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  • 02:27:07 pm on November 5, 2017 | # | 0

    I hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday.

    Day 5 HP challenge: Favorite male character and why…this is a tough
    one for me. Harry would be the obvious choice or Dumbledore
    but…I’m going to go with Mr. Weasley. I thought he was a great dad,
    well loved by his family and I loved his obsession with the muggles. He
    also served as a surrogate dad for Harry.

    Jackie…glad your back safe and sound…it’s always good to see
    Stinky. He sure does know how to pamper himself :-) Those Barbies
    look great in their beachwear.

    I won a mandala vest on another board. Remember the cape I posted
    at the beginning of the year?

    Well, the mandala vest is basically the same thing except it’s crocheted
    and about 5.25″ across. I put circles where the arms holes are so you
    can see them better.

    I think it’s beautiful. SpongeBob SquarePants Barbie is wearing it. She
    was a gift from another doll collector who has passed away :-( so I
    really treasure her.


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