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  • 09:27:44 am on November 12, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…

    Day 12 HP challenge: Which creature/animal did you like the most.
    …well, that’s a no-brainer for me…Dobby!

    Jackie…that’s Prof. McGonagall 2, everyone else 0. I’m sure all
    teachers could use a magic wand in their classroom :-) …I love arts &
    crafts fairs. There’s always so much to see and buy…Maui’s tattoos
    are spectacular!…

    Shirls…I knooow…so much business to take care of after a long
    absence. Just remember that those things will still be there the next
    day so take it easy…oh yeah, Maui is a fast worker and a charmer :-)
    …the kids are having a Halloween party? Good for them. They all look
    great!…Kelly would like to hand you a Kleenex in case you need one :-)

    Barbie and her newest bike.


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