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  • 11:25:11 am on October 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Day 19 Disney challenge favorite scene: when Hopper gets his
    comeuppance in A Bug’s Life.

    Jackie…ha ha, cell phones make lots of errors :-) …have fun with
    your sisters!

    Shirls…thanks! I like the girl with the hat too. Amazed I didn’t buy
    her…so you’ve tried everything under the sun for that rash. Hmmm, I
    guess you’ll just have to let nature take its course…Stinky looks very
    comfortable in his new house. I think it suits him just fine. It has lots
    of rooms for him to wander around in.

    Another fashionista from TRU

    I’ve had this Barbie for a looooong time. Her head says 1989, waist
    says 1966, has a TNT body which is why I was surprised that this one
    size fits all fashion actually fit her. TNT bodies are very wide at the
    chest compared to Petite/Curvy/Original/Tall but, even thought it’s a
    little tight, I got the Velcro to close.

  • 11:21:26 am on October 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Day 18 Disney challenge favorite villain: Mother Gothel from Tangled

    The Barbie Dream House is currently sold out in the Barbie shop. Did
    anyone here buy one? I don’t collect vintage so I didn’t.

    More fashionistas from Target

    Love the yellow and the lace.

    Love the freckles on her too.

    I really like how Mattel has its pulse on current trends. I just saw a
    woman walking down the street in a jean skirt that had the same
    flower design.

    The skirt looked like this but the flowers were like the ones on Barbie’s

  • 10:54:46 pm on October 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Day 17 Disney challenge favorite couple: Timon and Poomba from The
    Lion King.

    Shirls…I love Stinky’s new home! It’s just too adorable! For some
    reason it reminds me of a cake with white icing :-) It even has a little
    doggy door. You know, he is just one lucky dude. He’s so cute he gets
    everything he wants and then some :-) The white picket fence is
    perfect and the interior design is really great. Who made that house?
    Fisher Price?…I did CYE and returned it…ha ha, sometimes our brain
    says yes but our body says no  …so the poison oak is getting better
    but the bug bite is not :-( Have you tried Benadryl cream?

    Jackie…the Disney photos are so much fun. I love watching their
    shows and Cinderella’s carriage is TDF!…have fun and be safe.

    More fashionistas from Target

    She reminds me of Justine Bateman and I love the freckles.

  • 08:07:25 pm on October 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Day 16 Disney challenge favorite opening: 2016 The Jungle book. I
    liked this opening because I think it was the first time Disney included
    the opening as part of the movie. Here’s a link to it on youtube (I hope).

    Jackie…thanks for the tour of Disney. It’s really interesting to hear
    how things have changed. Nothing ever stays the same, does it? The
    price sure has skyrocketed!…loved looking at all the photos at the
    Disney store. I love walking around in there. The Snow White costume
    is super especially the fabric on the skirt. I saw it at my Disney store
    the day I bought Cruella. Oh to be five again…it’s so much fun going
    to toy stores, right? And the American Girl store is a wonderful place to
    visit. The displays are great and I’m very happy that everything is 1:4
    scale and not 1:6 scale otherwise I’d be in big trouble! The Wellie
    Wishers are so cute that’s why I was so happy to see Mattel release
    them in 1:6 scale so Chelsea could get a set because I wasn’t going to
    buy one for myself.

    Shirls…oh no! Poison Oak?! Bummer :-( I didn’t know that Flonase
    could stop the itch. Good to know…thanks! Booterpe’s hair is soft and
    luscious . Gooliope’s hair is stiff and frizzy so I think I’m going to wash
    it, condition it and see what happens. I’ll take before and after photos
    …Brazilian DOTW and Luciana would look good together, I think. I
    wonder if Mattel used the same eyelet fabric on their fashions? I’ve
    always loved the Princess of Imperial Russia’s headdress. The whole
    doll is wonderful…your Mod Hair Ken cleaned up really well. Now
    you’ve got twinsies :-) …you’ve got a lot of great dolls on that vintage

    Another Rocker doll from Target.

    They share the same fabric.

  • 10:32:47 am on October 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Day 15 Disney challenge favorite location: Zootopia

    Shirls…oh, yeah, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Luciana is fa-bu-lous!
    Love all the iridescence. Her facial screening is perfect and I love
    her eyebrows. She’s articulated at the elbows/knees, I see, so I’m
    thinking she’s on a pivotal body. The eyelet fabric is lovely. Congrats,
    you’re going to have lots of fun with her.

    Jackie…thanks!…Lion King is one of the best musicals ever! I’ve seen it
    four times and every time I see something new and different. Julie
    Taymor outdid herself with the costumes and direction and Hans Zimmer
    did an outstanding job with the score! It’s a visual and musical feast!

    I was playing with my 17″ dolls and they were playing with their
    dolls :-) Here are my two Monster High Gooliopes (I renamed the blue
    haired one Booterpe) and Ever After High Maddy Hatter. Booterpe is
    holding Princess Peach, Maddy is carrying Cinderella, and Gooliope has
    Mini Lalaloopsy Rosebud Longstem (long name for a mini).

    I saw some new Chelsea playsets at Target.

    Love her jacket and the yellow tambourine.

  • 02:29:57 pm on October 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday…

    Day 14 Disney challenge favorite singing voice: Gazelle from Zootopia
    voiced by Shakira.

    Jackie…I’m having fun with the Disney challenge too. I think I’m more
    surprised by all the Disney movies I’ve seen!…your quartet looks nice
    sitting on the fence.

    Shirls…I liked Hei Hei too. He was so funny and he came through in
    the end :-) …I REALLY like the way my Ken looks as a Jedi Knight.
    That’s going to be his forever fashion so I’ll have to buy another
    Dolphin Magic Ken to redress…I don’t think you’ll have a problem
    finding that ewok. Just look for him next year during summer
    yard/garage sales which is when parents tend to clear out the “old”
    toys to make room for new ones…I love my Cruella. I’ve been having
    lots of fun with her. My friends really like her too…Yes, I too thought
    it was interesting that it was a guy teaching us how to microwave corn
    on the cob :-) …congrats on your new doll, Luciana. Looking forward
    to seeing her.

    I bought a new Camping Fun Barbie at Walmart. Mattel has released
    quite a few camping dolls through the years. This one is a personal
    fave. I took one look at her and she was in the cart!

    I’m dying to remove the checkered shirt from her waist (to check it
    out and put it on her) but if I do I’ll never get it to look that way again
    so it’s staying put. So here she is getting ready to take a long walk
    with her schnauzer (from Michaels), Snookie.

    I have lots of Barbie sunglasses but I think these are the best EVER!

    Love her hiking boots.

    There are three dolls in this set. I also found Ken.

  • 12:37:03 pm on October 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…Happy Friday the 13th!

    Day 13 Disney challenge favorite talking voice: Chief Bogo from
    Zootopia voiced by Idris Elba

    Shirls…time flies when you’re having fun. I see you had a wonderful
    time! Bummer that you forgot your camera :-( That Junk Jaunt sounds
    amazing! Can’t wait to see Stinky’s new house.

    Fiona…sometimes life does get in the way of our dolly fun, doesn’t it?
    Good to have you back and I’m glad your okay…I was very surprised
    by the reaction collectors had to the Sweetsville dolls. It was vitriolic!
    I only have two of them and now I’m sorry I didn’t by a full set…oh
    well, that’s life. I think they’re kinda cute.

    It’s hard to believe that the Sweetsville dolls were released in 2003,
    seems like a long time ago and they were only around for a few
    months. I only have two of them: a boy, Duke du Sucre, and a girl,
    Belinda (?) which I got at a yardsale. I think they made a good
    addition to my Kelly collection.

    I put their names in the graphic to make them easier to ID.

    They were only out for a short time, less than a year, but they came
    with lots of cute sets.

    Duke du Sucre and Belinda (?).

    They are the same size as Kelly 4.25″.

  • 07:10:00 pm on October 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Day 12 Disney challenge favorite kiss: Phillip kissing Aurora.

    Jackie…it’s always great seeing photos of Capt. Stinky!

    Target had some new rockers.

    They share the same fabric.

  • 03:32:04 pm on October 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Day 11 Disney challenge favorite quote (funny): Hakuna Matata-Timon
    from Lion King

    Remember the 2003 Target Exclusive Halloween Party dolls? I just
    got Spider Kelly as a gift. She’s my favorite of the bunch because I
    love her facial screening and her articulated knees. I now have four of
    her :-) So here she is with her hair cut and restyled. She’s wearing a
    Sweetsville fashion/shoes (those were the lemonhead dolls, remember
    them?). I love this little cutie.

  • 03:22:22 pm on October 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Jackie…here’s how I post photos from Flickr.

    Choose the photo you want to post and click on the down arrow at the
    far right.

    Choose “View all sizes”

    Choose the size you want. I chose Medium 640.

    Right click on the photo and choose “Copy”

    Come to the board and post the photo the way you usually do…and
    you’re done.

  • 01:18:26 pm on October 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…76 days till Christmas! Can you believe it?!

    Day 10 Disney challenge favorite quote (serious): “You can’t get what
    you want just by wishing for it”…Kiana from the Princess and the Frog.

    Kate…I purge my photos too otherwise the albums get unwieldy…time
    just flies, doesn’t it?…thanks :-) …that rainbow was magnificent
    …Madagascar was by DreamWorks…you were so close! It’s name
    was Meeko…I love the way Stinky looks in all his hats. That one is
    perfect for Halloween… I’ve always loved that ghost game. I had
    never heard of it until you started posting photos so thanks for that.
    Your little cuties look like they’re having a fun time. The fact that the
    game is fluorescent is a bonus!

    One more rainbow photo.

    Macaroons anyone? (Hobby Lobby)

  • 04:15:09 pm on October 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Day 9 Disney challenge favorite sidekick: Hei Hei from Moana

    Jackie…thanks!…I agree, rainbows are fun…I enjoyed the Robin Hood
    movie too…have a safe trip.

    More from Hallmark Debut

  • 04:10:39 pm on October 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday everyone…I hope you are all doing well.

    Day 8 Disney Challenge favorite animal: Nick Wilde from Zootopia

    More from Debut

    This log cabin would be great for the kiddies.

  • 11:20:22 pm on October 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday…

    Day 7 Disney challenge favorite hero: Robin Hood

    Today nature gave us the gift of a double rainbow. Everybody and his
    brother was out there taking photos :-)

    My photos didn’t capture its beauty.

    Jackie…sounds like you’re having a wonderful time.

    Phoenix Pope and I had a great time at Hallmark Debut.

    I bought four ornaments. The Soulful Saxophone was free.

    Kelly got a new bike.

    This ornament gets the “Best Use of a Snowflake Design” award.

  • 04:02:28 pm on October 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello, hello…

    Jackie…hello there!

    Day 6 Disney challenge favorite heroine: Alice in Wonderland

    From the archives:

    At the mall

    Gale and Peeta

  • 09:14:47 pm on October 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Day 5 Disney challenge favorite prince: Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

    Jackie…waving :-)

    Kate…thanks :-) …Carla is rocking that fashion. She looks so pretty
    and I love her curly handbag…forgot to mention that your little
    poodles are very cute too.

    From the archives:

    Draculaura and the Seven Minions

    Bananas anyone?

  • 01:47:32 pm on October 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Day 4 Disney challenge favorite princess: Cinderella

    Jackie…it’ll be a while before Florida gets back on its feet…stay dry!

    A little dental humor :-)

    Saw this giant chair at Bed,Bath & Beyond. Life is interesting, right?
    You never know what you’re going to find.

    From the archives:

  • 03:17:32 pm on October 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Day 3 Disney challenge favorite character: Flik from A Bug’s Life.

    Jackie…thanks!…have a fun time and take LOTS of photos!…yay,
    that’s two votes for tale as old as time :-) …I’m sure your animation
    cells are beautiful!

    TRU has this enormous LOL Surprise hemisphere. It comes with 4
    surprise balls, 5 fizz balls, 10 accessories balls. Ken is there for scale.

    Target just set-up it’s Day of the Dead merchandise in the Halloween
    section. The figures on the top shelf are 17″H.

    Remember I told you that I bought Hasbro’s Rey of Jakku with BB-8 to
    cannibalize it? Well I took everything off that doll that I possibly could
    to use on Ken or Barbie. Then I remembered that I hadn’t taken a
    photo of her once I removed her from the box so I had to put
    everything back on her! So here she is in all her glory. Ken got the
    light saber, belt with holster and BB-8; Barbie got the vest, sleeves,
    skirt, boots, and hands. The rest of her went into the Goodwill bin.

    I love this little cutie :-)

  • 05:46:55 pm on October 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    One of the reasons I like playing with dolls is because it
    gives me a respite from reality. In Barbie’s world everything is perfect.

    My heart goes out to all the people in Las Vegas :-( I have friends
    there but they’re okay. They’re just shaken by this senseless act, as
    we all are.

  • 05:46:02 pm on October 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…have fun and please be safe…Snow White? You went with a

    Kate…thanks! I’m so happy with Cruella’s new look. I’m going to
    leave her in that fashion for awhile. That “leather” fashion is wonderful
    and you’re right, the coat just covers it all up…I have seen the
    Amidala doll deboxed and those fashions are lovely too…Fred Basset,
    of course! I knew he looked familiar!…Alice in Wonderland…great
    choice! Those fashions for your curvy doll look wonderful. I really like
    them both but that shade of blue is just lovely and the poodles are cute too!

    Day 2 favorite song: Tale as old as time sung by Angela Lansbury.
    This one was tough because the Disney discography is HUGE!

    Cruella wearing the Mattel Hilary Duff Red Carpet Glam fashion.
    I love that it has polka dots because it’s to theme :-)

  • 06:41:20 pm on October 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    How about if we have a little fun with Disney? Here is a 31 day Disney
    challenge. Just to keep it simple let’s do “animated” movies only.
    If this is not your thing…no problem. My favorite movie: Toy Story


  • 01:46:30 pm on October 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday everyone…

    Jackie…me too! That corn on the cob came out nice and clean!

    Natalia Okono is wearing Cruella’s fashion and rocking it! I tried it on
    a MTM body but it was too big and the fashion wouldn’t close. Natalia
    has a pivotal body which is narrower and perfect.

  • 02:59:11 pm on September 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday…

    Kate…thanks! …that corn on the cob was so fun to make. It was
    like a science experiment. All the while I was thinking: will it work?
    And of course it did. Cracked me up!…I know exactly what you mean
    about the shoes and yes, that slit down the back is very helpful…I
    knoooow, that puppy video just melted my heart. He was so fearful
    and reluctant at first and then at the end, when he got the hang of it,
    he was so happy…love that photo of your doll with all her fab fashions!
    The little doggy is so cute. Where did he come from?

    Jackie…I just made your concoction. I put everything in it except the
    pepper and it tasted pretty good :-) …so you made some corn on the
    cob? Wasn’t that fast and fun? And no mess! That was my favorite

    Here are my girls wearing their fashions with the ruffle on the bottom.
    The one on the far right is the newest one.

  • 11:07:14 am on September 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    People are so creative. Aren’t these skeleton cupcakes wonderful for
    Halloween? The heads are made of marshmallows, the spinal column
    is a cake pop stick and the ribs are yogurt covered pretzels. Got it from

    12 marshmallows
    60 or more yogurt-covered pretzels
    1 candy necklace (cut the elastic and separate the beads)
    24 candy googly eyes
    Small tube white decorating gel
    1 dozen frosted cupcakes (we used white, but you could have fun with
    Halloween-y colors, or even chocolate frosting with crumbled Oreos so
    it looks like the skeletons are rising from the grave)
    12 cake pop sticks
    1 food safe marker


    Poke one cake pop stick into the center of each cupcake, making sure
    you have a few inches sticking out the top.

    Get the heads ready: On one flat side of each marshmallow, draw a
    mouth (as happy or scary as you like!) with the food-safe marker.
    Then add two dots of decorating gel to stick the googly eyes on. (You
    can also just draw eyes on with the marker.) Set them aside.

    Stack the following on the cake pop stick for each cupcake: 1 yogurt
    pretzel, 1 candy bead, 1 yogurt pretzel, 1 candy bead, 1 yogurt
    pretzel, 2 candy beads.

    Break or cut the tops off 24 pretzels to use as arms. Stick them inside
    the top rib (see picture). You can add a little decorating gel to help
    them stay in place if you’d like.

    Top each skeleton with a marshmallow, with the head facing the same
    direction as the tops of the pretzels (they should look like ribs).

  • 06:07:17 pm on September 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Saw this video on another board and had to share…showing a puppy
    how to go downstairs.

    Jackie…thanks :-) you’re right, sometimes I can get the shoes on but
    not off :-) ..what’s up with photobucket?!

    Waving to Shirls, Kate, Marigene, Fiona, Marie!

    Two more Barbie and the Rockers dolls have been released at Target.

  • 07:49:49 pm on September 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Kate…thanks :-) yes, that dress is a one-size-fits-all. Can’t wait to see
    the fashions you’ve made for curvy…that upper shelf is so colorful. It
    showcases your nesting dolls very well :-)

    Jackie…thanks, I’m so lucky to have such generous dolly friends…
    the animal hospital sounds like it’s very comprehensive…sorry
    photobucket is being uncooperative :-(

    Remember this fashion from Target? It came with a gift card. I bought
    several of those cards just for the fashion. Love this cupcake chef.

  • 05:40:37 pm on September 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…waving :-)

    Out of the blue I was given this Moschino (mos-KEY-no) Barbie. I was
    really touched by this gift and of course I love her. I think she’s beautiful.

  • 05:28:05 pm on September 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…several people I know have pre-ordered that dream house so I
    hope to see lots of photos of it when Mattel releases it. I think the fact
    that it comes with a doll is a huge plus!…your silkie looks lovely with
    her skull earrings and fashion :-)   perfect for Halloween!

    Jackie…walking down the beach is so relaxing.

    I found another sheath dress with a ruffle at Walmart. I really like this
    style and my girls look really good in it.

  • 12:00:35 pm on September 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hey there!

    Kate…thanks! I’m having a great time playing with Cruella and the
    Dalmatians. They are all very photogenic…thanks for the info on
    Cruella’s hair. I didn’t know that!…your Nyota Uhura looks lovely in
    her fashion and boots. You are such a good seamstress.

    Jackie…Madra’s coat does look like Cruella’s :-)

    If you have a Platinum Membership you can pre-order the Barbie
    Dream House reproduction from 1962 on BC. It will be available
    to the public October 16 and it comes with the doll. Images from BC.

  • 10:28:48 pm on September 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…I hope your Sunday was grand. Mine was
    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! :-)

    Jackie…I’ve always thought that Madra was a fitting rival for Gene.
    She looks great in that dress…no, the Dalmatians are not getting into
    trouble but they are a handful!

    Shirls, Kate, Marigene, Marie, Fiona…waving!

    Isn’t she pretty?

  • 03:51:46 pm on September 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…thanks!…like they say, great minds :-) I love that Kenvention
    furniture. I am going to dig it out and play with it…Stinky wasn’t
    interested in anything until they brought out the hats! He looks great
    in that captain’s hat. It was made for him :-)

    I finally took photos of Cruella. The lighting was poor and no matter
    what I did I couldn’t get it to look any better :-( This set was not
    meant to be deboxed. I had quite a time removing it from the
    packaging. Cruella’s skintone is what I call vampire white :-) and she
    comes with 13 points of articulation. Of course I love the articulation
    because I’m going to play with her and redress her. Can’t wait to try
    that fashion on Barbie.

    The outfit that she’s wearing is beautiful. The coat is soft and luxurious.

    She’s wearing a beaded necklace, and a two piece faux leather
    fashion: sleeveless top and floor length skirt with slit at left leg.

  • 06:05:58 pm on September 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hurray! It’s Friday!

    Kate… :-) so glad you liked the name :-) …you know, I almost needed
    an engineering degree to get those items out of their packaging! What
    an ordeal!…thanks!…I love the way Sindy looks sitting with the sock
    monkeys. They make a nice little group.

    Jackie…thanks!…so how did the siren saga turn out?!

    Okay, so everything is debox and in mint condition. Nothing got torn
    or broken…whew! First up are photos of the Dalmatians. They are so
    cute I can’t stand it!

    Pongo and Perdita…their heads are articulated, Pongo’s dog collar is
    red, Perdita’s is blue, collars are made of faux leather and the golden
    dog tags are metallic. I was surprised by how heavy the dogs were. They
    felt really good in my hand.

    The five puppies are unique and have different poses. Their heads are not
    articulated, their collars/dog tags are molded. There is one female and
    four males.

    The puppies have pink paws; the parents do not…loved that detail :-)

  • 03:02:53 pm on September 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    I was finally able to removed the acrylic case from my Cruella doll. I
    was being too gentle; I had to give it a REALLY hard tug. So right now
    I’m just enjoying her and the Dalmatians on the base. They look great.
    Later on I’ll remove everything from the base and really scrutinize her
    coat and fashion. Everything is tied down really well so it’s going to
    take me awhile to make that happen.

    Kate…thanks!…you know, the thing about acronyms is that you just
    assume that everyone knows what they mean (which is a fallacy). I’ll
    try and be more careful with that in the future…Stinky and little Socky
    found a colorful, puffy playground…how fun!

    From the archives…I need to take this store furniture out again and
    take more photos. It’s from Kenvention and I just love it.

  • 05:13:46 pm on September 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello, hello…

    Jackie…I’ve always like that Baywatch Ken, so handsome.

    Isn’t this a great shirt? Saw it at Target in the men’s department,
    almost bought it but I need another shirt like I need a hole in the
    head :-)

    Sighted at TRU

    I think she’s so beautiful.

  • 05:28:40 pm on September 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…nice cheerleaders!

    Shirls…thanks! oh no, Ken lost his head and got the boot?! Poor guy
    …Jaeme looks good. Love the earrings.

    Kate…thanks! …love how you’re going to recycle that box. Great idea,
    it’s perfect!

    Well, Disney just released the Disney Designer Collection Fairytale
    Series Cruella De Vil & Dalmatians. After jumping through several
    hoops I got her at the retail store. The packaging is very elaborate
    and heavy which is lost on me because you know I’m going to debox
    her. I absolutely love her. Here are some quick photos. I can’t figure
    out how to remove the acrylic casing but I’ll work on it and keep you
    posted. This is a Limited Edition of 6000 worldwide. Mine is #3575.

    Outer slipcover

    Acrylic casing…this is the one I can’t remove.

    These cheekbones could cut a 2″ steak! Love ‘em!

    Perdita, Pongo and five puppies.

  • 11:15:56 am on September 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Monday, Monday…time to start a new week.

    Shirls…thanks :-) …the Ice Cream Romper Barbie is a looker. Love
    that two-toned hair…since you’re a crafter, have you considered filling
    in Ken’s holes and matching the paint?

    Jackie…stinky went from space to ocean, from one big blue to another
    …he didn’t find his brother but he did find a space buddy out there…
    great idea of putting Stinky on a stand :-) …ah the beach! Nothing
    more relaxing especially when you’re surrounded by good friends who
    will take care of you and sing to you. Love the skirt :-) Is there
    anything he doesn’t look good in?!

    From the archives…2009 photo story

    Barbie: Hey sweetie, what’s going on?
    Ken: Got some storage boxes from Office Depot. We each get a set
    and you get first pick.

    Barbie: I’ll take the colorful ones.

    Ken: Why doesn’t that surprise me?

  • 12:20:42 pm on September 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there, hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.

    Shirls…thanks!…that’s a lovely suit on your doll. Looks very Chanel
    …and aren’t the Monster High shoes wonderful?! I would love to have
    every single pair ever released though I know that’s impossible.

    From the archives…

    Don’t they look good in glasses?

  • 11:08:12 am on September 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday…

    Jackie…thanks, the black suit is from Hunger Games Mockingjay Peeta
    …nice photos from the Bahamas.

    Shirls, Marie, Marigene, Kate, Fiona…waving!

    From the archives…Katie went to get her eyes examined.

  • 06:49:43 pm on September 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hurray for Friday!

    Kate…thanks :-) …you did good with that second painting and Stinky
    is certainly not short on talent!

    Shirls…definitely pretty in pink…so the puppy is playing tag with the
    cat, no wonder he’s wagging his tail off!…thanks for the info on the

    I caved and bought Rey of Jakku & BB-8 because I wanted that
    lightsaber more that I wanted my next breath! I had toyed with the
    idea of buying lightsaber chopsticks but they’re a little too long for 1:6
    scale and I’m not good at customizing. I cannibalized everything I
    could from that set including the doll’s hands.

    I found this image on the internet and tried to imitate it.

    My Jedi Knight

  • 09:38:14 pm on September 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…that is such a beautiful Barbie and I love the color of Kelly’s
    hair. It’s always good to have lunch with friends and of course the
    Barbie family house is one of my faves.

    Shirls…there are so many things I like about your photo. First, the
    Barbie Family House. I have three of them. Don’t know why I need
    three but I have three :-) …2nd, I think your Barbie is lovely, nice
    facial screening…3rd, the sneakers are too cool!…4th, the puppy’s
    tail seems to be wagging away happily. Looks like he’s found
    something fun to investigate…no, I never threw my hat in the ring to
    host Stinky because I knew I wouldn’t have time to do it.

    From the archives

    The sewing room

  • 07:04:08 pm on September 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…I’m sure the Gene conventions were lots of fun…I remember
    meeting Bob Mackie at that convention.

    Kate…I’m so sorry but I can’t host Stinky :-( you know I love the little
    critter to bits but I’m just too busy and don’t have the time :-( …that
    headless Barbie scaring everyone just cracked me up! Even though
    the style is the same the fashions all look different because of the
    fabrics. I especially like the hot pink one.

    The renovations at Target are ongoing. I’m just amazed at all the
    changes they’ve made. It’s going to look really good once it’s finished.

    They’re whitewashing the outside.

    Part of the parking lot is closed off and they’re digging in there.

    They installed some curvy mannequins.

    TRU is done installing the Claire’s merchandise.

    This is the new Happy Meal set: four fun books to read.

    My Scene Kennedy got new glasses.

  • 11:38:03 am on September 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Shirls…Iced Coffee is a beautiful doll and looks great on display
    …you’re welcome. It is really surprising and sad that Gene doesn’t get
    the respect she deserves. I don’t collect her because I only collect 1:6
    scale but I really like looking at her. Her fashions are beautiful and
    well crafted.

    Kate…I was so excited that those shoes fit my Florida Teen Skipper
    because she’d been wearing the same shoes for years!…and I’m very
    happy to know that your LaVinia is shod too!…Michaels is such a fun
    store. I’ll be there for their sale too just to see what I can see…it’s
    always lovely seeing a group photo of your dolls.

    Jackie…I’ll never forget where I was that fateful day. I remember
    crying all day. What is it about humanity that thrives on cruelty,
    deceit, brutality and conflict? We have never been at peace with each
    other and with time things only get worse. We’re a mess :-(

    Fiona…the gift set shoes fit original and petite since they have the
    same size feet…you’re welcome. Because of the new body types it’s
    become easier to dress and shod our more unusual dolls…thanks for
    sending good vibes, take care.

    Portia Fulbright is on her way to meet some friends and is running a
    little late!

  • 10:34:25 am on September 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I was a little off my game yesterday due to September 11, 2001.
    May all the victims rest in peace.

  • 01:15:29 pm on September 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hurray! Football season has begun! Go teams!

    Jackie…good to know that your husband is doing okay with this
    weather system…ugg, what a mess!…Go quarterback Ken! :-)
    I guess Claire’s is there because they need to drum up some business
    and this is when people start shopping for Christmas presents so I’m
    sure we’ll be adding Claire’s items to our shopping carts :-)

    Shirls…that MA Halloween Leopard Happy Meal doll looks great for her
    age!…an Ashton Drake Gene in the Iced Coffee fashion with perfect
    hair for $6?! And she’s a redhead! You get bonus points for that!…You
    found some wonderful items…congratulations! I don’t think people
    have ever understood how significant Gene was to the fashion doll
    collecting world. She broke the Barbie ceiling. Barbie was 1:6 scale
    and designed for young girls/teenagers. Gene was 1:4 scale and made
    with the adult collector in mind. She was a small town girl who made
    good, became a famous movie star so we saw her in fashions from her
    movies and in fashions of her decade. I mean really, who doesn’t like
    fashions from the 1940s? If it hadn’t been for her we wouldn’t have
    Integrity, Tonner, JamieShow, and all the other adult collector fashion
    dolls. Madame Alexander dolls had been around since the 1920s but it
    wasn’t until Gene came on the scene that they released a 16″ fashion
    doll…thanks :-)

    I really like all the shoes I got from Mattel in the membership shoe pack…

    …but these two pairs are my ultra faves.

  • 06:11:39 pm on September 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone. I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.

    Shirls…thanks :-) …so, do you plan on selling that Ken? He’s a cutie.

    Jackie…nice bows…that is such an easy way to make them :-)

    I was very surprised to see that my TRU had moved all the Hello
    Kitty/Monster High items and was getting ready to display items from
    Claire’s. This is a chain of stores that sells accessories/jewelry. I got
    the blue owl chair from Claire’s and I have found very nice 1:6 scale
    items there. Time will tell how much of their merchandise will be sold
    through TRU.

    I’ve always had a hard time finding shoes for Florida Teen Skipper
    because her feet are wider/longer/higher instep than Barbie’s. I tried
    Curvy’s heels/flats on her and they fit!

    Doesn’t she look great in her new shoes?

    I think we all love it when Mattel releases the same fabric in different
    items. Here is a dress and blouse to exemplify that.

  • 12:32:11 pm on September 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    It’s FRIIIIDAAAAY! :-)

    Okay, so what’s going on?! First we get bombarded by Harvey, then
    Irma and now an 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico?! We’re under
    siege by Mother nature!

    Kate…thanks :-) …let us know what you find at Walmart and have fun
    …that first photo made me laugh. Stinky and the mini sock monkey
    are a hoot! Love the shape of the round nesting dolls, and
    interestingly enough they all look like they’re have a very nice time
    socializing…hmmm, and who is this mysterious paper lady that’s
    joined them? Wow, she and her friends are awesome. Now you can
    send nesting dolls to your friends in an envelope, very cool :-)

    Jackie…that is a very cool background. I love all the heavenly bodies.
    The fabric on the fashions is GREAT! Your dolls look wonderful! The
    photo of Kelly stargazing is too cute :-) …I’m sure Kelly, Tommy and
    Stinky put on a great show!

    Photos from Hobby Lobby…my dolls love going shopping with me and
    I love having them with me :-)

    Ken: What’s this?

    Ken: Who knew? :-)

    Barbie is looking for a new Christmas tree and this is a definite possibility.

    I like the graphics on these ceramic ornaments.

    I loved these BIG cupcake tree toppers.

    I really like putz houses. I know someone who makes them and they
    are really labor intensive which is why I’m shocked by how inexpensive
    they are.

  • 10:51:21 pm on September 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Shirls…thanks…some of the dolls on your shelf are faves of mine
    …Jinefire, I’ve always wanted to find a dragon to be her dad, still
    looking…One Modern Circle Melody, I’ve always like her hair style and
    the color of her hair…Video Game Hero Barbie with the two tone hair,
    love her face.

    Jackie…thanks…first Harvey and now Irma. Will we ever get a break
    from these disastrous weather patterns? Be safe.

    Still playing with Teen Skipper…this one-size-fits-all fashion is too baggy
    on her.

    This one-size-fits-all fashion looks pretty good.

  • 01:36:38 pm on September 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Walter Becker, half of Steely Dan, passed away on Sunday Semtember 3.
    I love their music and was very saddened by his passing. Their sound
    is unmistakable as are Donald Fagen’s vocals. Here’s a link to one
    of their songs, Do It Again.

  • 01:22:56 pm on September 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Fiona…you’re welcome :-)

    Shirls…that LOOK Barbie looks great anywhere!…thanks!…the little
    guy with the red polka dots is Toad from Super Mario, Princess
    Peach’s attendant. She is on the sofa at the far right dressed in pink
    which is her signature color…the fairy dolls are Sparkle Girlz minis
    from Walmart.

    Kate…Force Friday was a day when companies released collectibles
    from the upcoming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” movie that will
    premiere December 15. Few things sell out and it gives stores time to
    restock between now and then and get people all hyped over the
    movie. So you have lots of time to go from store to store and take a
    look at everything. I went to TRU/Target/Walmart/Walgreens to see
    how they showcased their items. It was great seeing all the new
    merchandise. Some of the stores had some of the same things but
    they also had lots of different items and they all displayed them
    differently. Ken, Barbie and I had a fun time checking everything
    out…thanks!…nice little bauble you got there. No wonder Stinky is
    entranced!…I looked up the Moomin advent calendar and found one
    that comes with 24 characters and a little building. It looks really
    cute!…I usually buy the Barbie playline calendar but this year I think
    I’m going to buy the Daily Dress calendar from the Metropolitan
    Museum in NY. It comes with a fashion a day and the month is color-
    coordinated. Photos from


  • 07:40:52 pm on September 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hellooooooo ladies!

    Shirls…nice haul! I especially like the pets. I just bought a schnauzer
    for Barbie at Michaels…thanks :-) yes, a child can ride that two-seater
    landspeeder. That would be a great gift to find under the tree on
    Christmas morning :-)

    Jackie…thanks!…love the colors on the backdrop. They’re very pretty.
    Boy that Stinky sure does get around. Now he’s having a space
    adventure. The fun never stops!

    Fiona…good to have you back :-) Here are photos of Florida Teen
    Skipper wearing Petite’s Blue Brocade and Tutu Cool fashions. I took
    them off the dolls. Skipper has a slightly bigger bust and a smaller
    waist so I’m going to say she can wear most if not all of their fashions.

    Barbie is a doll collector too :-)

  • 02:59:49 pm on September 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Labor Day everyone…I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.

    Shirls…congrats on your new doll. Love that two-toned blue hair! She’s
    a great addition to your collection…thanks!…thanks for the info on Iris
    …she’s beautiful!

    Fiona…oh no, you lost your post…bummer :-( …been there, done that
    …good to hear from you…see you soon!

    More Force Friday…this time we’re at TRU.

    This is the first thing we saw…Luke’s landspeeder! How cool is that?!

    I really liked this years Career Advent Calendar. This is the first time
    Mattel has included a Barbie.

    This Barbie doll advent calendar will inspire all year long with 24 days
    of gifts — with Barbie doll on day one followed by 23 career-themed
    clothing items and accessories!

    Be a ballerina, baker, ice skater, pet doctor and skier

    The baker cooks up fun with cooking accessories, an apron and

    The ice skater glides into the championships in a purple skirt and ice
    skates; a trophy rewards her hard work and skill

    The pet vet cares for an adorable puppy with vet-themed accessories

    The fidget spinners are the pet rock of 2017 :-)

  • 11:44:15 am on September 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday everyone…

    Shirls…I’ve always loved LRRH dolls. Their costumes
    always look so good to me. Love the facial screening on your doll
    …boy, you got a lot of rain! Nature sure can be powerful…thanks :-)

    At Walmart on Force Friday.

    Ken had to have this x-wing fighter.

    He likes to admire his action figure collection. He has a lot of them and is always rotating them.

    Ken’s a Star Trek fan so Capt. Picard is one of his faves.

    He-Man…I am amazed that a 2″ figure can look this good!

  • 08:47:55 pm on September 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…good to hear that you had a grand birthday!…thanks, and yes,
    those fashions are one-size-fits-all…what a great BIRTHDAY
    present :-) the sock monkeys are darling and it looks like they like to
    socialize so they’ll fit right in with the rest of the crowd! I especially
    like the photo of the SM looking at Sindy. He knows a cute girl when
    he sees her :-)

    Jackie…that 2 story house is so cute, love the living room chairs!
    Stinky is having a great time as usual…thanks, and yes, Mrs. Brighton
    is super smart! She makes her students work hard but keeps them
    very interested.

    So, did anyone go shopping on Force Friday? I went to several stores
    and had a great time. All the stores had giant Star Wars : The Last
    Jedi cutouts and the merchandise was readily available. I’m so glad
    the action figures are not 12″H because I’d be bankrupt! Here are
    some photos from Target.

    This was my favorite t-shirt.

    This was my favorite figure: the Praetorian Guard.

    I know some lucky child is going to get this bike for Christmas!

    Stormtrooper Halloween costume

    Wookie Halloween costume

  • 07:41:58 pm on September 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there Barbie lovers!

    Kate…thx for the lip balm info…love Stinky’s polka dot helmet!

    Jackie…Kelly’s party looks like a lot of fun, love all the fun colors and
    the piñata…so you couldn’t buy some Barbie goodies at Walmart
    because the technology wasn’t working? Bummer :-( Hope you can
    get them next time.

    Shirls…your MS Barbies look so nice, love the floral fashion…thanks!

    Classes start soon so Mrs. Shelly Brighton, the science teacher, is
    taking inventory.

  • 06:27:51 pm on August 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Kate…Happy Birthday to you…and many more!

  • 04:06:11 pm on August 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Shirls…I’ve always liked that photo of Stinky on the bed, so sweet
    …yeah, that Mackey facemold is beautiful…Teresa is a great facemold
    too. She’s been around for a long time…thanks!

    Jackie…you’re welcome…they cracked me up too :-)

    I found these fashions at Walmart…I love variations.

    The Center Stage sisters.

  • 06:15:32 pm on August 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Shirls…thanks!…wow, your girls are just lovely, like the way you’ve
    decked them out!

    Kate…yes, that mud splatter does make a difference…I agree, those
    MH Mega Blok figures are much sturdier which is why I bought them
    …ha,ha, Cornetto does look good enough to eat, right? :-) …I love
    your lip balm. I WANT ONE! At least Stinky knows that when you’re
    done with it he can have the “hat” :-)

    Some of my favorite facemolds:




    Florida Teen Skipper

  • 02:40:09 pm on August 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    I contacted Marie to see how she was doing and she’s doing just fine.
    She doesn’t live anywhere near the flood zone so she and her family
    are in no danger…one less thing for us to worry about.

    Jackie…no more trivia? I hope your petition helps them change their
    mind in your favor…those WWE dolls just came out and I think Mattel
    did a great job with them…good to know your weather isn’t too bad.

    Kate…thanks!…Cornetto looks so cute. His mane looks like chocolate
    candy covered with vanilla icing and sprinkles :-) …Those minis your
    friend sent are just darling. I especially like the cracked egg.

    From Michaels

    Mega Bloks Monster High figures that I have so far.

    Found these drink markers at Target…aren’t they cute? :-) They’re about 3″H.

    This SUV comes with a Barbie. Gotta love the mud splatter. Saw it at TRU.

  • 05:02:51 pm on August 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Shirls…whoa, you got some great looking dolls. Everybody I know has
    been buying those three…I have a NY Yankees Barbie and she’s still
    okay (fingers crossed). It’s a good thing you had a backup body…who
    is that good-looking redhead exercising in the bathroom? She reminds
    me of Rita Hayward.

    Marie…I hope you’re okay…thinking of you during the storm.

    TRU has the Mattel WWE dolls. I think they all look really good and
    they’re all articulated.

    I almost bought this one.

    Barbie is there for scale.

    I wonder if they have the same body as this Diana Prince?

  • 07:32:26 pm on August 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…thanks!…it just seems to me that everywhere I look things are
    coming up minis. Of course the temptation is to buy everything I see
    but I’m trying not to do that…Isn’t hanging out with dolly friends the
    best?! That was a really nice craft and now you have a painting that
    your dolls can enjoy…your gifties are great too. That’s one of my
    favorite fashions.

    Jackie…yay, you were able to post photos! I can see that Stinky’s
    having a great time with Chelsea and friends, and of course he had to
    take a nap after all that running around :-) …nice find at the airport!
    You never know where you’re going to find some good stuff…I can’t
    believe you were just in Houston! Harvey has devastated the area. I
    feel so sorry for all the people that have lost everything, and there
    doesn’t seem to be an end in sight…yes, my boys are having a great
    time with all their new goodies…oh no, you broke your Barbie trying
    to rebody her? Bummer!

    Shirls…I remember when the FF Barbies came out. I walked down the
    aisle at TRU and put 10 of them in my cart in rapid succession. I had
    to take a deep breath and put some of them back :-) Mattel is great at
    issuing groups of dolls that capture our interest. Currently it’s the
    Fashionistas. I can’t get enough of them…sorry to hear that you’re
    having issues with your internet. I hate it when that happens…which
    dolls did you receive?…you’re going to love the shoe pack when you
    get it next week…I’ve seen that little Katana doll and I really like her
    …wow, so you’re having problems removing heads too, huh? I’ve been
    doing okay so I hope my lucky streak continues.

    Target had the Our Generation School Science Lab and I left it behind
    with a heavy heart because I have some of those items. I’m going to
    dig them out and put a scene together with my scientist Barbie.

    Found this fashion at Walmart.

    Michaels has the Halloween minis on display. I bought these books and bottles.

  • 02:18:55 pm on August 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    Kate…wow, that first head swap was an adventure for you :-) I can
    see why you would back off for a bit. It took me five years to get up
    the nerve to try it and I haven’t looked back! Though I must admit
    that I don’t feel the need to do it very often. I know people that have
    to have all their dolls on articulated bodies. I don’t, I like the variety…I
    went back and took another look at the Julia photo story. I love all the
    little critters on the shelves and all the dolls are so beautifully dressed
    …and of course I love this new story of Stinky’s new hat. He does look
    very dapper and the girls are once again wonderfully groomed. Love
    Skipper’s striped dress…so at that point Allan thought he could win a

    Jackie…you cracked me up sticking up for Tommy. Never thought
    about how he felt losing his head and gaining a new body :-) that
    was a good one :-) …bummer that you can’t post photos. I really
    enjoy them.

    Walmart has quite a variety of new 2″ nano metalfigs: WWE, DC
    comics, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, Toy Story, Fantastic Beasts,
    Street Fighter…I bought quite a few because they cost $.97! Can’t
    beat that with a stick! They are by Jada Toys. I bought the following:

    I also found micro TMNT. They are 1″H. I didn’t buy these but I really
    liked them.

  • 03:57:29 pm on August 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hooray for Friday!

    Shirls…glad you caught the NOVA program. I loved it!…thanks :-)
    I really like that all the fashions have the same style but different
    fabric. I hope there are more to come…are you going to put that
    coffin in a photo shoot?…tell me about it, removing Tommy’s head
    made my hand ache for the rest of the day!

    Barbie and Skipper found some 2″ DC action figures for Ken. Barbie
    bought Batman, Robin, and the Flash. They also had The Joker and Lex
    Luthor (Walgreens exclusive ). The capes on Batman and Robin are
    made of fabric which she thought was a nice touch.

  • 09:31:54 pm on August 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy “almost” Friday!

    I don’t know if any of you have seen NOVA Eclipse Across America but
    if you haven’t try and catch it on PBS. It’s fa.bu.lous! They’ve shown it
    every night since Monday and I’m going to watch it again tonight for
    the third time.

    Kate…thanks! I love my Ken!…wow, you posted a boatload of photos
    and I love all the different shades of pink. What a delightful photo
    story. I cracked up at Stinky’s suggestion and he looks great in Julia’s
    hat :-) Julia looks wonderful in her new jumpsuit…poor Ricky lost his
    shirt. That’ll teach him to play against Stinky :-)

    As you can tell I really like this style of fashion.

    More Day of the Dead from Tuesday Morning. These figurines are 17″H.

    Tommy’s neck knob. Chelsea’s is identical. I had quite a time pulling
    this head off! It didn’t want to give up the ghost!

  • 10:50:12 pm on August 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…I’m still basking in the shadow of the eclipse. What a
    wonderful event. For a few hours it united us like few other events
    ever have.

    Kate…thanks! I have a great time with those little shoes. I loved this
    year’s gift. Thanks for sharing such clear photos of all the shoes. My
    favorite pair are the red heels…I can see you had lots of fun with your
    brother and nephew. They sure do take risks driving those ATVs, don’t
    they? I guess boys will be boys.

    Jackie…those were lovely photos of the eclipse…aawww, that duckling
    is so cute!

    Shirls…everybody’s getting their shoe pack so I’m sure yours arrived
    today…so Alysa’s trying to hide from Jaeme, huh? Ain’t gonna
    happen. Jaeme’s got built in radar. Love her fashion. It’s beautiful…I
    second everything you said about the eclipse. It was a wonderful
    experience….the girls are giving Stinky the beady eye…watch out!

    I went a long time without rebodying a doll and then last week I
    rebodied two of them. I bought Dolphin Magic Ken because I thought
    he was just too beautiful to pass up. I love him. I put him on a Hunger
    Games Mockingjay Peeta body. It’s not a perfect match but I’m okay with it.
    Then I put a Chelsea-sized Tommy doll on the Chelsea and Horse doll.
    That was a perfect match. I’m very happy with how everything turned

    Dolphin Magic Ken before the switch. Isn’t he handsome? Love the
    surfboard and the little pooch. I named him Scruffy. He’s the best
    surfing dog ever!

    Ken’s neck knob.

    Peeta’s neck knob. I always cut off the tabs.

    Ta da! Now he can hold Scruffy…

    …and his girlfriend :-)

    I’ll post Tommy tomorrow.

  • 08:46:55 pm on August 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…oh no, those dreaded computer gremlins! I hope you can post

    Kate…aawww, you’re hanging out with family?! How fun!…you’re
    welcome…those convention table gift fashions are wonderful. The
    recipients were so lucky to get one. The Star Trek uniforms are TDF! I
    love that shade of blue. You are so good! Congratulations on getting
    the Tokidoki doll. I just love her.

    Fiona…you had the flu? Poor baby, the flu is so yucky. I’m glad you’re
    feeling all better…your Skipper collection is growing by leaps and
    bounds! I’m sure you’ll get them all fixed up and looking pretty :-)
    Mattel has never made any brass instruments but Hallmark has. Not in
    their regular line but in their B line. Different companies have made
    them as Christmas ornaments so you might want to try looking for
    them there…I really like my new Ken. I will post photos of him
    soon…I don’t remember who that purple Color Guard doll is but I
    think she’s from Fairytopia…I think those action figures are just too
    cute! Nathan and friends are always trying to sneak into Ken’s room to
    play with his toys but it’s usually locked…I’m sorry Fiona but I don’t
    know which doll you’re referring to when you say “the girl in the
    stripey top with the red hat”. I looked at all the photos I’ve posted and
    I couldn’t find one like that.

    Barbie: Queli, you got a package. What did you buy?
    Queli: I don’t remember but I have a feeling it’s not for me.

    Barbie: Well let’s open it and see what’s inside.

    Barbie: Hmmm, there’s a box, an envelope and a packing slip.

    Barbie: Oh my, these aren’t for you, they’re for me! I’m going to need
    a chair!

    Barbie: How do they look?!
    Queli: Like they were made for you :-)
    Barbie: What was in the envelope?

    Barbie: Aawww, now you’re a card carrying member of my club. I’m honored.
    Queli: Me too.

  • 06:25:35 pm on August 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Eclipse everyone!
    I went to a park to see the eclipse and everybody and his brother was
    there! We were all so excited to experience a positive event. No one
    was talking about violence, the war in Afghanistan, terrorist attacks,
    etc. We were all absorb with the ECLIPSE! I’m so happy I got to see it
    and it was wonderful! The next one will be on April 8, 2024 so mark
    your calendars! Here’s a cell phone photo that shows the start of the

    Shirls…thanks!…ah Stinky…He looks like he’s ready to pamper
    himself with a warm bath.

    Jackie…thanks!…I hope you got home safely.

    Kate, Marigene, Fiona…waving!

    Pizza from Hobby Lobby

    Hanging with the nutcrackers :-)

  • 10:01:25 am on August 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday…

    Tomorrow is the solar eclipse! Are you ready?! I’m ready! Are you ready?!

    Shirls…that ewok IS actually in the box. It’s not a graphic…thanks!
    …so you like the names of my dolls. I try to give them distinguished
    names because they are easier to remember. I mean, Jane Smith
    sounds so bland…right?

    I love going to TRU this time of year because the shelves are packed
    to the rafters. The Christmas shoppers will not be disappointed.

    Love the safety glasses.

  • 06:14:14 pm on August 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.

    Jackie…thanks!…2 to 3 inches of rain per hour?! That’s a lot of rain!
    The other day the weatherman told us that 1″ of rain was equal to 1 ft
    of snow. Can you imagine?!…have a safe trip home.

    This is where I’d like to be right now :-)

    Portia Fulbright and I went to Michaels to see what we could see.

    We found these huge bullfrogs reminiscent of the ones used by
    the Hogwarts choir in Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban.

    Lots of different skellies.

    Shirls…here’s the blue haired girl.

  • 10:43:06 am on August 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Yay! It’s Friday! Friday! Friday!

    Shirls…I, too, love that phrase “weather you can wear”, it’s perfect :-)
    I know just how you feel about some photos, been there. Sometimes
    it takes me forever to get the photo I want. I delete more than I
    keep…yeah, that action figure is very articulated for something that
    small…glad you enjoyed the photos…yes, Hasbro also has an action
    figure with a two-toned blue haired bob. Didn’t post that one because I
    was more interested in the light saber. Thanks for thinking of me :-)

    Chelsea 1 and Chelsea 2 playing with the Mattel Wellie Wishers.
    From left to right: Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Camille, Emerson.

  • 04:21:09 pm on August 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…sounds like it’s really hot over there, good to know your
    husband is doing better.

    Found this one-size-fits-all at Walmart. Love the kitty ears.

    Barbie gave Ken a new action figure and he loved it!

    It’s 2″H, has 11 points of articulation, 2 weapons and a stand.

  • 04:38:32 pm on August 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    After the new body types were released, Mattel changed the packaging
    on the fashion and accessory packs. Now they all come with this
    legend. It tells you which doll fits the fashion and/or accessory.

    It depicts Original/Petite/Curvy/Tall. This one tells us that whatever is
    inside fits all body types.

    Jackie…thanks!…I hope things are starting to settle down for you and
    your family.

    Diana Prince is ready to go to the gala.

    She’s carrying the “Godkiller” sword.

    Sister set from TRU.

  • 08:56:14 pm on August 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Kate…Curvy and Tall have the same sized feet so yes, they can wear
    the same shoes. Here’s a shoe pack for them. Madame LaVinia has
    high heeled feet and this pack has three of those: red/blue/black
    …yeah, the Queen of Hearts was just loud and funny….Stinky
    incognito just cracked me up!

    Jackie…sure, you can call those wellies. Nathan comes with a fishing pole
    so he uses them to go fishing…so sorry to hear about your sister’s
    kitty :-(

    Shirls…so the adventure comes to a fitting end with everyone safe
    and sound and back with Queen Elinor…whew! I’m sure they can all
    use a vacation!…when it comes to being villainous I’m torn between
    Maleficent and Ursula. Remember the scene where Maleficent turns
    into a dragon? I was horrified! And Ursula took advantage of Ariel’s
    naiveté and deprived her of everything she had in order to give the
    inexperienced teenager what her heart desired. Off with her head I say!

    I got two of this year’s Despicable Me 3 Happy Meal toys.

    Banana Flipper Minion…Despicable Me 2 minions are welcoming him
    into the fold. He fits right in, doesn’t he?

    Despicable Deck…the cards have rounded corners and are very
    colorful, just the way I like ‘em! Chelsea 1 and Chelsea 2 are showing
    them off.

    Back of the cards

    I saw these Hasbro Star Wars female action figures at Walmart.
    Barbie is there for scale.

    I would buy this one just for that light saber!

  • 04:35:07 pm on August 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Kate…hey, Stinky’s room got a makeover…looking good. Now there’s
    a place for everything and everything has a place :-) Cornetto looks
    so cute carrying the bag over his ear :-) Stinky has a lot of cute stuff
    …Tom Jones? Yep, they do have the same curly hair.

    Jackie…thanks!…little by little your lives will get back to normal. Just
    be patient. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing.

    Every time I see a new MTM doll I feel the need to buy it!


    Nathan, the new neighbor, came over to play and brought along his Tigger.

    Tigger is in the back introducing himself to the Wellie Wishers.

    Some of my Color Guard wanted to say “Hello!”

    Got some new stamps. Of these ten, who was the most villainous?

  • 09:52:25 am on August 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday…

    Shirls…isn’t City Chic a beauty?! People have been buying her left and
    right!…that photo of Antiope vs. the Evil Queen is priceless!…thanks :-)

    Macaroons from Hobby Lobby

  • 06:51:17 pm on August 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday everyone…

    Kate..thanks :-) …those tattoos on Tokidoki Barbie are fab but I am
    going to rebody her…let Stinky know that I’m at his party in spirit.
    Love all the goodies. I hope he doesn’t get a tummy ache from all
    those tasty sweets. Everybody looks so happy. I’m sure they’re just as
    relieved as he is…and he got some celebrity guests! What a lucky guy!

    Jackie…waving and sending good vibes!

    Shirls…love the group photo. Everybody looks wonderful!…the fairy
    village is just charming…you should go back into the files and copy
    and paste your text/photos into a word file if you haven’t already.

    From TRU

    I love Ken’s new look.

  • 03:14:57 pm on August 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…good to know your husband is doing better…wearable
    air, huh? That’s funny :-) …be safe.

    Kate…thanks!…I agree, I really like the MH dolls with their younger
    siblings…whew! I’m glad Stinky’s been cleared of all wrongdoing and
    gets to keep the red ruby…Yay! Party on Stinky!…love the little joey
    playing with the rock-a-stack :-) …you did great on Stinky’s tag team!

    Shirls…Wow, that story was EPIC! I went back to see when you
    started it and the little fairies started announcing Stinky’s arrival on
    May 7. We saw him for the first time on May 11 exhausted from his
    trip, poor thing, and sleeping in the fairies’ bed. You have keep us
    entertained for many moons!…I’m so relieved that none of this was
    his fault…and he gets to keep the ruby…bonus!…boy, that Antiope is
    fierce! She does have a “mess with me at your own peril” kind of
    face :-) and she knows how to handle herself. Strong, quick, reliable,
    you definitely want her on your team…and as far as the yeoman is
    concerned, he better shape up or ship out! He’s lucky he’s getting a
    second chance. If the King hadn’t been so generous it would have
    been curtains for him! And he’s a handsome devil, fools anyone with
    that pretty face.

    Fiona…oh definitely, a sharp pair of scissors is a must for cutting
    Barbie bangs…glad you got a chuckle from some of the photos :-)
    …Pawla is wearing a sleep mask because she’s having a family
    sleepover…no, Layla is not a musician though she loves music, she’s a
    computer nerd. She can hack into anything but only works for the
    forces of good :-) …oh yeah, around here everyone has to ask for
    permission to sit on a chair. Pets rule!

    I got three items from convention.

    Space chair

    Bud vase 7.5″H…I was going to use it as a glass but was intimidated
    by its beauty so it’s going to grace one of my shelves.

    10th Anniversary Tokidoki Barbie

  • 05:21:58 pm on August 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Shirls…you’re always so busy with your yard work and it’s worth it if it
    keeps your yard from flooding…thanks :-) …I would definitely give
    the Evil Queen a wide birth. She looks like a mean one! Loved how
    you described the apple :-) …it’s good to know that Antiope’s
    sleuthing has paid off. That yeoman better be careful; he doesn’t
    know who he’s up against.

    Layla Girard is trying to find a good place to read her book but
    someone beat her to it.

    A compromise has been reached :-)

    (blue owl cell phone chair from Claire’s)

    Current Happy Meal campaign from the Emoji movie. They are 4-5″W.

    Target has this great cape for little girls and it’s reversible!

  • 07:25:53 pm on August 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Kate…thanks! I really enjoyed that Chelsea photo shoot…yes, Mattel
    discontinued Kelly (4.25″H) in 2010 and renamed Barbie’s little sister
    Chelsea (5.5″H). She has had several changes in facial screenings
    during the past seven years…I really like those patterns Shirls sent
    you. Are you going to make any of those fashions? Love the casual
    ones on the left…I really liked that cutie from Brisbane too, might get
    her…yep, comic con was a blast :-) …that cat shirt is TDF! I would
    have bought it in a heartbeat!

    Shirls…so Katnis and Four arrived at the castle and the yeoman is
    MIA…hmmm…where could he be and is he in anyway involved with
    the disappearance of the ruby?! The plot thickens!…I’m loving how
    you and Kate are keep us on pins and needles. Nice tag team,
    guys! :-) …that photo of the King and Queen is fa.bu.lous! Love
    it!…aawww, thank you :-) It took me three days to gather all those
    items and two days to put them away! It was worth it because I really
    liked how the photos turned out.

    Jackie…it feels good to be home, right? Take care and I’m sending
    good vibes your way.

    From TARGET…Monster High dolls with their siblings.
    Laguna and Kelpie Blue…gotta love those names :-)

    Clawdeen, Weredith and Barker Wolf

    Pawla Wolf is the same size as Chelsea.

    Cleo, Sandy and Lux de Nile…are you enjoying those names as much
    as I am? :-)

    The siblings also come in single packs. I love Sandy’s high chair

    Pharrah De Nile

    15″ Treesa Thornwillow, daughter of a tree nymph :-)



  • 05:57:44 pm on August 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello Barbie lovers…

    Shirls…poor Stinky III is worried so it’s a good thing you’re keeping
    him busy. It’s fun that you’re always doing something with the
    dollhouse…thanks, glad you enjoyed the photos. Those turtles were
    super interesting and the handlers were very informative…I agree,
    that Popster Poppy was a looker!

    Jackie…ah, you’re finally home, whew…what a relief!

    Fiona…thanks :-)   I thought that mini doll was so darling :-)   I hope
    you find her in your neck of the woods. Yes, they come with a pet
    which is in the pet carrier so you don’t know which one you’re getting
    until you open it…you had so much fun when you went whaling. It’s
    always good to have a wonderful experience when on vacation. That’s
    not always the case…oh yeah, those turtles were too much! You
    should have seen how the children reacted to them. They were so
    excited!…in regards to your question about straight bangs I tried
    finding a tutorial on youtube but the crafters just do it free hand which
    was no help! Here’s what I came up with taking into account that I’m
    not a crafter and have never done this. I would put a plastic band
    around the doll’s head making sure it’s straight, tape it tight and
    stabilize it with straight pins. Then I would cut under the plastic band
    with VERY shape scissors. I know Kate and Shirls can give you some
    really good advise. I hope they chime in…the photo I posted cracked
    me up. She looks like My Favorite Martian :-)

    Of course I bought the skateboarder Chelsea (SC) so my poseable
    Chelsea collection is growing :-)

    Here are some of my older Chelseas so you can compare the facial

    The articulation on SC is different from my other Chelsea but it’s still
    great! SC can’t spread her legs out as wide as my other Chelsea. She
    also has molded shoes which is fine with me. She has 3 click knees,
    her hips click when you move them forward/backwards and her legs
    are shapelier.

    SC can’t cross her hands but my other Chelsea can.

    These Chelseas have their name on their shoes!

  • 06:05:36 pm on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday…

    Kate…you know, you and Shirls should have been writers. You’re
    stories are really interesting. I love a good mystery and this one has
    piqued my interest. I’m looking forward to the reveal. Of course when
    Stinky’s involved you never really know what’s going to happen :-) I
    love where he hid the ruby, in a chamber six compartments deep! He
    looks so cool in that first photo.

    Jackie…stay strong!

    Shirls…yes, Lanie comes in a gift set with two other fashions. Can’t
    wait to see what yo do with her once you have her in your hot little
    hands!…I know exactly how you feel about getting 3 new dolls. I just
    bought that skateboarder Chelsea and I love her. Congrats on your
    new dolls. They are all fab! I think Mattel did a great job with
    Antiope’s celebrity sculpt (Robin Wright, remember her as Buttercup
    from the Prince Bride?)…so the ruby’s a mystery to you? I’m telling
    you, with Stinky you never really know what’s going on!…Fiona
    mentioned that the wrens might nest there again. That would be very
    cool, right, because they sure did keep you entertain…so Katnis, Four
    and Stinky III are on their way to Tanglewood Castle with Antiope
    following right behind them. Hmmm, I wonder what could be the
    matter? I know you’ll keep us posted but I’m intrigued.

    Fiona…hello, good to have you back. Your trip sounded wonderful and
    terrifying at the same time. Those whales look huge! But then on the
    other hand it is lovely to commune with nature :-) …I found a new
    line of mini dolls at Toys R Us which were from all over the world and
    the first one I saw was from Brisbane! They are about an inch high.

    We went to a comic con and had a wonderful time!

    There were lots of cosplayers which is my favorite part.
    Newt Scamander from the movie Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

    The Joker

    Stormtrooper…you can’t have a comic con without a stormtrooper or two :-)

    There was a lot to see and do. There were some people from a pet
    store who exhibited 9 turtles. This one was my favorite because of its
    unusual markings. It’s a diamondback terrapin and it had white skin with
    black lines on its head and black polka dots on its feet.

    This was an alligator snapping turtle. The white arrow is pointing to a
    red “worm” that it uses to lure its prey. This one was ferocious!

    This turtle weighed 70 lbs. and was faster than a speeding bullet!

    We shared our dolls during lunch.
    Wonder Woman and Penelope Primrose holding a Pocket Pop WW keychain.

    Shopkins Shoppies Macy Macaron Visits France.

    Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark from Iron Man.

    S.I.S Kara

    Funko Pop Luna Lovegood from Happy Potter.

    A dynamite girl sitting on an owl chair from Claire’s.

    Popster and Welcome to Misty Hollows Poppy Parkers

  • 08:38:57 pm on August 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    Jackie…thanks!…still in the hospital? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that
    you get to go home soon.

    Shirls…a little makeover?! You’re kidding, right? That is a major
    overhaul and Barbie looks great! New hair cut, new body, new fashion,
    just what the doctor ordered :-) …so back to the foreclosure House
    and beach hut. Like you say, little by little it’ll get done…thanks! It
    was so sweet of my friend to repaint my dachshund. I wanted it to
    look more like a real dog and now it does…I agree, that farmer Barbie
    is very cool. Did you buy her?…so you’re little wren’s fledged?! How
    exciting that you got to see it happen. You  are one lucky lady!…I’ve
    been having a hard time not buying dolls because my TRU is packed
    to the gills with merchandise. They’re getting ready for the Christmas
    season. Every time I go to TRU I buy something…uggh!…you’re
    welcome :-)

    Kate…you’re welcome :-) …I like that rocker Barbie VERY much too!
    Wow, Stinky made out like a bandit! Look at all that stuff he got on
    his travels! LOVE the red tequila hat. He finds the best hats! And that
    sarape is TDF! Mad Max’s chain cracked me up! I know he’s be reliving
    his adventures through those goodies for a long time.

    You know, sometimes I don’t have any new photos to post and other
    times I have a huge backlog of photos to post. Right now it’s the latter
    which means I won’t have to take photos for awhile.

    My Target is being overhaul from top to bottom. It’s going to look
    great when they’re done.

    I bought another Lanie to restyle.

    I found another Chelsea with the same articulation as the Chelsea with
    the horse. This one comes with a skateboard ramp. As you can see
    the doggie does a flip on the ramp.

    The knee articulation is different from mine as is the design of the calf.

    Here’s my Chelsea.

  • 12:11:07 pm on August 4, 2017 | 0 | # |


    A friend repainted my dachshund from the BBQ set.

    After :-)

    From TRU…Barbie the Builder comes with its own LEGO
    set…how cool is that?!

    TRU also had this new line of dolls.

    The girls are out for a ride.

  • 09:28:59 am on August 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello there…

    Jackie…hopefully your husband will be released soon and you’ll be on
    your way home.

    Shirls…yep, that curvy doll is very cute, love her hat…thanks!

    Target had the Halloween Barbie/Chelseas and the Christmas Chelsea
    too. I’m not posting photos of them because they’re reissues from last year.

    From Target

    I really like it when the back of the boxes have an activity.


    This is a pink translucent unicorn with an ice cream cone as the
    unicorn :-) Barbie is there for scale.

    This is from Target. She reminds me of Blake Lively.

  • 12:08:22 pm on August 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…tell your hubby to hang in there. Things will get better…I miss
    Marie and Marigene too. I hope they’re doing well…good to know
    Stinky got there safely.

    Shirls…thanks for posting a photo of Wrenny Penny’s nest. I was very
    curious about it. It looks perfect there!…so that’s the lamp you got at
    the flea market. I just assumed it was 1:6 scale but I now see it’s 1:1
    scale. It’s very pretty. I love all the colors and the little round
    “marbles” remind me of candy…yum :-) …uh, oh, things are a little
    crazy at Tanglewood Castle? I’m waiting with baited breath to see
    what happens!…thanks! I knoooow! Chelsea is so charming. Hard to
    say no to her :-)

    Kate…I agree wholeheartedly! Mattel is doing a great job with the
    new sets which is why I’m having a hard time resisting them…yes, I
    heard about the convention in Kansas. That would definitely be a fun
    one to attend. Barbie and Hallmark, my two loves :-) …I looked on
    youtube for videos of that talking Barbie cause I wanted to see what
    she said. It was really cool!..that’s such a cute little mushroom!

    Sighted at Target

    This Barbie is just my cup of tea! Fantasy hair, bright colorful fashions!

  • 09:59:58 am on August 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…I hope you are all well.

    Chelsea and I went to Hallmark to see what we could see.

    Hanging with Super Heroes.

    Chelsea: oo…Barbie bought me this dollhouse! I play with it all the time!

    Chelsea: This is one of Barbie’s Christmas elves. He helps us keep the tree moist.

    Chelsea: This is too big for me but I really like it. Wow, it sure is heavy!

    Chelsea: It was fun visiting the Teeny Tys.

  • 05:22:08 pm on July 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone. We are a small but mighty group :-)

    Kate…thanks :-) …you’re welcome, I knew you would enjoy the
    nesting dolls from Bronner’s. They always have some good ones
    …those nesting gummy bears are just darling. I like that they’re
    translucent. Your photo story is so cute. The rock a stack is the
    perfect scale for Stinky and friend. I thought about doing the same
    thing to mine that you did to yours but didn’t because knowing me I’d
    loose those little rings in a heartbeat! I also like how the bears and
    rings are in ROY G. BIV order :-) …congrats on your Squishy Pop doll.
    I love those little critters!

    Jackie…it’s good to know that things are progressing favorably for
    your husband. Be safe.

    Shirls…that photo with Stinky on the horse is wonderful. Everyone
    looks great. Love the fashions behind the DOTW…I hope you find the
    DOTD decorations you’re looking for. The only DOTD dolls that I have
    are my Monster High Skelita dolls…thanks! I really like that Chelsea.

    Marigene, Marie, Fiona…waving!

    Found some goodies at TRU.

    I wish I had room for such a large item :-(

    I think the Pet Care Center would be fun to play with.

    It comes with these four little cuties. I would buy it just for the
    hamster on the wheel.

    Loved this fashion set.

    Slumber Party

    Aren’t the bunny slippers cute?

    Birthday Party

  • 11:16:46 am on July 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Happy Sunday ladies…

    Shirls…I think Gabby missed her calling. She should have been a
    DJ :-) Love Max’s knife…I Googled images of the Edsel and I think
    you’re right. I never got a look at the front of the car (which would
    have been a dead giveaway) because there was too much traffic. I
    didn’t find a photo exactly like the back of that car but close enough.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Tuesday Morning is starting to display its Halloween/Day of the Dead

    Found this Club Chelsea and Horse set at TRU.

    Chelsea has rotational and hinged shoulder joints and articulated
    knees. This makes her very easy to pose and stand on her own.

    See you later alligator!

  • 03:55:55 pm on July 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Shirls…oh no, Gabby lost her job because she talked too much?!
    Wow, that’s interesting. I thought people that went to beauty parlors
    loved gossip. She must have done an awful lot of talking for her to get
    the boot…So Cleo is queen of all she surveys now? Well let’s see how
    she does…observing animal behavior is soooo interesting, right?
    People make a career out of it. Look at Jane Goodall and everything
    she’s learned and taught us about chimpanzees. I think that’s
    extraordinary…it’s good to know that Wrenny Penny has an ally in you
    and that you’re keeping away those pesky ants. They can be
    trouble…that skin so soft has a bunch of uses doesn’t it?! I know
    people also use it as mosquito repellant.

    Jackie…take care and have a safe trip.

    More photos from Frankenmuth.

    Every year Bronner’s has a different float in front of the store.

    I’ve been looking for a reindeer for Barbie but can’t seem to find the
    right scale.

    Lani wonders if she should get this bagpipe for her beau. He’d love it
    but she doesn’t know if she could stand the din.

    I had a meal at Slo’ Bones BBQ Smokehaus. There was live music, it
    was packed, noisy, the wait staff was harried and I had to wear my
    eye plugs so I could hear myself think. I had…

    …sirloin bourbon tips and they were very tasty.

    I saw this gorgeous car on my way home. Does anyone know
    what make/model it is?

    The End!

  • 03:08:55 pm on July 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    More photos from Frankenmuth

    Zehnder’s chicken topiary is a landmark.

    Here’s the third and final couple that I saw taking bridal photos.

    Dish towels from Bronner’s.

    Sky with the Bavarian Belle in the background.

    Go Detroit Tigers!

  • 01:10:35 am on July 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good evening, everyone…

    I’ve been looking at convention photos on other boards and I gotta tell
    you the Houston convention was one of the best ever!

    Shirls…okay, so let me get this straight…you found that Gloom &
    Doom Venus McFlytrap in original fashion at the flea market?! Wow,
    you are one lucky collector! She’s in great shape. Venus is one of my
    favorite MH know I’ve always loved those glasses there on
    the left, right?…now I can’t wait to see the lamp :-) …thanks for the
    link on the Carolina wren. I learn a lot just by hanging out with doll
    friends…so cool that you can observe the birds bathing…if one Stinky
    is trouble then two Stinkys are double trouble! Love that car, it’s fab!
    And it’s a good thing that Stinky II was able to fix it so they could
    hightail it on out of there and back to civilization!…so Stinky’s time
    with you is over and he’s on his way to Jackie’s? Happy trails to him.

    Jackie…so sorry to hear about your husband. I’ll keep him in my
    thoughts and I hope he makes a full recovery.

    Kate…I didn’t try on those flip flops but I’m sure they would tickle my
    feet to death!…thanks!…yay, you got a Squishy Pop! Can’t wait to see
    it…the fabric on your little bear is lovely.

    Fiona…thanks :-) …no I didn’t buy those flip flops. They were a little
    too novel for me :-) …good to know that you’ve been having
    moderate weather…have fun in Hervey Bay…wow, whale
    watching…that sounds like lots of fun! Tell us all about it when you
    get back.

    Frankenmuth…I love this town!

    I’ve been meaning to try out the beignet place and I finally made it
    there. The only other time I’m had them was in NOLA and Disneyland.
    They were TDF! These were not good because they were insipid. The
    powered sugar gave them some flavor but not enough.

    I saw some really cute t-shirts.

    The town was packed because there was a Rock & Roll K-9
    event…family fun with dogs. All the dogs looked good but this one
    was the snazziest!

    Taffy pulling machine. It’s always fun watching it work.

    Love the landscaping.

    My favorite candy tree.

    1932 Chevy Coupe

  • 03:51:00 pm on July 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies of the club…

    Jackie…that’s a great table gift…the dessert looks out of this world :-)

    After I saw The Art of the Brick I went next door to Dow Gardens. It
    was beautiful and there were a couple of bridal parties having their
    photos taken. The locals use this garden as a hangout.


    I really liked the design of the benches…aesthetic and streamlined.

    Saw these crazy flip flops at the garden store ;-)

  • 06:21:49 pm on July 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    You say goodbye and I say hello…hello, hello…
    I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello :-)

    Kate…Isn’t it fun to hang out with family? It seems like your niece just
    got there and now she has to go home!…thanks!…wow, you did have
    less nesting dolls a few years ago. They are lovely and when you pack
    them up they don’t take up that much room.

    Jackie…thanks!…John always wears a fabulous costume. He is SO
    creative and he’s a nice guy too…love the blue sweaters, great job!

    Fiona…thanks! Barbie and I had such a good time at that museum.
    There was so much to see!…I hope you’re not too cold down there.

    Shirls…you remembered correctly. That cute lace top is by Sparkle
    Girlz. It’s really pretty…thanks, I really enjoyed seeing all the art
    in that museum…thanks for the link on Stinky (describes him to a T)
    and the Hastings Museum. If I’m ever in that area I’ll definitely stop
    by for a visit…holy smokes! That’s no picklemobile! Stinky got himself
    a Prowler and in bright, shiny red. That’s a perfect car for him. He
    definitely won’t go unnoticed hot-rodding around in that…for sure, for
    sure :-)

    Here’s a photo of all the L.O.L. dolls I have so far :-) why is one never
    enough? I love these little cuties.

    I went to Midland, MI to see The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaga
    and then I went to Frankenmuth so I’ll be posting photos. I had a
    great time and the weather was super!

    I know you’re not going to believe this but I didn’t buy anything at
    Bronner’s…miracle of miracles! That’s the first time that’s every

    The Art of the Brick is currently at the Alden B. Dow Museum of
    Science & Art till September 3. Then it goes to Moscow, Russia and
    then to London, England (in case you’re making any travel plans).

    Sky and Lani at a Michigan rest area.

    The Art of the Brick

    Girl with a pearl

    Mona Lisa


    Sky is the T in ART

    The Scream

    Andy Warhol

    Nathan Sawaga


    Lani and Venus de Milo…two icons…one photo

    Yellow is Nathan’s signature piece

    Nathan Sawaga

    Snap Zone – the LEGO play area

  • 03:46:43 pm on July 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…I hope everyone is doing well.

    Jackie…wow, I love that golden doll. She’s just my cup of tea :-)

    Shirls…the doll in the lace top is lovely!…so Stinky got a red little
    number?! Can’t wait to see photos…thanks!

    Fiona…thanks!…hope you’re staying warm…the birds are by GANZ and
    sold at Hallmark stores.

    More photos from the gem museum…I had such a good time!

    This diorama is entitled “The Hold Up”. The herd of buffalo is crossing
    the tracks so the train is at a standstill. Nature trumps technology :-)

    The perspective is wonderful.


    The figures are about 1″H. Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Rail Road

    Museum store

    This farm diorama was fabulous too.

    Watching a tutorial on making a cabochon.

  • 10:05:10 pm on July 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Will be off line till Monday, see you then.

  • 06:16:13 pm on July 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…sounds like you’re having a blast!

    Shirls…thanks!…wow, you got your own Stinky! He’s going to have a
    blast in your house! He’s such a character :-)

    Kate…tell your niece I said “Hello!” Stay cool and see you later!

    I went to a gem and precious stones museum. There were so many
    wonderful things to see. There were lots of jade items which I love.
    When we were done with the museum we went to the museum shop
    and to the conservatory next door. The photos will not necessarily be
    in that order.

    Chinese screen

    Can you believe that the image on the left is a mosaic? It’s so finely
    polished that it’s hard to see the individual pieces. The artisans
    duplicated the image from the photo on the right.

    Detail of mosaic

    There were also about 20 dioramas. The animals were all made of
    precious stones. The work was really beautiful.

    Woodpeckers-jasper, tiger eye, feet 14K gold

    This figure was about 11″H-Henry the IV King of France, ivory, Italian

    Most of the items in the back were snuff boxes.

    This Last Supper is about 10″L.

    Florentine mosaic

    Detail of mosaic

  • 09:34:38 pm on July 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…thanks for the info! Can’t wait to see photos of everything!

    Shirls…so sorry to hear about your friend. I’m sending a virtual
    (((hug))) and my most sincere condolences….you’re right, Peru Barbie
    fits right in with your Indian scene. She is such a lovely doll, great
    colors on her fashion…thanks! When I go to Premiere I have a hard
    time sticking to my budget but I always do. I never buy more that I
    can afford.

    Last of the Hallmark Premiere photos.
    Cherry pie a la mode, anyone?

    Nostalgic Houses and Shops #34 in the series (far right). The other
    four are compliments. I always buy this series as a dollhouse for Kelly.
    I didn’t buy the compliments…yet :-)

    Mini tree and a tree skirt

    This little bear would have been perfect for Kelly and Tommy. He
    bangs on his drum when you pull him across the floor.

    There was a ton of Star Wars merchandise.

    Puppy love series #27

    Mischievous kitten series #19

  • 06:58:46 pm on July 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…Yay! You’re there! I’m so jealous! Have tons of fun!

    Today is National Hot Dog Day! Indulge!

    North Pole Tree Trimmers – 5th in the series. I have 8 of them
    because Hallmark released a repaint and a compliment for the series
    of which I have 2. They are about 3″H and are Barbie’s little helpers :-)

    He works in the hydration department. He keeps the trees moist.

    I’m going to take this one apart so Kelly can have some Play-Doh
    …wish me luck!

    This table top clock is just beautiful…it chimes every hour on the
    hour, it’s musical, it has motion and it has a light sensor so it doesn’t
    chime at night when the house is dark…double thumbs up for that!

    Michael had to have the leg lamp for the fishing cabin :-) It lights up
    when you pull on the cord.

    Kieran got a Superman action figure.

    Kelly got a Wonder Woman action figure, the Fisher Price chatter
    phone and a new doll house pictured above.

    My store had the Bluebird of Happiness and the Christmas
    Cardinal…had to have them.

  • 09:09:43 pm on July 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello everyone…

    Don’t know if any of you know this but the BFC is down because
    membership starts Monday 24…this is such bad timing for me
    because National starts this week and people were starting to post
    photos. Now I can’t see them!…arrrrgh!

    Jackie…Bon voyage!

    Fiona…you’re welcome :-) …the OOAK artists do an amazing job
    especially for convention…glad you enjoy the Hallmark photos…I
    agree, the Barbies are fab!…the LE Barbie’s fur feels like a bottle
    brush but looks like fur :-)

    Michael had to have the Batcopter for his action figure and vehicle

    Hallmark owns Crayola and every year they release an unofficial
    ornament. Hallmark has never declared it as an official series. I really
    like that they placed crayons on the floor of the merry-go-round.

    I think Ursula is one of the best villain’s ever.

    The tentacles are roiling giving the ornament a dynamic look.

    The same can be said about this Santa. He looks like he’s going 100
    miles an hour because his beard is blowing in the wind!

    Isn’t Marvin the Martian fabulous?! Gotta love a Martian that carries an
    A-1 Disintegrating Pistol…

    …and has a push broom on his helmet :-)

    This is the 22nd in the Madame Alexander series. She was too cute to

  • 09:28:26 pm on July 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hello ladies…I hope everyone is doing well. I couldn’t be better.

    People have already begun posting photos from convention. There are
    3 people posting photos on the BFC and Rebecca is sending Rogier
    photos that he is posting on his blog. Here’s that link:

    Jackie…wow, you’ve been busy, busy! Have fun at convention. If
    you’re a Barbie collector convention is where you want to be right
    now! It is truly a magical experience!…well, Venus didn’t win but
    Roger Federer did…and what a win! He didn’t lose any of his sets from
    the beginning till the end! That was quite a feat.

    Fiona…thanks! Yes, my dolls are collectors too :-) Like mommy like
    dollies. They collect all sorts of tchotchkes…dolls, Christmas
    ornaments, etc.

    Shirls…so glad you’re feeling better from the poison oak. What an
    awful thing to get… Arrowhead Chocolates from Oregon, huh? I had to
    look them up. They look delish and I can smell them through the
    screen  …boy, you’ve had a lot of rain. Our meteorologist told us
    that 2 inches of rain was equivalent to 2 feet of snow! Holy smokes!
    …and you got caught in that downpour…bummer!…thanks!…congrats
    on your Candy Stripes and Lovin’ Leopard fashionistas. CS is a
    personal fave and who doesn’t love a curvy?!…so Stinky’s sibling is
    here already?! And they have the same name? The fun continues!

    I went to Hallmark Premiere this past weekend and had a ball as
    always! So…this means that I’ll be posting photos till the cows come
    home! :-)

    This is the goodies table organized by the local club.

    My only critique was that the wall was too high for me :-( I couldn’t
    look at/handle/photograph the ornaments on top. Which in hindsight
    might not have been a bad thing. It kept me from buying more
    ornaments :-)

    Every year some ornaments catch me off my guard. This year it was
    this bird family: Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter. I loved them! They were
    1:1 scale and the colors were lovely.

    Of course the knitted effect didn’t hurt.

    The Barbies were fab!

    The Limited Edition Barbie was spectacular! She came home with me.

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