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  • 10:27:41 pm on October 16, 2017 | # | 0

    I have determined one of the areas in the poison oak blister clusters, is also an insect bite. I thought something had bitten me and figured it was just a mosquito. Now, this bite is causing some cellulitis and have a good sized area on the arm that is pretty swollen, red, tender, and hot to touch. Going to have to keep an eye on that. Feeling better today physically. I’m just kicking myself for not having walked the distance, and taken the time to head back to the house to wash that area!

    Just finished putting the beagle to bed. Amazing the routine that even animals need to have. The cat goes along now and waits while ‘beagle’ is being tucked in. Then she gets cuddled on the way out. This happens every single night. :-)

    Queli ~ CYE. Oh to be a kid again and play, play, play! I try to keep the ‘kid’ in me alive although there are just some things I can’t do anymore. I do what I can though :-) Probably why my knee is messed up, ha! What a sorry mess I am!! ha!~~

    I stopped using the flonase today since the itch has decreased greatly and because it does have steroids in it. I didn’t know it would work for that purpose and decided ‘why not’ and tried it.

    See, I thought the Brazilian DOTW had the eyelet fabric too, but she has more of a lacy type for her white dress. Apparently, white fabrics are popular there? And note the hair similarities too, so they would go together nicely. ~~ Now I have MHK twinsies!! I was going to part with the first one, but once I slicked him up; couldn’t do it! You know how that works. ~~ Will be interesting to see Gooliope’s hair when you finish.

    I like the fabric print of the Rocker Barbie’s dress. I also like her keyboard!!

    Jackie ~ Thanks for posting some Disney pics and information on the changes. Never been there, but always interesting to hear about the changes people notice from time to time. Sounds like you are feeling your age today. Bothers me some days too :-( But, I am in denial most of the time, haha! ~~ Have a great sister day Wednesday!


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