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  • 09:56:52 pm on October 13, 2017 | # | 0

    OK, back from taking the dog out.

    Queli ~ Last, but not least. Fun idea with Disney faves. I do like Hei Hei from Moana. Saw a mini of him and just about bought it.
    I had never even heard of the Sweetsville Dolls. I wasn’t a doll fanatic yet in 2003. Was too busy working and going to school. The little Duke de Sucre is a cutie-pie though! ~~ I do like the outfit and saber from the Rey of Jakku doll. I will have to score that little Ewok some way other than buying the doll. Figure the odds on that one. The Cruella doll is pretty amazing..dig the cheek bones. She reminds me of someone, but don’t want to say who :-) She looks great in the dotted dress and her clothing looks good on your other doll. ~~ I agree with you 100% in regard to dolls being a respite from reality. I do think playing with them helps with reality though. Dolls become the focus…nothing else; so clears the mind and relaxes. I like to say that I live vicariously through my dolls. ha! ~~~ Thanks for posting the microwave corn on the cob! Notice it’s a guy doing it too?

    Yep. Forgot the camera. I did take Stinky and 2 other dolls plus a few props. Never once unpacked them. No time.

    Hope to get some new doll photos this week-end. Have Luciana and 2 other dolls I picked up on my trip plus Stinky’s new house!! We are going to ‘move’ it onto Barbie’s property so will be next to the Foreclosure house. It is so small, it looks like a playhouse for Kelly. Stinky will still be able to visit his Barbie friends if his house is nearby.



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