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  • 09:18:29 am on November 14, 2017 | # | 0

    Heeelllooooooo ladies…

    Day 14 HP challenge: Team Voldemort or Team Harry.
    …Really?! This is another no brainer for me…Team Harry, of course!
    For some reason, because of this question, I got to thinking of Kylo
    Ren from Star Wars and how evil skipped a generation. His parents
    and so many others sacrificed so much to do away with the evil
    empire and now he’s trying to be a baddie. Why?!

    Jackie…you’re photos of Stinky and that cute little house are just
    Adorable (yes, with a capital A)! Aawww, a Thanksgiving kitty…I’m
    sure Stinky’s very happy with the treasure the Sorcerer’s apprentices
    and alien gave him. We all know he loves sparkly stuff. He must be
    part niffler :-)

    Some friends and I got together and had a Tea Party. We had a great
    time. Everything looked beautiful and the food was super tasty!

    One lump or two? :-)

    One of the lady’s made this cake and it was soooo good I couldn’t stop
    eating it!

    The sandwiches were very tasty. There were even some cucumber ones
    in there.

    These are the dolls I took for show-and-tell…all my Maddie Hatters
    and the Mad Hatter Ken plus ALL the tea items I could find in my

    This is a Pidgin doll.

    I love that even the little critters are wearing hats :-)

    To Be Continued…


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