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     photo Disney World 2017 047_zpsnwdidprz.jpg

    Good Morning…
    Hi Shirls.. glad you are back.
    Oh NO!! Not more poison oak! Glad you are able to rest up a bit from all your ailments. NO fun!

    We went to Disney World. I wanted to go to the Market Place.
    Which is now renamed Disney Springs… this is the same water tower, but the old parking lot is now huge parking garages.

     photo Disney World 2017 048_zpsniluea4u.jpg

    We stopped at the car care center for gas. I took these photos from there because getting closer meant parking almost this far away and walking into the area.

     photo Disney World 2017 045_zpsmw6qrzm0.jpg

    This is one of the parking garages. They expect many more people than used to go there…. ah… that was a fun time.

     photo Disney World 2017 043_zpsfj3xz9ww.jpg

    The Disney busses are looking the same. We used to park at the Market Place and ride the bus to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot or
    Typhoon Lagoon. Now the bus doesn’t leave from Disney Springs.

     photo Disney World 2017 046_zpsvnr0rwvd.jpg

    The hotel in the background was not there!
     photo Disney World 2017 053_zpsfskrjwai.jpg

    construction is going on everywhere at Disney Springs. I have no idea what they are building, but it was so sad seeing everything so changed, I have lost interest.
    We could buy a season pass for $100 at Disneyland in the 80s and go as often as we wanted. In 4 visits, you paid for the pass.

    Now it costs $100 for one day. (not sure of the exact cost since we
    didn’t buy any tickets.)

    Anyway, I feel sad that my Disney days are pretty much over.

    Never say never…..

    Hi Queli… now I feel old.

    Glad you are having the Disney challenge. Brings back so many fond memories for me.

     photo Disney World 2017 056_zpshxzcpjvp.jpg

    We had breakfast at Perkins after our brief trip around the park. It was at the Crossings where we used to love to eat and shop. Plus play some mini golf. That place is pretty much the same, but looks pretty old and sad.

    Traffic around the park is crazy and the same thing happened at Disneyland. All things sprang up around the park grounds.

    Now all things are around the Disney World property.

    I feel sorry for families that save up to go to Disney and are so tired they drop when the park closes.
    Mostly I feel sorry for me because it happened to me and I never minded being that tired…. old age…. not so great.

    Content to be going on another sister trip on Wednesday!!

    Still have fun doing that because they are both old too.

    Have a great day.



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