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  • 11:26:48 pm on October 25, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…

    Day 25 What moment do you think is the funniest: anytime Heihei is
    on screen in Moana. That rooster just cracked me up!

    Kate…yay! Cubby it is!…I like the Disney sets too. I thought I would
    only buy Cruella but I really like Moana too!…the Space Race
    outfit is super duper! Love the little thingy she’s holding in her hand.
    Yes, the little ghost looks overjoyed at seeing the poodle. That is such
    a cute photo :-)

    Jackie…your trip sounds very colorful!…I love that song from Robin
    Hood. Good choice!

    Yep, people can get a little crazy with Halloween. I’m just amazed at
    some of the decorations, almost as elaborate at the ones for Christmas.

    I went to the American Girl store to see what I could see.
    Maryellen 1954

    Nanea 1941

    I think she has such a great face!

    Melody 1964

    WellieWisher Ashlyn…doesn’t she have the sweetest face?!

    From Walmart


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