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  • 10:00:47 am on October 28, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Queli – The American Girl displays are always so cool. I’m glad I don’t collect them, though – I don’t have enough room for my Barbie things much more or less a large doll and all her accessories! That flash drive is so cool – what a great idea! I think Stinky would like that combination boat/balloon from the TRU display (he isn’t getting it – not enough room!).

    Jackie – We didn’t have as spectacular a fall season as we usually do – it has been so warm for most of September and October and humid too. Most of the leaves have just turned brown and fallen off the trees – we had a lot of rain the past week and that really took down a lot of the leaves.

    Fiona – Glad to see you peeking in! My friend in England just told me they took the kitten to the vet and discovered Spud is a little girl not a little boy! They are still going to call her Spud, though. How cool you are going to be playing the Cruella de Vil song!

    Disney Challenge – Funniest moment – hmm, hard to say – when I was little, it was anytime Dick Van Dyke was being silly in Mary Poppins.
    Saddest moment – when any of the characters died – I remember just howling in the theatre when Baloo the bear died (although I think he was just knocked out) – haven’t seen The Jungle Book since I was little.
    Character I’m most like? I sure hope it is not any of the villains! And not any of the goofy sidekicks either – lol!
    Pixar or traditional – I think both have their places and both are good but the really old-school, traditional animation (like in Snow White) is really beautiful.

    Xoxo Kate
    Francie is getting ready for Halloween.

    Stinky & Cornetto are getting into the season as well.

    Of course Stinky has to find the largest pumpkin!


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