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  • 11:15:39 pm on October 12, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello Everyone,

    Can’t believe it has been a little over 3 weeks since was last in! I have some catching up to do, but will do that later. ~~ I took another 3 days for my visit because it was going by much too fast and so much to do! I have been home since late on the 6th, but have had a lot of catching up to do around here. Had a lot of visiting back home to catch up on as well. My cousin’s GD is getting married soon, so a lot of wedding decorations were being worked on. That was totally fun! Visited my brother almost every day and enjoyed that immensely. I think the most fun thing I did with an old friend, was go on Nebraska’s annual Junk Jaunt. We drove a little over 300 miles in one day. There were so many stops to make, so we cherry picked our stops so we could go the distance. It was also a very fun road trip as well. Parts of NE I had not seen in years; the Sandhills area. Lots of open range there. It was 97* that day(Sep 22) and very windy. Got home at 8:30pm; left at 7am. Guess you can say we shopped until we dropped :-) Made one last-minute stop (my idea) at Walmart and so glad we did. As we were entering ran into someone I had not seen in probably 35 years! What a pleasant surprise. Had we not gone, would have missed her. Some things are just meant to be.

    I found a few fun things on the Jaunt, but my favorite find was a little Fisher Price Country Home. So cute! Now Stinky will have his very own house!! He has seen it once and loves it, but he wanted some changes made to it of course. He suggested repainting it to look more like the Moomin home, but not so sure I want to do that because it is a darling little house the way it is. Have been working on it as time permits.

    I know you are wanting to see some pictures, but, I pulled a fast one and forgot my camera!! Would never have done that years ago when I didn’t go anywhere without it.

    That’s about it for tonight. It is good to be back and look forward to posting with you again to see what you and your girls & Stinky of course, have been up to.

    Hope all is well with everyone and see you later.


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