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  • 04:12:45 pm on October 24, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Day 24 Disney Challenge favorite villain song: Cruella de Vil

    Kate…nice choices on the Disney challenge. The “Mustard” quote
    cracked me up!…that lion cub needs a name so here are some
    suggestions, in no particular order: 1) Leo (predictable but to the
    point), 2) Leonard and you could call him Lenny,  3) Evan (don’t know
    why but he looks like an Evan to me), 4) Cubrik and you could call
    him Cubby. I’m sure you will come up with more options…yes, I think
    my Target will be all done for Christmas too. I wonder if they’re going
    to have a grand re-opening?…very nice Halloween decorations. How
    cool that they glow in the dark.

    I went to the Disney store and they had 4 of the 5 fairytale gift sets
    on display. The Little Mermaid was the only one missing. Moana and
    the Kakamoras will be released next week. I’m so tempted! So here
    they are in order of release: Cruella and the Dalmatians, Rapunzel and
    Flynn, Robin Hood and Maid Marion.


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