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  • 09:16:34 pm on October 15, 2017 | # | 0

    Feeling rather punk today. Left knee is bothering and of course, I came in contact with poison oak again. Was wearing gloves, but apparently it rubbed my arm. Worse case of it this time. 3 clusters of blisters and the itch is very intense; so much so couldn’t sleep very well along with a sore knee :-( I’m trying my flonase on the rash and it does relieve the itch for about 4-5 hours per use. Spent my day on the couch watching tv. Unusual for me!! ha!~~ Big weather change for us again. It did reach 78* today until the rain came. We are about 56* right now. May get down into the 40′s by early morning.

    Jackie ~ Great pictures! Disney items at the store and American Girl store! I’m not really crazy about the AG dolls themselves, but I love their outfits and all the cool stuff made for them. You would have to have a lot of room for it all. LOTS of room. How big is the Chewbacca doll? He is kinda neat. ~~ Would hate to cut into the pretty Russian Doll cake! That is pretty cool. Glad you are able to post pictures again :-)

    Queli ~ Thanks! Yeah, I noticed the eyebrows. I love them! ~ Good to see Gooliope and Booterpe. I like the colors in Booterpe’s hair. Little Rocker Chelsea is sweet and I do think her pink fur jacket is too cute!


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