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  • 01:30:11 am on November 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,

    Queli: What a wonderful Tea Party, and you did really well with the door prizes. The handbags are just beautiful, hope your girls don’t argue over them. I especially like the red leather one. The graphics on the cards are stunning. I don’t think I’d want to ever use them. The Barbie Mannequin tree is quite ingenious….the tiny horse ornaments are so cute. Hmmm maybe the coffee press is a little big, but most coffee drinkers would say it was a perfect size! lol. It certainly looks ok with Barbie, just hope she shares all that caffeine with her friends.

    Jackie: That is so lovely that you can help out your friend with gifts for the challenged kids. Must make you feel great, as well as helping them. We have a school (only 60 kids at present) attached to our church, for the teen kids who “fall through the cracks” in the normal system….so homeless kids, kids who have parents who leave them or are drug addicts etc, and we had one student who had a baby and has another on the way, so baby came to school too. The Salvation Army Youth Outreach (YOS) run the school, but it is right beside our office and we share the office premises with the YOS staff. We love having them there and being able to help when we can and see the changes in the kids’ lives. It was SO quiet there today as all the Year 12 (final year of school here) kids completed school last Friday. Ol’ Stinky in the castle is a hoot…..I bet he just LOVES living/staying there. What is that blue “tiara” he is wearing? Is it a ring? I see you have a baby Krissy – she is another doll I wish would return…..along with the original Kellies and Nikki and her Neighbourhood toddler friends. I just love those tinies.

    Kate: Wow you are busy with all the kitty-sitting, but I bet you are having fun with them too. Your friends are very blessed to have you to call on. What fantastic doll shelves! What are the little figures above the black Barbie with the poodles? They look like little soldiers or are the nesting dolls all lined up?

    Shirls: Hope you are all better again now. Your girls are looking very glamorous….did you make the leopard skin hat?

    Love to you all, Fiona.

  • 09:03:31 pm on November 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Can you all believe how fast time is going, it is nearly Christmas again… your photos are showing. We are getting so busy here, as you can imagine Christmas with the Salvation Army is BIG!
    We begin our carolling schedule on Wednesday with the start of the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal [people can take a tag from the tree at Kmart, it has a child's age and gender on it-so then a gift can be bought and put under the tree for that child. All the gifts then come to the S. Army for distribution, so we have to collect, sort and then distribute the gifts to people in need].Its a HUGE appeal here in Australia. We also have our individual church welfare & Alan & I coordinate that in our church, so that means hamper packing, gift card distribution and taking all the registrations for people who require all these things. [In between band carolling etc, -any spare time we sleep, lol].

    Been checking in briefly-I have never read Harry Potter so am unaware of some of the things you’ve been discussing. Amazing how we learn about things isn’t it!

    Kate: I LOVE your Skipper in her orange outfit did you make her cute sweater? The little Halloween house is so cute.

    Jackie: You are having fall weather we are still supposed to be in spring, but the weather has fluctuated between very hot [mid summer type] weather and really cool almost wintery type weather. We have also had lots of rain and storms really early this year. It usually starts around Christmas with storms but we’ve had them all through late September, October and now November. At least everything is lovely and green instead of brown and dry.
    Stinky in the Santa hat looks very cute. So you have Veteran’s Day…11th is Remembrance Day here -same as in UK. We too have been having heaps of services, parades etc for the returned service people. Next year will be a big remembrance one for us again as it is 100years since the end of WW 1. Already some organisations have planned their activities and tributes. That is fabulous that your father wrote a book, I have a degree in history and am always encouraging people to write their memories down. I am so sad that so much of my own family history and memories is lost. Its so important not just to families but for academics too, I was so grateful for people’s family history stories when I was researching for my Honours thesis. LOVE the Kelly wreath.

    Shirls: so sorry about your brother and that you have been unwell. Hope and pray you are feeling well again, be gentle with yourself and take time to do some fun things. A big hug to you. Always think those photos of Stinky and his brother on their road trip such a laugh, especially the one of Stinky looking under the car bonnet. Very cute Halloween party, nice new ‘tiara’ for Stinky with his cute little hair poking through it, hehehe.

    Queli: Those sweater and jacket ornaments are just lovely! I LOVE Barbie’s pink boots too…and also Kelly’s.[ Kelly is so sweet handing Shirls tissues]. I’m such a sucker for shoes. That cuckoo clock handbag is just adorable- don’t think I’d use it though, but I have a friend who’d just love to have it. She is so into sparkle and jewellry and blingy pretty “stuff”. How big are Moana and Maui? He is such a hunk in his leaf skirt, with all his tats, lol.

    Love to you all, Fiona.

  • 01:38:33 am on October 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Jackie: So glad you are enjoying sister time….must be nice to have sisters. We are in springtime here, though its hard to believe – we”ve had rain, heat & cold in Brisbane.Some southern areas are still getting snow….all very “unseasonal”.

    Kate: Spud is such a cute name. We knew a mini chihuahua/mini fox terrier cross called that…he was such a character, sort of our foster fur baby cos we used to have him for months on end. Whenever I hear the name it makes me smile.

    Queli: Ah that song ‘Cruella de Ville’- we got in band a couple of weeks ago….we don’t play it too well yet [a bit excruciating still, lol]!I think we’re doing it for our next concert. Oh I just love Robin and Marion…that is a great movie.

    hi Marigene, Shirls and Marie.
    I pray you are all safe and well, Fiona.

  • 02:52:01 am on October 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Long time no post, sorry…..lots of things going on sick, away, work etc not enough Barbie time. I’m having tons of fun catching up.
    Queli: Boy do I remember th e Lemonheads what an outrage they provoked among “hardened” Kelly Kollectors [including me].sigh Kelly was never the same after that and there are still many who mourn her demise. Love the Rocker Chelsea’s boots and fur jacket.
    Hi Shirls, Kate,Jackie, [Marie and Marigene if you are popping in].
    love to you all, I pray you are all safe. Fiona

  • 04:20:16 am on September 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    Getting better with the ‘puter, thankfully.
    Shirls: Gene is a fantastic find!!lucky you is all I can say. Your Stinky going into space is so funny, love his space suit, lol.
    Jackie: Stinky going into space & moon walking is a hoot… the little touch of Maria watching him through her telescope. Your kittys are GORGEOUS!
    Kate: The nesting dolls with the surprise card dolls inside is darling,….love Stinky snuggling up to one of them. The sock monkeys are too cute for words! Hope your birthday was wonderful.
    Queli: I love all those shoes from the members gift too. Do they fit most of the regular type Barbie dolls? Thank you also for the info re shoes & clothes for teen Skipper. I am finding that so many of these poor girls (such as teen Skipper- both contemporary & the older ones) and Chelsies and contemporary Stacey (not that I have any, I only have “original” Staceys) are very short on outfits & shoes. Outfits are ok, I can sew, but I can’t make the shoes!
    I hope and PRAY you are ALL safe, love to you all, Fiona. x

  • 12:37:53 am on September 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Thanks Queli. :)

  • 07:37:06 am on September 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Short again, still learning (& frustrated).
    Jackie: Stinky the astronaut is sooooooooooo adorable.Shirls: Yes, I will attempt to save & paste (just havn’t worked it out yet, lol).
    Just a general question……does anyone know if clothes for petite fashionista are a good fit for teen Skipper(ie: the 1990s teen like Queli posted piccys of, not the current teen Skipper).
    Stay safe all, I pray this new hurricane doen’t hit land.
    love Fiona

  • 04:06:25 am on September 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    I’m still here & have been reading each day. So many cute & lovely photos.
    Ok I’m making this short as over the last week I’ve typed 2 long posts & they’ve “disappeared” into the air. grrr. I have a new computer (& therefore a new programme – for me) that I am trying to navigate!). When I finally work it out I’ll be back posting.Thankful you are all ok, love to you all, Fiona

  • 03:06:24 am on August 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Sorry I’ve been AWOL….have had the flu, but all ok now. In the meantime, I have added to my Skipper collection, so I now have 7! Also got my first (& 2nd) Tuttis….they came as a “TLC lot” with 3 Skippers :) )))). The Tuttis have lost some fingers & 1 has a few green spots, but their hair & faces are ok. The Skippers -one (a redhead, yipee) needs a few extra hairplugs, & her hair is trimmed to mid-back length, but she is otherwise ok, one (brunette) is ok, & the 3rd has a few nicks on her ankles, one arm is quite “loose” & she needs a re root. Actually I think the redhead is a 2 tone, as she has dark pinky/auburny hair and its that thicker coarser texture. Her head is only painted brown on top (as were the 2 tones) & her body markings match up with a 2 tone as well. I’m going to add dark chestnut to replace the missing plugs. Overall, I am rapt with my haul, and they are actually in better condition than I expected from the description on ebay.

    Queli: Love that “Musician Barbie” with keyboard & guitar, – I “need” Mattel to bring out some brass instruments!! I’d love to get a Brass band together. I also really prefer the hairdo on Ocean Wave Ken to the high flip hair on some of the Fashionista Kens…..Ocean Waves’ hair looks casual and natural with that side brush fringe (the little dog is cute too). Ooooooh aren’t your Colour Guard lovely!! Who si the girl with the dark purple hair? Ken’s new action figure is so neat!! He’ll need to hide it so that Nathan & your other little boys don’t take it. I am so jealous of the aisles at your TRU!! The new Chelsea with the peanut butter & jelly sandwich is a cutie. The Nutcrackers are cute,,,,who is the girl in the stripey top with the red hat? That is a really awesome piccy of the eclipse!! You can really see the fire in it!

    Shirls: “City Chic” is gorgeous- so pretty! Re the eclipse, I am with you….I always stay inside when there is one. I remember there being one when I was about 6 years old & Mum put the fear of God into me about going blind if I looked at the sun….I think it has irrevocably damaged me, lol….I won’t even go out in it now, hahaha. Wow that bathroom in the castle looks so luxurious….did Stinky get lost in all the bubbles?

    Kate: Stinky is a good fellow cleaning up his room (even if he does enlist everyone to help, lol). Did all his efforts make much difference? HE seems to have SO MANY treasures now, looks like he needs a storage container. Your Flight Attendants are just lovely (I guess in their vintage they are still “Air Hostesses”). Is Julia like a Fashion Queen? I didn’t realize Julia ever came with a wig wardrobe. Stinky incognito is hilarious! I laughed (& coughed) and laughed so much. Did they find anything “naughty in his luggage?….wonder if he stashed his ruby in one of the bags. Just imagine if he had to explain that he wasn’t smuggling it!

    Jackie: So glad your hubby is home and starting back to work. Its been a rotten time for you both, and hope he is doing really well. I prescribe some retail & play therapy for you now to recuperate from the stress involved. You have a bear in the neighbourhood! Is it a brown bear? I know they can be a nuisance & dangerous, but I LOVE bears.

    Love to you all, Fiona.

  • 02:46:24 am on August 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    First thank you everyone for all the tips on cutting doll bangs. I think the key is REALLY sharp scissors. I have actually found that synthetic fabric is pretty bad on scissors too- the fabric seems to slip under (some) synthetics. I have even found some synthetics fabrics have blunted my dressmaking scissors.

    Kate: The black cat shirt is a fantastic find! Love it -& the piccy of William inspecting it. I bet he’s thinking “its about time she wore a picture of ME”, hehehe. I spy some wonderful Barbie & co patterns _ new clothes in the offing? Can’t wait to see what you create. Poor Stinky he seems to be getting very anxious- I hope he won’t need to go into therapy for anxiety syndrome, although I suspect he would ENJOY lying on a couch with a captive audience & chatting about himself, lol, little darling that he is.

    Queli: Laughed like mad at the doll with the pins in her head- yes she does look like “My Favourite Martian”. We were only talking about that show a few days ago, we used to love it.
    The new Chelseas are pretty nifty, love the branded shoes (I especially like the little pink boots), & the jointed knees & shoulders & straight arms (much better than curved arms). Just wish Mattel would come on board now with proper non molded clothes. I see the earlier Chelseas had full non-molded outfits. Had to laugh at the coconut bra on the earlier Chelsea. The Chelsea room is looking great, with all those mini dollies for Chelsea to play with. The names on those Monster dolls are great, & little Pawla (hahaha) is adorable with her fat lil paws & tail, Is that purple “thing” on her head a mask? And her hair is so good :) . Is see Layla is into classical music- does she play? I am so glad you got that owl chair! Obviously dolly dogs are just like my dogs – always nicking our spot on the chair or bed.

    Jackie: So glad you husband is home, but 10 extra medications!! He must rattle poor guy. I’d definitely need to write it all down to keep on track. Hopefully now he is back in his own home he’ll come along in leaps & bounds, and it will be less stressful for you too. Take care. (((Jackie))).

    Shirls: This story you & Kate are weaving is just so “addictive”. Reminds me of when I was a kid & we had kids clubs on the radio & there was always some mystery story that was broadcast in episodes. We’d go to school & discuss it with our friends who also listened in. Hmm wonder if this ruby mystery is bound up with the time Stinky was MIA, or with the Indians……. though that Yeoman is a really shifty character. Fancy picking on Stinky ‘cos he grins all the time. You & Kate should write it all down & publish it, complete with photo illustrations.

    love to you all, Fiona.

  • 09:24:21 pm on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Queli: I agree Kate & Shirls would be amazing writers, they come up with the most inventive ideas. Fancy there being a mini doll from Brisbane! I’ll have to look out for them….do the pets come with them too? No the whale watching wasn’t terrifying, they are just soooooo gentle. They are very friendly & inquisitive though, Alan said he thinks we were actually the sideshow for them! They sure kept popping up their “noses” to look at us. I do admit I’d be scared if I was actually swimming with them because of their size, but in the boat was just fine. Mind you the boat we went on has a platform that can be lowered into the water so people can actually get down right beside them (didn’t put it out though it was too cold). That terrapin is gorgeous, it looks painted! The snapping turtle looks ferocious. My brother had pet turtles when we were kids. Love Penelope Primrose :) . The Owl chair is very sweet, as is the doll who has claimed it.

    Kate: I know I say it again & again, but I could just hug, hug, hug Stinky (I, II & III). They are just so impossibly cute. Glad he found somewhere safe for his ruby- hmm its “provenance” is a mystery…..wonder of it was from mystery girlfriend. Looking forward to the next episode of “Stinky & the Mystery of the Ruby”, hehehe. Nice handbag sitting on the floor behind him.

    Jackie: Yes the trip was wonderful, I want to go whale watching again!! We’ll have to start saving or “pennies”. Gosh a BSL of 400! Your poor hubby must feel rotten. Hope they sort everything out really quickly. Steroids are a lifesaver but can have really gross side effects too unfortunately.

    Hi Shirls: Any more wren sightings? Have you kept the nest?…..keep it away from your Stinky!

    A question all you re-rooting experts. Have finished Skipper and am very happy with her, BUT…am having trouble trimming her bangs straight. At this point its a bit like the table leg- cut a bit off, oh its uneven, cut a bit off the other legs and on & on. I guess its ‘cos the synthetic is rotten stuff to cut evenly, but does anyone have any tips. If not she’ll just have to have a crooked fringe, lol.

    love to you all, Fiona

  • 03:30:27 am on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    ooops sorry, that should be Hervey Bay.

  • 03:28:04 am on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Alan hasn’t downloaded all (400) of our photos yet. So these are from Blue Dolphin Tours, and this was the boat we went on.

    And yes, the whales WERE this close and this is just what we experienced.

    Image result for whale watch hervey bay

    Image result for whale watch hervey bayImage result for whale watch hervey bay All photos courtesy Blue Dolphin Tours (They were fabulous tour operators).


  • 03:19:33 am on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Home again from beautiful Harvey Bay. Away a week and so much to catch up on!

    Kate: Stinky looks so cool in his poncho, and he is just hilarious trying to wear all his goodies at once. The look on Wonder Woman’s face in that photo is just “oh boy! What is with this little guy (eyeroll)”, hehehe. I just laughed so much at him.

    Jackie: Glad your hubby is feeling better and pray he will be feeling 100% really soon. A big worry for you, so hope you are ok too…..maybe a little Barbie playing to de-stress is in order (any excuse is better than none).

    Shirls: How gorgeous to watch the little wrens take flight. They looked so adorable in their nest in your pot. Wonder if Mummy & Daddy will return next year to nest at the same “address”especially as you have kept them all so protected. Modern circle Barbie looks excellent with a bob- I think it looks better than long.

    Queli: your liitle re-painted dashund is lovely. Your friend is so clever, the eyes are so “real”. These new dolls are fabulous. I really like the jointed Chelseas- just wish they’d stop with the molded clothes (whinge, whinge), but some of the bitty bits and pieces are delightful. The swim mask on the puppy in the Dolphin Magic Chelsea set is so cute. Does this Chelsea have flip flops or shoes? I really have a thing about the dolls having footwear, …..I only have about 100 pairs of shoes for my Barbies, lol. Wouldn’t it just be great to have a huge room in the house dedicated to Barbie doll houses, cars, motor boats, caravans, and any other playset you fancy. Its something I ponder at night as I settle to sleep. I think a room about the size of a double garage would do it – Ah what a fantasy. As it is my Babies have to juggle with sewing, scrapbooking gear, filing cabinet, books, books and more books and anything else that finds it way into my “office”.

    Hi Marigene.

    Whale watching was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I have no words to explain it. They are just so huge (although the guy who was the tour boat owner said the ones we saw were basically teenagers & not yet fully grown. They still looked enormous to me though). We saw about 8 – up close and personal. Really close, they came right up and swam around the boat and basically showed off – lay on theor backs, waved their flippers, dived and breached. Just breathtaking. The last 2 we saw (2 together) were, essentially playing with the boat. Swimming all around it, diving under it (we were on a catamarran, & they were diving under the tunnel between the hulls), came right up to the steps at the back of the boat. Sooooo close. We had about 5 hours out in the bay, it was just awesome.

    love to you all, Fiona.

  • 03:50:32 am on July 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Our wrens….of course the boys are more show-offy,lol. Fiona

    Image result for fairy wren Male

    Photo courtesy “Birdlife Australia”

    Image result for fairy wren Female

    photo courtesy “Birds in backyards”

  • 03:45:38 am on July 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Shirls: The two Stinkys look so cute with their car (mis)adventures hehehehe. Hope Syd hasn’t got RSI! Oh you have a”pet” wren! We have tiny fairy wrens here. The ladies are brown & the males gorgeous blue. I love wrens….do you leave her a dish of water to bathe in? We have a birdbath outside our bedroom & particularly in summer it is common to hear the magpies & other birds splashing around in it….I love watching them, they all seem to have their own little bathing routine. The doves tend to sit in the middle & flap, some of the others hop in & out, and some hop in splash, splash, splash, then fly up into hte tree beside them, then down again into the bath.

    Queli: The DOW gardens are gorgeous. Whta fun to “spy” on the weddings. It always gives me a thrill to see them. Skye is a really pretty doll. The grass flipflops look really comfy, nice and spongy- did you get some? Not too drastically cold here in Brisbane- the evenings & nights have been cold, but the days have been just glorious and warm.

    Jackie: The table gift doll is great. Do her clothes come off? The little Barbie head logo on her suit is very cute. Looks like she has lovely reddy-brown hair under that helmet. Great to have you back.

    Kate: I bet you will miss your niece- do you get to see her often? Wow your Nesting collection has grown big time, I see Stinky sstill liked hanging out with them though. Francie’s dress is so adorable!!!

    Hi Marigene.

    I will be absent for a number of days. We are off to Hervey Bay & going whale watching. I am SOoooooooo excited! Alan has been before but I have only ever seen them from the shore, this time we are going out in a boat for the day.

    Take care everyone, keep cool, keep safe, love from

  • 01:21:02 am on July 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Shirls: Stinky II’s red sportscar is just fabulous. Suits his to a tee. I was really interested to read about him & the others in those Finnish books. The only thing I’d disagree with is that “our” Stinkys do not seem nasty at all, just a bit over the top and uncontrollable at times, hehehe. Looking forward to the adventures of both of them now.

    Queli: The museum photos are great, and Barbie looks like she enjoyed herself. It looks a fantastic museum. Barbie watching the video looks so realistic in the photo.

    Jackie: The Convention doll is wow……does she have gold tinselly “stuff” through her hair? I love her gold boots.

    Hi Kate, Hi Marigene.
    Enjoy your weather girls,
    love from Fiona

  • 05:36:38 am on July 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Queli: I just don’t know how you can chose between all those Hallmark ornaments. The elves are just too adorable, Marvin is fabulous and the Mde. Alexander “doll” is sweet as can be. Kelly will just love the play doh :) . Michael’s leg lamp is a real hoot. Are the bluebird & cardinal bird also Hallmark? …..I just love them. Just as well we don’t get all these goodies -I’d never be able to decide what to add to my collection!

    Shirls: So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Itss always so hard to lose someone. Its really exciting for you to get your own Stinky. I guess now he & Kate’s Stinky will be able to email one another & exchange stories. Peruvian Barbie is beautiful, I ‘ve always loved her face mold- her baby is a real cutie too, looks a little like baby Krissy (who I love too). Wish Mattel would bring her back too & also Nikki and her friends. Just love those itty bitty dolls. I don’t think I answered you re AA Midge – yes, she is a really sickly greeny-brown colour now, which when combined with her candy pink lipstick is a bad look! She uses the teen Skipper head mold.

    Jackie: Sounds like you are having fun even if it is exhausting. Hope you get some great goodies.

    Hi Kate
    Hi Marigene.
    Love to you all, Fiona

  • 01:45:44 am on July 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,

    Queli: Thanks for posting the link to the Dutch collectors…..what amazing dolls! Oh I LOVE those little Hallmark birds in their “knitted” hats, and the Barbies are especially nice this time – they seem to be getting better and better, painted toenails are cute on them. I don’t think I could resist any of them. Has the ltd ed. Barbie got a fur fabric coat?

    Shirls: I like lovin Leopard- she looks much nicer in “real life” than in the piccys I have seen. Her hair looks a real strawberry blonde, or was that just the glare… looked much redder in other promo piccys I’ve seen. I’m glad she hasn’t got that bent arm either….if they are noit jointed I’d much rather straight arms as dressing is easier. She looks rather happy with Shave n style Ken, but he looks even happier, lol.
    Oh STinky is just the cutest Indian brave! Lol that his brother is also Stinky :) ….now I’m not sure, is that Stinky or Stinky on the horse.

    Jackie: No see me- they sound like our “midgies” & sandflies- they do the same thing. If you take vitamin B it keeps them away, but not all areas have them so half the time you get bitten before you even knoiw they are around. Mosquitos (mozzies to Aussies) on the other hand are in all areas in summer. Enjoy the Convention for all of us.

    Hi Kate, Hi Marigene, Hi Marie.
    love to you all, Fiona.

  • 03:58:34 am on July 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Kate: Princess of s.Africa is such a beautiful doll. How is her hair done, is it in little curls or corn rows or something? I really, really like her & I like that she isn’t wearing hot pink lipstick.

    Queli: Your doll shelves look VERY impressive! It is so cute that your Barbie/s are collectors :) )). That lil sis swing sister in the poodle skirt is adorable!!

    Shirls: Hope your poison Ivy is better now, I’m so pleased we don’t get that here (Mind you we have enough other things of our own).
    What other Fashionista did you get other than Ivanka? Gosh, Stinky must be so excited about seeing his brother… it a long time since they met up? Stinky will have so much to tell him, all the adventures hes had recently. By the way does his brother have a name? I’m coming over to help eat the chocolates. :)

    Jackie: One thing I do not like about summer is humidity & storms (oh and mosquitos,lol). Hope you are safe in these storms. Enjoy the doll show, travel safely & take heaps of piccys for us, pretty please.

    hi Marigene

    love to all of you, Fiona

  • 10:08:08 pm on July 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Ouch Shirls that poison Ivy sounds awful!

  • 04:26:22 am on July 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,

    Jackie: HAPPY BIRTHDAY (had to shout so you’d hear me, lol)- hope you had a wonderful day full of lots of lovely surprises. Your community looks beautiful; we have lots of them over here too. Do your gaitors ever have babies/eggs? I love the gowns on those Nini Momo dolls & I want that little pink mini minor!

    Queli: Are the squishy pops just little ornaments? Do you know what you are getting, or are they surprises? I also love those little sisters, they are all perfect for Barbie/Kelly. The red spectacles are just so cool.

    Shirls: Stinky looks super cute with the Tonner doll – I’d love to see him with Indians, bet he’d have some interesting escapades, hehehe. Did he enjoy his visit to the hospital – I hope nurse Barbie didn’t have to tell him not to scoot up & down in the wheelchair. I have 2 of the “pregnant” Midges, a caucasian and an AA. The face on the AA has faded hugely over time so she is a very sickly colour now- looks like she has perpetual morning sickness. What is poison oak? Do you “catch it” or get it from contact with something in particular? Anyways, I hope you are feeling better now.

    Kate: Your little Russian M. Alexander doll is a beautiful little doll. You must have a huge collection of Russian dolls now. I think their costumes are so beautiful, and I love their headdresses.

    Hi Marigene, hi Marie.
    Keep cool over there (I’m envying you the summer weather), love to you all, Fiona.

  • 03:01:41 am on July 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls

    Shirls: I agree with Jackie- you have some gorgeous vintage and repro dolls. I think some of the repros are really really beautiful. I have 8 of them now I am pleased to say. Stinky fits in well with them.

    Jackie: The pool looks lovely…is that just a public pool? Your gaitor friend is looking “well”……does she/he have any friends? Where do thye go when it gets really really cold? I sorta think of them as tropical reptiles, and even here they & the crocs get very lazy and just lie around in the sun in the winter-time. Saw Steve Irwin slap a huge male croc (Agro) over the snout with a dead chicken once during our winter in an effort to get it to put on a show…..Agro just ignored him, lol. So Steve decided to get Agro really mad by going near his girlfriend, all Agro did was lift his head, let out a roar and settle straight back down again. The gaitors (called the “Fang sisters) had to be towed out of their sleeping areas by their tails, lol.

    Queli: Barbie is so cute in her minions dress with all the minions around her. Saw the MMQs at BiG W., but they are very expensive here. Big W was advertising a toy sale so hoped I’d get some new stuff, but all the Barbies were old stock, so didn’t get anything new.
    Wonder how the lady who was doing her thesis on Barboie collecting is going, if she has finished it….
    Hi Marigene,
    Hi Kate.
    Hi Marie.

    I’m at present beginning my Skipper re root. Takes me forever as I’m not really great at it & I use the needle & knot method. It is quite hard on the hands I find, so I do a number of plugs them goi and do something else for a while.
    One of the Barbies I scored from the haul the other week has those huge feet (the belly button beach babe Barbie). Does anyone know of shoes to fit her? I read some one put Ken’s shoes on her, but all the ken shoes I have are to big and her flipper feet are just too fat and long for any Barbie shoes.

    Love to you all, keep cool and safe,

  • 11:00:25 pm on July 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    hope you had a wonderful 4th July.

    Shirls: I TOTALLY understand about getting dogs outside before fireworks etc! Our Tommy absolutely freaks out and WILL NOT go out if there are any loud noises. At home he hides under my sewing table or in the back of our walk in wardrobe. Once when we were camping a group with Harleys camped the night behind us. After hearing them Tommy refused point balnk to go outside. Alan had to CARY HIM (he’s a border collie/cattle dog, so not little) to the car, & then we’d have to drive away from the park to somewhere else for Tommy to go tootie!

    Queli: Felicia is a lovely doll. Love her face (& handbag). Yes, I’d buy generic Kellys for those slippers too :) . Did you have a concert for July 4th? What is the usual way you all celebrate? Do you have special foods for the Day? What a simply gorgeous family in their matching fashions.

    Jackie: I am touched to be an honourary American, thank you. Your girls are well dressed for the day…..Barbie & Kelly look adorable, I hope they are expecting company & not going to eat & drink all those goodies by themselves…, a new curvy Barbie & curvy Kelly coming up, hehehe. I have always thought those sculptures at Nt Rushmore are just stupendous. Imagine being clever enough and doing them!! I’ve seen piccys of the guys doing it, just amazing.

    Kate: the transformation of the little potato seller is beautiful. Did you make her outfit, she looks just gorgeous.

    Hi Marigene.
    love to you all, Fiona.

  • 11:02:43 am on July 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi everyone
    Queli: those slippers on the Kellys are just adorable!!!, and I luv, luv, luv Stacie’s pink shoes!
    My little dollies Do look like they are out on an adventure- I just loved the lichen growing on the tree trunk behind them.
    love to all, Fiona

  • 04:51:59 am on July 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    ooops, sorry the signoff in that post is slightly off-placed!

  • 04:50:59 am on July 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    Queli: I had to laugh when you said Chill is a computer software developer….I took 1 look at him and thought, hmmm computer nerd, lol. Isn’t that little MMMQ tractor just the cutest thing! Oh, Jitterbug is adorable!!! I love her 1940s hairstyle & peeptoes.

    Jackie: That coloured glass is just amazing. Can it rain hard here? Boy, can it ever, torrential at times, especially in summer (we are subtropical here in Brisbane). It can rain more often down south (everyone complains about Melbourne that it is always raining there- it rains more often there but usually not as hard or much all in one go.Melbourne is more like London. It also gets cold in Melbourne when it rains even in summer, whereas here it stays warm & often becomes really humid when it rains in summer).Rexy Bear LOVED to swim (& eat) he towed me in at the beach once (he was super strong)- I was fully clothed & it was winter! Everyone on the beach was laughing like mad. He (& Fergus) are now in Heaven, so I guess he swims and eats all he wants now, lol. Love you & your sisters in your pink jackets- did you make them? Lovely. No July 4th is not celebrated as anything here, although I think most Aussies will remember that it is your special day in the USA. Barbie & Ken’s matchin fashion slook good too…

    Shirls: Corky- what a great name! Fergus (now in Heaven as I said) was a good cattle dog – he was border collie/cattle dog cross. He was HOPELESS with sheep, just played with them. Rex, unbelievable was good at herding sheep. Tommy (our present Border collie/stumpy tail cattle dog) is absolutley brilliant as a sheep dog as we once found out to our embarrassment. All instincts just kicked in, and he was so good (but he wasn’t meant to be herding he was meant to be sitting in the car (he jumped out the window. Missy- well she is just a princess,lol.

    Hi Kate.
    Happy July 4th to you all,
    Love Fiona.

    Marigene: Are those little finches in your garden? They are so gorgeous…actually are they finches? Oh, oh oh Ken in his Army uniform! How fabulous, also Barbie looking good in her red white & blue amongst the flowers.I want to make some Army gear for my guys, but think I’ll make them like uniforms from the past like my Dad wore. Just gotta source some appropriate fabric.

  • 04:19:19 am on July 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Brrrr its getting cold here, winter clothes unpacked….enjoy your summer!

  • 02:16:48 am on June 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi all,
    Queli : Yes Rex was a truly gorgeous dog in all ways, so incredibly gentle but very protective of us if anyone was a threat. Kids just lioved him & would run up and hug him. He was crossed wth a corgi, so had very short legs and a more corgish face, and a smile so big. He did have the keeshond fur though, but brindle brown and soft like a cat’s fur.
    Chill is a great guy- he looks a real studious type to me….interesting how different the bodies are on these guys.

    Jackie: that cruise ship is so cute. Where were they off to? Fashion Queen Barbie’s and Skipper’s matching outfits look great.

    Did a sleuth down the aisle at Kamrt today and there were lots of huge gaps in the Barbie section & lots of discounts on what was left (nothing I really wanted, but I love to look)… I’m living in hope that we will be getting some of the new Fashionistas. I’m really rather liking the look of them (hahaha, surprise!!)
    hi Marigene, Marie, Shirls and Kate.
    Hope you are all ok and not being affected ny the fires.
    Love to you all, Fiona

  • 02:03:16 am on June 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Me escorting (or being escorted) onto the boat to Great Keppel island, and Rexy Bear blissfully swimming off Great Keppel.


  • 02:29:21 am on June 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls
    Queli: Rexy Bear was actually part Dutch barge dog (Keeshond) and they are bred to be able to survive freezing water if they fall off the barges. They have an enormous thick double coat. Oooooh Blue Beauty really is pretty, I love her too! Just love the side glance & she has beautiful eyes. Her hair looks a lovely silvery blue.

    Jackie: That glass is just gorgeous. Is it always there or is this just a special “showing” of it? I particularly love the poppies. My, some people are just so clever.

    Hi Kate.
    Hi Marigene.
    Hi Shirls.
    love to all, Fiona.

  • 01:15:57 am on June 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Moo with her Daddy (yes she is a daddy’s girl)



  • 10:20:27 pm on June 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi there,
    Kate: That is fantastic that your Dad knows about the Murray river flags-I must admit I only found out about them when we went on the paddlesteamers! Missy (commonly known as Missymoo, or just Moo) is a n Australian cattle dog (blue heeler) /mini fox terrier cross. Yes she DOES look bulldoggy in that piccy- she was walking very carefully and a bit like a drunken sailor, as she was a bit scared of all the movement & could see through the gangplank to the water. Daddy ended up picking her up and carrying her on board and she was then as happy as a pig in mud. hahaha. (Yep, totally spoilt).

    Queli: thank you for your lovely kind words :) . I just wish I could get to meet you all in person….oh well, in the meantime this board is great. We also got to take Missy (& Tommy when he came along) on one of the old trains. We took our 2 (now in heaven) bous on one of the boats across to Great Keppel island too (its a resort island off the Queensland coast) we just did a day trip over there. It was winter so too cold to swim (for us anyway, the Scandenavians were out though, lol), but our old Rexy Bear went in, he loved it (we couldn’t keep him out of the water).OH my that mango swirl smoothie looks just YUMMY! I’m just loving these stories of “The Amazing Adventures of Sir Stinky”. Its giving me some inspiration….

    Jackie: I guess most Aussies call Americans Yanks for short (A legacy of WWII). I really like that Barbie house, is it yours? Gosh it must be such fun to go to a Convention. There have been a few out here, but the cost has been through the roof, so I never ever attended. I don’t think the have them now (probably due to the cost).

    hi Marigene.

  • 01:54:26 am on June 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    ohhh I’m excited the photo uplaod worked! I didn’t say before, but there are 3 flags of the Murray river flown by craft along the river. The flag of the Upper Murray (mainly in Victoria), the flag of the Lower Murray (mainly in South Australia) & this one, combined Upper & lower Murray flags. All the paddlesteamers fly one of these at the front.

  • 01:50:26 am on June 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Flag of combinrd Murray river, flown on the Pevensey,

    Alan escorts Missy onto the Pevensey.

    View from the from the side of the steamer to the back. View of Murray river taken from front of the Pevensey.


  • 01:39:12 am on June 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi everyone,
    Queli: The new fashionistas look lovely- I also really like the curvy girl with the pigtails & heart necklace :) .

    Kate: That photo of Stinky & Princess of Imperial Russia is so funny, she is looking lovingly at the nesties and Stinky is looking really pleased with himself as if he stacked them all. Gosh you must have so many now! I guess theya re a good doll to collect as they take up less room when stacked.

    Shirls: You make up such great stories! My dolls just tend to do “ordinary” things that people do, no exciting adventures like yours.

    Jackie: Glad you are getting a little rest now. Naked wild woman….I just laughed at that, but its true. I was actually delighted that my haul were dressed & in such great condition (aopart from the hair). Well mine are now naked wild women sitting on my desk, as they all had a bubble bath and hair brush and they are sitting allowing their hair to dry. Looks like a blonde’s nudist convention, lol.
    Beautiful girl sitting in front of that black dressing table – was she a Convention doll?

    Hi Marigene.
    love to all, Fiona

  • 04:40:09 am on June 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Queli: those little LOL dolls are really, really cute. They are about the same size as the miniature cabbage patch kids (which I love- someone gifted me 2 of them & I’ve never been able to get any more, so these kids look promising if they arrive over here).
    Yes, you can go for rides on SOME of the paddlesteamers. The ones based in Echuca are just either hour long rides along the Murray river, or there are also a couple that are restaurants. We went on the Pevensey (been on it twice now). It was used in an Australian mini series from the 80/90s called “All the rivers run”. The name was changed on it for the series. I’ll dig out some photos & TRY & put them up. We were even allowed to take our dogs on it. We sat out fron on huge wool bales on that steamer. (It’s our favourite one).
    There are also paddlesteamers in other towns such as Swan Hill (we went on one there too), Mildura and some south Australian towns. There are a couple that do big 3 night trips too, but the cost is way beyond us for them.

    Jackie: Stinky is looking so at home in Gene’s arms. Hope you are all doing ok in the circumstances. Have some lovely catch up time with your kitties, they’ll be so happy to have Mummy home again.

    Shirls: Yes I will reroot my dolls. I’m noit an expert by any means but have done a few. Yes, the paddlesteamers are so beautiful to go on. Apart from the fact that they are orignal historic vessels & so interesting, they are loved to bits and gleam they are polished and cleaned so much (bet they were not that clean when they were used to haul wool etc, lol). The people who captain them are mostly truly addicted (like we are to dolls) and volunteers (as most are owned by the Victorian or South Australian Historical Trusts. The captains all know the history of the steamers and of the river and so you get a really interesting ride as they give a commentary as you go. Just the gentle splashing of the water and the slow gentle thump, thump of the wheel is hypnotic, and then every so often they blow the whistle whic sounds like an old steam train whistle but is really a haunting sound that travels across the water. Passenger numbers vary, Pevensey carries probably about 90, but some are smaller. Its fantastic.

    Kate: The beard on Ken gives him a totally new look. He actually looks like some one I know with it. Francie seems to find him very appealiing. Love their matching gear.

    Hi Marigene, hi Marie.

    I had a great garage sale haul yesterday. 11 Barbies. Thye are all modern ones, a few are the completely articulated ones, and a couple of the Disney dolls too. Nice bonus was they were all clothed and 1 even had boots on. I also scored a pink Barbie convertible. I’ve always wanted a Barbie car but they are really expensive over here.
    The girls all had to go to the spa as they all had very bad hair- I think the kids who owned them had been putting gel or mousse in their hair as they all had sticky yukky hair (as well as looking like rats nests). I wonder what it is with kids these days….I always made my dolls hair look nice and neat (although I did haircut a few). I was always brushing & combing and washing their hair. Oh well, times change I guess, lol.
    loev to all, Fiona.

  • 03:54:45 am on June 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Inspired by the fact that I actually managed to get a photo onto our board I thought I’d try again. This is the beautiful Murray river in Echuca (in the state of Victoria). Historically a main river port for the paddlesteamers that brought goods all along the Murray river. The paddlessteamers still in existence are now tourist craft.


  • 03:45:59 am on June 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi my dear darling Barbie friends,
    I seem to get so little time to play with you at present! Latest “time taking duty” has been to start making shirt/jackety type tops for the ladies in our band. Only problem is that we’ve gone from 3 of us to 7 in just a few months! Never mind, I said as long as they were prepared to wait (as I’m a slow sewer & do a lot by hand) I’m so happy to make them.
    I kept quickly popping by here to peek……
    My exciting dolly news is that I have added yet another vintage Skipper to my brood. From someone who “coveted” them I now have 4; two blondes & 2 brunettes. This latest girl has lovely face paint, is just starting with fade on her hands & arms, but has BAD hair. Someone has cut her fringe (bangs) so they are like an old frayed toothbrush across her head. Her hair is pretty yukky underneath too, I suspect someone had a rubberband or such on it and it has melted in a bit. So…..she is going to get a re-root. She came with a clone (who has just ghastly ruined hair and will also have a redo), who I suspect is a Hong Kong clone of Tammy. She is just marked Hong Kong.
    I am STILL having issues with photobucket, but will take some piccys and sometime post them! Alan says he need to do a rebuild on my ‘puter so hopefully that will sort out some problems.
    Stinky’s adventures have had me chuckling away. He has SO MUCH personality….or is it just a feature of our fabulous imaginations.

    Jackie, my heart goes out to you & your family. Waiting is so hard and agonizing….not that anyone is ever ready for their beloveds to go. I pray for you all. Oh, I just read David has gone- well he will be rejoicing and well again now, singing with the angels. Bless you all.

    Queli, that storm looks yukky, like our storms here. I pray you are safe. OH! New dollies….TV has been on & on about them over here. I really like the chunky Ken, I think he’d be great with curvies, although the Kens from the 90s were pretty broad too. I just hope, hope there’ll be tons more new shoes and clothes. Frankie with the bubblegum is funny, and that eyeball (baseball) is just too much, hehe.
    You get to some really interesting shows- that Lego show just makes my eyeballs pop. So much clever stuff there.

    Shirls: Who is the guy sitting on the bed with Stinky? Is he a Twilight or ever after guy? He has lovely hair, it looks real in the photo. And, I love Katnis’ outfit! That jacket is wonderful. Stinky is so cute in the carriage, he fits perfectly. Does the Polish stacking doll speak Polish- she is beautiful, I agree she is so round, and such a satisfying & appealing shape. I want to pick her up and hold her. The tiniest one is amazing! Oooo lucky you to get to the Opera- Mozart is just my favourite of all.

    Marigene your garden is looking gorgeous. I was showing a friend the photos of your lilac, we just love the different colours! Rhubarb, Yum!!
    Casey in her bubble swing is just beautiful with kitty snuggling up to her.

    Kate: you are so “brave” dying the Lace capers. They came out really well, – ok maybe you wanted black, but I actually like the steely blue colour with the black lace. Makes a real feature of the fabric. William is so phot0genic and is gorgeous on the dotty sheet.

    Hi Marie if you are popping by, pray you are ok too.

    Take care and happy playing my lovely ladies, love from Fiona.

  • 02:04:44 am on May 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi everyone,
    Boy, but I miss you all when I don’t get time to post here! Yes it is beginning to get quite cool here. Some places south are already really cold. We are not too bad here in Brisbane, though definitely quilt time at night.

    Shirls; Stinky in his tux. on mother’s day is adorable! I didn’t realize you celebrated mothers day at the same tie as we do. Also Stinky in the car, the tent & camping is so fun. He looks really cute in Ken’s hat too – no wonder the mystery girl fell for him. hahaha I just laugh at him fishing. Reminds me of when I was in a musical theatre company – one of the characters was “fishing” (he threw his line off into the wings) & some of the guys backstage tied a TROLL doll onto the end of the line one night unbeknown to him. His face was hilarious when he pulled his line in & of course as he was on stage he had to play along with it. hehehe.

    Jackie: Your GAW doll is beautiful, & that mauve dress is gorgeous, no wonder there was a “fight” for it. Leonardo da Vinci is just absolutely FAntastic! He is so CUTE!!

    Marigene: Those lilacs are simply stunningly gorgeous! I didn’t realize they came in so many colours, I’ve only ever seen pale mauve (most common here) and occasionally white. have fun with your new grandbaby. Bet Mummy is glad its all over.

    Kate: I love your Princess of south africa doll, she is a another beauty. Your little Skipper has the same colouring as 2 of mine. Was that shade of brunette the most common for the originals, as I seem to seem to see mostly brunettes for sale online. I’d really like to get a redhead now.

    Queli: the Hallmark hats are lovely! Hallmark make an amazing array of things that I was simply unaware of….(sorry ’bout the bad grammar)….it’d be great if they made more hats.

    Hi Marie, hope you are ok & your mum is doing ok.

    Do any of you use another free photo sharing site other than photobucket? I’ve been having problems too & I want to post some piccys of dolls & of Australia.
    Love to all of you, enjoy your springtime. Fiona

  • 01:33:19 am on May 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,

    Jackie: Those Scottish cameos are so fun. Love all the brawny Kens in their kilts. That green & black hat & handbag on the Barbie are wonderful! The dress is good too, but I am particularly smitten by hat & Bag (I just LOVE hats). Those new dolls at GAW look great. I especially like the hair fair girl. Must be so interesting to get to conventions. ou now own that beautiful redhead! Lucky you. Funny how popular the redheads seem to be. I love them too, & have rather a lot of redheads in my collection. (My 1st ever Barbie is a titian bubblecut, although her titian is more a browny red than vibrant red).

    Queli that lil tree trimming elf is a real cutie, as is Scottish Santa. I agree the face mold on Pool chic Barbie is quite lovely. Quite a different look for Barbie. Vina looks like she is a fun gal, into everything.

    Shirls: Yes, there are often military/naval US& Australian training “things” happening around about Australia. I think that latest one was up in the Northern territory (a long way from us). I wonder about the people who owned my vintage girls too….& just silently thank them for keeping them for me all this time.

    Kate: yes its rather odd how vintage Skipper’s arms go pale, on the other hand the Barbies from the same era tend to have their faces go darker. Just the vinyl/plastic used I guess, but interesting how each era of dolls has a different way of aging. What a beautiful Barbie in Lucy’s outfit!
    Hi to Marigene & Marie.
    Hug and love to you all, Fiona.

  • 03:55:01 am on May 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    My newly acquired sun lovin Skipper

    Brunette straight leg as she arrived. She’s now had a bath & is looking much prettier, but is prettier in person anyway.

    Both have lovely shiny hair.

  • 03:34:49 am on May 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    Its been so long! My apologies for no postings. We have been away for a couple of weeks again. Went up to Hervey Bay again & played & marched with the Salvation Army there for Anzac Day. There have also been commemorative services along the East coast for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea (fought just off Australia in 1942. The Australian & US navy defended Port Moresby & ultimately Australia from Japanese invasion). Its all very important to us here. It also makes me think I’ve been “here” just over a year as I remember posting piccys of the Dawn Service last year. Wow does time fly when ya have fun!!
    Too many WONDERFUL piccys and dolls to comment on each of them, but it seems there are a lot of new dolls on the market? Some real beauties too.
    I have acquired TWO skippers since I last posted!! I’m so excited as I LOVE vintage Skipper so much. I added a brunette straight leg (face & arms very faded but otherwise ok) & a sun lovin Malibu, who has a few bits scraped off her tan lines but is otherwise in fabulous condition- no fading & her face paint is beautiful. Happy happy (doesn’t take much, hehe).
    Hope all is well with everyone, waves & hugs to you all.

  • 03:23:22 am on April 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Kate: Skooter & Stinky look very cute together- their hair “matches”. The tiny MMMQs are so sweet – I love the little painted toenails & things (flipflops?? – not sure what you call them in the US) on the mystery figure, & the tinsy dog & bone are too, too adorable. So lovely of Queli to send Stinky & Skooter a gift :) – & glad they shared it with you. I see you also have a little “boxing” kangaroo.
    Queli: glad Abbey made it to your house, did she ride in on her skateboard? Isn’t it amazing how different colouring can make a difference on a doll! I love, love the streaks in her hair.
    Shirl: Sounds like you are having somke “hairy” weather. We have just had a cyclone here- we just got the tail end of it, with torrential rain & a bit of wind, but there are areas north devastated & areas south of us that have had devastating floods as a result of all the rain, so lots of damage & heartbreak for many people. We just have a water-logged back yard, although the past 2 days have been fine & it is drying out well. No damage to us thank God.
    Marigene: Your Skippers are so beautiful. How many do you have? Is that some kind of moss that the Skipper (in green) is standing on, or is it a confer?It looks beautiful.
    Jackie: The Campbell soup kids are cute- how big are they? The Silkstone girl in the pink & black is gorgeous- the gown is stunning. That beach looks fun- where is it? Where is your friend coming to in Australia? Hope we can turn on some great weather for her.
    Hi Marie, hope you are ok & all is going ok at home for you with your Mum.
    Keep safe everyone, big hug, Fiona

  • 02:55:23 am on March 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi everyone,
    Queli: that Mixie beauty salon is just too,too cute.
    Jackie: Gorgeous Skipper (waving) and the My Fair Lady dolls are really lovely. I especially like that pink Eliza outfit (it was one of my favourites in the film too), and HenryH’s suit is fabulous. Shame we can’t just buy clothes like that for our dollies any more.
    One thing I really love about the (original) vintage Barbies is all the outfits.
    Hi Kate, Shirls, Marie & Marigene.
    Love to all, Fiona.

  • 03:06:01 am on March 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi everyone,
    Jackie: I’ve never been to a reunion of any kind before. They sound like fun though. Nice to know that you were able to get to lunch at the beach, even of it is still a boit cool.
    Queli: Thanks for the Downton piccys! WOW!!!! You could get so CLOSe (I’d love that so you can peek at all the details)…..and the hats. I jsut love hats. Would love to get to wear those clothes. mmmmmm:)
    Kate: Thanks for the info on “fierce” (hehehe) Ken. He is somewhat more manly looking than poor ol original Ken (though I still love him too, lol). GORGEOUS Francie.
    Shirls, yes I LOVE the curvys too, though I only have 2 (so far).(The blonde like Queli’s LoLa Lane & the brunette like you made into the island girl).
    Hi Marie, hi Marigene.
    love to all, Fiona.

  • 03:40:04 am on March 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Kate:s that Ken (sitting with Francieon the blowup flamingo) a Repro? His expression looks a little different to what I usually expect on the vintage “boys” (isn’t as “googly – eyed”), hahaha.
    Queli: Yes the Brass band festival is fabulous, we LOVE it. It goes from midday Saturday (there is a march down the street & into the park- a GORGEOUS park), then the bands play a spot each & go until about 4pm. That is all free, with people coming & going, others just sit & listen to the whole thing (hundreds throughout the weekend). Then there is a break for while & at 7.30pm there is a formal concert in the Orange Performing Arts theatre. That concert features all each band doing a spot, and goes for about 3 hours. Sunday morning, back to the park (no march in), starts at 9am. At 10.30am the Salvation Army band leads Hymns in the park for an hour, then at 11.30 the massed bands play together (about 120players in all). A lunch break of about half an hour (there are food & coffee vans in the park & a tea room that serves scones, jam & cream & tea & coffee. Some people pack their own picnics. People take their fold up chairs, picnic rugs etc. Then bands all afternoon until about 4.30pm when the festival ends. There are 4 bands every year- one Salvation Army Band, then usually the Australian Champion Band A Grade, another champion band of some degree (this year it was the B grade Aussie champions) & the local Orange Brass band (which organises the whole thing in conjunction with the Orange Salvation Army). Its lovely “cos it is all entertainment not a competition. Orange is a truly beautiful city.
    You went to the Downtown Abbey fashion exhibit- I’m green with envy. I LOVE that show!
    Shirls: Beautiful blonde bubble cut in zebra stripe swimsuit.
    Marigene: Lovely Skipper reroot,….& a red lily of the valley! I’ve never heard of red one before! Is it rare or a “common” plant? The blonde ?American girl is gorgeous too.
    Jackie: That is really rotten for your poor sister re her shoulder. Hope it all gets “sorted” out soon. Poor lady, does she get a lot of pain? And, oh, your barbies look beautiful in front of the weigela. I just love weigela. We had it growing in the house where I lived until I was 12. I’ve tried to grow it here, but it is too hot in Brisbane & just dies. (Have I said all that before?, lol). Enjoy GAW.
    Hi Marie.
    Love to you all, Fiona.

  • 03:03:45 am on March 20, 2017 | 0 | # |


    Image result for orange band stand, nswThis is the bandstand is beautiful Cooke Park in Orange, NSW where the band celebration is held.


    Image result for band, brass orange nswThe massed bands have just marched into the park. Photos courtesy central western daily.

  • 02:53:37 am on March 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    We’ve been away for 2 weeks. Went down to Orange (central NSW) for a band festival that is on each year. Its been going for 10years & this was the 5th year we had been. Orange is a simply gorgeous place, & we have made some nice brass band “nut” friends down there. We took our caravan & were supposed to be hit with huge storms (hail, torrential rain & high winds) all the way home, but God looked after us & we only had one day of rain (& cold- Orange gets VERY cold in winter – snows down there- & the temperature also drops when it rains. So we went from 29degrees one day to 13 the next).However we were safe & dry. I was also pretty pleased as I nabbed the Fashionista AA Ken (the one with the blue hoodie).
    All the St Patricks day photos here are so fantastic.
    Jackie the Kellys are so KUTE in their little green hats.
    Queli the mini mixies are so adorable. I’ve seen them here but they are very expensive. Yes Geoffrey the giraffe is a winner- must say I’m rather partial to the little sausage dog too.
    Marigene that repro Barbie with the green hair looks sensational! Your kitties are beautiful. :)
    Jackie what a scare for your your sister, glad all is well.
    Hi Marie, Shirls & Kate – wave, wave.
    Take care all, love from Fiona

  • 02:55:34 am on February 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    P.s. yes, a nice new keyboard, all keys work but I still hit the wrong ones- please excuse all the spelling mistakes!

  • 02:54:28 am on February 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Jackie: No don’t watch the Oscars these days-I’m usually doing something else. I used to sit glued to them in my younger days though. Your Genes are lovely & have some very glamorous gorgeous gowns. Ouch, that damage to your ceiling etc looks awful- hope it can be easily & relatively cheaply fixed!
    Queli: I love the pattern of the crotchet coat on your pink-haired Barbie. It drapes beautifully & I really like the big shawl collar. Looks great. he Lane sisters are beautiful :) - I love Poppy – hoping we get her here, we are still on the previous batch of Fashionistas here.
    Shirls: The girls are having a great time at the beach house! That little cactus looks real-is it? And,….my new keyboard is just wonderful, thank you for asking :) .It’s great to be able to type easily & not pushing keys down a gazillion times to get them to register. And all the keys work ….I’m happy, lol. So sorry about poor Myah & hope she is on the mend at last. We are fortunate we don’t have rabies over here, but all dogs in QLD have to get heartworm pills or needles. We found it so much easier to get our furries jabbed yearly rather than trying to foght tablets down them & remember to give them all the time.Its not nice when fur babies are unwell, a huge hug to you both.
    Marie- Happy family Grandma’s potting looks lovely- spring is obviously in the air.
    Kate: gorgeous Francie in her green sundress!
    love to you all,FIona

  • 03:17:26 am on February 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Just a quick stop by to say hi – I’ve been out of action for a while due to computer problems (again), but now have a nice brand new shiny keyboard.
    I’m now trying to catch up……loving all the wonderful photos (asd usual).
    Wow! You gals who have been snowed in must be just so “over it”. I’ve never seen such deep snow!
    Anyways, will post again when I’ve caught up with all my posts/news etc.
    Keep safe all, bug hug to you all, Fiona

  • 01:21:51 am on February 8, 2017 | 0 | # |


  • 01:11:29 am on February 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi Girls,
    Jackie: Unfortunately we do have lots of snakes in Australia (5 of the most poisonous in the world-what a reputation!), but thankfully I have seen very few. The “church snake” episode was funny in a way as the guy who found it just casually walked out & sat down for band practice & mentioned “there’s a big python in the store-room”. I can tell you I was set to run, but they locked it in & called the snake catcher. I think Superbowl is shown here at some awful hour of the night….its possibly livestreamed. I know there’s been quite a bit about it on the news. Shame about the vinyl sleeves on that jacket. I have found a number of clothes have done the same for me-like the lil Kelly hot pink coat from lil Frosty, some of the Kelly raincoats & hats & some of Barbie’s rain coats….it really is too rotten as they are such nice fashions. Yes I was thinking those little lamps would be perfect for Jeannie Barbie too.

    Kate: Oh, Stinky looks so great in ? Ken’s driving cap & the glasses. He sure looks happy with the girls in the dune buggy & he is such a little gentleman giving up his seat. He looks such a cool guy in his banamobile,- your kitty “floor assistant” is very patient & good with the dolls.

    Marigene: Kitty ground hog searching is so funny! Love the snow piccys- that blue “fur” coat is gorgeous, Its one I always wanted, but I have got the linger pink “fur” coat. I hope there were no injuries to either of the skiing Barbies, I’d hate to see them with their legs in traction. I guess you are probably really “over” the snow now though.

    Shirls: Midge looks adorable in those Mickey Mouse ears- I’m rather fond of Mickey ears for some reason. We had a whole boxful (cheapos, just on a hairband) left in our church welfare office, so I was wearing some over Christmas & giving them out to any kids who came in (& some adults too, lol).

    Queli: The Kohl’s Barbies are lovely – did the pink frilly outfit come with them? The vintage Swiss outfit also really suits them too. The pink dressing-table is fabulous…what are the little baubly pink, black & white things in the white bedside table? lol, I noticed Ken’s feet too, good to know he admires his girl.

    Hi Marie
    Hi anyone else looking in, love to you all, Fiona

  • 03:47:23 am on February 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Kate: Stinky looks so cute peeking over the edge of the egg-cup, Tammy looks a bit worried at meeting him- maybe she has never met a troll before….i’m sure they’ll be great friends though. Ah, if Farmer Stinky is taking the little kangaroo on the farm, warn him that they can eat crops & break down fences (so maybe he’d better do some training with the lil roo, lol).

    Jackie: Midge looks lovely in her red plaid skirt & “bomber” jacket. Nice fashion (& a lovely Midge, I think she is probably one of the prettiest Midges, although I love all of them). Stinky & Tommy playing football is just hilarious, with all the lil ones cheering on the sidelines. We havn’t seen Mr (or Mrs, I don’t know how to tell) koala, but 1 of the the baby owls came back for a visit a week ago. :) ) We’ve also had ducklings, baby kookaburras & a couple of years ago we had a snake (NOT my kind of wildlife- I’m terrified of snakes.) One of the guys went into a storeroom & there curled on a shelf was a big python. We had to get the snake catcher in to get it & relocate it, but now we are not allowed to open the bottom windows in the church, just in case….

    Marigene: Your garden is beginning to look really beautiful. Your Daylilies are quite spectacular & the fushia looks brilliant with them. I love your flower fairy Barbie & Kelly, & Francie in her raincoat is a beauty. Buffy is so cute next to the African violets. They are one kind of violet I cannot seem to grow, I ALWAYS manage to kill them. Someone gave ne one when I had my last hip done, so I gifted it to another friend who seems to have no trouble with them at all & has numerous pots of them – so now I just say hello to “my” violet when I go & visit my friend, haha. But, its going well & blooms beautifully for her. Baby nephew playing with Fuzzbutt watching intently is so sweet.

    Queli, great that some nice new outfits are coming out for Barbie. I LOVE the SUV, I’d be very tempted to buy it too.The picnic chair & brolly are nice too, but the SUV wins for me. Did you make the long pink boots on the Barbie in the pink raincoat, or did they come with it? I havn’t seen that outfit before.

    Shirls: Those genie lamps are just great, & the little bluebird is sweet. Are they china (look like it in the piccys). Your “Zig Zag” looks great. The shoes look really nice on her- I have found that the (old, ie:late ’90s, early 2000s) teen Skipper sandels & boots fit the curvy girls pretty well too. I do think Mattel needs to remebre that bubblegum pink lipstick is not flattering on ALL skintones. So many of the playline dolls have it & it doesn’t always look good (one in particular who doesn’t suit it is the caucasian pregnant Midge doll- I keep thinking it clashes with her colouring. Did you use acrylic paint to redo your girls lips? They look MUCH prettier this colour.

    Hi Marie, so pleased your Mum is having better days, hope it continues.
    Big hug to all, Fiona

  • 04:32:57 am on January 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Marie, hope all is going smoothly for you with your Mum…a big hug.

    Queli those Fairytopias are quite cute with their oh so bright hair. I rather like their shoes too. One bad thing about all the different dolls is that shoes are frequently a problem-one size fits all certainly doesn’t apply to Barbie, friends & family.The puffy blue pants on the blue girl are cute. I just love those lil Mixies…it’d be fun to get the “surprise”ones too, just to see what turns up. There must be hundreds of different ones now.

    Jackie, so glad you are home safe. It would be awful being caught in a demonstration/riot (we nearly got caught in one when we lived in PNG) & it was very scarey. The dioramas are lovely, I especially love the girl on the bed in pink – does it say she is Aurora?

    Kate very cute faux leather gear. Skipper looks very pleased & quite smug in the “helmet”. Was it hard to sew?

    Shirls I love that Barbie with the red curls & her outfit is so nice, looks kind of 79s/80s vintage. Lovely.
    Hugs to all, take care, play happily, Fiona

  • 04:27:04 am on January 29, 2017 | 0 | # |


    Image result for aussie dunny race

    Dunny race at Ettamogah pub (about 30kms away from our place). Courtesy Sunshine Coast Daily.

  • 04:22:50 am on January 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Shirls: Misty Copeland is a lovely doll. I am a total ballet fan & love the ballet dolls, especially the newer ones who have truly pointed toes.Your “widowmakers” sound like our gums- they are beautiful trees but can be trecherous. Limbs & whole trees can fall over, so it is best not to have them too near the house or to leave your car under one. Hoping your nosebleeds clear up & poor little Myah’s asthma goes away too.
    Jackie: Sounds like you are having a fun time, don’t spend too much at the Casino – remember that is Barbie money, lol.
    Queli: Do you have Hallmark clubs like Barbie clubs? Sounds fun. Australia Day…yes, the day Australia was “officially” colonized by Captain Arthur Philip. Its a public holiday,& it seems half of Australia is at the beach, picnics or BBqing. Some places do silly things like have toad races, cockroach races, dunny (Australian name for an outdoor toilet) races etc. Personally I have never experienced these, we usually go to our church picnic. Of course there are some (aboriginals) who claim it is actually “invasion day” & protest…but thats another story (mind you I always think that the convicts wouldn’t have been too thrilled to be here either.To them transportation to Australia was worse than a death sentence). Generally though, most Aussies just have a fun day- sort of like your July 4th.
    hi Marie, Kate & Marigene, hugs to everyone. Stay safe & warm, love & prayers for all of you, Fiona

  • 11:33:08 pm on January 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    ok, so the photos worked this time….I don’t “get” technology!

  • 11:28:45 pm on January 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Image result for australian native violets

    our native violets (photo courtesy Gardening gals)

  • 11:26:43 pm on January 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi all,
    Jackie: glad you are enjoying your time with your son. Its so nice to just sit & enjoy each others’ company.

    Marigene: That sunrise is just exquisite, as are your hellabores. They are such gorgeous flowers. I don’t remember ever seeing them in real life until about 10 years ago when we went down through the Blue Mountains. Cold weather does have its compensations with the flowers that need the cold to bloom (like I said before daffodils etc won’t bloom here in Brisbane- they grow like mad, leaves galore, but no flowers. Go south & they are everywhere). Barbie looks so beautiful in front of them. That outfit suits her to perfection (obviously her colours, hehehe. That blue is one of “my colours” too). Are they a clump of violets in front of her foot? They look like our native violets (which are small & white with a purple throat).

    Kate: the theatre is fantastic! And scenery too- how wonderful. I bet Stinky is having a great time “helping” & thinking up new productions to do. I was in a Musical theatre company (amateur) for a few years, we had some fun times, especially when things went “wrong” on stage & someone had to “save” the moment, hehe.
    Hi to Queli, Marie, Shirls & anyone Fiona

  • 03:41:50 am on January 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Yesterday was Australia Day & a public holiday here.

    Kate: Your nesting dolls are fabulous-I spy 15 dolls in one set! 15! That is just amazing. Your little theatre is brilliant, & Stinky is a very talented guy :) Blue Peter is very popular in the UK – I think its sort of an “institution” over there (I didn’t ever see it though).

    Marigene: your Francies are so beautiful-she was a gorgeous doll.Seems that your black Francie’s hair hasn’t oxidised too much, it still looks more blackish brown than red. Nevertheless, she is gorgeous no matter what the hair colour. Hmmm I don’t like you saying 6 Mondays till Spring- means 6 Mondays till autumn here, & winter on the way. I guess you girls are looking forward to warmer weather though after all the freezing weather. Summer seems to have gone SO FAST this time (yes, I’m getting older!) And daffodils are so gorgeous! (Too hot to grow them here, they won’t flower).

    Jackie: Stinky looks so cute in Fashion Queen’s head covering. What a funny lil guy he is. I was looking at the convention photos you posted & who should I see, but my online friends Yvette & Ion Moe (Yvette in pink Tiara intently perusing merchandise, Ion with camera, in case you don’t know them). :) Yvette was in Kelly Klub way back, & she & I exchanged dollies for a holiday. I had her lil Evie & Elmo (took them to Steve Irwin’s zoo among other things) & she had my lil Charlotte- took her to Disneyland (I have piccys of her there with Mickey mouse, Snow White, etc & she also took Charlotte to a Kelly Klub Convention. Gosh they were fun days. :) . Have fun away. (don’t worry about mis-spelling my name :) )

    Marie: I so much feel for you with your Mum. I pray she is pain free and that she gently slips home to heaven in her sleep. Much love and prayers for you & your family. We are here any time you want to visit, & Barbie always understands.

    Queli: your Russian and Polish dolls are just beautiful. The Silkstone is particularly gorgeous. The Hallmark ornaments are so nice…are you a member?

    Shirls: Your weather seems to be really changeable. Where do you live? Good on you for all that yard cleaning up, always a big challenge. What are widow makers? Just love, love, love your vintage & repro dolls. So many beauties.
    Hi to everyone, big hug to all, Fiona.

  • 04:51:51 am on January 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Kate: what an amazing collection of nesting dolls! When “one” knows that it is Francie’s hand beside the tiny doll, it becomes apparent just how tinsy it is. It must be not much bigger than a bead! Must say Stinky looks awfully pleased standing up there on the doll’s head.
    Jackie: Hope you are feeling well again really soon. Having a cold is yuk- always makes you feel so much worse than how bad it really is (Hmmm does that make sense?), anyways, keep warm & get some hot lemon drinks and chicken soup into yourself. The blonde bubble in the pak clothes is a real beauty- is that “white ginger” hair? I don’t remember how it should look (too long ago now from when they were first around), as all the ones about now seem to have oxidised hair, which can be very pretty but not the original colour.
    Marigene: That mama duck & her babies is just so gorgeous! As always I am just drooling over all your vintage dolls, and I agree with Kate, Skooter looks pleaded as punch to have “nabbed” Spongebob.
    Queli: Who is the Barbie wearing the pink skirt & heart print top- she looks to have a very different face. The clothes are very cute, especially the kitty t-shirt. I just love taht little boy in the Chelsea club sets, I hope we get him here. I’m not collecting too many of the Chelseas, just a few to round out my collection hehe, but I really like him. He reminds me of an older Dennis the menace.
    Shirls: hi & hope you can get the neck split fixed on your Barbie. I agree its rotten when things happen when the dolls have just been sitting on the shelf minding their own business. I remember when I first noticed my Barbie’s lips had faded – i was so shocked (at that time I didn’t know that they often faded with age). I thought I was going nuts, kept thinking “I’m SURE her lips used to be a nice coral colour- am I imagining things”.
    Love to you all, keep safe, Fiona

  • 10:17:30 pm on January 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    I missed this last piccy of Jamie & Stacie- came up as I was typing.
    Shirls I really like this “new” Stacie “in real life”. I havn’t seen one yet, but now I have a “modern” Skipper I am on the prowl for a modern Stcie too (to go with my 1990s/early 2000s teen Skippers & Stacies).
    Seems odd I know, but I love the really truly vintage dolls (& repros, & of course Silkstones) & fashions but can even begin to afford them. So I frequently dress my new girls in vintage style.
    Hi Marigene, sorry I missed you last post.
    luv Fiona

  • 10:07:01 pm on January 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi there everyone,
    Jackie, I sympathise about the surgery & lack of mobility. I have a “wrecked back” (courtesy of my nursing days) & have had 2 hip replacements. So, though I am eternally grateful for the lack of constant hip pain, I am also limited now- can’t bend for long, get down on the floor or very low seats and can’t walk for too long either- we’d make a good pair, we could hold one another up as we shopped and drooled over all the cute & Barbie stuff, lol.
    Marie, cakeshop looks YUM! Let me loose in it, lol. Yes, we do have some beautiful trees- bottle brush also come in pink and white. I planted a red one & a white one. Sadly the white has died, but the red is now growing (its about 2 foot tall now, but still had a flower last year).
    Queli, thanks for posting the bottle brush & bottle tree photos.Kelly’s dollies are just wonderful! I particularly lve the little ? Stawberry Shortcake one, & the WOZ Laloopsys are just adorable. Are they Barbie/Kelly size too? Yes, cricket can go on forever, ho hum, Alan says its more interesting to watch the grass grow, but many Australians are absolute fanatics.
    Shirls love your beach house. Was it always this big, or is it a composite of a few structures? Looks like such fun. Yes, I too still read my Barbie Bazaars. In fact I was readin one the other day & Alan asked if I had a new magazine- no, just one from 1999! He reckens he can never accuse me of not getting my money’s worth out of my favourite magazines. So glad Myah is feeling better – its awful when fur babies get sick.
    Kate, TWO STINKYS!! I was about to say twice the fun, but Queli beat me to it. Is one a Stinkerella, or Stinkette? The look just fantastic! Can’t wait to see what they both get up to, lol.
    Posted some piccys, but as usual, they only showed up on the main feed page of “Ultimate Chat”. Hmmm, I really can’t work this out (obvious I’m not the computer person in this household).
    I’m making some MOD clothes for my dollies and want tp post them, so I’ll keep trying.
    Love to you all- keep warm as we swelter, hehe. Fiona

  • 02:34:23 am on January 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,

    Jackie: Wow! Bronners looks just an amazing and fun place to shop…..HOW do you ever chose what to buy? I’d be there forever. Some archaeologist would find my bones, pouring over all the little treasures, trying to decide, hehe. Frankenmuth looks funtoo, we have a little German village down in South Australia. It’s also full of German eateries, little Lutheran churches and they have an Ompah band down there too. We’ve been there twice.

    Marigene: Your Barbie shopping mall is great! I saw it in a Barbie Bazaar once (boy, I MISS that magazine, I loved it!). Like Cher’s outfit…? your creation? Your little customised kitty gets around a lot, hehe – does s/he have a name? Fuzzbutt is just GORGEOUS! She sure is growing fast. She looks like a very contented kitty who knows how well loved she is.

    Queli those little ornaments are just so perfect for Barbie. The mugs remind me of the mug one of the Christmas Kellys had. The fabric in Barbie’s Christmas dress is just so cute.

    Kate: Buffy’s earmuffs are so clever. I once nannied a little girl who used to call them earmuffets (so cute). Anyway, what a great idea for making them. Does Stinky get to have a ride on the rocking horse too? He looked totally cool & adorable in the Russian Kokoshnik & cape.

    Shirls: hope Myah is well again now.Keep safe and warm & happy decluttering.

    Marie: Midge must be run off her feet- all those little ones and another on the way. No wonder Midge disapperared from “Barbieland” for so many years, she was busy having babies. (I loooooovvve Midge & have quite a few – modernish ones).

    Hmm football season in swing over there….its cricket here at present (I find it boring)

    Love to you all, Fiona.

  • 05:25:23 am on January 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Jackie, had to laugh we genuinely have a tree called a bottlebrush over here in Australia!
    We also have a bottle tree.

  • 05:17:23 am on January 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,

    Home again, and HEAPS to catch up with here. First of all, Happy New Year to you all! We celebrated very quietly, we were at Hervey Bay staying with friends, he had to work (he’s a works for a security company) so the wife, Alan & I watched fireworks being set off out over the bay, then went & had icecream at the best icecream parlour on the coast. :) )

    One thing I did manage to get was an “Amaze Chase” Skipper. So happy – she is the first of these newer Skippers I have seen in person. Really love her except for the annoying bent arm- makes dressing harder.

    All the photos are wonderful as always…
    now, to catch up… to you all, Fiona.

  • 02:41:05 am on December 27, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Image result for barbie in black & white swimsuitMy new girl :) )))))

    love Fiona

  • 02:38:05 am on December 27, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am sooooo HAPPY! I got a blonde ponytail in black & white swim suit for Christmas. I LOVE these girls.

    We also had a beautiful Christmas surprise from God last evening. Mrs Ringtail Possum was out on the wire across our backyard again, BUT….she had two babies with her. The 3 of them just sat on the wire & looked down on us. They are so adorable. Then Mummy gently hopped over into the tree outside our bedroom. We were so excited.

    I’ll be off-line for about 10 days, so have a fantastic New Year, and I’ll look forward to catching up when we get back. love to all of you, Fiona.

  • 02:35:37 am on December 27, 2016 | 0 | # |

    hi everyone,
    Marie, Skipper looks so cosy in her little bed, I just want to crawl in beside her.
    Marigene, I have quite a few Fashion Avenues too- they were nicely made, almost back to the old, old vintage standard I think. Wish Mattel would make some more. So many of the fashions now are all so “samey” and not very well made. I’m loving playing “I spy” with your little Barbie tortiseshell kitty……its so fun to see just where he is going to pop up. I got a tinsy emu from a kinder egg over Christmas so I’m going to make him my little photo-hog. So now we have your kitty, STinky & I’ll have emu (though he looks more like an ostrich, lol). Love Casey & kitty raiding the fridge after Christmas, looks like our fridge, hehe.
    Kate, Stinky sure looks happy with his paperclip holder, but what is he going to do with it?
    Jackie, I really like that Barbie in the pink check/plaid trousers, who is she? Had to chuckle at all the Kellys tucking into the chocolate from the advent calendar. I guess the chocolate from them is the same all the owrld over- my friend says its yukky too. How is your sister’s shoulder?
    love to you all, Fiona

  • 04:34:02 am on December 24, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Happy Christmas. xx


  • 04:30:37 am on December 24, 2016 | 0 | # |

    hi girls, just a quick post today. All the photos are just wonderful.
    I wrote a long post yesterday & it disappeared, so I felt really miffed, & gave up at that stage.
    I pray that you ALL (& your loved ones) have a Peaceful, Joyful, Happy & Safe Christmas. Hope you all get heaps of Barbie goodies. Take care all, i love being part of this group.:)
    Love to you all, Fiona.

  • 03:18:33 am on December 22, 2016 | 0 | # |


  • 02:43:12 am on December 22, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Had another busy day today, doing last minute rush for hampers for Christmas….
    Jackie, so glad you released some little Kellys from their boxes. Very therapeutic I think :) ). Your little ones look so cute lined up for Santa. Mmm I really like corduroy too and wear it in the winter, but I love wool too. Your Sugar Plum Fairy is beautiful.
    Shirls, beef & noodle soup sounds good. mmmm.
    Your Mulan looks lovely- what did you use for her “makeup” it looks very blended and soft.
    Can anyone tell me why sometimes when I post it just goes to the main Ultimate Chat home page & doesn’t showup here at all?
    love to all, Fiona. x

  • 04:35:09 am on December 20, 2016 | 0 | # |

    HI Ladies,

    Been AWOL for what seems like ages! Alan & I have been busy with our church’s Christmas welfare- packing hampers, distributing food & toys etc, carolling with the band around about….its been a HUGE couple of weeks. Christmas with the Salvation Army is relentless. No koala sightings, I think s/he has moved on….then again they are quite difficult to spot unless up close so who knows.

    Anyways, all the phoots are wonderful! So many gorgeous dolls to drool over.
    Queli I just love that curvy scientist “Midge” doll (hope she comes here) & the new (for 2017) Kens look great- some nice new looking guys, also the little “boyfriend” of Chelsie (a modern day version of Ricky?). Ohhh I can’t wait for these ones (fingers crossed they make it here. I bought my curvys those gold and bronze shoes and they love them. I’ll have to watch for the other pack you posted. Those mushroom and acorn houses are adorable.

    Marigene, as always gorgeous dolls- Francie in “Blue Flare” looks wonderful- did you make it? I love the repro Kelly set too. They are darling. I especially like the brunette bubblecut. Your poor ol Santa, little sausage curl Skipper is looking so cosy on his knee, but I think Santa is finding the business of the Season overcoming him, hehehe….I wonder if Skipper noticed he is snoozing. Noticing your little Barbie kitty sneaking iinto the photos, hehe.

    Jackie, I just laughed at Barbie on Santa’s knee, the sideways look Santa is giving Ken (as if he is thinking “oh no is Ken gonna hit me with Barbie on my knee”). So sorry for your sister and pray her shoulder will heal very fast and painlessly. Um, Christmas here- varies from family to family & whetehr there are children etc. Some spend it by the pool, some at the beach….we’ll go to church early then home for lunch (fairly casual, salads- too hot for anything else- with ham, plum pudding & custard & icecream) we have friends coming over for lunch. Then rest & watch TV for the evening…..very quiet. When I was a kid my Dad & all his siblings (5 altogether) and spouses & kids descended midmorning on my grandparents. We all squeezed into the house for about a week and had our own Family traditions-Boxing day we went to a swimming complex for a big picnic tea, we always went yabbying at some stage, played cricket on the back lawn. Those traditions have gone now though.

    Kate you are so busy going out kitty-minding. Your friends are so blessed to have you to do this. Glad Stinky liked his new (not for him) gift, hehehe. Barbie’s Christmas dress looks beautiful.

    Shirls I think your brunette “Bubble” looks very Christmasy in red velvet. What have your dolls got in the pot over the stove – is it punch? Their winter coats are lovely and that little sled is adorable. Is it wood, looks like it in the photo.

    Is Marie away?…hi Marie.

    Hi Sari.
    love & hugs to you all, Fiona. x

  • 02:23:07 am on December 5, 2016 | 0 | # |

    oops, apologies, how rude of me, I didn’t sign off.

    Hugs to you all & I hope you all stay safe & warm. Fiona. xox.

  • 02:13:47 am on December 5, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi lovely ladies,
    Hope all is ok for you all. Its beginning to get incredibly hot here, plus storm season really setting in. We were meant to play at a carol service (outdoor) on Saturday night, but soon after we arrived the heavens opened and there was an almighty storm- heavy lashing rain, thunder, lightning, the lot! Needless to say the whole event was cancelled! As we drove home it began hailing so we had to drive under a shelter for a bit. Anyways, the gardens & lawns loved the rain.
    Jackie, the kids lining up for Santa look cute, & as for Barbie on the piano, hahaha, she looks like she had a few too many cocktails, hehe.The way “Solo” is looking down at her “Solo” looks as if she is saying “oh no, not again!”. Your Hogs of the Forest ride sounds like a similar thing done here- the motorcycle riders band together to take toys (usually soft toys like enormous teddys) to the Brisbane children’s hospital, and Santa goes riding on the back of one of those huge motor bikes with the seat at the back.
    Marigene, your “Bubble” in the hostess set is a real beauty- do you know if she originally had white ginger hair, or has it always been that colour? You have so many beautiful Bubbles! Do you have as many ponytail vintage girls? Kitty looking comfy on the gorgeous silk stripe chair. Also glad to hear Fuzzbutt is settled in well :) ). She knows she has a great home & a beautiful new Mummy.
    Kate, William is so cute sleeping with his backside sticking out. Stinky is so adorable as always, he looks very festive in his santa hat & that little rocking horse is just so gorgeous, it looks antique (& perfect Stinky size). Hope and pray your Dad is feeling better now & nothing serious going on for him health-wise.
    Queli the Bubbleastic Barbies are super nice, I especially like the AA one. Her skin colour really suits the pink hair & I like the face mold a lot. Yes, I do get Barbies at Target, occasionally get them at Kmart (though they are tending to stock fewer and fewer here) & sometimes at Big W. Big W used to have the best range of Kellys when they were being produced. Hey great to see you have a ‘roo- and he has a vest with aboriginal artwork on it! I’m getting to really like some aboriginal art – previously I didn’t understand it & it didn’t “grab” me, but we went out west a few years ago & an old guy explained some of it & now I really like (some) of it. The new playsets look good, I notice the kitchen girl is wearing flat boots. One downside to the curvys is that most of teh shoes don’t fit her larger flatter feet. I’ve discovered Stacy’s “loafers” fit and the (old) teen skippers shoes fit and the Barbie jelly sandles from the 90s fit, but not anything more. I hope Mattel make some more accessorie paks with big flat shoes for them!
    Marie, your dollys are really good at baking……can I come & taste too, the goodies look just yum. No wonder little Kelly is all set to tuck in…..& I never get tired of looking at your Barbie kitchen and all its little bits!

  • 04:11:23 am on November 28, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi Ladies,
    Hope you are all “recovered” from your Thanksgiving festivities. My friend who is visiting the U.S.A. emailed us to say she had been to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with her friends. We do not celebrate it here, sad to say. I guess though our first settlers were not too happy to be here as they were either here on life sentences as convicts or soldiers here to guard them! Our big celebration day is Australia Day (January 26th). Looks like all your dolls had fantastic celebrations too. I am about to start on some dolly Christmas things.
    Jackie, Princess of the Nile is just a stunningly beautiful doll in my opinion. Are you going to debox her? Thoughts and big prayers for your sister nad her hubby. I pray he is pain free.
    Marigene your new kitty is gogeous, what a little darling (the real one I mean). Looks like she is full of fun too -how are the other cats getting along with her. Now as to your dolly kitty…..he/she is so much a poser (like Stinky I think) getting in photos. I love where kitty is in the window box, and I spy a conspicuous bag of kitty ‘s ki nibbles under Barbie’s kitchen bench,hehehe. Maybe we should all get a little figure of some sort (like Stinky or your kitty) who appears regularly popping in and out of photos. hmmm I need to give it some thought, hehehe. (yep, I’m crazy!) Love Audrey’s vacuum cleaner! (and I REALLY like that outfit fron “cool collecting Barbie” that she has borrowed.
    Kate, great to see Stinky helping build your yellow sub, though I guess he was exhausted as those lego bits must be huge & heavy for little him. He must be very happy to have a few new friends.William was a good boy just looking, not “helping”. Princess of south Africa is another absolute beauty. She has a great wig wardrobe. How many does she have?
    Marie, did your dolls get some great bargins in the sales? I’m not into going and battling crowds at the sales either. If I get something on sale later, good if not I tell myself I didn’t need it. I rather like that red Gap top & long denim skirt on your Barbie though. I love long denim skirts.
    Shirls, nice little stash of clothes you bought there….are there any really great treasures amongst them? I really think you “need” to release little pilgrim Kelly (who si tooo kute for words) from her box. Do you have the turkey too?
    Queli those mini Barbie handbags from Target are lovely! I wonder why we don’t get things like that at Target!
    hugs to you all, Fiona

  • 03:36:34 am on November 28, 2016 | 0 | # |

  • 04:38:40 am on November 22, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    so sorry if you’ve been “talking” to me & I havn’t replied….its been a HUGE week!
    This is a bit of a generic post….Jackie, no I havn’t seen our koala….I keep forgetting to go & look as he is/was in the trees out the back behind the building where we normally go. Yes, we have seen platypuses….they are so quick & quite hard to see till you know what you are looking for. You just see a few ripples on the water & then the little heads come up. They are very inquisitive, but can stay under water for ages, and you have to be TOTALLY quiet or they won’t come up. We sat watching them for about an hour in the freezing cold, hahaha. Alan got some amazing shots of them, I’ll track some down & post them.
    Shirls that red velevt Vogue dress reminds me so much of red flare. Miss “Green-ear” is looking really good, & you did an excellent job of touching up her makeup.
    Queli, thos emini deer are so sweet…I didn’t realise HOW mini they were until I saw them “in context” with the red lounge. Ken’s fishing lodge is amazing! All I can say is: have your Kens been in the military? The lodge is just soooooooo neat & Tidy.
    Marie, once again, your kitchen is super cute….they distressed dresser is just perfect. and so is the old blackleaded stove (my Nana had one, they cook just so beautifully).
    Marigene..I can so totally understand you being in love with that gorgeous kitty!
    Kate, the United Airlines ‘plane (and all the attendants) is wonderful. Hope Stinky enjoyed the trip. :)
    Hi Bethany, you are probably bogged down with uni work at this time of year.
    hugs to you all, Fiona.

  • 03:28:37 am on November 14, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Jackie, hahaha “crabby Patty just cracks me up. LOVE the titian haired girl in brown. Yes it is a koala in the trees. Unfortunately, that photo was taken Sunday by someone else from their ‘phone, and the little guy had changed trees and climbed higher…..probably to get away from everyone. Alan And I “found” him on the previous day, and he was very low then and easy to see….about 12 foot up in the fork of a tree. We had actually gone out to look for the baby tawny frogmouth (owl)in the nest, but alas he had flown away during the week, so we missed him but we found a koala instead. There were about 20 of us there for a seminar, so everyone was out gawking at him and he was glaring grumpily at us, so he probably figured a different tree higher up was better. We live about 30 kms from the passge out into the bay and ocean.
    Kate, yes I hope “our” church koala stays. Unfortunately a lot of their habitat is being bulldozed for housing. :( . I must say Silkstone Barbie looks great in the Mexican outfit. I have (Mexican) Barbie too and I have always thought she didn’t really look too Mexican! (That is a beautiful Silkstone, such nice hair too).
    Marigene, Skipper has a nice Barbie collection too! How cute are those mini Barbies with their collector-type boxes! Kitty seems to be happy to play Barbie as well as checking out Kelly’s little farm (which is also very cute).
    Bethany, we are only too happy to help you. Hope when uni settles (ah, I remember those days and days in the library) you DO get “addicted” again and come back to join us. (Just remember that Barbies can be very good for releasing stress and relaxing, hahaha).Cornwall- love it and Kingston is nice too, although I have memories of trudging down Hampton Court road in freezing weather. Good luck with your thesis. Please let us all know how it all goes.
    Queli, High School Musical has been on here, but I havn’t seen it. How fabulous are those EOTF taran pj’s (does Barbie mind having the “backflap”, hehehe).
    Shirls, How long does the CLR treatment continue? Can’t wait to see what you have made for curvy- yes they are quite high waisted. I guess we are used to the slim elongated form of the usual Barbies. You said you didn’t use a pattern, do o you usually make your own patterns, or do you adapt others or do you just go for it and cut out and sew? I do a bit of all 3 depending on what I am doing. I don’t always find commercial patterns fit all that well.
    Hugs to all, keep safe and warm, Fiona

  • 04:04:46 am on November 13, 2016 | 0 | # |

    oh, I forget to tell you all, we are so excited………this is what has taken up residence in one of the trees in the back yard of our church.

  • 03:55:11 am on November 13, 2016 | 0 | # |

    good morning all,
    Jackie, that Thanksgiving wreath is lovely, with Tommy as a little Turkey in the middle – wouldn’t get much of a feed off him though, hehehe. hmmm I really like short haired Barbies (and Kellys) too, I guess its because it is such a change from the usual Barbie/Kelly hair (I really like brunettes, red heds brownettes too, probably for same reason). Skipper is BEAUTIFUL – is she the repro?Yes, we are very blessed to live so close to the beautiful coast of Australia.
    Kate, that is really so nice to hear about your dad. I guess I get really emotional about all the military “stuff” as both my parents were in the army in WW2, Dad went to Japan with BCOF and remained in the army all his working life, so I grew up with it all. I now have a nephew in the Australian army. Once again your outfits are lovely…..I like that 2 toned look, thought I might give it a go with Christmas fabric for one of my girls.
    Marigene that photo of the rain through the trees is gorgeous! More beautiful vintage girls and fashions. :)
    Queli, you have a great selection of guys- I like that guy with all the hair too and the basset is just too cute for words. That is also some amazing library he is in! And as for that winged chair …..I’m drooling again! hahaha.:)
    Marie, wow is Barbie getting ready for all the Christmas parties – all the coke and pepsi on her shelves! She’ll be as high as a kite on alll that sugar, hahaha.Nice overalls too, I love overalls even if they are dated now. :) I play (or try, hahaha) baritone. Sometimes I play a euphonium (which I prefer to play) but I still play the baritone part on it if I am playing euphonium. Alan on the other hand palys a different instrument in each band we are in – E flat bass in one, trombone at church and baritone with me in another (some people are just so precocious, hehe).
    Shirls, hi…..have we all convinced you to buy a curvy (or 2 or 3) yet?
    hugs to all, keep safe, Fiona.

  • 02:15:27 am on November 12, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Image result for remembrance day redcliffe 2016

    This where we played yesterday – the photo is taken more or less from where we sat to play.

    Image result for anzac day redcliffe 2016 Same place, but this photo was taken on Anzac Day (25th April) at the Dawn Service. It was so beautiful.

  • 02:05:55 am on November 12, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    It’s interesting that you have Veteran’s Day on 11th November- I didn’t realize it was this date. We have Remembrance Day here (used to be called Armistace Day, but changed the name). Alan I played in one of our bands yesterday morning, as we have wreath-laying services at cenotaphs all over Australia to coincide with the time oif the signing of the Armistace. The bugler plays the last post right on 11 o’clock). It was gorgeous where we were – looking out over the pacific ocean.
    Queli, I’m excited about those new fashionistas. I particualrly like numbers 48 (is she wearing glasses?),51 and 56, and especially the 5 and 6 guys!! Oh I hope we get them. I’m secretly hoping for an AA guy, but then I don’t really expect anything at all as I told my friend. I just want her to have a great time, as she has been so down…(lost her husband 18 months ago).
    Marigene you are SO talented with all you re-roots! The Skippers/Skooters are just gorgeous and yes, the one whose eyes you painted is the one I thought was Japanese release. Have lots of fun with your new “love” enjoy every moment :) .
    Marie, once again another wonderful doll house photo! That traymobile is super dooper great. My Nana had one and I always “wanted” it.For some reason I loved it although it just stood against the wall in her kitchen and was used like a side table, never got wheeled anywhere.
    Kate, once again lovely outfits for Barbie and Skooter- are the pink “bits” silk?
    Jackie, are all the forces Barbies your own? Thank you for the photos of Washington… me a bit of insight. That statue of the ?marines is just amazing! I didn’t realize it was so huge! Where is Arlington in relationship to the White House?
    Hi Bethany if you are still tuning in……do you actually collect Barbie? Where do you live – I love the Uk lived there for a year. (Although I don’t like the cold I must say).
    I pray that all the unrest will settle down over there really quickly that you may all live in peace and saftey.
    Big hug to each of you, Fiona.

  • 01:27:22 am on November 11, 2016 | 0 | # |

    sorry…….Tommy just stood on my keyboard & sent the message before I finished!
    Queli ….as I was saying, “Amazon Kelly” is really sweet – she looks so adorable reading the nativity story.
    Marigene , your Skippers & Skooters are just WOW! Is that a Japanese Skipper I spy at the bak in the hot pink top & spotted skirt? The re-rooted girls are simply beautiful & I think Skooter with the red ponytail looks fab. That hairdo suits her better than her original 2 pigtail look in my opinion……although I like the long red pigtails too……oh I kan’t deside…I love ALL of them.
    Shirls, yes I like new Ken’s physique too. As Kate asked, do you like the kurvey Barbies? How is sewing progressing for them?
    Marie, kan Happy Family Grandma kome & kook for me, I hate kooking & she looks a great kook. Is she baking her Xmas puddings & kakes now?
    Hi Bethany & anyone else joining in,
    Fiona. xx

  • 01:12:41 am on November 11, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Jakie, I am so impressed with your art bakground- you are obviously very talented & Teresa & Ken look happy to be at that beautiful beash. As to the eletion – most Aussies (inludingme) don’t understand your elektion prosess, and as to the outome, I guess it’s like over there – everyone has an opinion and it is different! Anyways, yes, I hope everything settles down quikly & peasefully. We have a dear friend who left just this morning for a visit to Arizona & L.A. (I think she is going to sleuth out an AA girl for me if she has time).
    Kate, beautiful hristmas dresses – I’m madly making some for my Barbies at present. an I give a vote on kurvy Barbie? – I LOVE her. I got 2 for my birthday & I hope Mattel bring out some more.Their hair is really really lovely & I really love the body size. I’m finding some klothes for “ordinary” Barbies fit (espesially tops); pregnant Midges’ dress (the purple one) whish I dislike on Midge looks pretty on the kurvys & Ken’s shorts fit them……meantime I’m knitting & sewing for them too.
    Queli, those EOTF klothes are amazing, so detailed &perfet for Barbies & Ken. I love your Advent kalendar – I made one for a dear friend one year. It was in my “kross-stitsh addiktion” days & I made a little poket for eah day & stitshed a different pikture in eash one (my friend’s kids just loved Advent kalendars). “Amzon Ke

  • 03:16:04 am on November 9, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi girls,
    Kate, hope you are feeling well again. Fur babies are so loving & komforting when “one” is unwell. Ken & Rikky look really “kool” in their kargo pants. You’ve done a great job there.
    Shirls thanks for the info re your dolls-they are truly fantastik! Sounds like the weather is just gorgeous for you at present.The last few days here have been very humid – we did get a storm last night & I think maybe we will again tonight too. Good thing if we do, as our lawn is getting very krispy brown in spots & my garden would love it too.
    Marie, pumpkin pie- Yummmmmmmmmyyyyyy!Your Barbie doing the baking has the most beautiful shade of red hair! One of my ousins had hair that kolour whe we were younger, it was really long too, down to her waist & straight & thik, just lovely. (Mine has always been just non-desript brown).
    Marigene your little tortiseshell kitty is nearly as good at getting into photos as Stinky. He/she is really kute, so realistik. One again I’m drooling over your kitshen.
    Queli that Alise in Wonderland tea party is fabulous-love the kat. I’ve never seen this set “in person” or so klose-up. I really really like the kolour of hatter’s boots. Malifisent IS magnifisent, I agree. A great blend of beauty & evilness portrayed in her.
    Kakie, sorry you will be disappointed that Barbie didn’t win. She is a a lovely Barbie – is she a spesial release.
    Hi Bethany will do the questiionairre soon for you.
    I “hit” the toy aisle in Target today & was plesently surprised. They have a better selektion than the toy store. I HAD to buy a bea(h Ken. He was the last Ken left in that range of dolls & was a bargain. I am amazed at how mush slimmer he is than the Kens of the ’80s & ’90s – more the physique of the true vintage Kens. Very happy with him though.
    Happy playing everyone. Fiona

  • 01:19:01 am on November 7, 2016 | 0 | # |

    hi everyone,
    Shirls, your Barbie kollektion is fantastik! Who is the girl with the brunette urls in the pink sweater (with mod girl)? I don’t rekognise her at all. And the bubblkut Barbie in the kimono- did her lips get a repaint….I LOVE the kolour! My Bubblekut originally had lovely peahy red lips but they have faded away now. Kitty asleep in his food is adorable.
    Marigene, your dolls have great outfits, they must have an enormous wardrobe. I just love redressing dolls :)
    Jakie, stay safe on all your travels!
    Queli, those itty bittys are very kute. Are they just little soft dolls?
    Bethany a thesis on Barbies would be enormous fun to do!
    Hi Marie, & anyone else who is here.
    Fiona XO

  • 03:32:12 am on November 3, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi ladies,
    Marie, your girls look kosy in their dressing-gowns (bathrobes) & fluffy slippers. Nise bedspread too.
    OH KATE!! Stinky as a fortune teller is just hilarious, & I bet he just loves the elephant mode of transport. That little “T- Rex kid” is so kute! Brrr -frost & freezing kold – I hate winter weather, my bones all hurt in winter (though I love to visit plases in winter, see the snow & so on. It an all be very beautiful. I just find it hard to live in….although I managed when I was in England). Just as well we all like different things. :)
    Jakie, Stinky & your Kellys & Barbies look ready for Florida too (aha I spy a Midge)! :) The isekream van is wonderful (I’m an isekream “addikt”). I wonder just how many swimming pools BArbie has had! I hope you have a fantastik time away.
    Shirls, where do you live – it is obviously still warm in your area. I guess USA is like Australia – lots of different temperature zones. Eg- its freezing in Tasmania still, they are expekting snow down there. Poor Barbie having the “ear treatment” – hope the beer made her feel better. She looks pretty good though & hair still pretty & shiny & in shape. Good for you getting her.
    Hi Marigene, Synthia & anyone else.
    xox Fiona

  • 04:17:30 am on October 31, 2016 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Shirls: what a KUTE little sprite! That little trumpet/kornet!!! I want to make some brass band Barbies & Kens (as Alan & I play in 3 brass bands)….I’d love to get a Barbie size trombone!
    Kate: It is wonderful to think that as you say Stinky is just a little bit of plastik – but what happiness he spreads around. The batmobile is wonderful :)
    Queli….yes I really really like that Ken. Personally i think some of the kurrent Kens look too young….more like Skipper’s boyfriend than Barbies….maybe Barbie is going for toyboys now, lol. Hope Gene is going to eat all the kupakes herself! The troll is kute….I have an older troll with the same koloured hair (’bout the same size too).
    Hi Marie, Marigene & ynthia & anyone else.

  • 03:29:57 am on October 30, 2016 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Shirls: Esmeralda is lovely…..does she have the (old, ’90s) Skipper mold fase? Looks like it to me, although I just LOVE the long balk hair. (I get a bit tired of all the blondes…)The tambourine is great……hmmm, (thinking about possibilities here, hehehe). Kira is a beautiful doll & gorgeous eyes on 50th anniversary. Katwoman’s mask is fab.
    Marie: Yes I made the Kelly dresses…thank you for your kind words :) . The dress on your little blonde Kelly (I think she was a witsh) is so pretty!
    Queli: your travel Ken is a suave looking guy. Bet all the Barbies fell for him. What doll is he? I like his fase mold. Food looks Yum++++.
    Jakie: That old girl with the pomador hair-do is just great, as are the Twilight gang. Stinky – I think he just has what my husband kalls “an overdose of personality” that makes him just so loveable.
    Hi and hugs to all, Fiona.
    Kate: those leaves are spektakular – are they maples?

  • 01:43:46 am on October 25, 2016 | 0 | # |

    hello girls,

    Sorry everyone but my see letter still doesn’t work so apologies for spelling (& mis-spelling your names Jakie & Synthia).

    Jakie, those dolls at konvention are a treat for our eyes! Pleased for you that you got the boy superhero :) I guess your doll girls will be all sidling up to meet him.

    Kate, oh dear I nearly hoked on my koffee when I saw Stinky in disguise, lol…..& I LOVE that kitty treat “basket”.

    Marigene, your Kellys have kute little treat baskets too! Mmmm soup sounds yum, and the new sheets, lovely- roses are my favourite & those gorgeous kabbage roses are sooooo romantik. They make me think of bonnets & long sivil war era gowns.

    Queli, resue Kelly is going well thanks and is Kurrently on my desk  playing snakes & ladders with some of my other Kellys – I need to photograph her transformation. The Holiday Barbie looks ok for a playline doll, although the fae looks a little like a klone Barbie.

    Shirls, glad you are home, but understand missing everyone…..we’ve missed YOU. That little hiken is so sweet, & Ken looks pretty good in his pink dinner jaket. Laughing at the loose heads – are you doing a spot of re-rooting? That masquerade girl is rather lovely.

    Hi Marie, Synthia & anyone else, Fiona




  • 04:15:41 am on October 24, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi everyone,
    Marie, those girls with the streaked hair are just soooo pretty & the sweatshirts adorable.
    Marigene, what a fabulous group of mod dolls & fashions!! Just looking at Ken’s hair makes me laugh though – I remember all the boys had this hairstyle when I was in year 12!!
    Kate, more & more nesting sets – I love them. Looks like Stinky is driving around to meet the new neighbours. Where did you get his lil piklmobile? I have a real “thing” for that Stinky – think I’m in love, lol.
    Queli, I’m pleased you got Hudson Bay Barbie- she is a real beauty, the outfit is wonderful. I really, really love the little mobile phone the handbag & the dog! I didn’t realize her boots were so great either.
    Jakie, your furbabies must be so happy that you are home. :) I hope Ken is ok- do you have a nurse Barbie to see to him? Hope your Kousin gets a perfekt report (Sorry my see letter has stuk now!). I’m totally with you re Kelly, I’d love to have her return, even just a few every so often. I don’t mind the helsies, although I’m not too keen on the bent arm & I HATE molded on klothes and koloured legs!!
    Sorry if I sound rude, but who is Mgee?
    happy playing , love to all, Fiona.

  • 03:33:48 am on October 21, 2016 | 0 | # |

    hi girls,
    Marie, Brandy such a pretty doll, and that witches’ dress is really pretty too.
    Jackie it must have been scarey needing to keep watch for hurricanes.We have those little gekoes too in summer (possibly a different “type”). They will keep the kitties amused.
    Queli, that tiny dolls’ doll house is cute. I have one too (Different) but mine doesn’t have furniture etc.The MMMQs are so sweet!
    Kate, good to see Stinky “extending” his brain power playing board games. Who wins Stinky or Ricky?
    Update to rescue doll – all smuts off, skin nice & pink again & hair looking really silky after a good soak in lavender fabric conditioner…quite a few hair plugs got pulled out but Kellys have SO MUCH hair that she still has tons… for restyling & clothes….
    I am REALLY pleased with her (not bad for 20 cents!).
    happy playing everyone, Fiona

  • 01:08:45 am on October 20, 2016 | 0 | # |

  • 12:58:54 am on October 20, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi ladies,

    Back home & lots to catch up with. Had a relaxing time away, sitting by a gorgeous dam and knitting (for my dolls). Had to make my curvy Barbies and my pregnant Midges some outfits, poor things. Now my Kens are telling me they are in need too.

    Queli all those Kenvention piccys are wonderful. I especially love the “wild west” ones & that penny farthing bike is just amazing! Also wicked Ken with Barbie tied to the train track! Too funny, lol.

    Kate, Stinky Franzie & Cornetto look to be having a fun time with Halloween & the mini pumkin is so cute is it real, it looks as if it is.I really like Francie’s cable knit jumper- did you make it? Nice :)

    Marigene so glad the storms were a non-event, we’ve had a few like that lately too, I just thank God that it all comes to no great bother. All your dolls in their ornage outfits are so lovely, I especially like Francie’s cosy warm fuzzy outfit. Is your balck haired Barbie a repro or a colour magic?…I detect a few auburn streaks in her hair. She is gorgeous. That blonde Ken working in the nursery… Ihave one with exactly the same face but brown hair, have been trying to ID him. I’m wondering if he is an Alan. I found him at a garage sale. I LOVE African violets but always manage to kill them.

    Marie, your dioramas are so cool….that “wicked witch” grandma is just something else, lol. Barbie’s black cat tshirt is perfect, or should that be purrfect….ok, ok don’t throw anything at me. But I love it (the tshirt I mean).

    Jackie, glad you are home again, stay safe.

    I’m so pleased, found a poor little abandoned darling (purpel pegasus Kelly) at Lifeline store today. She was filthy, hair more grey than blonde & purple, smuts on her face, someone had put a big blob of glue on the back of her head to hold her hairband, no shoes & her dress was so dingy. She’s had a bath & is now soaking her hair in fabric softener………..then the repair begins.

    luv to all, Fiona.

  • 03:47:16 am on October 9, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Marie, Barbie’s brown leather handbag reminds me of the handbags we had in the late 70s. We used to call them “Hippy bags” as the hippies used to handtool them from leather. I ahd one, but I must admit they didn’t hold a great deal.

  • 03:42:58 am on October 9, 2016 | 0 | # |

    Hi Ladies, hope you have had a good day. We had enormous fun today, one of our bands played at a really GORGEOUS plant nursery. We sat out on the lawn amongst the flowers, right beside the coffee stall, & it was a beautiful day.
    Marie: Yes our fur babies are our kids too & totally pampered in this house, so we like human names too. Although, these 2 were pound (rescue) puppies & already named when we got them, each of them was 1 when we got them. They are spoilt +++++, lol.
    As to baby kangaroos in the pouch, you should see them get in….they take an almighty dive (head first) into the pouch & then turn around. Particularly as they get bigger it is hilarious ‘cos they turn, poke out their heads & often their big feet are still hanging otu too, so they are twisted in a big half circle inside the pouch. All I can think is ouch, Mummy kangas must have very tough tummys with all taht kicking! They are adorable though.
    Those cupcakes with the witches hats are so funny (& yummy I bet).Gosh your vintage girls are lovely! How mmany doll houses do you have, or are they all just diorama boxes? They are wonderful.
    kate, yes baby ‘roos are called Joeys. Kangaroos can kick & they have huge toenails (& feet) so can be very dangerous if tehy are wild. The ones raised in captivity (by rescue people, zoos etc) tend to be fairly docile, but it still pays to be careful around them. Had one fall in love with me once, came up & began hugging me ( a zoo ‘roo), and when I tried to move away he bit me, thankfully I was wearing a sweater, but he still slightly broke the skin & I had a bruise on my arm as a result, lol. I was really scared he’d begin kicking & he was bigger than me.
    Your doll house is great- I see trolls and…Bananas in Pyjamas. I am rather fond of B1 & B2 although I don’t have any. Does ol Stinky have his own room?
    Marigene your Vintage Barbie looks gorgeous. I see her face has gone a little brownish too, so has mine (& mine gets an oily face). Sadly the lipstick on mine faded to nothing. But I still LOVE her. I remeber saving my pocket money to get her. That hand in the wine glass is hilarious,but I can’t quite come at the eyeballs, lol. Have fun with your grand-daughter.
    Happy playing & luv to all, Fiona

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