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  • 11:20:24 pm on November 1, 2017 | # | 0

    Kate….love Stinky’s costume.
    Ricky should have fun.
    Always enjoy when the glow in the dark games comes out.

    Has a fun dinner with my son.
    Anita had to pass. Her daughter is still struggling with anxiety.

    But….we are set to have lunch with Barbara tomorrow.

    Hi Queli… ooohh…love Hello Kitty.
    I have the first one.
    The new one has a great face and I love her purse….hmm

    Watching the final game of the world series….so far Houston is ahead.

    The rain finally let up.
    Hope it will be dry tomorrow…still have lots of driving to St. Louis by Friday.

    We had a quiet dinner for Halloween. Only saw a few out trick or treating.

    It was cold and rainy in Pennsylvania.

    Hi Shirls
    Hi Finona



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