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  • 02:29:57 pm on October 14, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Saturday…

    Day 14 Disney challenge favorite singing voice: Gazelle from Zootopia
    voiced by Shakira.

    Jackie…I’m having fun with the Disney challenge too. I think I’m more
    surprised by all the Disney movies I’ve seen!…your quartet looks nice
    sitting on the fence.

    Shirls…I liked Hei Hei too. He was so funny and he came through in
    the end :-) …I REALLY like the way my Ken looks as a Jedi Knight.
    That’s going to be his forever fashion so I’ll have to buy another
    Dolphin Magic Ken to redress…I don’t think you’ll have a problem
    finding that ewok. Just look for him next year during summer
    yard/garage sales which is when parents tend to clear out the “old”
    toys to make room for new ones…I love my Cruella. I’ve been having
    lots of fun with her. My friends really like her too…Yes, I too thought
    it was interesting that it was a guy teaching us how to microwave corn
    on the cob :-) …congrats on your new doll, Luciana. Looking forward
    to seeing her.

    I bought a new Camping Fun Barbie at Walmart. Mattel has released
    quite a few camping dolls through the years. This one is a personal
    fave. I took one look at her and she was in the cart!

    I’m dying to remove the checkered shirt from her waist (to check it
    out and put it on her) but if I do I’ll never get it to look that way again
    so it’s staying put. So here she is getting ready to take a long walk
    with her schnauzer (from Michaels), Snookie.

    I have lots of Barbie sunglasses but I think these are the best EVER!

    Love her hiking boots.

    There are three dolls in this set. I also found Ken.


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