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    Good Morning,

    Queli – Little lion does not have a name yet – he is still sitting with the Princess on top of my jewelry box. Looks like your Target will be all renovated before the Christmas shopping begins. Barbie on the Go is a cool idea – I haven’t seen them before. I like the blue-to-black styling head, too.

    Jackie – Say hi to Anita for me! Hope you are having a great time!

    Disney Challenge catch-up:
    Favorite quote – “Mustard? Don’t let’s be silly!” I use that quite a bit – lol – it is from the mad tea party scene from Alice in Wonderland. :)
    Favorite voice – the Mad Hatter from A.i.W. and the rooster (Alan a Dale?) from Robin Hood since I like that singer (Roger Miller??).
    Favorite couple – just going to go with the pair from Sleeping Beauty. Or I could also say Robin & Marion Fox.
    Favorite villain – Maleficient from SB and the Queen of Hearts from AiW.
    Favorite scene – the flower sequence in Alice – I love the dark backgrounds with the flowers in front – very dreamlike and it reminds me of fabric, too.
    Favorite soundtrack – I want to say Mary Poppins even though it is mainly live action (although it does have an animated sequence!).
    Favorite Pixar film – Toy Story (I think that is the only one I have seen anyway) – I plan to rent all the films on Netflix at some point.

    Xoxo Kate
    Some Playmobil Halloween decorations…

    Some bits glow-in-the-dark!


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