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  • 06:42:29 pm on October 13, 2017 | # | 0

    Woo Hoo…. glad to see so many back.

    Queli..My favorite voice is Robin Williams as the Genii
    He was hilarious.

    Hi Shirls… I know how it takes time to get back into the routine and having time for Barbie. I didn’t take any photos in Florida.
    We went to Disney World, but didn’t go into the park.

    Hi Fiona… glad you are back too.
    things are going great here.
    Hubby is doing really well. He had a checkup with one doctor and has another appointment next week. He has several new doctors that want a 3 month followup. So far everything is getting a great report.

    Queli… I have all the Sweetsville dolls still in their boxes. I never found them to be very cute. I don’t think I got any of their playsets.

    I just found out from Hubby that the fires in California are very close to Disney Land. Our friend lives in Orange county where Anaheim is and the fires are about 20 miles away….. not good!

    I am presently taking care of my friend’s kitty. Her name is Lisa and she is a calico. So sweet.

    Hope to load some new photos later…



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