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  • 05:18:16 pm on November 11, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Saturday…. cold enough for my leather coat today! brr
    I know… only about 55 degrees, but my blood has thinned out.

    Hi Queli…I would have to agree. I am most like Professor
    McGonagall because I was a teacher. Certainly did NOT teach
    what she did though. Wish I had had a magic wand at the time.
    I could have changed things a bit!

    Maui gets my vote as “most tattooed”.
    Glad to see the two dolls together. Their sizes are not what
    I thought. Glad to be able to see how size compares.

    Hi Shirls… you have a lot of healing to do. Losing a brother takes time. My Hubby’s has been gone for 10 years. That is a loss that
    cannot be replaced.

    But… Barbie can help… and Stinky.
    He has the ever present grin on his face.

    Hi Fiona

    Hi Kate…I went to a couple of craft fairs today. One here and the other across the street. Mostly I go to see what people are making
    now. Mostly it is jewelry… which I don’t wear often and don’t need more of.
    Lots of paintings and photos which are lovely. I bought some last year.

    Several people are making wreaths. I saw one today I nearly bought.
    And several quilters and knitters made things.

    American Girl clothes are popular too. I know Pam from the BBB
    has been very busy making those. She has become really good at it.

    Shirls… I expect Stinky will want to go for a joy ride in that car often.
    So HOT… looks like it is going 90 mph in park.

    Sure do miss Marigene and Marie at Christmas time. Such lovely photos.

    Happy Veteran’s Day.

     photo DCGene2010001.jpg



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