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  • 09:40:33 pm on November 11, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!

    Thank you Queli, it is good to be back. I just need to get some new pictures going but, I have a lot of other things to get done. For one; a lot of thank yous and several appointments. Not to mention a myriad of things I am behind in.

    It was a very nice day; no wind for a change!! 58*. I just had to be out. Tired of being cooped up and not getting exercise. Did a bit of weeding in the back yard and walked around the block again, this time making sure I went up the hill and not down it. Lots of nose blowing and a cough still. Get tired easily. I did do some cooking today. Made a beef and veggie soup.

    Jackie ~ I have experienced a different feeling with each loss of a family member. I don’t know which one was the toughest; my mother or my father. Dad died first and then mom about a year and 3 months later. That was 17 and 16 yrs ago, respectively. A sibling is altogether different for some reason. Not any easier by no means. ~~~ I went to a craft fair with my cousin while in NE. Didn’t really get in to it like usual, but I did see a lot of pretty and interesting things. Great place to get ideas. My church is having one next week-end and hope to go to that one too.

    Queli ~ Wow, it did not take long for Maui to find himself a girl!! I bet he likes her colorful hair too. I like all of his tattoos and reminds me of a great Hawaiian kahuna. ~~ We were going to put our flag out today but, forgot all about it. We will probably put it out tomorrow if it isn’t rainy.

    Kate ~ It is good to be back. No more trips for awhile, I hope ha! ~~ OK, let me see what you have going here: First of all; Stinky!! I laughed when saw him pushing the table with his head!! haha!! Getting ready to reveal the rement tea set (Oct 20). Cute set! ~~ The little antique lion is in good shape and love that face, mane, and his tail!! So glad POR likes him. ~~ I like the ghosts from the playmobil set. That they glow in the dark is pretty cool. ~~ FQ looks great in the ‘Space Race’ fashion. Her wig is perfect for the look. ~~ One of my favorite halloween shots is that of Francie and the giant pumpkin. I like her trick or treat bag and of course Stinky in costume atop the giant pumpkin :-) Neat items in Ricky’s photo too; and the DOTD photo. I had found a cool DOTD coffin-box at the dollar store early this fall which I never did get set up for a doll halloween scene. ~~ I like the pink polka dot dress for FQ and she has another cool wig too! She really looks good in them.

    Always fun to look through the photos and posts again. I think the mannequin Christmas trees are interesting!

    That’s it for this time and hope everyone is having a nice week-end.


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