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  • 09:34:54 am on November 9, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I like that one wig on DFKen – it looks like a Russian hat! I noticed that Nighttime Glamour Barbie at B&N, too – I’m glad they have more dolls in stock these days. Cool shirt from Nordstom’s!

    Shirls – Glad you are back and I’m sorry you have been through so much lately! Sending you lots of good healing vibes and prayers! I can’t believe you have snow already! It has been really warm for the season here but it is starting to get colder – today was the first day I had to warm up the car before getting my father out to it.

    Waving to Jackie!

    HP Challenge – Favorite subject – I like Queli’s idea of the music lessons and I liked that scene from the beginning of Azkaban with the chorus – pretty cool. I would hope that Hogwarts would also have a cooking class because that would be fun. I loved the potions class even though Snape wasn’t the kindest teacher – he seemed like he really knew his stuff and I think I would be pretty good at potion making.
    I always thought that wizard tattoos would be pretty cool, too because they would probably move around like the paintings and photos.

    Xoxo Kate
    From the Halloween archives – Skipper and a tiny PoohBear received a little Halloween house full of candy!


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