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  • 04:22:30 pm on November 2, 2017 | # | 0

    Okay Jackie, we’ll do the Harry Potter challenge.
    Since this is day 2 of the month I’m posting the first two answers.

    Day 1 your favorite book: the first one, HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I
    was so taken in by this little boy and the new world he was going to
    be a part of. For eleven years he knew he was different but he didn’t
    know why. He was treated like a pariah by his family and all of a
    sudden he finds out he’s a wizard, the chosen one, has a lot of money,
    becomes the center of attention and goes off to live with people that
    can do weird things just like him. Wow!

    Day 2 your favorite movie: #4 HP and the Goblet of Fire. I knew HP
    would end up being one of the competitors but wondered how J.K.
    Rowling was going to get him there. Loved all the challenges and the
    pacing of the movie was perfect. This is also were we meet Luna
    Lovegood who turned out to be one of my favorite characters.

    Barnes & Noble has a large Harry Potter section. New illustrated
    editions of the books have been released and they’re really nice. If I
    hadn’t bought the original set, I’d buy these.

    Book 1…they are about 11″ x 9″.

    Uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley trying to keep Harry’s admissions
    letter from him.

    Book 3


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