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  • 09:05:48 pm on November 9, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…

    Day 9 HP challenge: Least favorite male character…wow, there were
    so many…but I’m going with Uncle Vernon. He made Harry’s life a

    Jackie…oh yeah, Professor McGonagall is the best…that sign in your
    photo made me laugh.

    Kate…thanks :-) …that is a darling photo of Skipper and teeny tiny
    Pooh Bear.

    I found these Star Wars items at Barnes & Noble. I thought they were

    Cute designer handbag from Nordstroms.

    Target has these sweater ornaments. I bought a hot pink one for

    So here she is wearing her hot pink sweater. She’s holding a jacket
    ornament from The Container Store. The Barbie on the right is
    wearing a jacket ornament from last year’s Hobby Lobby collection
    and now this year The Container Store has it too.


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