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  • 11:13:00 am on October 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    FYI – I was rearranging my Flickr photos and deleted a bunch of them. :) Not sure where the weekend went – seems like I turned around and it is now Tuesday!

    Jackie – Glad you had a good time at the convention – Stinky will want to hear all about it! If the parking at Disney is $40, I can’t even imagine how much it costs to get in!

    Queli – Love Draculaura with the minions – lol at all the bananas, too! What great Hallmark ornaments – I love the Scottish Santa and the Soulful Saxophone! What a great rainbow!

    Disney Challenge – Favorite Prince is also Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. Favorite heroine – going with Alice, too! And I will go with Robin Hood as favorite hero – I had forgotten about that film – I loved it and Roger Miller singing! I guess Favorite Animal would be the ones in Robin Hood or in Alice in Wonderland. Was Madagascar by Disney? Those animals were pretty funny. Favorite Sidekick – hmm, trying to come up with a Disney movie that isn’t Alice in Wonderland! Okay, have only seen bits of this one, but I liked the little critter sidekick in Pocahontas – I think he was a raccoon (was his name something like Meepo or Meemu??).

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky with his small Green Ghost Game…

    He is bowled over by the size of the actual game…

    He and the Skippers play a lively game…

    And of course, it glows-in-the-dark!

  • 10:28:22 am on October 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Cruella looks great in the dotted dress! That cartoon of Fred Basset is just spot on – I could take a nap in the shade today – it is really warm here again (yesterday it was in the low 60s and today it is in the high 70s).

    Jackie – Have a great time at Disney World! Very sad about Las Vegas – I hope your magician friends were not injured.

    Disney challenge catch-up – Favorite Princess would be Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (I had the Disney paper dolls). Favorite Song – any of the ones from Alice in Wonderland (that is the only Disney animated film that I own on DVD). Favorite Characters are the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat.

    Xoxo Kate
    Carla wears a little dress made from Quick Curl Francie’s vintage dress.
    tuttilemonade copy

  • 09:23:52 am on October 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – She looks great in the Cruella dress! It is such a pretty dress and one doesn’t see it on the Cruella doll – just her head and the big fur coat. It was like that with the Princess Amidala dolls as well – the “under dresses” were really lovely by themselves. That little dog is Fred Bassett – he was purchased in London in the early 1970s.

    Disney challenge – My favorite animated Disney movie is the 1950s Alice in Wonderland.

    Jackie – That “lemonade concoction” sounds like it has a kick to it with the cayenne pepper! Cooler weather here, too – more like autumn and I am enjoying it. It has been darker and darker in the mornings so it is getting harder to squeeze in a walk before breakfast – maybe when we make the time change it will be a bit lighter in the mornings.

    Xoxo Kate
    Curvy outfits!
    This one I call “Blue Humbug”

    And this one is “Mod Squad”

  • 09:25:48 am on September 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – That corn-on-the-cob video is fabulous! So simple – I have to try it and I never would have thought of it. That is a pretty Target fashion – I can see why you bought more than one. I’m glad Mattel makes shoes that are flatter heels – sometimes they fall off a vintage doll with the higher heel foot, but I find that if I can get the doll on the stand quickly, the shoes will stay on! Love the clogs – I wear those myself! That puppy video is sweet, too. I like that the new line of Rockers has a variety of instruments and a curvy member too!

    Jackie – If it wasn’t for that split on the doll shoes, I would never be able to put shoes on dolls! Especially the boots. I have cut down the backs of many boots so the dolls can wear them – especially the Tutti dolls since their shoes/boots are so small. Hope photo bucket lets you post soon!

    Xoxo Kate
    One of my favorite photos – all the clothes are gifts from doll friends.

  • 09:55:08 am on September 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I like those ruffle sheath dresses – they do look good on any doll! And I noticed that all four body styles are checked so any doll can wear it. I have been making a few dresses/outfits to fit the curvy dolls so I will post photos soon. What a great gift! The Moschino Barbie is so pretty!

    Jackie – Stinky would be thrilled to be at your house for Halloween! The new animal hospital sounds really lovely – I think the idea of a bereavement room is wonderful. At our vet’s they let you stay in the examination room with your pet as long as you want – when we had little Cornelia put to sleep, the vet brought in a little fleece blanket for her and let us just sit and hold her – very thoughtful of them. Glad your detox is going well! Enjoy your massage!

    Waving to Shirls and Fiona!

    Xoxo Kate
    Sindy on the upper shelf with the more modern nesting doll sets.

  • 04:45:31 pm on September 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – That is a great beach shot! I like walking along the beach with the water at about ankle or calf height although every once in a while a bigger wave comes in and I end up getting my pants soaked! You can send Stinky back whenever you want – whichever is easiest for you (or he can go with you as a travel doll!). ;)

    Queli – I have the platinum level membership but I am still undecided about the Barbie Dream House – it is really cool and it would be nice to have a brand new one (even if it is a repro). I’m hoping that they will make a repro Fashion Shop – that was my favorite of the cardboard structures. I didn’t realize this one came with a doll – makes it even more tempting!

    Xoxo Kate
    Starting to think about Halloween…

  • 10:14:36 am on September 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – I like the jaunty angle of Stinky’s captain’s cap! I like how he has been trying on a variety of hats – plus taking it easy on the sofa – he certainly makes himself at home wherever he goes! Glad the lightening strike wasn’t closer or that it didn’t do more harm – scary! Good luck with the detox – they are usually pretty good in the long run – I always get a headache as part of the detox process but it usually doesn’t last too long (I have done three in the past ten years or so).

    Queli – The Dalmatians are wonderful – they have great facial expressions! Cruella’s outfit is really well done, too. I liked both the Disney animated film and the one with Glenn Close. I love getting new dolls but not the de-boxing process – gone are the days of just a ribbon around the waist! I love the clogs for the Cupcake Chef – just what a chef would actually wear!

    In the book, The 101 Dalmatians, Cruella and the woman in the story (can’t think of the name) [the woman who, with her husband, own Pongo & Perdy] – anyhow, she and Cruella were at school together and the reason why Cruella’s hair is black & white is that she drank ink (didn’t really make that much sense which is why they didn’t bother putting that fact into either film!).

    Waving to Fiona and Shirls!

    Xoxo Kate

  • 09:58:27 am on September 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Socky is a great name for the littlest one! Glad you were able to get Cruella out of the acrylic case – de-boxing is really quite a chore these days. And one has to be really careful – a doll friend here said she accidentally cut into the dress of a Barbie she was de-boxing – it was in the back so it doesn’t show much but that is frustrating for sure! That store scene is wonderful!

    Jackie – I hope all the commotion with the police and fire engines isn’t too catastrophic – one never really knows unless it appears in the newspaper. I hope your rain doesn’t last long or do any damage. We are supposed to have really warm, sunny weather this weekend (in the 80s) and then the temps will start to go down.

    Xoxo Kate
    Sindy poses with little Socky and the rest of the Sock Monkey nesting dolls…

  • 08:55:04 am on September 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I have had 50/50 luck with the shipping at Barbie Signature – glad you are getting Luciana – she is pretty! Jaeme looks supremely uninterested in the fact that there is a head on a pike near her – cool as a cucumber!

    Jackie – It is a bad hurricane season – poor Puerto Rico! We had light rain on and off yesterday – remnants of the hurricane – and then the sun came out. I have a feeling we will be hit hard with snowstorms come the winter (yikes!). I’m glad Hilda is back home and resting – best place to heal!

    Queli – I only realized this morning (after all these years and only since someone on Facebook told me) that TRU stands for Toys R Us! I thought it was some different chain of stores that we don’t have around here – like Tuesday Morning. Learn something new everyday! Your new Cruella is fabulous!

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky and the littlest sock monkey discover some pom-pons…

    It is a real treasure trove!!

  • 05:16:20 pm on September 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Queli – I remember those Barbie size storage bins – how cool are they??!! I have several that are human size – good for storing doll props and doll clothes.

    Shirls – Poor Ken with holes in his head! He either needs to wear a hat or be photographed directly from the front. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow and the next day – the remains of hurricane but I don’t think it is supposed to be crazy rain (fingers crossed!).

    Jackie – What a great pal for Stinky – a mystery spaceman! Glad he is now resting at the beach – love his little grass skirt! And how cool that he got to meet Elvis! Last I heard, Hilda was at the hospital but she should be home soon.

    Xoxo Kate
    This box will make a good shadow box – possibly for a theatre?

  • 09:51:44 am on September 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – That Bob Mackie photo is great! He has designed some fabulous clothes over the years (not just dolls either!). Glad your friend didn’t have more of an encounter with the bear – yikes! Our leaves are just starting to turn but the temps have been in the high 70s/low 80s – it feels like summer but there is not so much humidity (yay!) – still wearing summer clothes.

    Queli – No problem about Stinky! I like the new Happy Meals series – it looks like a great idea for children! Your Target will look great – how cool that they have curvy mannequins! I like that yellow/black spiral hat – like a bee!

    Shirls – That dress on the doll on the floor was an Easter dress – the fabric had the sweetest little eggs and rabbits – I have found it difficult at times to find Easter fabric with a small enough print for dolls. I think the Joan Jett Barbie came with sneakers like that too – I like the way they look.

    Waving to Fiona!

    Xoxo Kate
    Made another tiny painting at my friend’s house (she used to teach painting and is into dolls!) – now Stinky fancies himself as an artist!

  • 02:53:14 pm on September 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – How great that you were able to go to 12 of the Gene Conventions! How strange that it has to take so long to patent bendable knees – it is interesting to learn what goes on behind the doll and her outfits!

    Shirls – Now I can’t remember if Queli said anything about Stinky or not! Glad Gene has her own room now. Lol that your Stinky is hanging out in the stratosphere!

    Queli – Did you say you were interested in having Stinky come and visit? It is perfectly okay if you are busy – he tends to hog a lot of time and attention! Many people were very thoughtful and introspective yesterday – still very raw in our memories.

    Xxoo Kate
    I made a bunch of Let’s Dance dresses a few years ago and the dolls panicked when the headless model started to walk about!

  • 12:42:02 pm on September 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – You can send Stinky back to me when you are ready – he is not planning on going anywhere else. I had noticed that Gene prices had been going down – they are fairly inexpensive on Ebay – such lovely dolls and outfits. Thank you for the fork bows – I just went downstairs to try it out only to discover that all our forks only have 3 tines instead of 4! I will have to go over to my doll friend’s house and see if she has forks that will work! Sweet kitty photos! Glad your husband is okay!

    Shirls – You got a great deal on that Gene – she is lovely! And I like the little tiger, too. Glad you are enjoying your own Stinky! He is so easy to put into photos. That Sporty Ken is great – why is he going for so much? I say de-box him if you want to! Hope you don’t get too much rain. Love Stinky’s foil astronaut outfit!

    Queli – How nice that you were able to find shoes for Florida Teen Skipper – sometimes it isn’t easy! I took the shoes from the Curvy Nighttime Glamour outfit and gave them to my Madame Lavinia doll so now she doesn’t have to go barefoot. My father and I went to Michael’s today and it was ALL Halloween – tons and tons of cool stuff. We plan to go back on November 2nd and see what is on sale. I have found that the best time to stock up on seasonal items is a day or two after the holiday – great markdowns!

    Fiona – I found that the Barbie shoes that came in that member pack fit really well except for the pink and silver pumps – they tend to fall off any doll (well, all of mine anyway). But all the shoes are lovely! I live far enough to the north that the hurricanes haven’t come here – only a bit of rain. I suspect we are in for a very harsh winter with lots of snow storms, though.

    Xxoo Kate

  • 10:05:12 am on September 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I love the Daily Dress calendar – what a great idea! I’ll have to swing by our local Walmart and see what they have for Star Wars items – always fun to see what is out there even if it doesn’t work for doll displays!

    Shirls – Love the doll shelf with the Monster High/Fairy Tale/Enchantment theme – great colors. I saw some MH dolls on Ebay that were about $100 – didn’t realize some of the rarer ones were so expensive!

    Jackie – Hope your hubby will be okay in the hurricane! The waiting seems to be the hardest part. I’m glad Barb’s hip surgery went well – I’m sure she will be happy with it in the long run – it didn’t take my father all that long to get back up and about when he had hip replacement in the 90s. I like that Stinky was at the theatre on a previous visit and now he is visiting outer space – he has quite a range of talents!

    Xoxo Kate
    The last of my birthday gifts…
    So Stinky and the littlest Sock Monkey were visiting with the round plastic nesting doll set.

    Suddenly a strange lady approaches…

    She seems to be made of paper and falls over quite easily. Stinky fell over in surprise!

    She seems to have something inside her!


    5 nesting cards!

    The littlest one is not a card, just a hang tag so she needs help standing up!

    Here is the entire set of cards – they each have envelopes, too. Plus a sheet of stickers (Stinky is conveniently standing on the empty space since I used some of the stickers already).

  • 05:45:27 am on September 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I do the same thing – putting a doll randomly around the house – I think it creates a good look. Glad you didn’t have any worse storms – we had a big thunderstorm with rain last night and we lost power for about 10 minutes but that was about it. Cerise Hood is very pretty! Sabine Wren is pretty cool, too!

    Queli – I did not go shopping on Force Friday because I didn’t know about it until now! I would have gone to Target to see what they had – they probably still have some things up – how cool. Good that it is not all 1/6th scale items – that would be way too tempting! Ken has some great toys and so does Barbie! The advent calendar is really great this year – I keep looking at a Moomin advent calendar and might get one this year (Stinky comes from the Moomin series).

    Fiona – I’m sorry about the lost post – how frustrating! I usually write my posts in a separate word document and then copy and paste – once I started doing that, I haven’t lost a post!

    Jackie – How great that Stinky got to go into outer space! I do recognize that fabric – I made an extra dress plus I made a reverse dress using the dark planets fabric as the main fabric and the green as the waist and sash (I will find photos and post them!). I hope Irma will not bother you!

    Xoxo Kate
    Always attracted to “bling”, Stinky was quick to admire the beads I got with part of my JoAnn Fabrics gift card (the rest of it went for sewing supplies!). ;)

  • 10:04:36 am on September 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I had a lovely day and did get a present in the mail yesterday!

    Jackie – Glad Stinky is just hanging out with the gang – better than getting soaked outside! He can stay as long as he likes! Lisa is a sweet name for a kitty. I’m looking after the tuxedo cat, Whomper, this weekend. Whomper really loves my father so I bring him along and I do all the litter box cleaning, etc. and my father gets to sit and pet the kitty.

    Shirls – I love those cupcakes – they are gigantic! I also like that floral dress (or is it an apron) on the doll on the right – pretty print. It has been in the low 60s here with some wind – great for sleeping! Supposedly one day next week it will go back into the 80s.

    Queli – I love Mrs. Brighton’s science class! I like the cool torsos. The Center Stage sisters are very sweet – I like the tiara! Those are nice dresses – now I’m always looking at the top right of the packaging to see who can wear them – looks like they all can wear this fashion!

    Xoxo Kate
    The Princess of Imperial Russia called Stinky over to see a birthday gift and Stinky promptly fell over in surprise and delight!
    He had to look closely at them whilst the Princess prepared for de-boxing…

    They each have different faces…


    De-boxing was easy (a LOT easier than any doll!) and the Sock Monkeys quickly cluster around Stinky!

    Stinky quickly lines them up so they can pay their respects to the Princess…

    Then he takes them to the next shelf up to meet Sindy and the other plastic nesting doll sets.

    Everyone is very happy to meet new friends! :)


  • 04:08:49 pm on August 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Popping back in quickly – I love that shot of Stinky in the bed with the striped blanket! And a wave to Quell who is posting at the same time I am! :)

  • 04:07:45 pm on August 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Today is my birthday (the 31st) and I have ordered a few items for a b-day party photo shoot but they haven’t arrived yet so stay tuned!

    Shirls – Glad your shoe pack arrived – I like the little shoe box and shoe bag, too. I liked the mannequin they sent out in years previous, but I like the shoe pack better! I hope they do a different one each year.

    Jackie – I’m glad I don’t live too close to an ocean either although I’m always curious about people who live on the islands along the coast – there are a lot of ferries that make the runs between the islands and mainland but they don’t go if it is really choppy water – I wouldn’t want to be stranded there.

    Queli – I got that lip balm at Rite Aid – they also carry them at Walgreens, CVS and other stores like that so you should be able to find them near you – they have other colors as well – they are good for humans and then also useful in doll displays! Thank you for posting the different face molds – I know the Steffie one but that is about it – I like all of them!

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky inspired by Wonder Bread…

  • 05:50:44 pm on August 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Evening,

    Jackie – I think fall is arriving early here as well – it has been chilly enough at night for blankets and last night I needed to put on a sweatshirt – William was burrowed under the covers next to me – he really loves snuggling in cold weather. No Christmas decorations here just yet – I won’t even think about it until after Halloween! ;)

    Queli – That mud spatter certainly makes it more realistic! I love the Mega Bloks MH dolls – they are a little sturdier than the originals – the original dolls have very slender legs and arms! I hadn’t realized that about Cornetto – he does have sprinkles! Plus I just looked up “images of cornetto” and he looks just like the ice cream cone he is named after – I hadn’t put two and two together until you mentioned it – lol! So glad to know Marie is okay!

    Shirls – Stinky II (the one who is with Jackie now) had slightly greasy hair but it dried out pretty quickly. My father bought the first Stinky and de-boxed him so by the time I started using him in doll displays, his fur was dry but I don’t know if it was greasy at first – it might be something to do with the factory and the packaging. I think it is funny how they all have slight differences! Love all of your purple fairies and sprites – they look very magical!

    Xoxo Kate
    I got some pink sparkling lip balm.

    Stinky wanted to keep the lid as a hat but I wouldn’t let him!

  • 05:37:59 pm on August 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Evening,

    Queli – I know it is early but I love all the Halloween items that are now showing up. The new WWE dolls have really pretty faces – it looks like they have the same bodies as Wonder Woman

    Shirls – Lol at the bathroom workout – I hope the new Stinky isn’t causing too many troubles! I keep finding more and more scenes that he can be in – but I don’t want him to upstage my dolls!

    Xoxo Kate
    A friend sent me some mini foods…

    So funny that the eggs crack apart and have raw eggs inside!

  • 05:26:08 pm on August 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – I hope Kim is safe – it is so hard to imagine how much rain they are getting! And I can’t believe that convention was in a city that is now almost under water! I hope the aftermath won’t be too horrible. Glad you are enjoying Stinky! He makes himself right at home, doesn’t he! Lol at him climbing all over the room. Of course he has been to your house before so he is re-visiting a lot of old pals! I haven’t heard from Marie or Marigene – hope they are both doing well!

    Queli – I love the new nano figures – so perfect for 1/6th scale displays. The Harry Potter figures are really cool and what a great price! I also like the Trash Truck that comes with the tiny Ninja Turtles – hard to choose from so many cool minis!

    Shirls – I had accidentally knocked Stinky over when I was taking the photos of him receiving the hat and then it became his signature move after that! Since he isn’t articulated he can’t really do much else! I hope your internet troubles clear up soon – so annoying when we all depend on it so much! Pretty dress on Jaeme and a very pretty Fashion Fever doll!

    Just returned from a lovely doll meeting – there were only six of us there but we had a great time – the theme was Art in the Park. Debi, our hostess, had tiny canvases with Van Gogh’s Starry Night penciled in and then she led us through painting our very own paintings!!
    I won one of the door prizes – an artist’s dress (fits all size bodies!) and a little picnic set with a tiny dog in it!

    Xoxo Kate


  • 10:10:29 am on August 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I hope you get your package soon – keeping fingers crossed! Someone on In The Pink said a doll she ordered has gone to several other states and has yet to arrive at her home – she has been tracking it for several days – too crazy! Our weather has turned cool – now we need blankets during the night – much better for sleeping. William crept under my blanket and slept there all night!

    Queli – The first time I tried to remove the head from a contemporary Barbie, the entire neck area cracked – from neck to arm along the shoulder – I was so horrified that I didn’t try it again for a long time. Actually at that point, I just wanted the head so the damaged body really didn’t matter. I kept seeing people on doll boards with all their re-bodied dolls and had to try it again – I had good luck with the Princess of Imperial Russia. I wanted her to be able to hold the nesting dolls so she needed some articulation.

    Jackie – I didn’t realize how much rain Kim is supposed to get – glad she is inland – I hope Texas doesn’t get as much damage as they are expecting! I hope you are able to post photos – I know a lot of web sites are doing big overhauls – Facebook is and so are some of the photo hosting sites (according to some of the people on the various doll boards).

    Another post with lots of photos!

    Xoxo Kate
    Several years ago, Sylvester (Marie’s big tuxedo cat) sent Stinky a present…
    The day started off with Stinky watching the girls play a board game.

    Momoko brought over a box…

    Sylvester sent Stinky a cool green hat!

    Stinky asked to borrow Skipper’s sunglasses.

    Looking cool!

    That is when he started running a shell game. This photo was taken at the start when Allan had only lost his socks!

  • 01:32:53 pm on August 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Shirls – A lot of people on the various doll boards have been having troubles with getting their membership cards and shoe packs – not sure what is going on since some of us have had no problems thus far! When I first ordered the Harlem Theater set, they tried to charge me for shipping so I logged out, logged in again and re-did the order – they didn’t charge me for shipping (!???) so I went ahead and placed the order. I would give them a call and get an order # or a tracking #. Hmm, Stinky may or may not have a new room!

    Queli – Dolphin Magic Ken looks great with his new articulation – and the color looks good in the photos! I’m glad we have the choices to re-body to articulated – so much more posing fun!

    Photo heavy post alert! ;)

    Xoxo Kate
    In 2009, I bought the Repro Julia doll when she came out and did a little photo story of her de-boxing.


    ReproBarbie shows the jumpsuit I made for Julia to wear when she finally can get out of the box.

    How to go about de-boxing her? Stinky had an idea that he could throw a boot at the box and shatter the plastic.

    That didn’t work! The boot just bounced off and Stinky fell flat on his face.

    ReproBarbie took charge and the gang helped to tip the box over.

    Much easier to slid out this way!

    Emily cat had to jump up and investigate (she was my kitty before William).

    Now to help her stand up!

    A little dazed from her journey.

    No, the jumpsuit is not for you!

    Giving Julia her new jumpsuit…

    Of course Stinky liked her nurse’s cap!

    Julia wondered what was going on here – Stinky had run a shell game and Allan lost his shirt and socks!

  • 03:03:10 pm on August 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Cool selfies-with-eclipse photos! Glad you were able to see a little bit of it. Poor hubby – bet he is looking more lively now – always so much better to be out of the hospital. Cute duck mama and baby – looking for treats! Glad you have been having fun with Stinky!

    Queli – I got my package today (see photos below)! I love all the shoes – I think that it is a better bonus than the mannequin. I love the little story you did with the package – and that photo of Barbie kneeling with knife in hand is just wonderful! She got that box open in a hurry!

    Shirls – Sounds like you had the best eclipse experience! How cool that you got to see Jupiter and Venus, too! I think it was so great that all of the US got to take a break from all the stress that has been going on. Love the “no fishing” sign and that she is right there with her fishing pole!

    My brother and nephew came back from their ATV ride just exhausted. On the last run, my nephew hit a bump at 50 mph, flew off the trail (still strapped into the ATV), rolled once and landed tipped over sideways (I just about fainted when they told me about it) and he didn’t even have a scratch!! I was so thankful (we all were) – he was a bit shaken up and that was it. My poor brother was behind him on the trail and saw it all happen – I can’t imagine what was going through his head at the time! (We are all feeling very thankful and very blessed!!) They have now headed back and will return next summer.

    Xoxo Kate
    Got the Barbie Shoe Pak from BCC (or Barbie Signature as we must now call it!). Lots of cute shoes & boots, a pink shoe bag and a black shoe box.

  • 11:01:25 am on August 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Not sure why that last photo is sideways!! ;)

  • 11:00:44 am on August 22, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    My brother and nephew have gone trail riding on ATVs today so I’m playing “catch-up” on the doll boards! We have been having a great time – very busy and hectic but lots of fun and good times!

    Fiona – Glad you are feeling better – the flu can certainly drain all energy! Your TLC lot sounds pretty good – you can have some fun with fixing them up! Julia just has such short hair, it is easy to put wigs on her.

    Queli – Glad you had fun at the eclipse! We looked outside here but we really were not in the path so it wasn’t very exciting – the next eclipse we will be right in the best zone! Love the bull frog and all the Halloween/DotD skulls! Thank you for the shoe information, too!

    Shirls – Love the shot of Stinky about to enter the royal bath! He was never one for liking baths very much and several times my Barbies have had to trick him into the water!

    Jackie – Glad you are going home! I hope you were able to see the eclipse and get back into your routine! Kitties will be glad to see you as well.

    Xoxo Kate
    I promised I wouldn’t show these until after the Convention – they were table gifts I made for Anita and Kim!

    Kim sent me a convention t-shirt (doll size) and a Tokidoki Barbie!

  • 04:26:42 pm on August 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon/early Evening, :)
    Jackie – A bear on your street? Wow, what with the alligator you have quite a menagerie going on! Glad you will be home soon! Poor kitty and poor sister who lost her kitty – there are always more who need good homes! Those little boots are “wellies” also called gum boots – great for rain and/or mud puddles!

    Queli – What shoes can the curvy Barbies wear? I now have a Madame Lavinia and I want to get a selection of shoes for her – can she wear the same as the Tall dolls? Out of all those Disney villains, hmm, hard to say since I haven’t actually seen all of the films – but I would say that the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland was the least bad – she was just a bit of a loud mouth and did a lot of yelling. It seems like a lot of the others actually wanted to kill someone so that makes them worse. I love those stamps and will get a sheet soon!

    Shirls – Stinky will hero-worship Antiope like he did Becker at Marie’s house – I’m sure he will sit for hours listening to all the tales! That yellow dish is Stinky’s bed – it came from the supermarket with tiny grape tomatoes in it but it is shaped like an Easter egg and caught Stinky’s eye immediately. The little ceramic figures (in the second photo they are in the lower right corner – those are the ones you mean, right?) came from Japan and they had soy sauce in them – they had tiny corks but they disintegrated.

    Xoxo Kate
    Julia and Barbie, as flight attendants, are set to greet the passengers as they board the airline.

    They aren’t so sure about this guy – too much luggage! He will need to check his bags before boarding.

    He thinks he is an elegant traveler!

  • 01:16:20 pm on August 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Shirls – We had a great time working on the story together! Love the shot of Antiope subduing the Queen! I love the little re-ment miniatures and have not allowed myself to go overboard with them! I like tiny tea sets, too but I don’t want to get into collecting them – not enough room in the house. That is one of the reasons I don’t have the vintage cardboard Barbie Fashion Shop – way too big (not to mention expensive!).

    Jackie – At this point, the food I have for my dolls is almost entirely sweets! I have some sushi items but it is 90% cakes, pastries and chocolates – I try not to eat like that myself but the dolls can! Glad your hubby is slowing getting back into his routine. Ft. Lauderdale has a very nice Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (at least it did in the late 90s when I was there).

    Queli – The new Ken dolls are really great! I like the clothes, too. I like the new Holiday doll for this year – some people on other doll boards were fussing about her but I think she is pretty and so is her dress! Love the little army guys! And I think the little boys playing with them look sort of like Tom Jones! Cool tiny macaroons!

    Xoxo Kate
    Cornetto made sure the ruby was returned safely to Stinky’s room. He made a comment on how messy the room is and announced that Grandpa made a set of shelves for Stinky.

    Stinky, Cornetto and the little green dog quickly empty out the room! They have made a bigger mess but the shelves need to go in first.

    The shelves are put in place…

    His room looks much neater and now he can add to his collection of souvenirs quite easily!

  • 03:44:45 pm on August 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Good that your husband needs to take it easy – it is always tempting to rush back to work but he still needs resting up! I hope you are getting enough rest, too.

    Queli – I like that egg chair from this year’s convention – I loved the sci-fi theme. I like the Tokidoki Barbies, too – I guess they can’t be re-bodied because of all the tattoos!

    Shirls – Your Stinky looks right at home with the fairies – I found that he can fit well into just about any scene although he has a bit of troubles with larger dolls (like Crissy & Velvet, the larger Madame Alexander dolls, etc.) unless he stands on a box! Stinky will be happy to meet the returning heroes – I bet he will have a bit of a crush on Antiope!

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky’s Party…
    Merlin brought a lot of cakes and pastries for the party because he knows Stinky and all the smaller folk really like sweets!

    Everyone enjoys the food and good company!

    Cornetto reminds Stinky to put the ruby back into the little bag so it won’t get lost!

    First Stinky wants to finish his tray of goodies (he is going to get a tummy ache if he continues to eat like this).

    Later on when the party winds down, Stinky receives a visit and a lot of attention from two famous jazz singers, Claudette Gordon and Madame Lavinia!

  • 10:56:47 am on August 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I love the MH dolls with the smaller dolls – what a great idea! And the accessories that come with them are always so cool and so are the clothes! I want to make clothes from those patterns but I also have a huge backlog of patterns/fabrics that it might take some time. Love Layla’s blue robe and blue chair!

    Shirls – What a fabulous story this has been (you have done most of the work so I can say that!) and it has been such fun working with you. Glad the Yeoman was found out – lol that he roasted food in his room! And Stinky never would have left his room in the night – he is a really sound sleeper especially after being at a large banquet! How cool that Antiope helped in the attack on the evil queen’s castle! She is a really pretty doll. Love all the characters you came up with – I’m sure we will hear from them again!

    Fiona – Now that you mention it, I think some of my scissors have been blunted a bit by synthetic fabrics! Plus I just finished making a bunch of horse covers (doll size) out of synthetic fabric so I hope my good shears aren’t all dull. We used to have a person in town who could professionally sharpen scissors and knives but not any more.

    Jackie – Glad things are on the mend and getting back to “normal”. Your kitties (and Stinky) will be happy to see you! My brother and nephew arrive on either Wednesday or Thursday (they are driving here and taking time to see some sights) and they will be here for about a week. It will be fun but tiring!

    Xoxo Kate
    Merlin tells Stinky that Toothless the dragon showed up with a message from the King and Queen – the true culprit has been found and that the ruby is his to keep!

    “All’s well that end’s well,” says the little green dog. Merlin decides that a celebratory party is in order and Stinky starts planning all the food!

  • 02:26:19 pm on August 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Stinky can wait as long as needed! He is safe with you and just hang out! I’m glad your husband is home and on the mend and also glad your son is there to do the driving. I see so many people texting and driving it is really sad, not to mention scary – not good at all! I like those Sharknado movies – so odd and silly and I will sit and watch them all the way through!

    Shirls – That Yeoman sounds shifty! I hope they can find him or figure out what is going on! We never know what is going to happen next! Did Antiope make it to the castle?

    Queli – Love the shot of Chelsea on the sofa with her minis in the background – wonderful! It is interesting how different the Chelseas can be – were they supposed to be a replacement for the Kelly/Tommy line? (Because Mattel stopped making Kellys, right?)

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky had to help me check out the lovely patterns from Shirls! Thank you again, Shirls! :)

  • 06:23:32 pm on August 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – I’m so glad you and husband are back at home! I’m sure that rash will go away really quickly now.

    Fiona – I think the best thing for trimming any doll hair is a Really sharp pair of scissors and the smaller scissors the better. I had a Skipper with uneven bangs and hair (I think a small child got to her). The woman who cuts my hair told me about the small, sharp scissors and said to cut first from one side and then go to the other side and keep going back and forth from one side to the other. I’m not very adept at re-rooting but this did help me a lot.

    Queli – How cool is the little doll from Brisbane! And how neat that you were at Comic Con! I love all the creativity that goes on there! Fabulous turtle and his colors! The black & white are almost like a blank coloring book! Alligator snapping turtle – scary! Wouldn’t want to meet one in the wild! Love Penelope Primrose, too!

    Shirls – Glad Stinky is helping out with the beach hut! He likes being with people and hanging out so he is good in just about any situation! I’m glad you re-posted that photo of Stinky when he was first in the royal court – there are a lot of people!

    Xoxo Kate
    On this end, Stinky is concerned about the now hidden ruby so he and the little green doggy discuss the situation. How did the ruby get into his luggage? Did Stinky even pack his own luggage? No, he remembers people telling him he didn’t need to bother – it would be done for him – so who packed his luggage??

    He decides to get a message to the King & Queen to let them know the ruby was hidden in his luggage. The black swan will fly a message to the King & Queen and Stinky will try using the telephone (not sure if he knows the number or even if they have a telephone at the castle!). Stinky secretly crosses his fingers hoping he won’t be accused of theft and sends the message off.

    On a completely different note, I found a black cat shirt at a thrift store today and William approved!

  • 02:28:03 pm on August 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Hang in there – you and hubby will soon be home! Glad they are keeping such a close watch on him! It will be nice to sleep in your own bed again!

    Fiona – Looks like an amazing time! Those whales are really wonderful – they are so huge! How great that you got to see them up close and having fun!

    Queli – That shot of the ceiling at Target is cool – I don’t usually look up when I am in stores. It makes you realize just how large those box stores are!

    Shirls – Glad the baby wrens are growing up – what an adventure to fly for the first time! Love Modern Circle Barbie with her short hair! Antiope will be able to catch up with the others – she is tough enough to travel alone!

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky was roaming around the doll’s house and started thinking about the ruby sent from Shirls’s house.

    He didn’t actually receive a note from either the King or Queen saying they were giving him a gift of a ruby – could the ruby have been stolen, slipped into the little purse and then shipped to him with all the rest of the goodies????

    Stinky is a little worried so he goes and finds one of the nesting robots to ask if he can hide the ruby with them until he finds out more about the ruby.

    The robots quickly open up…


    The ruby fits perfectly into the smallest one (hard to see but the ruby is in there!).

  • 12:35:13 pm on August 4, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Attention – photo heavy post!!

    Queli – Thank you for showing all the new dolls coming out – there are almost too many to choose from! The little dachshund looks great with the new re-paint! I saw some of the new Rocker dolls – I like that they are similar to the 80s Rockers but with an up-to-day twist.

    Jackie – Hope you and hubby will be going home soon. Bad enough to be in the hospital but to get a rash on top of it all – how frustrating! Sending good vibes!

    Shirls – Lovin’ Leopard is really pretty – I can see why you like her so much! I hope the baby wrens will be able to fly soon!

    Xoxo Kate
    Okay, Shirls sent me the items Stinky had collected on his trip.
    Stinky hauled the box into his room. Wonder Woman and the little green dog got set to help him open it.

    Wonder Woman opened the box and Stinky dove right in!

    Some Barbie cards and a note!

    Wonder Woman said there really wasn’t enough room in the doll’s house to take out all the items so Stinky and the little green dog moved down onto the floor.
    Here are souvenirs from Stinky’s visit with his Native American friends!

    A totally cool serape from Mexico – it goes perfectly with the plastic sombrero that came as a top on a bottle of tequila!

    Cool items from Hawaii!

    A tiny hat that is shaped like a heart (can’t see that from this angle), a cool button that has a coat of arms on it, and gifts from the faeries of the Wild Wood!

    He picked up quite a bit during his stay!

    Looking pretty cool!

    They took a quick break to eat some sushi!

    A magazine from Tennessee, a picture frame, some flowers, and a red backpack!

    A beautiful medieval bag had a large ruby in it!!

    Stinky was excited to see the famous breastplate he received from the King and Queen!

    He quickly put it on – William was milling around but didn’t touch any of the tiny items – good kitty!

    Stinky hauled all of his souvenirs back to his room. Wonder Woman thought he should put some of them away, but he wants to admire them and wear as many items at once!

  • 11:36:09 am on August 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I had to toss some of the stuff inside the talker body – some metal bits were rusting and broken plus some rubber ring was falling apart and getting gunk everywhere. I will try to clean up the rest of the bits so it can then be a sort of museum display for the other dolls! What is going on in the Fairy Kingdom? I hope new Stinky will be able to help in some way! That lamp is so cool and what a sweet little nest for mama bird and her babies!

    Jackie – Sorry to hear your husband had a rough night – I hope he is able to get some sleep – always difficult in a hospital – I hope you both will be able to go home soon! I haven’t heard from Marie – I hope she is doing well and that it is not too hot in her area!

    It has been very warm here and that is a bit discouraging – hard to get motivated in humid weather – my father and William are like damp rags on the sofa together, just resting, napping and watching DVDs. :)

    Xoxo Kate
    My niece brought a present to the Princess of Imperial Russia and her court all the way from Germany! What can it be?

    A little wooden mushroom!

  • 03:07:29 pm on August 1, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Queli – Mattel is really doing a great job with the new sets! The Chelsea dolls are sweet, too. And those tiny pets – that hamster wheel is too cool! Love all the new Hallmark items – Kim told me that the 2019 Barbie convention will be back in Kansas at the hotel across from Hallmark for Barbie’s 60th!

    Jackie – Glad your kitty sitter likes Stinky! Hope you and your husband will be back home soon!

    Waving to all the doll friends!

    Xoxo Kate
    The inside of a Talking Barbie body – I found this at the bottom of a box lot of Barbie clothes – what a mess!

  • 11:16:25 am on July 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Shirls — Love Stinky and his wonderful visit with the Native Americans! I used to have that Breyer horse he is riding – pretty colors! That is the WonderWoman doll (the Princess of the Amazons one) – her body is a Made-to-Move body.

    Jackie — Glad you made it safely to Florida. All of the people I know who have pacemakers said it took a while to feel better after the initial operation but now they feel fine and don’t have any problems. Hope you husband feels better and can go home soon!

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky was out for a stroll and met a little blue Gummy Bear! The little blue bear admired Stinky’s hat.

    Bear has also brought a toy to share – mini stacking rings!

    They are not the easiest to pull off – I had to shave a bit off the top plug with an Xacto knife – I think the company made them Not to come off but I didn’t like that idea.


    Oh ho! Stinky sees the rest of the little Bear’s family peeking over the edge!

    Nesting Gummies!

    They are quite a colorful group!

  • 01:05:53 pm on July 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Sunday Afternoon,

    Shirls — I keep the 2 Stinkys in separate rooms when one isn’t traveling – they only come together every once in a while when it is really necessary! Love the green MH doll and that hat looks great on her! How sweet of you to help mama wren – I hope her babies grow quickly! Loved Stinky’s pink hair stripe!

    Queli — That taffy making machine is too cool – I always like to watch cotton candy making – it is almost like magic! I like that big cheese outside the CheeseHaus! Love to see all the nesting dolls – such great colors – thank you for posting so many!
    Just noticed those Gummy Bear ornaments in one of the photos – next time I post, it will be a story about Gummy Bears – I took all the photos yesterday and wrote up a quick story – so stay tuned!

    Jackie — Sending good vibes to your husband! And also for a safe trip for you. Stinky will wait patiently for your return and please feel free to keep him as long as you like since you will probably be really busy when you and hubby return home!

    Xoxo Kate
    Here is the little Monster High squishy doll I got at Walmart.


  • 11:30:34 am on July 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Fiona – Sweet birds! I love seeing them in the birdbath. I saw a little chick-a-dee (our state bird) bathing in a puddle the other day and he was having such a great time ducking his head in the water and letting it roll down his back! I get to see my niece once a year and we have a great time together! Have a lovely trip!

    Shirls – Lol – glad the new Stinky has some mechanic skills! You had such fun with my travel Stinky and I’m happy you got one for yourself (and your dolls). So travel Stinky is now on his way to Jackie’s? He will have a fun time looking at all her convention goodies! The pickle mobile and banana mobile from the Richard Scarry moveable figures are a good size for Stinky.

    Queli – Lol at those grass flip flops! They don’t look like they would be comfortable but maybe they are just for show. That brick exhibit looks amazing! I love all the creativity that is out there! I got a Monster High squishy doll – now I need to open the package and take a photo!

    Jackie – Those convention photos are great! I loved the theme of outer space – such fun! The table gifts are always so fun and plentiful – plus the added excitement of possibly winning the center piece – I hope to go to another convention or GAW soon!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 09:54:03 am on July 25, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Taking my niece to the airport tomorrow – today is just relaxing, laundry, packing, etc. It has been a busy, fun 10 days! Slowly starting to catch up now.

    Jackie – Glad you liked your Anita dress – I had such fun making them! Looks like you had a wonderful time at convention – that doll is so beautiful! And your table gift sweaters are really lovely – my dolls love the cream colored one you made!

    Fiona – It has been unseasonably cold here and that is fine with me – I don’t like the really hot, humid weather – it is almost chilly enough to wear a coat (but not quite!).

    Shirls – Love the new Prowler car! Both Stinkys look quite pleased about it as well! That link to Stinky says it all – he is not vicious or really bad and also has a good sense of humor!

    Queli – Love all the tiny dioramas – looks like the Barbies would see it as a mini-display, too. I love tiny accessories/displays that the Barbie size dolls can interact with – so many possibilities!

    Xxoo Kate
    From 2015 – I had fewer nesting dolls sets and the Princess still had her old body! ;)

  • 06:05:26 pm on July 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Just popping in quickly – having a great time with my niece – she loves nesting dolls so we have been having a lot of fun with them. Boiling hot here so the air conditioners are going full blast. Glad the new Stinky arrived safely!
    Shirls I am so sorry about your friend!
    More later!!

  • 05:39:16 am on July 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Going to pick up my niece tomorrow morning – can’t wait!

    Jackie – Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you are having fun at the magic convention! Didn’t the guy from Night Court show up one time? It sounds like a lot of fun!

    Queli – Those Squishy Pops are cool – I like the crystal ones, too – they are sort of like mini-Barbie trophies! That Russian minion makes me laugh every time I see him!

    Shirls – Glad Stinky is having fun visiting all the places in your home! He fits right in with the minions! Hope your poison oak goes away quickly!

    Fiona – Marie got poison oak one time when she was doing a photo shoot in her back yard – not fun! I also read that the smoke from a burning poison oak plant are harmful, too so people have to be careful if they are clearing the land by burning.

    Xxoo Kate


    The inside of the single peony looks like something from Star Trek!

  • 10:56:39 am on July 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    I got a new computer and have been trying to figure out all my old programs/apps – everything is here but just a bit different! We are full into summer weather now but it is not too bad – my niece is coming on Saturday and will be here for a week. I will try to peek in but if you don’t hear from me, you will know why!

    Queli – I love the new curvy articulated dolls – I have my eye on the Madame Lavinia doll with her fabulous 1920s outfit. That fashion exhibit looks wonderful! Why are those tiny Barbies called Squishy Pops? I thought it was some sort of soft candy at first.

    Shirls – I love your vintage line-up! They all look fabulous and Stinky looks like he is really enjoying himself! Poor Rootie! I hope all the noise is over in your neighborhood.

    Jackie – My Dad is doing okay – his back bothers him a lot so he likes to watch DVDs – right now he is watching Napoleon Dynamite and having a good laugh.

    Fiona – I have tried re-rooting a couple of times and it is not easy! I always have trouble with the bangs and/or the center parting. For such a small head, it takes a while to put hair in all the tiny holes!

    Xoxo Kate
    The shelf in my room with my three Madame Alexander dolls. The little Russia doll decided she wanted to be with the Alexanders and not with the nesting doll display so she hangs out here.

  • 10:08:59 am on July 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th! I stayed inside and only heard a few booms from across the river – William didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention. I don’t think he even heard the noise – no kitty freak-outs here!

    Jackie – Love all your patriotic photos! Great shots of DC, too! Photobucket seems to be back in action again. Some people on other doll boards also had troubles but are now able to post.

    Queli – Looks like Felicia had a nice time at the celebrations! I like that Uncle Sam on stilts – I am always in awe of anyone who can walk on stilts or ride a unicycle – seems totally impossible to me! We are planning to go to McDonald’s tomorrow after my father has some lab work done at the hospital.

    Shirls – Stinky fell over when I was setting up the shot so of course I had to write that into the story! Hope Rootie was okay with the fireworks!

    Fiona – I didn’t make that outfit – the little bear came with it! She is actually a Muffy Vanderbear and I found her on Ebay when I was looking up Russian costumes.

    Xxoo Kate
    Here is a group portrait.

  • 03:03:37 pm on July 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    The minute there is a holiday mid-week, I get all confused – I spent most of today thinking it was Saturday – and then I realized I have to get onto the board and finish the little Bear story!

    Queli – Love the MMMQ farmer pack – sweet! Curious QT is great – I always like anything that is Alice in Wonderland. I told my father about the minions at MacDonald’s and he is all excited to get Happy Meals so I know what we will have for lunch tomorrow! How cool that the LOLs have big sister/little sister – means you have to collect more but I love the idea!

    Jackie – That is a lot of rain – hope it didn’t do much damage! Those flowers are lovely and really hard to tell the glass from the real! Two bites – how scary to be bitten by a shark – yikes! Convention will be here soon! Can’t wait to see your photos – I love all the table goodies and centerpieces – such creativity and fun! I got out of Photobucket entirely and now use Flickr – it didn’t take too long to figure it out and Queli helped!

    Shirls – That Aloo Gobi is really tasty – I love Indian food – so tasty! Spellbound Lover is just gorgeous! I had her in my castle at one point but she went through the revolving door along with the Princess of Ireland – that was a really lovely series (I think there was a Faery Princess and one called The Bard as well).

    Marigene – Glad you are having a nice retirement! Your garden is always so lovely – your dolls look great, too! I find the fireworks a little too loud also. Our town has a ban so people can’t set off fireworks within the city limits (thankfully) – some people do but not many. Our big fireworks display is held in the town across the river so we can still see it.

    Fiona – I keep forgetting that you are in winter now! I hope it isn’t too cold. So you have Christmas in summer, right? I also understand the water will swirl down the drain opposite to the way it does up here – either clockwise or counterclockwise – I’m not sure what it does up here… OKAY – I just went into the bathroom, turned on the tap, filled the basin and watched the water go down counterclockwise! Lol!

    Xxoo Kate
    The last part of the story…

    BOOM! The lid pops off and the transformation is complete!

    A little Czarina!

    Stinky fell flat on his face and the swan tipped over…

    Everyone welcomes the new addition to the court and admires her lovely new clothes!

    Look at her embroidered boots!

    Sindy brings Brego over and they feed him the potatoes!


  • 11:23:26 am on June 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – I have been making those horse covers for the Marx horses for several years now (I sell them in my Ebay store) – a lot of the Marx collectors like to do medieval dioramas and the Caparisons (horse covering) are made to fit under the Marx horse armor. Love all the glass/garden photos – beautiful!

    Queli – That mango swirl smoothie looks fabulous! Thanks for the info on the LOL dolls – I also like the mini Lalaloopsies but have yet to get any – I can’t make up my mind which ones to get – there are way too many choices! It is great to see the different size Ken bodies – glad Mattel is making them!

    Shirls – Aloo Gobi is an Indian recipe with lots of tasty Indian spices in it – I had to cut the recipe in half since it makes a huge amount of food and I also found out that it doesn’t freeze well!

    Fiona – How sweet that Moo was carried by her daddy! And what a wonderful face – so expressive! Rexy Bear is a wonderful name, too! Thankfully we are not anywhere near those devastating fires – I keep seeing it on the news – so sad for the poor people living through it!

    Xxoo Kate
    The rest of this story takes place outside of that dark closet and hallway so the photos were easier to take!

    The little black swan and the nesting doll hurried ahead to tell the Princess that Stinky & Sindy were bringing back the little bear.

    Stinky and the Madame Alexander Russian girl help prop up the little bear who is overwhelmed with all the attention.

    The Princess waves her arms and a giant nesting doll appears! She is going to do some magic to spruce up the little Bear a bit so she won’t have to be a potato seller anymore. ;)

    Bear has fainted!

    “This will be a magical transformation,” assures the Princess. “And you will have a new post in my court to help with the nesting dolls.”

    They put the lid on and Stinky helps tuck in the excess fabric. ☺

    The magic will take a few moments and Stinky has taken the time to get dressed up for the occasion.

    He and the swan have become good pals!

    To be continued…

  • 10:27:23 am on June 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Fiona – I love all the flags of the Murray! I showed them to my father since he loves all things Australian (and he already knew about them!). I didn’t realize the stars represented the Southern Cross. What type of dog is Missy? She looks like a bulldog.

    Queli – Mattel has done a great job with the latest series – I like the dolls and the clothes, too (that doesn’t always work out that way!). Are those LOL dolls by Mattel? A friend of mine lent me her DVD of Bend It Like Beckham and I loved the “extras” section that had the “Making of” featurette and it also had a recipe for Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) that I have now made several times – very tasty!

    Jackie – I know several people (from various doll boards) who are now planning to go to Convention every other year – I hope to get back there one year – I had a great time in Cleveland but didn’t bring enough money! I couldn’t believe how much creative work goes into those centerpieces and the wonderful table gifts, too!

    Shirls – Glad the gang made it back safely – even the little dragon! That Wild Wood can be a scary place! It reminds me of the time Marie was doing an outdoor photo shoot and ended up kneeling in poison ivy – she had to put calamine lotion all over her legs!

    Xxoo Kate
    This story will be told in several sections since there are so many photos! ;)
    One of the nesting dolls and Stinky went for a walk in the evening. (Okay, so it is actually the back of my father’s closet!)

    They met a humble little potato seller…

    She told them she was very tired and her poor foot was so sore.

    Sindy had ridden out to find Stinky and the nesting doll since it was getting so late and she arrived in the nick of time! (Sorry this photo is so dark – it is a lot lighter than it was.)

    She arrives with a little black swan. Everyone agrees to bring the little bear to meet the Princess of Imperial Russia and see if PoiR can get bear a better job.

    Sindy helps the little bear get onto Brego’s back and Stinky gets to ride as well since his legs are so short.

    The group heads down a long hallway. ☺

    They weren’t even bothered by the giant cat!

    To be continued…

  • 08:51:50 am on June 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – That man-bun cracks me up – glad Mattel is keeping up with trends! Was Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Bend It Like Beckham? The name sounds familiar. Wow – those Lol Surprise dolls are amazing! I just looked them up on Ebay – there are so many of them!! Actually they would be good door prizes for a doll club meeting!

    Jackie – Glad you are back home and able to catch up on rest and kitties! I had forgotten that Stinky posed with some of the larger dolls – he seems to be able to get along with everybody!

    Fiona – Congratulations on your Barbie haul! I know what you mean about children now-a-days and the ratty doll hair! I have never seen dolls with good hair at flea markets/garage sales, etc.

    Shirls – It has cooled down a bit here (highs in the 70s) and not so much humidity – great for anyone who has rented a camp for the week. William has been sleeping belly up for most of the week!

    Xxoo Kate
    From last Christmas, the latest nesting doll sets.

  • 09:52:27 am on June 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – I ‘m so sorry for your loss but glad to know he is finally at peace. I’m glad you were there with your sister – sending lots of love and hugs to all! My father is doing well – he is just puttering around the house not liking the humid weather. I have cut back on a lot of out-of-the-house activities unless he comes with me because it is getting harder to leave him alone for extended periods.

    Queli – That MH locker room is hilarious! I love the eyeball/baseball – what a great idea! I think getting multiples of that white blouse is a good idea, too. I noticed it is harder to tell the different Ken body types apart than it is with the gals – I did get a kick out of the man-bun, though! My father just informed me that in the Captain Marvel comics, there was a female counterpart named Mary Marvel and a young boy counterpart named Captain Marvel, Jr. Plus they had an elderly uncle who was called Uncle Marvel – seems there were no end of super heroes all in one comic! Yikes on that storm!

    Fiona – Great to see you back again! Sounds like you have been really busy. Glad you were able to get some new Skippers even if they need a bit of help – I’m sure they will look really great with re-roots! The Ken doll sitting on the bed with Stinky is Four (4) from the Divergent series – he is really cool and has a huge tattoo that covers his entire back – plus he is articulated so he poses well.

    Shirls – Love that shot of Stinky looking out of the back window of the carriage! He has been having a super adventure that is for sure! I’m trying to work on a new one with some of the nesting dolls but I wanted it to be set in autumn and yet I don’t want to wait until September/October to work on it! It does make sense for Stinky to hide his breastplate until they are in safer territory but I think he likes to show off too much! I love the shots in the mirrors, too. I like that Katniss and Four have so much pose-ability – makes them very lifelike!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 01:36:47 pm on June 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    It is currently crazy raining right now – it will do this for about 5 minutes and then slow down, a bit of sun will peek out and in about an hour, it will start all over again – not a good time to be walking a dog!

    Jackie – Sending you more prayers and good vibes – this is a tough time and I’m glad you are with your sister!

    Queli – That Lego show looks fantastic! I love all the creativity! My father was a big Captain Marvel fan when he was a boy so we have several old comics of his adventures. I like that Lego hat – doesn’t look like it would be that comfortable to wear, but it is cool! And that sushi bar is wonderful! I like the play area with all the red bricks, too.

    Marigene – Glad you are doing well! Lol at all the temper tantrums! Love your Twiggy and Casey dolls! I always liked that mod egg chair, too.

    Shirls – Wow! Stinky received an elegant breast plate! Such a great ceremony – I love how all the dolls look so solemn. Stinky’s food choices are so diverse, too – lol! And he went to sleep in such a gorgeous bed – beautiful covers and sheets!

    Xxoo Kate
    Thought I would re-post a tale of a nesting doll arrival…
    I got this set on Ebay from a woman whose mother brought it with her from Poland.

    The mother’s name was Marja (pronounced Mar-ya) so I named the doll after her.

    Everyone was excited to see how many dolls were inside!

    The smaller, inside dolls started milling around and checking out their new home!

    Nine so far! Stinky was pretty sure this wasn’t all though.

    Wow – 15 total! The wood of each doll is very thin – so amazing how they can make them!

    And all of them have tiny faces!

    Including the 15th one!

  • 02:13:10 pm on June 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Queli – I ordered the tiny stacking rings – they should arrive next week some time! I’m glad that Vina is starting to feel at home. I think it is a challenge being the only dark green doll – the Witch of the West is lighter green, right? I had the Witch from the Mattel series that featured the vintage faces and her skin was fairly pale green. That is a really great book – the photos look wonderful!

    Jackie – Glad you got massages – very relaxing during stressful times! Glad you are going to a musical event, too. I’m sure your kitties will be happy to see you when you return home!

    Shirls – I think the King knows that Stinky can be honorable and have a bit of cheekiness at the same time. My only problem with Stinky is that he is so short it is difficult to get him in scenes with Barbie unless he is standing on a table. I think that is why it was easy for him to visit with Kelly, Tommy, the tiny elves/fairies, etc. I had a difficult time at Christmas when I was using the big Sasha doll in the scenes with the Barbies and Stinky.

    Xxoo Kate
    So, I wanted to dye a pair of sea green pajama pants and a vintage Lace Caper top & pants.
    I chose “Velvet Black” by Dylon and this was the result!
    I don’t mind since I know using dyes other than RIT can be chancy and all I really wanted was darker pants so olive green isn’t bad.
    Also the pants were 100% cotton and the Lace Caper fabrics are a poly/nylon combo and it is interesting to see the difference in colors!

    Plus William looking good on dotted sheets!

  • 09:44:17 am on June 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I also lost the very first story I ever made and posted on the original BBB on Ebay – it had Francie, Gandalf(Merlin), & Legolas in medieval clothes and Francie was kidnapped by the Blue Knight (from Marx’s medieval knights series) – there was a chase sequence, lots of magic and my elder kitty, Miss Emily, played a surprise part. I could probably recreate most of it, but I would have to use William since Miss Emily passed away several years ago. So Stinky has been put to a test? Good for him for passing the tests!! Love all the royal jewels and decorations – you are doing a fabulous job with all the stories and adventures! Take all the breaks you need and have a good rest! ☺

    Queli – Those minis are fabulous! I love the little Fisher Price school bus. I might have to get the mini Fisher Price stacking rings – so colorful and they sort of remind me of nesting dolls! I kind of like that surprise ball doll – it is a neat idea although that box says that there are 45+ to collect (did I read that correctly? – yikes!). I like the new clothes for Lani & Myrna, too.

    Jackie – That is too bad that Kenvention won’t be happening – maybe they will go to an every-other-year format – it must be so difficult to organize any sort of convention. I always liked the idea of GAW as being a smaller version of the national convention and it seems like it is easier to get to since it doesn’t move around. Sending you and your family lots of good vibes!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 01:38:12 pm on June 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Shirls – I bought two HF dolls – one is still in her box and the other one I de-boxed and sold the pieces on Ebay. I will eventually take the other gal out of her box. Someone on one of the FB doll boards washed the stiffness out the brunette wig and it looks great on the HF doll – her blonde hair is entirely covered. I think she is like the repro Julia – not a lot of hair but that makes it easy for her to wear wigs. Brave Stinky! He has faced dragons before (I had a photo story about Stinky running a hat shop and the first customer was a dragon – those were some of the photos that got deleted with no back up when I got a new computer about 5 years ago). I love the sort of scary King & Queen! What a cool key crown! Such wonderful details!

    I’m not sure how the braid-with-barrette attaches to the HF Barbie’s head – it has a fairly bulky plastic barrette that doesn’t clip as easily as the vintage ones that were made of metal.

    Queli – I don’t like blind box items either – I always end up with four of the same item and it usually isn’t the one I wanted to begin with! A lot of times you can find them on Ebay already out of the box so you know what you are getting. Those gummy candies look pretty tasty!

    Hi Jackie! Glad you are peeking in!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 10:27:08 am on June 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – Sending lots of good vibes and prayers your way – this is always a difficult time!

    Shirls – Love the little Wizard of Oz dolls! They are the mini Madame Alexander ones, right? I’m so glad he kept his cool when meeting royalty! And lol at his hair going flat!!!

    It is supposed to cool down tonight – I have heard it will be in the 50s – too crazy going from the 90s to the 50s – yesterday afternoon the temperature in my car was 100! William is napping in my father’s closet to keep cool.

    Hi Sari – great to see you popping in!

    Queli – Don’t you just love that new Barbie – what a fabulous outfit she is wearing!! And I am so glad they are making articulated curvy dolls! Cool human torso, too!

    Xxoo Kate
    Hair Fair Barbie

    The various hair pieces…

    The fall is a little stiff but brushes out easily.

    This headband piece is my favorite – I’m not the best photographer – I have seen other people’s photos where this looks perfectly natural!

    This wig really needs to be put in warm water to loosen the curls – I think it will be fine once it has relaxed a bit.


  • 11:32:10 am on June 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Boiling hot here – high 80s and very humid – summer is off and running! Glad I installed the air conditioners. Today I am a little headachey and have been drinking Gatorade and the like to keep hydrated.

    Jackie – Sending you lots of good vibes – to you and your family – this is a difficult time and I’m glad you have hospice – they were really helpful with Hilda’s mother this past spring. Madame Butterfly has such lovely music – glad it was a good performance!

    Queli – Hobby Lobby is already getting ready for autumn? Wow – guess it is never too early to start planning for the holidays – I love Halloween, Christmas and Easter decorations and it is always good to get them on sale! I like that the new fashions can (more or less) fit all the dolls – much easier that way and they all look good in them. I like that stretchy pink/silver number – all of them look great (even if we don’t see the back view!). Love the WW mini-me! I heard the movie was really great – might have to go!

    Shirls – Love that Stinky decided not to have his fortune told! Glad there wasn’t any trouble!! And of course he loves to check out any vendors to see their wares! He fits perfectly in the carriage – what a great story this is! All the details are so cool – I keep going back to look at the photos. Love the mirror shots – that one does look like it is floating! Love, love the dining room set – I do see the tiny keys! And what a strange meal Stinky is having – he probably loved it! Stinky seems very chuffed to meet the royal prince and princess! I’m so glad you are having fun with him! ☺

    Waving to Ann if you are peeking in! (I have recently learned that several people from other doll boards look in here to check out the photos!)

    Xxoo Kate

  • 11:29:14 am on June 8, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    I will post HF de-boxing photos as soon as I put them on Flickr (too sleepy today so I will just post some photos that I already uploaded!).

    Queli – That doll store is so amazing! I did find Lana in that one photo – after about two minutes of scanning it! I like that one doll (Himstet I think) who has the grey/pink scarf/hat – very European looking. That is a great idea about the plastic on the hands – the tiny fingers tend to snag so much!

    Jackie – My father and I were gone most of yesterday (we went to a neighboring town with a friend) – when we returned, William followed us around the house crying and crying and crying. Finally when my father sat down on the sofa, William climbed all over him, rubbing and rubbing. He was not happy we were gone all day (and it was really only about 5 hours)!

    Shirls – Getting to Tanglewood is almost like going through Mirkwood in The Hobbit – sort of cool, sort of scary – I think they are going to have a great adventure! Hope they don’t meet up with Grimrucks or Trolls! Lol that he has picked up souvenirs! He came home with some money and a bow tie that last time he was at Jackie’s!

    Xxoo Kate
    Nesting dolls on their shelves…

    Such a good boy – he didn’t knock over anything!

  • 02:02:09 pm on June 6, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Shirls – I am not a huge fan of Vina’s oddball hairstyle – Queli did a great job fixing her doll. I also don’t really like her soft hands – it makes dressing the doll more difficult. Queen Anne’s Lace makes great hats for larger dolls like Madame Alexander’s Cissy doll. Stinky looks very dapper as the best man – he seems to be able to mingle in any situation!

    Queli – That is such an amazing doll/bear store – I would pass out with all the choices! Did they have nesting dolls? I just received the box with the 50th Anniversary Hair Fair Barbie – now to unpack and de-box!

    Jackie – Welcome back and I’m glad you had a good time! I can’t believe how many bride dolls Mattel has made over the years – and they are all lovely!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 05:39:24 am on June 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I believe Stinky thinks that the Our Generation sets would be a good size for him – giant items – especially the food! That new doll with the little dog is fabulous – her accessories are amazing! Love all the bear photos and I thought the Fred (of Fred & Ethel) was Patrick Stewart! Looks like Lani had a great time at that doll store – I love the little Muffy Vanderbears, too. That doll store looks amazing!

    Shirls – I have noticed it is difficult to get a good photo of Sindy since her side eye is so extreme – she is always looking away and I have to take a side shot to get her looking at the camera! Love the Stinky re-run photos – always good to see him! He looks really tough with Black Canary! Wow – now he is hobnobbing with faery royalty! Glad he liked his meal. I love that tiny little horse and that Tinkerbelle is climbing on Stinky! Fiona looks great on Grey, too.

    Marigene! Glad you have having great days – what a sweet new baby!! It has been raining here so all the gardens are looking really lovely. Love the Legolas doll in his Hawaiian shirt!

    Jackie – Glad you made it to Michigan – have a great time!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 11:15:13 am on June 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I love all those retro sets! Are they really too big for Barbie? If they go with Gooliope, then they must be. I love the typewriter and the blue telephone. I always liked using a typewriter – that is considered “old school” now!

    Shirls – Stinky in the books/comic books and TV show is a bit of a rogue – at one point he puts glue in Moomintroll’s bathing suit and is usually the first one that the police suspect. He is not as good looking as our friend! His original name is actually “Haisuli”! Can’t wait to see more of Black Canary!

    Jackie – Have a great trip! That Gray Lady Gene is wonderful – she could have a lot of black/white/gray outfits. Love that shot of Jacob with the hula dancers!

    Xxoo Kate
    Sindy with the Kalinka Malinka Swatch Nesting set.

  • 12:27:25 pm on May 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – My niece plays the piano and also the cello – she will be going to graduate school in the autumn to get an advanced degree in music. I’m glad I will be able to see her in concert this summer – the music camp will have a big recital in July.

    Shirls – I just checked one of my doll reference books and they are Uneeda Tiny Teen dolls (similar to Hasbro’s Dolly Darlings). They are a good size for Stinky photos! Who is Black Canary? Can’t wait to see photos!

    Xxoo Kate
    My loot from Barnes & Noble – I never knew they sold Barbie dolls, but they had these dolls and some Monster High dolls as well!

  • 03:42:22 pm on May 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Love the lobster print fabric! K&B look great in the matching shirt and dress! Lovely Memorial Day photos! My niece is due to arrive in mid-June but will be going straight to a music camp – she will let me know when she is going to perform – and then she will come up here for a week in July.

    Queli – I love the new outfits for your dolls – that little dog with glasses t-shirt is wonderful! I’m so glad they are going to continue with the BFC. I like the colors of Booterp’s hair! The MH dolls (all sizes) seem to have the most fabulous shoes – each pair is so creative!

    Shirls – Glad you were able to freshen up Stinky! I have my fingers crossed that Hair Fair will be shipping soon – they told me she would ship June 1st but sometimes they push ship dates back (they did with several dolls I have ordered in the past). Love that Stinky is hanging out and enjoying board games & skateboarding – are those little dolls by Uneeda?

    Xxoo Kate

  • 04:16:40 pm on May 26, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – It has been pouring rain all day here (Friday) – we are supposed to have some sunshine for Saturday and Sunday and then back to rain on Monday – I hope it won’t be too bad for people trying to be outside! Cool shark photos but also sort of scary at the same time! Can’t believe they are going to do a sequel to Top Gun – I wonder who is going to be in it? I watched the re-make of Dirty Dancing that was on TV this past Wednesday evening – it was pretty good but I didn’t know any of the actors at all!

    Queli – Your show-n-tell dolls are all so fabulous! The woman who heads our doll meetings is going to move to a town 3 hours away so we are all hoping the meetings will still continue! I think Stinky’s song is perfect for him (at least he seems to think so!). ;) I like that Effie Trinket photo – I bought some of that dotted fabric, too – made quite a few dolls outfits from it! I was looking at your photo of the Hallmark Old English village – I thought it was on your full size mantle but is it Barbie size?? I can’t tell at all!!

    Shirls – Love the photo of Stinky in the Hawaiian hammock! He knows how to take it easy! I have heard of the Hawaiian Barbie’s heads getting darker – yours doesn’t look that bad. I wonder why some dolls age like that and others don’t – must be some chemical reaction. I also love that Stinky went down to TJ for some Mexican food – hope he doesn’t get a cheap tattoo as well – lol! Glad your pup is doing better!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 08:48:20 am on May 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Clawdeen is pretty – I like the purple streaks in her hair! It looks great with her dress, too. Your original Hallmark ornament is lovely – I can see why you started collecting them – and they keep coming out with more and more!

    Jackie – Pretty lilacs! We are in full lilac season here and I love the smell! I have a bouquet on my table right next to me and William keeps sniffing at it – he looks very dainty. Pretty brides – there are so many wedding gown possibilities and they are all so lovely (okay, there are probably some out there that aren’t so nice)!

    Shirls – I love how Stinky has taken to the open road! He is having a great time and I love seeing photos of his adventures! That shot of Mad Max, Catwoman and Stinky is just great – I keep going back to look at it! Love the shot of him as a lifeguard, too. I’m glad you like having him visit you – he is easy to place in a photo and has a great smile! I like that he brought some flowers to make up for being awol! Glad he had to do all those dishes and the laundry! I also love the photo of him with the PoIR and the nesting dolls!

    Waving to Marie and Fiona!

    Xxoo Kate
    Found a photo of Lola Falana from the late 1960s and attempted a similar outfit for FQBarbie.

  • 05:06:14 pm on May 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Fiona – I usually see mostly brunette Skippers on Ebay – I think Mattel made more of them than other colors. I had a redhead Skipper ages ago but her bangs would NOT go flat at all – they stuck straight out from her forehead no matter what I did – they would even push a hat off of her head – Lol!

    Queli – It took me a few moments to find Barbie in the Nutcracker display – she is well camouflaged! Love the little sewing set up! How cool are all the headless gals! I love that the Barbies quickly took off their heads to make the new gal feel welcome! I always liked that Hallmark Barbie house, too – they did a great job on it!

    Jackie – I spy the pink bear from Cleveland! I thought Mattel did a great job on that Jack Sparrow doll. It was really hot here yesterday (in the 90s) and is a bit cooler today and the wind has picked up a bit so that is nice – seems like we have jumped right into summer but I think it will get cooler again.

    Xxoo Kate

  • 09:23:00 am on May 18, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – Have a great time at the Fishy restaurant – sounds really tasty! Your photos show exactly the weather we are having today – high 80s – it will jump back down to the high 60s tomorrow and the weekend but today I have all the fans going.

    Queli – I love your skeleton collection! The create-a-monster skeleton girl is really pretty – did she come with that skeleton dress? I’m toying with the idea of getting a skeleton MH doll and painting her face to get a bolder Calaveras face. (One more thing to add to my ever growing “to do” list!)

    Xxoo Kate
    I gave vintage Malibu Ken black hair and beard…

  • 11:35:29 am on May 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – When I called the BCC telephone number, the woman told me that there would be no 2017 membership but 2016 members could get $30 off an order of $100 and $15 (?) off an order of $50 but I think that is a one time deal for the entire year. Plus they were having free shipping on most orders but I don’t know how long that offer will last.
    Stinky has always loved camping and loves hanging out with the guys – no surprise he got a tent all to himself. I love the bandana on his head! Remember when he won all that money playing poker at Marie’s house?

    Queli – I love the Skelita Calaveras! It is interesting to see that the illustration on the back has more obvious skull markings than the actual doll – I wonder if Mattel was worried about scaring children? I know Mattel has made a few of the Calaveras dolls – or were some of them just skeletons? I love her dress – it looks like the paper hangings for DotD celebrations.

    Xxoo Kate

  • 09:53:11 am on May 16, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Marigene – Your lilac photos are so gorgeous! Ours are still at the bud stage so none yet! Congratulations on the new great grand baby!

    Shirls – Stinky is a charmer with the ladies as always! He is looking good in Ken’s hat, too – hope Ken doesn’t mind! Keep him for as long as you like – if he overstays his welcome until August, you can always ship him to Jackie – lol!

    Jackie – Love the daVinci doll! We are having a small hot spell here, too – temps in the high 70s (hot for us) but it is supposed to get cold again this weekend.

    Queli – I pre-ordered 2 Hair Fairs from BCC and was able to use the discount they are offering to 2016 members – at this time, the shipping date is June 1st. Fingers crossed! That Hallmark white hat is too cool!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 10:12:08 am on May 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – Great to see photos of Stinky’s previous visits – he really enjoys himself! He really fits in well with the Kelly size dolls. Sometimes it is hard to make sure he fits in the photos with Barbie since she is so much taller than he is – love that shot of Barbie and Stinky riding the little wheeled horse! Congratulations on winning at the trivia!

    Queli – Thank you so much for the resizing/copying/pasting information – I was doing it a different way. My way was working for just one photo at a time and it was more complicated! THANK YOU!! ;) King of the Crystal Caves looks happy to be meeting all of your dolls! And I just tried the photo thing and it worked perfectly!

    Shirls – It is pouring today and it poured all day yesterday – I hope this means the flowers will be out soon – very windy too. Stinky looks like he is having a fabulous time! He fits right in with the troll tree – he is a Finnish troll from the Moomin book series. The streak in his hair looks great – he likes to go with all the new trends and a bath never did him any harm! Love how he got all duded up for Mother’s Day!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 08:45:42 am on May 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Those MMMQs are fabulous! I love this new party set – that little clown is too cute! When you were posting over on ITP, could you post more than one photo in a post? I have tried and can only post one photo at a time – so I can’t post a story – just a single photo.

    Shirls – Poor feral kitties – it is hard to see them and I can understand why the guy is feeding them but it would probably be better for everyone (including the cats) if he captured them and brought them to the humane society. Our local humane society has a program that places feral cats with farmers – the cats live in the barns and catch all the mice and don’t come near the humans – it has been very successful with a 100% placement – the farmers really like it and the cats seem to like it as well since they aren’t cooped up in a cage and scared. I love the shot of Stinky recuperating from his voyage – I made a copy and have it as my desktop photo!

    Xxoo Kate
    Meeting a vintage bear…

    I got her at an antique mall over on the coast. She had a tag that said she was made in Japan in the 1950s and her little scarf is glued on.

  • 11:13:00 am on May 11, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Your new Crystal Caves Ken is super fabulous – he has all the elements of medieval, elven and Norse Viking combined! Thanks for the youtube link – cool that they have so many Mattel videos – old commercials, too.

    Shirls – I hope your cat problem gets better soon – how annoying! Glad Stinky is enjoying himself – remember the photos Marie posted of him doing all the cleaning? She even had a little vacuum cleaner – lol!

    Waving to Jackie, Marigene, Fiona & Marie!

    Xxoo Kate
    William enjoying the sun…

  • 03:05:34 pm on May 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Queli – That Hallmark Silkie is fabulous! Those kites are pretty cool, too. I like the tall guy on stilts! Glad you finally got that one doll you were looking for!

    Jackie – Great beach scenes! I think we will enjoy Stinky’s visit at Shirl’s house! Your Irish dolls are lovely!

    Shirls – Glad Stinky arrived safely! I think he will be excited to see Mad Max! Poor Rootie! Hope she feels better soon and I hope you can find something to help her with her allergies! That outfit FQBarbie is wearing (May 2nd) is from a Lucy/Barbie doll – Lucy Gets a Paris Gown set.

    Xxoo Kate

  • 11:54:32 am on May 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Stinky is winging his way to Shirls! He has been invited to stay for a month so I hope he behaves himself when he is there – he should arrive in a few days.

    Marigene – Your lilacs are divine! We have had a cold, wet spring as well so we probably won’t get as many lilacs either but even one would be really great! Sweet new baby kittens! I’m glad they all have homes waiting for them. We have been having light thunderstorms too – plus lots of pouring rain – today it is just really overcast.

    Queli – I can’t believe how small the Superman and WW ornaments are – great for Skipper/Kelly scenes! Vina/Barbie looks great in the hot pink. I have never had popcorn as an appetizer – what a great idea – although I would probably eat too much! Great new fashions from WalMart – the dolls look like they really like them as well! Your new dolls are just great – I love the blue floaty-scarfy outfit – both of those outfits look great on vintage Barbies, too. Thank you for the Hallmark link, too!

    Jackie – It looks like all the plaid/tartans were to proper 1/6th scale and they all look great! That paper challenge is really cool – I made a tin foil dress for Barbie ages ago – I used the Let’s Dance pattern and just pressed it onto Barbie’s body. Stinky got the scraps to make a sort of toga for himself! How cool that you got to sit with Paul Bruce! I see him posting on Facebook all the time – so creative with the sewing!

    Fiona – I’m planning to get that Hair Fair repro Barbie when she comes out (right now it is supposed to be in late August) – I sure hope Mattel doesn’t change her outfit or wigs – that happened with the repro Julia doll – she was supposed to come with her original nurse outfit plus one of her other outfits but Mattel decided to just have her in the nurse outfit and no extras.

    Xxoo Kate

  • 10:11:23 am on May 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Thank you for all the website security information – it is always good to be well informed! The Gabby doll is very sweet and has a great face! The WW dolls are totally cool. I like what you did with Vina’s hair – that bit on the top is so strange. I have also discovered that I don’t like her soft hands very much – hard to put on tight sleeves – the MtM bodies seem to have harder plastic hands. The Hallmark book must be such fun to look through!

    Shirls – Thank you as well for the http/https information. Stinky is ready to visit at any time and will stay as long as he is welcome (he probably is the type who would outstay his welcome). I can send him to you and then you could send him back to me and he could then visit Jackie in August. Some of those Maddie Mod dolls had a Midge-style hair-do but most of them seem to have straight hair with bangs – I have always loved the Maddie Mod clothes!

    Jackie – Does that work for you if Stinky visits Shirls now and then comes out to you in August? Wow – it was 90 where you are! Yikes – it has been in the 40s and rainy here and all the buds one the trees are out so leaves will be coming in soon. That is one gigantic fish – I wouldn’t swim there either!

    Fiona – Congratulations on your two new Skippers! They sound like they are in good shape – most of my vintage dolls have pale arms and legs but that is only really noticeable when they are not wearing clothes. I remember your photos of last year’s Anzac Day – hard to believe it has been a year!

    Waving to Marigene and Marie!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 08:56:28 am on April 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    I emailed Marie and she is doing well and is very busy. She hasn’t been posting here since ultimate chat stopped being a secure website – I was vaguely aware that it wasn’t but am still not sure what that means. I understand sites like Ebay and PayPal needing to be secure since that involves payments, but not sure what it means if this site isn’t secure. I hope it won’t affect us because I like posting here!

    Queli – I understand totally about being busy and it is no problem at all – you can just come here and enjoy all the shots of Stinky visiting with Jackie & Shirls! My brother let me know that, rather than all four (brother, sister-in-law, niece & nephew) coming in one big group, they will come at three separate times – so we will have a revolving door family visit this summer!

    Jackie – I can’t believe GAW has been going for 28 years – wow! And that Scottish Highland theme is such a great idea! Do you know how many people were there? I guess the big convention this summer still hasn’t sold out – I hope they don’t start thinking about cancelling it – fingers crossed!

    Waving to Shirls, Marigene, Marie & Fiona!

    Xxoo Kate
    Stinky shows Ken his hat collection.

  • 10:42:07 am on April 27, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – Glad you are back home and that you had a good time! Can’t wait to see photos!

    Shirls – I like the green outfit that Queen Elinore is wearing – I always like medieval/fairy style costumes. Love the tiny fairies, too! Stinky can visit you anytime you like – he usually stays for a week or so (it can be longer or shorter of course) and then he gets mailed either back to me or to the next person who wants to host him. He has visited with Jackie & Marie twice now and has had a lot of fun.

    Jackie and Queli – Would either of you like to host Stinky? It can be for as long or short as you like and of course you can say no if you would rather not! ;)

    Queli – I got that K9 on Ebay when I first started getting back into watching Dr. Who on Neflix – he is a good size for Barbie displays. Thank you for the toy soldier museum link – my father really enjoyed looking at the photos and was able to identify most of them immediately!

    Xxoo Kate
    Barbie and Stinky have been busy baking!


    And here is a photo of Francie and Stinky checking out a set of my father’s toy soldiers!

  • 09:31:59 am on April 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – GAW sounds so wonderful – I hope to get there some year soon! Someone on Facebook posted a photo of Bill Greening (I think that is who it was) holding a 50th Anniversary Hair Fair Barbie that will be released in the coming months – lots of wigs and a repro mod dress – gorgeous! I love the Highland theme – what a great idea!

    Queli – Your new patio set is lovely and the girls look like they are really enjoying themselves! I understand the “sigh” about the kitchen center you didn’t buy – it is fabulous but takes up room! My father says the same thing happens in the toy soldier world – all the shelves are filled quickly. Vina did arrive Saturday and she is so cool! Love the garden center photos!

    Marigene – Smart Taser! He was so handsome, too. William just likes napping, playing and cuddling (fine with me) – this morning I couldn’t get out of bed right away since he was sound asleep on top of me! Spring is late here, too – up north (about 2 hours drive) they just got 5 inches of snow! So glad we only got rain. Love the photo of Twilight Victoria with the Breyer horse!

    Photo heavy post alert! ;)

    Xxoo Kate
    Yesterday evening, Stinky and the little green Martian dog (from a Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck space age cartoon) were playing spacemen.

    Suddenly they saw a lovely green woman!

    Vina has arrived! She patted the little dog whilst Stinky raced off to find something for a welcoming present…

    He returned quickly, all duded up!

    They enjoyed coffee and chocolates as the day faded…

    The little dog was too polite to mention it, but Vina has an odd hair-do!

    The next morning, Stinky went to one of the clothing drawers to find some new clothes for Vina.

    He brought quite a selection!

    Here she is wearing the blouse and pants from The Lace Caper.

    And I spring dress that I made recently…

    And a colorful shift dress I made…

    She finally selected the pink Star Trek uniform I made – it is a trifle baggy around the bust line, since I made it for a vintage Barbie, but she likes the color. ;)

  • 09:56:36 am on April 21, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Vina is fabulous! Mine is due to arrive tomorrow (Saturday) and I can’t wait. I like the articulation – same as Lt. Uhura’s and WonderWoman – they can still wear high heels.

    Marigene – Sweet kitties waking you up – might be a bit annoying at the time but it sounds so cute! We had a couple of mice get in the house and William just looked at them – he could have cared less about them – I guess it is the female cats that are the hunters. Little Emily caught about 15 mice and 4 bats in the 13 years she was with us.

    Jackie – I thought Bonner’s was one of those stores like LLBean that is open 24/7 – I guess not – I hope you weren’t set on shopping there – plenty of shopping to be done at GAW!

    Xxoo Kate
    More hats!

    And more hat swapping!

  • 11:07:49 am on April 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – It is gray and overcast here as well. William is sound asleep and pretty much plans to sleep all day! Have a great weekend!

    Shirls – Love the Easter scene with the bunny basket – sweet! What a lovely painting! I took down all my Easter décor, too. Sounds like you are getting a lot of yard work done!

    Queli – What cool pjs! Kohl’s seems to have a lot of Mattel items – so does Target – both of those stores are not in my town – they are about 20 miles away. Did your green Vina/Barbie arrive yet? Mine is due in on Saturday.

    Xxoo Kate
    Stinky and the Princess of South Africa.

    Of course, Stinky had to try on the hat!

  • 11:07:56 am on April 19, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I can’t wait to see your King of the Crystal Cave – he looks like a fiercer version of the Legolas/Ken – I love his outfit! I like the Peeta doll, too – I got the Four doll (see below) but didn’t get any of the Hunger Games boys. Those two wooden bunnies in the front are from India.

    Jackie – I’m sorry your sister won’t be with you at GAW. Please say hello to Kim & Anita for me! We have had weather in the low 40s – clear and cold – fine with me – no snow! Hope you won’t get any snow!

    Waving to Marigene, Fiona, Shirls & Marie! ☺

    Xxoo Kate
    Four (from the Divergent series) poses with the over-dyed eggs I made last year.

  • 10:24:40 am on April 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Marigene – Love your bunny couple – what a great pair! It is sunny today but we have no buds on anything just yet – soon!

    Queli – The matching yellow outfits are so cheerful – perfect for spring! Wow – the MMMQ sets can be quite elaborate! And yet they won’t take up much space!

    Jackie – Glad you made it and are having a great time!

    Waving to Marie and Fiona!

    Xxoo Kate
    Last year’s Easter display. ☺

  • 05:03:40 pm on April 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Forgot to mention that the egg hunt was from last year – otherwise my little MMMQs would have been involved! ;)

  • 05:02:48 pm on April 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Safe travels and have a great time!

    Marigene – Glad you have been having some sunshine – we have had sunshine and temps in the 50s all week and the snow is almost all gone (yay!). What are those gorgeous flowers in the photo without a doll – the pink-to-red-to-yellow ones? Beautiful!

    Queli – I didn’t realize the MMMQs had tiny rooms – how cool! I like that they are releasing the Wonder Woman dolls before the movie – I think a lot of people are going to go see it and lots of doll collectors really like the face. Love your collection of MtM dolls – I just ordered the green Vina/Barbie from BCC – she has the MtM upper body and knees with the high heel feet. What a totally cool coloring book!!

    Shirls – I put those slippers on Barbie after I tried to put several pairs of spike heels on her and one would keep popping off – I think she was trying to tell me she wanted comfy shoes! Lol! Miss Corey James turned out really well – such a pretty yellow dress, too! Those eyes remind me of Sailor Moon, too!

    Waving to Marie and Fiona!

    Xxoo Kate
    Francie and the Easter Bunny hosted an egg hunt for the smaller folk at the doll’s house.


  • 10:32:46 am on April 12, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    I had food poisoning over the weekend and only just started feeling human again yesterday – I am so glad it didn’t last any longer. It is slow going and I still get Really tired Really quickly. Now I’m going to end up posting Easter photos into next week!

    I just did a quick scroll to catch up and now I’m going back to bed for a bit. Waving to everyone!

    Oh, and I just have to say that those giant plastic nesting eggs that Queli saw are really cool!

    Xxoo Kate
    A friend gave me this little metal purse – such a great design!

    Inside was a little bunny!


    Bunny fits in well with the smaller Easter friends!

  • 10:42:28 am on April 7, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I just logged out and logged in again to check and it only says http – not a secure one like on Ebay or PayPal. Maybe you could ask Sweetness (?) as she seems to be in charge of the board (I see that name on the ultimate chat home page). I’m never sure if there is something going on with a particular website or if my computer is just getting old (or both). I love what you did with the India Barbie!

    Jackie – Stinky has just been in a photo shoot with some of the Barbies. I got a load of the clothes that Mattel made for the Lucy dolls so my Barbies were trying them on and Stinky liked all the hats (photos coming soon!). ;) Glad your storms weren’t worse!

    Queli – I love the pink pampas grass – how cool! I love all the creativity at the flower show – the teddy bears are a great idea! I even like the potentially scary clown face! I love flowers but am no good at gardening.

    Waving to Fiona, Marigene and Marie!

    Xxoo Kate
    Francie and Momoko used one half of a plastic egg as a cradle for the baby bear!

  • 02:46:41 pm on April 5, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Looks like Halloween with the dark and stormy scenes! It is overcast here – a bit of snow this morning but it melted all away in the rain that followed. Supposed to be dark and gloomy all the rest of the week. Stay safe in the storm!

    Marigene – I think the moss looks really great! I think it would be good for dolls to stand on – easier than grass. Pretty bluebells – they are like gorgeous weeds! I also like the shirt Malibu Skipper is wearing – with Francie & Casey on it – cool!

    Queli – Totally cool chalk holders! I know what you mean about liking them but not really having a use for them! Love Ziggy & Hal!

    Xxoo Kate
    Buffy with the wooden nesting eggs from Poland.

  • 12:24:00 pm on April 3, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – I’m sorry about your cousin’s son – so tragic. That plastic bunny is from a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

    Queli – Love the Whistler’s Mother line-up! Yours is much more colorful!

    Now that it is April, I’m getting into the Easter mood. ☺ And the weather is sunny today but the rest of the week is supposed to be rainy – at least the snow will melt.

    Xxoo Kate
    From last year, Francie, yellow Bunny and Stinky with the tiny vintage wooden egg…

    Inside the egg is a teeny figure (we always called him George).

    Bunny and little George liked this plastic giraffe egg!

    George found a big egg!

    Bunny found an even larger one! (But what are Stinky and George looking at?)

    The largest egg!

    And of course they are nesting eggs! ;)

  • 09:46:02 am on April 2, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I love the skateboarder Barbie – it is great that Mattel is branching off with the Made-to-Move bodies – she has a great outfit, too! I stayed at home yesterday, too – I didn’t hear of anyone getting pranked so that is a good thing!

    Shirls – I have noticed that Ebay tends to move the community boards around a bit – I can never find them the same way twice! Our April Fool’s day snowstorm only gave us a dusting of snow – didn’t even need to brush the car off – it melted pretty quickly (yay!).

    Marigene – We have been getting a lot of either snow or rain the past few months – more than usual. It is supposed to rain most of this week – it will get rid of all the snow and that is fine with me! Sweet, sweet fur baby! Love all your Skippers in the garden!

    Jackie – I can’t believe Anita’s daughter is old enough to go to college – time flies! Say hello to everyone at GAW for me – I think you will have a great time! Are you sitting at Kim’s table for the July convention?

    Fiona – Yep, we call them flipflops, too. I got the little boxing kangaroo in a box lot of toys and thought he fit in well with the smaller critters. I’m glad you didn’t get the worst part of the bad weather – it is always hard to tell where a storm is going.

    Waving to Marie and hope you are doing well!

    Xxoo Kate
    The Easter Bunny and Buffy came over to Stinky’s room to help him organize (S tends to be a little messy and this is an ongoing thing).

    They tidy up all the plastic eggs…

    The Easter Bunny brings in a big egg!

    It is the nesting egg set and Stinky is excited about all the possibilities.

    After all the organizing, where is Stinky??

    He fits easily into the largest nesting egg and everything is cluttered again but the story will continue!

  • 10:01:01 am on March 31, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – The person who told me that story about the Bassett/Beagle mix up was an elderly gentleman who liked to spin yarns so I’m not really sure how true it is – sounds like it could be true, though! Ah yes, the BBB swaps back in the day – they were such fun!

    Queli – Thank you!! I love the other HL doll/outfit, too! And the shoes are fabulous! What a sweet little Bassett hound! I hope they keep going with Kenvention.

    Waving to Shirls, Marie & Fiona!

    Xxoo Kate
    Skooter and Stinky (and Kate) were all excited to receive a gift from Queli!!

    Stinky is very interested in the mystery figure.

    A tiny heiress, an even tinier doggy, and a handsome suitor!

    The tiny mystery figure!

    Thank you, dear Queli! ☺

    The figures are so teeny, they went to the doll’s house where PoohBear and friends gave them a big welcome!

  • 05:38:12 pm on March 30, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Queli – A friend of a friend who had a Bassett hound said that when he bred the dog (with another Bassett hound), the puppies turned out to be Beagles! He also said it might have been possible that the female had been outside and mated with a male beagle but the breeds are very similar. Rio Rita is really neat – what a great outfit!

    Jackie – I love all your Genes and their lovely outfits! I remember when she first came out thinking how cool it was that Gene was 15 inches tall – it seemed so unusual and she had a great story, too. Today it was in the mid-40s and we got a lot of melting (yay!) – still not sure what is going to happen on Saturday!

    Xxoo Kate
    Working with two lovely fabrics, I decided to make this reversible.


  • 08:02:10 am on March 29, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I love that Herve Leger doll (that is who she is, right?) – such great shoes and a pretty dress, too! All those clothes are from the doll boards! Either from swaps or prizes, etc. That dog is Fred Basset from England – got him in 1971.

    Shirls – Stinky looks great in his frame! Next time he goes visiting, he can come to your house if you like! Pretty doll – don’t know who she is – is she marked Mattel at all or is she a clone?

    Jackie – The snow is slowly melting here – today we have temps in the 40s, Friday it is supposed to SNOW about 6 inches (grrr) and then be in the 50s on Saturday. I like Ken and Barbie’s matching Ken fabric outfits!

    Xxoo Kate
    Here are some of my friend’s photos…

    The one on the far right is going to be a one-off masked crusader style doll!

  • 12:50:18 pm on March 28, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    I forgot my camera!
    However we had a really great time. I led the Barbie Bingo game and everyone really enjoyed it. The main project we worked on was re-flocking vintage Ken dolls – I had photos of different styles of beards and moustaches and there were a lot of creative Kens by the end of the day! I will check to see if I can get any of the other women’s photos and post them.

    Jackie – I always love to see Stinky’s vacation photos! I forgot he was hanging out with the Twilight gang! Love the Peeps! Warming up here – temps in the 40s!

    Shirls – I’m loving all your repeats! I don’t remember seeing them anyway so they are all new to me! ;) The AA doll from the World of Love is named Soul.

    Queli – Everyone I know has really enjoyed the new Beauty and the Beast movie – might have to go and see it! Love the beauty salon set!

    Fiona – I know what you mean about the vintage Barbie clothes – most of them are pretty elegant – plus being well made!

    Waving to Marigene and Marie!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 10:01:20 am on March 24, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Sunday I am hosting the doll club meeting at a friend’s house. I went over there today and we moved tables around and tried to get as much set up as possible. I hope I remember to bring my camera!

    Queli – I love that the Downton exhibit also showed big photos of the actors wearing the actual costume – makes it just that more special!

    Shirls – I love the curvy body too – I hope Mattel will be making more of them. Zig Zag is a real beauty!

    Fiona – I was surprised when I took Batman/Ken’s hat off and saw his face – when I posted his photo on some of the other doll boards, people got really excited and had to go buy him!

    Jackie – I hope your fur babies have a peaceful (if at all possible) time at the vet and come home all clean and ready for naps! When I lived in Boston, my landlady and I had a vet who came to the house – we would make simultaneous appointments and it was quick and simple.

    Xxoo Kate
    Here are the vintage Peace and Love dolls from Shirls after their spa day and after their new clothes arrived. (Love is wearing Peace’s original outfit.)

    Someone made the little black poncho many years ago…

  • 06:12:22 pm on March 23, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Evening,

    Jackie – I like going over to the coast before May 31st – there is such a difference when all the tourists arrive! I hope your sister will start to be on the mend soon!

    Fiona – That “fierce” Ken is the Batman/Ken that came out a few years back (there was a Catwoman/Barbie, too) – his face was hidden under the mask/cowl – I really liked the look so he has become my main Ken model!

    Queli – I like the curvy Barbies – I wish they would make them a bit more articulated – that would be really cool! I don’t remember – are you going to GAW, too? Love the MC Hammer doll!

    Marigene – Sweet little Fuzzbutt! William sleeps on his back all the time – he also likes doing all his grooming when he is on his back. Are any of your cats talkers? William chatters all the time.

    Shirls – I’m sorry you are having a stressful time! Sending good vibes your way! Someone on one of the other doll boards said that (possibly) the BCC will merge with Mattel’s regular Barbie site ( ) – they seem to have a lot of the same dolls but I am not sure when all this is going to happen (or if it is going to happen).

    Xxoo Kate

  • 03:43:29 pm on March 20, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – Happy Anniversary! Glad spring is finally here – still really cold here but the weather forecast for this week is just clear and cold – no storms!

    Fiona – Sounds like you had a great time and I’m so glad there was only one day of rain and cold! Glad you were able to get a Ken, too!

    Queli – That tote you made is perfect! It is hard to tell what size the Happy Meal items are going to be just looking at the McDonald’s photos. Hope the Perry Mason marathon was fun!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 12:45:05 pm on March 17, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – I’m so glad you found your sister! Whew! Cold and clear here today – just cold enough that the snow isn’t melting, though – I hope it goes soon!

    Marigene – Hope you can get your fur babies spayed in time – fingers crossed! Susu and Eddie are both gorgeous – I love the Siamese face.

    Marie – Yep, Gertie is her name! She is sitting on the bookshelf just outside my bedroom door, right near the Skippers & Ricky. Sweet ice cream party and I love the little toys!

    Queli – Love the big hair on the flower Kelly! She is almost a member of the Color Guard except for the blonde hair.

    Xxoo Kate
    Princess of South Africa Barbie and Stinky go green for the day!

    Vintage Apple Blossom Kologne Kiddle and Gertie, the green dinosaur…

    More green friends!

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  • 09:09:52 am on March 15, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    We got about 12-14 inches of snow – I can’t believe I’m saying this but that really isn’t that bad. The snow blowers came at around 5am and I was able to get out and run all my errands – slow driving around town. Hope it is the last of the season!

    Xxoo Kate
    Casey and a lot of green for St. Patrick’s Day!

  • 04:32:07 pm on March 14, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Afternoon,

    Way too much snow going on right now. Coming down at a rate of 2.5 inches per hour and it is supposed to go on all night (it should slow down a bit after 10pm). William is sleeping on my lap – happy kitty!

    Jackie – I always liked that Irish Princess doll – pretty face and a lovely medieval style costume!

    Marie – Glad to see you peeking in and that you are doing well!

    Queli – Ling does have a beautiful face! I had forgotten how pretty Gooliope is, too!

    Xxoo Kate
    A mod pair!

  • 12:05:28 pm on March 13, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    We are hunkering down for the big blizzard that is supposed to hit us Tuesday evening and into Wednesday with accumulation of 12-14 inches – winter is still hanging on! (I wish it would let go and let spring come in!)

    Queli – That bag really is way too big for Barbie – I thought it was going to be closer to 1:6th scale, too – I’m glad some doll was able to use it! Love all your Dating Kens!

    Jackie – How cool that your sister went to the Iditarod! I would love a ride on a dogsled! We are planning to go to the grocery store tomorrow morning and stock up on everything!

    Marigene – I don’t like the spring time change either. Yesterday my father and I were like zombies wandering around the house – he and William napped on the sofa almost all day. Today we have a bit more energy – just in time for a blizzard!

    Xxoo Kate

  • 09:57:45 am on March 10, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Mattel did a great job on that St. Patrick’s Day Barbie – I like all the dolls in that series – pretty vintage style faces and great clothes! Freezing cold here today and going to be colder over the weekend – not done with winter yet!

    Marigene – The hellabourse flowers are lovely! We have bleeding heart plants that come back stronger every year and the alium bulbs I planted ages ago still come back but every year they are looking smaller and smaller – they still are pretty though! Sweet Fuzzbutt drinking from the tap!

    Waving and Hugs to all and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend!

    Xxoo Kate
    The Princess of Imperial Russia surrounded by some of her Nesting Dolls!

    On the shelf above, Sindy got the vintage red plastic telephone so she can call the other dolls. Stinky is still eating Christmas cookies!

  • 10:51:01 am on March 9, 2017 | 0 | # |

    Good Morning,

    Happy Birthday to Barbie – she brought all of us together!

    We are expecting a big snowstorm to come through this coming Tuesday/Wednesday – glad I didn’t put away the boots and shovels just yet – since it is March and the weather has been getting warmer and warmer, I hope it won’t last too long on the ground.

    Jackie – Congratulations for winning Bunco! I love that leopard print outfit from GAW (it was from GAW wasn’t it?) – looks great on a Bubblecut!

    Queli – That tiny giraffe is adorable! I haven’t yet bought a MMMQ set but I’m sure I will! And I love the fact they come with a mystery figure – how cool is that?! Plus the mix ‘n match thing is always a good idea.

    Waving to one and all! ☺

    Xxoo Kate
    Stinky needed a helmet for riding his motorcycle so the Princess of South Africa gave him the top half of a plastic Easter Egg!

    He also discovered that he can fit into Ken’s shoes!

    Plus he tried on a vintage Dawn hairpiece!

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