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  • 11:41:54 pm on October 14, 2017 | # | 0

    Turned out to be another busy morning, but I made sure I had time to take some photos this afternoon :-)

    Jackie ~ What a bummer to not be able to post your pictures! You want to share and can’t! ~ Such pretty fall pics and love the sunset. Can’t wait to see what that Stinky has been up to. ~~ Forgot all about having seen Lion King. Maybe I have seen more Disney than I thought.

    Queli ~ It is kind of neat to be able to find a forever outfit for a doll. Sometimes you just know it when put an outfit on a doll and it is absolutely meant for them and only them! ~~ Camping Fun is cute! I’m with you on undoing the shirt…can’t ever get things back the way they did it! The Ken is pretty neat too and they do make a cute couple. Anyway, I have seen a couple other Barbies that I think are sweet. I love the Country Barbie with the chicken under her arm. I think she is adorable! ~~ Nice schnauzer and he looks good in a red collar and leash. (he has to match his human). The sunglasses are pretty cool and I love your backdrop!

    Keep on having doll fun!


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