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  • 08:13:32 am on November 5, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning…. I am home!!

     photo Shopping with Stinky 008_zpsrm920659.jpg

    Gotta wake up Stinky….

    Hi Queli… Love the Harry Potter challenge.

    By far Dolores is Trouble spelled with a capital D.
    The one we love to hate.
     photo adventures of Stinky 008_zps6qoryrdw.jpg

    Love your Moana with her coconutty friends. They look like fun with the Minions.

    I need to watch Moana… but the Harry Potter series is on again… so
    not til later.

    What a fun trip I had with my sisters.
    We put 3700 miles on my lil sis’s car. We went from St. Louis
    to Kansas City. Back to St. Louis to Ohio and then to Maryland, D.C. and Long Island. We visited several friends and lots of family on our stops.
    I had dinner with my son several times too.

    I got home yesterday to stay until Christmas time.

    My lil sis leaves for Paris, France on the 8th. Never a dull moment
    with her!!

    Hi Shirls… welcome back. I know how it goes… getting everything
    back into routine.

    Now I have to go and reset all the clocks that don’t do it themselves.
    (how great is that when they are so smart??)

    Hi Kate… I have one more thing Stinky wants to do and then I will ship him home to you.

    Can’t believe it is already November 5! Time flies when you are having fun.

    I have lots of appointments this week. But one is lunch at the waterfront with the ladies. Great fun always.

    I hope you are all having a great November so far.



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