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  • 09:19:58 pm on October 13, 2017 | # | 0

    Another action-packed day here! Some sun and bit of warm up was good enough reason to work outdoors for a couple of hours. Decided to tackle that viney-thorny bush growing in the ‘ditch’. Took 2 hours, leather gloves, cutters, and plenty of scratches, ha! I call the stuff; “Deer Thornbush” because if you ever hike in the woodlands, there is always plenty of deer hair caught in the plant. It is wicked stuff…gets caught on your clothing and won’t let go! ~~ That is not all I did. This morning after PT and fresh-up headed to Belks for a fantastic sale. Boots, boots, and more boots! Great tops and PJs too. Then it was Hobby Lobby to get some picket fencing for Stinky’s new house! Perfect scale and oh so cute!

    Fiona ~ So happy to see you made it in too, but sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Working too, so does not leave much time for dolls. I hope you are feeling better and have some down time with your dolls. They are a great escape and opportunity for creativity. See you soon, I hope! :-)

    Went through all the posting to catch up a bit on dolls and what’s happening with everyone.

    Kate ~ Missed some of your photos, but enjoy as always the ones I did see. I like your ‘Blue Humbug’ dress! I like the doll too, I am still considering her. You know I love anything with Stinky! His witch hat is just perfect for him…the color goes so well haha! What a blast he is and always falling over in shock, what a hoot! The green ghost game has some neat pieces and even glows in the dark; eerie. ~~ Not so sure I will go for the Dream House either. Never had it as a child, so probably won’t need it at this age either although it is eye candy for sure. ~~~ Cutting the backs of doll shoes….I have had to do some especially recently. They are buggers to get off and I’m afraid I’ll break those plastic ankles. Hate to cut them, but almost have to. I have heard of sprinkling the feet/shoes with powder and it does work on the vinyl to vinyl. Haven’t tried it on these plastic dolls. ~~~ My Luciana doll arrived after I left for Nebraska, so had to wait to see her until arrived home. A little disappointed at first, but once got inside her box and did a little maneuvering in there,(got rid of the ridiculous cardboard under her dress) she looks much better! And yes, she is beautiful! I like her!

    Jackie ~ Glad you have had some travels and adventure too. I drove all the way to NE….850 miles one way. Then another 300 visiting my brother back and forth. Love the drive though and have my places to stop along the way. Go through parts of Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska. Many fave antique shops and flea markets to visit, so I take 3 days home to have time to shop some more :-) More loot!! ha! ~~ I am going to have to try that lemonade concoction, sounds interesting. Love your beach shot on Sep 26th and Stinky’s hammock beach shot too. He sure has been having a lot of down time and relaxing :-)

    Queli ~~ I will have to get to you later. It is time to get my dog out for her last bathroom trip before the skunks come out to play.


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