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  • 09:27:12 pm on November 10, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls

    First of all, thank you for your thoughts & prayers; it means a lot. I am finally getting up and around the past 2 days. I did manage a walk around the block today and am starting to get my voice back. Just plain wore out. I did ‘play’ a bit with my new doll I got from a doll friend ;-)
    I made her a few pieces of jewelry from some gold and silver wire. I really do like her! :-)

    I have gone through the Board postings since the time I left. Many interesting and neato things to look at and comment on. Not sure I will get everything posted I want to say something about because there is so much to comment on! ha!

    Queli ~ Thanks! ~~ I have always liked Maui; I think he is so cool! I love your Moana and all her little friends. The picture of them all together (with Maui) is fabulous!! Love it!! Good job, kiddo! ~~ More Christmas sweaters! Always fun to look at. ~~ Nighttime Glamour is a nice doll. Glamour without all the blitz. ~~ And I do love the first wig on your Ken!! Wow, he does look great in it!! I like his sweater too, ha! ~~ Journey girl is pretty and love those eyes! ~~ Enjoyed your Day of the Dead photos!! The MH dolls are pretty neat too. ~~ Enjoy all your shopping photos; the ceramics are something I like too. Jakku Barbie is great in her new outfit. And I like Rapunzel & Flynn!! ~~ Whew!

    Kate ~ I will get you covered next time :-) The snow I was in, was back in Nebraska. It was very cold too..down to 18* and the wind blew a good deal of the time. No snow here yet and may get down to 30* tonight, but that is about it. 50′s for the day time high. I hear it is pretty chilly up your way though and may have another bad winter again this year. ~~ I am enjoying your halloween pictures though as I totally missed it this year. I think that is the day it snowed in NE and the day before I left for home.

    Jackie ~ I will get you covered later too :-) I did get a kick out of yesterday’s photo of the sign.

    I guess that is it for this time.


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