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  • 10:32:07 am on November 10, 2017 | # | 0

     photo Christmas 2015 008_zpscoqysva5.jpg

    Good Morning…. it feels like time for Thanksgiving.

    Hi Queli… least favorite male… Voldemort…..
    and Snyde…. always gives you “that look”.

    I did feel bad when he really died though.

    Hi Shirls… hoping you are doing better today.
    I had a tough summer too. Glad things have
    been improving lately.

    Hi Kate… shivering here now!
    They are having the first Veteran’s Day parade here
    tomorrow… and it will be really cool…. so I will watch
    it on t.v.

    We have a battleship here in the harbor so they have
    been having lots of Veteran’s get together all year.
    Now that the WWII men and women are dying off at
    a rapid rate, they are having more programs to let them
    tell their stories to the younger generations.
    My mother in law had my father in law write a book
    before he couldn’t do it. It only about 100 pages but
    I learned a lot about him through it.
    Not published….just copies for the family.

    Hi Fiona

    Have a great day… keep warm.



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