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  • 06:15:39 pm on November 3, 2017 | # | 0 post from yesterday didn’t post.

    #1. Favorite book was the first one. I was curious as to what all the hoopla was about.

    #2. Favorite movie was also the first because it was hard to imagine all the flying and quiddich games. Loved all the sets and costumes.

    #3. I wasn’t aware of any adaptations.

    Sorry to admit I haven’t seen Moana.
    Glad you shopped for me again….Queli.

    Kate… was 69 degrees yesterday but only 49 today. We had temperature changes that had me using my raincoat, light jacket and now my heavier jacket, earmuffs and gloves. So happy I brought them all. I din’t need another health problem

    How is your Dad doing Kate??

    Yes, Barb is from our BBB. We have become very good friends in person since the Kansas City convention. Same with Kim, Anita, Sari and Courtney.
    Hope to see you and Queli in person again too.

    Going home tomorrow. Been a fun sister trip.



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