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    Good Morning,

    Shirls – Love Stinky’s little Doby! Glad he has a pet. And his new house is wonderful – he likes those small, cozy houses – he lived in a cave here for a while. Luciana is a lovely doll! Got your email this morning.

    Jackie – Stinky is looking good in his Captain’s hat! He always has a good time at the beach and knows how to relax anywhere! Love your autumnal photos! That nesting doll cake is pretty amazing!

    Queli – Meeko – hey I was pretty close! All the new dolls are so tempting – they really have great accessories these days. Love that striped dress on the “Justine Bateman” Barbie.

    Fiona – Glad you are feeling better!

    I realized yesterday that I haven’t been posting on the doll boards lately – nothing going on here other than a lot of autumnal work around the house and yard plus just a lot of rushing around trying to get things done! Had to do a lot of scrolling on the board to catch up!

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky pushes a table over to the nesting dolls shelf.

    Socky and the tiny Bratz nesting dolls wonder what is under the blanket – it is a present for the Princess of Imperial Russia!

    A tiny re-ment Russian tea set!


    It has a tea pot with removable lid, a cup & saucer and a tea cosy!

    My fingers, squeezing the tea cozy, shows how small the set is.

    The green plastic cookie jar opens, there is a tiny Russian doll that is a spoon holder, a little plate, and three tiny cookies!

    The tiny cookies next to my pinkie finger!

    The cookie jar and plate…

    The tiny spoon holder and even tinier spoons!


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