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  • 12:51:37 pm on October 21, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Saturday…

    Day 21 Disney challenge favorite sequel: Toy Story 2

    Kate…I agree, Re-Ment has great details especially when you realize
    that their products are mass marketed. Their quality control has been
    consistently good through the years. I have lots of their food products
    but also lots of their non-food toys like the Hello Kitty set and the
    Chemistry set…I think Mattel made the Camping Fun blouse that way
    so it would hang well around the waist, which is does. The less fabric
    the better it drapes. I was able to tie it back the way it was and it
    looks great :-) …that little lion cub looks so darling. It has the
    sweetest expression on its face. Have you named it yet?

    Jackie…I think working at Disneyland/world could be a very positive
    experience because you’d always be surrounded by happy, optimistic

    Waving to Shirls, Marigene, Marie and Fiona!

    So you know my Target is being renovated and they’re almost done.
    The modifications to the parking lot are done so parking is back to

    They’re done painting the exterior and the sign is up.

    I asked if they were done with the ceiling and I was told “yes”. Now
    they’re working on the grocery section and the coffee shop.

    I looked around the store and saw lots of fashions with roses on them
    so Barbie is on the cutting edge as always :-)

    Mattel has released Barbie on the Go. The dolls are 4″H, they come
    with a horse or car like this one…

    or individually packaged…

    or in a playset.


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