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  • 09:53:01 am on November 13, 2017 | # | 0

     photo BarbieBazaarF3b2003003.jpg

    Good morning… always fun to have the whole gang show up here.

    Hi Fiona… you are really busy with the Salvation Army. We have the bell ringers and kettle dishes at most stores….not just yet.
    Also have the places that will collect toys for tots.
    I started donating some Barbies a couple of years ago. I bought
    some Christmas bags at the dollar store yesterday to start filling
    for this year. I find it a fulfilling thing to do with Barbies that are
    still in their boxes after all these years….. pink box! Saving the

     photo Thanksgivingdolls001.jpg

    Time for some Thanksgiving photos… from the past.

    Hi Shirls… glad the tissues are helping you feel better. Playing with
    Barbie helps too…. right?

     photo Thanksgivingdolls008.jpg

    I still regret that Mattel discontinued Kelly…. she is so sweet in all the costumes they made for her.

    So glad I managed to get most of them… while they were around.

    Hi Kate… Ha! I bought a small Christmas tree and plugged it in!

    Still needs to be decorated, but I felt the urge! My hair salon already had theirs up so that was my inspiration.

    Hi Queli… Harry Potter was such an interesting set of books. As a teacher, it was intriguing at how all the books got kids reading. And then their parents and then the rest of the population. It took a while
    to get a movie out… so all we had were the books.
    And the public kept crying out for more.
    J.K. Rowling was under a lot of pressure to produce new stuff all the time and then get it into a movie.
    Not many authors have that kind of popularity. And most that do have ghost writers to help them.

    Rainy here today.

    Hi Kate… I hope you don’t have snow yet.

    Hi Shirls… yes we probably just missed each other on the road trips.
    My sister likes to take the back roads to avoid all the trucks whenever she can.

    Have a great day everyone.



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