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  • 09:19:47 pm on November 7, 2017 | # | 0

    Hey All,

    These past 2 months or so have been exhausting! Was home just a tad over 2 weeks when got word that my brother had passed away. So glad we had such a good visit just prior. I think I could have kept him around much longer, but he was ready to go. This time the long drive back to home (860 miles one way) was more a relaxation or calming drive. So, in a short time, with all the miles driven while there, I drove over 4,000 miles. It did get long. Also arrived home(there) just in time to help clean up after a 500+ wedding attendee reception dinner and dance. Another relative was preparing for a major surgery at the same time, so it was pretty hectec. I wasn’t sleeping well at all and got pretty run-down. Guess that explains why the cold and flu finally took me over the next day after returning home. Still not able to go full throttle and have laryngitis to top it off. I did have a nice surprise from a doll friend waiting for me which did make me very happy and gave me something to look forward to :-)
    I still have lots to do and unfinished items back home(there) as well. I need a life-vest as feel I am swimming in all this. But, I need to get well first and foremost.

    It got pretty chilly back there and the wind was horrible! 8 out of 11 days, the wind blew over 40 mph, with some gusts up to 60. It blew the day of my brother’s funeral too. And yes, there was snow…maybe only an 1.5 inches, but there was snow and it got down to 18*.

    Guess that is why I am thinking of this gal…

    It is good to be back and am enjoying catching up on all the eye candy!!


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