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  • 10:24:28 am on November 9, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning…
    Hi Kate…what a cute Halloween house for Skipper and Pooh.

    We found fall/winter yesterday. It was nearly 80 degrees on Tuesday,
    but only in the 50s yesterday. Everyone was freezing. and dragging out their heavy coat. Here it doesn’t have to be in the 30s to make us that cold.

     photo GAW2017 054_zpsvbewk53y.jpg

    Not sure it is that cold!!

    Hi Queli… I love Professor McGonagall too. She always was there to come to Harry’s rescue when… he who could not be named…. fought
    with Harry.

    Of course Hermine is very special too. She is so good at keeping the
    boys in check.

    I love Luna… her sweet voice is so wonderful. I love to hear her talk.

    Hi Shirls… so sorry to hear your time has been spent grieving and then now being sick. Some how the two seem to go together a lot.
    I hope you can get some rest and feel better.

     photo Shopping with Stinky 011_zpscuyycnxj.jpg

    Stinky has been busy…. preparing for more photos.

    I am off to lunch at the waterfront today. I need to wear my raincoat
    and a sweater underneath it.
    Fall has certainly arrived.

    I had my heating/air conditioner guy here on Monday and had
    him turn on the heat even though it was 74 degrees that day.

    Now it feels really good not to have the air conditioner on.

    Have a great day… can’t believe it is already November 9.
    My lil sis went to Paris, France yesterday… nope, can’t keep her at home.



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