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  • 11:31:31 am on October 30, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning everyone…

    Day 30 How has Disney made an impact on your life: it’s given me
    countless hours of entertainment.

    Jackie…thanks, love that handbag too!…Tomorrow is the last day of
    the Disney challenge. Time just flew by!

    I was at Tuesday Morning and they were all ready for Christmas.
    This is ceramics from Boleslawiec, Poland. It’s in the SW of the
    country almost near the Czech Republic/Germany border. I’ve always
    liked the look of it.

    They had 5ft mannequin trees and…

    …20″ ones.

    They had two walls of chocolate/candy/cookies, one on either side of
    the register. Their chocolate is amazing. I buy lots of it to give away.

    I like buying sweater ornaments and they had three. I used to buy
    them at Michaels but they’ve stopped selling them :-(

    My guys look a little aggrieved :-)


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