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  • 01:14:23 pm on October 17, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Shirls.. what a lovely house for Stinky. I am sure he will be very happy in there.

    I hope you can get the poison oak healed up quickly. And a bite in the middle of it…. eww.

    I would not be able to get close to the poison oak. My allergies might flare up without touching it at all.

    Hi Queli… not sure about an opening.
    I was watching Dancing with the Stars last night and it was Disney night. So much fun watching them dance to a Disney movie and hearing the songs and seeing the costumes.
    My favorite was the Mouseketeers singing the Mickey Mouse song.
    I loved that show in its original run.

    They were on a float in a parade at Disneyland once. Karen was in a wheel chair. She had a really bad accident and hurt her back.
    Annette was already known to have MS so she wasn’t there, but
    most of the rest were. It was fun seeing them in person even if they
    were old.

     photo IMG_1607.jpg

    This was the Disney Princess show on stage at Disney World in 2008.
    It was fantastic seeing all the great costumes.

     photo FloridaDecember141.jpg

    They have the best parades!! I loved the electrical one the best. It was a night time parade with millions of tiny lights on the floats.
    Unfortunately that was before digital cameras.

    Gotta get my bag packed. I leave in the morning.
    I will be peeking in.

    Hi Kate… Stinky will rest here until I return.

    Thanks for letting me host him for a (rather long) time.



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