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  • 09:03:31 pm on November 12, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi girls,
    Can you all believe how fast time is going, it is nearly Christmas again… your photos are showing. We are getting so busy here, as you can imagine Christmas with the Salvation Army is BIG!
    We begin our carolling schedule on Wednesday with the start of the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal [people can take a tag from the tree at Kmart, it has a child's age and gender on it-so then a gift can be bought and put under the tree for that child. All the gifts then come to the S. Army for distribution, so we have to collect, sort and then distribute the gifts to people in need].Its a HUGE appeal here in Australia. We also have our individual church welfare & Alan & I coordinate that in our church, so that means hamper packing, gift card distribution and taking all the registrations for people who require all these things. [In between band carolling etc, -any spare time we sleep, lol].

    Been checking in briefly-I have never read Harry Potter so am unaware of some of the things you’ve been discussing. Amazing how we learn about things isn’t it!

    Kate: I LOVE your Skipper in her orange outfit did you make her cute sweater? The little Halloween house is so cute.

    Jackie: You are having fall weather we are still supposed to be in spring, but the weather has fluctuated between very hot [mid summer type] weather and really cool almost wintery type weather. We have also had lots of rain and storms really early this year. It usually starts around Christmas with storms but we’ve had them all through late September, October and now November. At least everything is lovely and green instead of brown and dry.
    Stinky in the Santa hat looks very cute. So you have Veteran’s Day…11th is Remembrance Day here -same as in UK. We too have been having heaps of services, parades etc for the returned service people. Next year will be a big remembrance one for us again as it is 100years since the end of WW 1. Already some organisations have planned their activities and tributes. That is fabulous that your father wrote a book, I have a degree in history and am always encouraging people to write their memories down. I am so sad that so much of my own family history and memories is lost. Its so important not just to families but for academics too, I was so grateful for people’s family history stories when I was researching for my Honours thesis. LOVE the Kelly wreath.

    Shirls: so sorry about your brother and that you have been unwell. Hope and pray you are feeling well again, be gentle with yourself and take time to do some fun things. A big hug to you. Always think those photos of Stinky and his brother on their road trip such a laugh, especially the one of Stinky looking under the car bonnet. Very cute Halloween party, nice new ‘tiara’ for Stinky with his cute little hair poking through it, hehehe.

    Queli: Those sweater and jacket ornaments are just lovely! I LOVE Barbie’s pink boots too…and also Kelly’s.[ Kelly is so sweet handing Shirls tissues]. I’m such a sucker for shoes. That cuckoo clock handbag is just adorable- don’t think I’d use it though, but I have a friend who’d just love to have it. She is so into sparkle and jewellry and blingy pretty “stuff”. How big are Moana and Maui? He is such a hunk in his leaf skirt, with all his tats, lol.

    Love to you all, Fiona.


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