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    Good Morning,

    Queli – I have always loved the Day of the Dead images. I think it is a wonderful way to remember ancestors. I like the skeleton MH dolls the best – I think they had a glow one as well (or was that some sort of two headed mermaid – so many MH dolls and so many variations!). I’m always tempted to get one but have resisted thus far.

    Jackie – I’m sorry Anita’s daughter is still struggling – she is such a nice girl. When you say “lunch with Barbara” – is that the Barbara from the old BBB? I has been overcast and rainy here but nothing bad. Lots of people are still without power but it is down from over 400,000 to under 200,000 – still lots of work to do!

    Harry Potter Challenge – Favorite book – either the 3rd or the 4th one.
    Favorite film – I liked the cinematography of the 3rd one so I would say Prisoner of Azkaban. :)
    I liked the last films the least since they differed so much from the books. I think they left out a lot of cool scenes that had other characters in the books (probably for timing and not having to pay another actor reasons). But I always liked the overall look of the films and thought the actors were well cast.

    Xoxo Kate



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