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  • 09:19:42 pm on October 18, 2017 | # | 0

    I have tried benadryl, allegra, and calamine, but those blisters are still raging. I noticed today, I have a new area on the left thigh just above the knee. I guess that is where I have rested my arm when I am bent down. I think I’m going to have this around for awhile.

    Queli ~ Got your response. In fact, will be sending everyone an email NLT tomorrow. ~~ I really like the yellow lace dress! I have been eyeing her at the website and so glad you posted a ‘real’ picture of her. I like her dress, freckles and hair. The little blonde with white blouse and flower pants is really cute! Like the denim skirt to, BTW. The curvy girls are always so pretty. I like the one in the striped dress too! Boy, I like them all!!! (not thrilled about # 86) though.

    Just about forgot!  The little house is a Fisher Price.  I painted over the logo that is in front.  I think the house is called Country Home.   Queli, now that you mention it, the house does kind of remind one of a cake :-)

    Waving to Kate, Jackie, and Fiona!!


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