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  • 08:07:25 pm on October 16, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…

    Day 16 Disney challenge favorite opening: 2016 The Jungle book. I
    liked this opening because I think it was the first time Disney included
    the opening as part of the movie. Here’s a link to it on youtube (I hope).

    Jackie…thanks for the tour of Disney. It’s really interesting to hear
    how things have changed. Nothing ever stays the same, does it? The
    price sure has skyrocketed!…loved looking at all the photos at the
    Disney store. I love walking around in there. The Snow White costume
    is super especially the fabric on the skirt. I saw it at my Disney store
    the day I bought Cruella. Oh to be five again…it’s so much fun going
    to toy stores, right? And the American Girl store is a wonderful place to
    visit. The displays are great and I’m very happy that everything is 1:4
    scale and not 1:6 scale otherwise I’d be in big trouble! The Wellie
    Wishers are so cute that’s why I was so happy to see Mattel release
    them in 1:6 scale so Chelsea could get a set because I wasn’t going to
    buy one for myself.

    Shirls…oh no! Poison Oak?! Bummer :-( I didn’t know that Flonase
    could stop the itch. Good to know…thanks! Booterpe’s hair is soft and
    luscious . Gooliope’s hair is stiff and frizzy so I think I’m going to wash
    it, condition it and see what happens. I’ll take before and after photos
    …Brazilian DOTW and Luciana would look good together, I think. I
    wonder if Mattel used the same eyelet fabric on their fashions? I’ve
    always loved the Princess of Imperial Russia’s headdress. The whole
    doll is wonderful…your Mod Hair Ken cleaned up really well. Now
    you’ve got twinsies :-) …you’ve got a lot of great dolls on that vintage

    Another Rocker doll from Target.

    They share the same fabric.


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