
    the company that furnished the fashions for the show.
    They were both wonderful. I was very fortunate to be able to see
    them. I loved that show. Here in the U.S. it became a phenomenon.

    From the archives…Downton Abbey at Winterthur

  • 07:47:51 pm on March 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hellooooo everyone!

    Jackie…oh yeah, taking the car to be serviced can be a drag. You’re at
    the mercy of the mechanics and they take advantage of you because
    your a woman. I’ve given a couple of them a good telling off and then
    they back off. But now your car is good and everything is beautiful…I
    love that all your dolls are dressed in pink. It’s Barbie’s signature
    color :-)

    Marigene…you are busy, busy, busy. I’m sure the neighbors appreciate
    your help…Love the Barbie in red.

    From the archives

    Barbie on the GO!…at the Johnson administration building, architect
    Frank Lloyd Wright

    LoLa Lane was the first curvy I bought and she’s still my favorite curvy.

  • 07:47:09 pm on March 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Waving to everyone…

    Shirls…thanks!…it’s always good seeing you. When the going gets
    rough it’s good to play with your dolls. I’ll keep you in my thoughts
    regarding your brother…I think it’s very fitting that Barbie (who is
    made of plastic) is bringing in spring with artificial flowers  :-) …oo, the
    Hulk is looking pretty ferocious but Barbie’s got nothing to worry
    about. She can tame the savage beast…Jaeme does look lovely in
    green. I especially like her hat…Queen Elinore is looking very regal,
    great necklace…I don’t get the warning at sign in but interestingly
    enough I get it when I sign in to get my email…go figure!

    From the archives…

    Can’t touch this!

    At Winterthur to see the Downton Abbey fashion exhibit 2014.
    Barbie’s fashion was a convention table gift.

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