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    Good Morning,

    FYI – I was rearranging my Flickr photos and deleted a bunch of them. :) Not sure where the weekend went – seems like I turned around and it is now Tuesday!

    Jackie – Glad you had a good time at the convention – Stinky will want to hear all about it! If the parking at Disney is $40, I can’t even imagine how much it costs to get in!

    Queli – Love Draculaura with the minions – lol at all the bananas, too! What great Hallmark ornaments – I love the Scottish Santa and the Soulful Saxophone! What a great rainbow!

    Disney Challenge – Favorite Prince is also Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. Favorite heroine – going with Alice, too! And I will go with Robin Hood as favorite hero – I had forgotten about that film – I loved it and Roger Miller singing! I guess Favorite Animal would be the ones in Robin Hood or in Alice in Wonderland. Was Madagascar by Disney? Those animals were pretty funny. Favorite Sidekick – hmm, trying to come up with a Disney movie that isn’t Alice in Wonderland! Okay, have only seen bits of this one, but I liked the little critter sidekick in Pocahontas – I think he was a raccoon (was his name something like Meepo or Meemu??).

    Xoxo Kate
    Stinky with his small Green Ghost Game…

    He is bowled over by the size of the actual game…

    He and the Skippers play a lively game…

    And of course, it glows-in-the-dark!


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