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  • 08:34:51 pm on November 7, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Day 7 HP challenge-Favorite female character and why…this is
    another tough one for me because there were so many good female
    characters in the books. Okay I’m going to go with Prof. McGonagall
    because she was with Harry from the beginning. She was smart,
    practical and a no nonsense sort of teacher and I loved the class she
    taught…Transfiguration. It was really cool :-) …and…she could turn
    into a tabby cat…even cooler!

    Kate…give your dad my fondest regards! I went to a military
    miniatures show and it was out of this world. I’m never been to one
    and was left speechless by the tiny customized figures and
    dioramas. I’m going to post some photos later on so you can show
    them to your dad. He’s going to love them :-) …the Journey Girls are
    TRUs 18″ dolls and they compete with Mattel’s American Girl dolls…I
    didn’t know that about Effenbee, thanks for the info…you’re going to
    love Moana. It’s a very fun movie…I love that Green Ghost game. It’s
    so perfect for your dolls…I like your choices for the HP challenge…you
    know, if JK Rowling never writes another book in her life, she’s won
    her place in literary history with HP.

    Jackie…Gryffindor is a great choice especially since it’s Harry’s
    house :-) …I agree, JK Rowling was in the zone when she was writing
    those books…can’t wait to see your photos from Universal…so that
    upside down Christmas tree isn’t your cup of tea, huh? You made me
    laugh with all your questions :-)

    More photos from the garden center/flower shop. I really like that
    place because it always has some great seasonal decorations.

    They carry the Karen Didion elves with I really like. These are 10″H.

    A friend gave me these 2 wigs and I gave them to Dating Fun Ken.


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