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  • 03:22:48 pm on November 3, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…

    Day 3 Harry Potter challenge: Are there any film adaptations that you
    disliked because they’ve ignored important parts of the book.

    Yes, I didn’t like Movie 3 The Prisoner of Azkaban because it wasn’t in
    chronological order and they left out the quiditch championship! I
    mean…really? Gryffindor had been trying to win that championship
    since forever and that’s the part they left out of the movie? Couldn’t
    believe it.

    Kate…I really like that pink fashion. The polka dots in two sizes look
    really good, great job!

    I bought another Disney fairytale doll, Moana. She was released
    yesterday and is the 4th in the series. I tried to resist but couldn’t.
    Absolutely love her. She comes with Heihei (the looniest sidekick
    ever) and 14 Kakamoras (coconut armored pirates). Those Kakamoras
    are little stinkers. They’re tiny but their strength is in their numbers.
    There are a million of them!

    I haven’t removed anything from the case because I like the way
    everything looks in there but I will remove them at some point. I don’t
    know why but I feel like the minions and the Kakamoras will get along
    famously together and wreak lots of havoc :-)

    Mine is 964 of 6000 and has 13 points of articulation.

    This time it was much easier for me to remove the acrylic casing.

    Heihei is on Moana’s left.

    This is the shopping bag I got with Moana…it’s HUGE…31″ x 23.5″!

    Barbie got her photo taken at the florist.


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