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  • 10:43:38 am on October 31, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Those cell phone holder/chairs are really cool – love the bright colors! I always like seeing the Hallmark ornaments – they do a great job with them even if they aren’t Barbie size. This is the week when all the Christmas items in the stores take center stage – I need to get some more lights so I will be shopping this coming weekend.

    Jackie – I hope you have a good time on Long Island! And I really hope you didn’t get any of the storm we had yesterday! We were so lucky not to lose power – our roof leaked a bit in the attic and that was it. Over 400,000 people lost power yesterday and the winds were so strong the electric company workers couldn’t go up in the bucket/lift things. Over half of that number have been restored but they keep showing photos of huge tree limbs on top of smashed up cars, etc. Still a lot of clean up work to do!

    Disney Challenge – I can tell you the moment I would NOT want to experience – when Pinocchio gets swallowed by that whale! That creeped me out and I saw it when I was in my 20s! My father said he saw it when it came out and it scared him quite a bit. However, I l like the magical moments and some of those are really fun.
    Disney has made an impact on my life – not just the animated films but all the rest, too – they are some of my favorites!
    Favorite ending – Alice in Wonderland – actually any film that has a happy ending is fine with me!

    Xoxo Kate
    Fluff, Stinky, Ricky & a re-rooted Tutti are playing The Green Ghost game.

    The same scene glowing in the dark!


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