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  • 11:25:11 am on October 19, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Day 19 Disney challenge favorite scene: when Hopper gets his
    comeuppance in A Bug’s Life.

    Jackie…ha ha, cell phones make lots of errors :-) …have fun with
    your sisters!

    Shirls…thanks! I like the girl with the hat too. Amazed I didn’t buy
    her…so you’ve tried everything under the sun for that rash. Hmmm, I
    guess you’ll just have to let nature take its course…Stinky looks very
    comfortable in his new house. I think it suits him just fine. It has lots
    of rooms for him to wander around in.

    Another fashionista from TRU

    I’ve had this Barbie for a looooong time. Her head says 1989, waist
    says 1966, has a TNT body which is why I was surprised that this one
    size fits all fashion actually fits her. TNT bodies are very wide at the
    chest compared to Petite/Curvy/Original/Tall but, even though it’s a
    little tight, I got the Velcro to close.


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