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    Good Morning,

    Queli – I like that Journey Girl – I have never seen this line – reminds me of the Effenbee dolls from the 60s and 70s – they had a range of larger size dolls that were less expensive than Madame Alexander. I love Moana! They did a great job with her and her sidekicks are great, too – now I have to see that film! Glad it was easier to get her out of her packaging! The Kakamoras and Minions really remind of Stinky – they will be a lot of fun!

    Jackie – My father is doing well – he only works on his soldiers for about 1/2 hour in the mornings, then spends the rest of the day reading and watching TV. He and William usually nap on the sofa in the afternoons. I don’t like leaving him on his own for very long anymore so I drag him around town with me if I need to run errands. It has turned cold here – it was in the 60s and now is in the 40s so we have pulled out all the winter clothes and finally put away all of the summer ones. Lol at Stinky sleeping whenever he can – he knows how to relax!

    Harry Potter Challenge – Although I like the cinematography of the Azkaban film, I didn’t like that they had left so much out of it – I knew that was coming though since the books were getting longer and longer.
    Didn’t like that Dolores Umbridge either – she was really bad and sneaky – plus she never learned her lesson in the end – she was just working at the ministry and being nasty.
    Favorite male character – probably Dumbledore – I wish we could have learned more about him earlier on plus I liked his clothes in the films. I like Neville as well because he is a very sympathetic fellow.
    Which house would I be in? Depends on my mood – I would probably wind up in Slytherin! Although I always thought that the Hufflepuffs didn’t get the credit they deserve and I would be proud to be in that house.
    Favorite female character – Ginny Weasley and Professor McGonagle – I like Ginny because she grew up in a house full of boys and Minerva McGonagle (I don’t know if her name is spelled correctly) is a no-nonsense, really good teacher. Oh, and I also liked Luna Lovegood.

    Waving to Shirls! And to Fiona, too!

    Xoxo Kate
    Still posting a few Halloween photos!


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