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  • 08:19:50 pm on November 12, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    Been a cloudy, misty sort of day. I need the sun to help keep me a little more cheerful.

    Jackie ~~ Going to get you covered tonight :-) Your 11pm post on Nov 1st was interesting. You said you had lots of driving to reach St. Louis by Friday. Are you talking St. Louis, MO? I find it interesting that I did pass through St. Louis Thursday, Nov 2nd, on my way home. I 70 is pretty busy between Kansas City and St. Louis. Getting to be a lot of semis on the road. I made an overnite stop in Illinois due to being tired, so did not get home here until Friday, Nov 3rd. I left for Nebraska on the 20th of October, getting through Kentucky(not much of it), Illinois, and most of Missouri that day. On the 21st I finished out of Missouri, up the western edge of Iowa and on to central Nebraska. I really did not see any pretty leaf color changes until the trip home and that was in Illinois & Kentucky and some here in TN. It sounds like you were on the road quite a bit too and had a lot of fun travels with your sisters. It’s a long way from PA to Kansas City!!
    That is a cute little ‘house’. Is that the one you picked up at the airport?

    Queli ~ You tell little Kelly thank you very much for the tissue and that I may need the whole box. I go through a ton of kleenex every morning, ha! Sweet picture! ~~ Maui looks pretty cool from the backside too. Can you imagine if he had rooted hair? Though, mind you, he doesn’t look bad with molded hair since there is a lot of ‘texture’ to it. I like the bicycle picture! Have always liked that back drop. ~~~ I have Leather & Ruffles here on my desk. She likes her new jewelry :-)

    Waving to Kate and Fiona.


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