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  • 04:46:15 pm on November 8, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Day 8 HP challenge-What do you think would be your favorite subject
    …my favorite, which was never mentioned in the books but was in
    movie #3 , would be music. Can you imagine what those witches and
    wizards could do with their voices and musical instruments?! I’m sure
    they could cast a spell on their vocal cords so they could sing in 2,3,
    or 4 part harmony or more! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?! They could
    bewitch their hands so they could play amazing things on the piano,
    etc. In movie #3 we saw the choir at the beginning of the movie and
    bullfrogs were singing the bass line :-)

    Shirls…it’s good to have you back but I’m so sorry to hear about all
    your troubles, trials and tribulations :-( You have my most sincere
    condolences on the passing of your brother. It’s always tough loosing
    a loved one. And of course now you’re sick. Take care of yourself so you
    can heal emotionally and physically. Sending you good vibes…your
    Barbie is beautiful and I LOVE her fashion! That’s a great coat.

    I found The LOOK Nighttime Glamour Barbie at Barnes & Noble. I
    haven’t seen her in other retail store.

    Nordstroms…girls department



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