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  • 12:24:30 pm on October 7, 2017 | # | 0

    We went to the park. I just wanted to drive around and see what has changed at Disney World….besides the $$$$.

    We always loved the Market Place.
    It is still there, but huge parking garages have replaced the small tree covered parking lot.
    Construction vehicles are everywhere.
    Sad for us to know our favorite place has changed forever.
    We decided not to get out of the car, but drive around like we used to.
    Since my ability to walk for miles is gone, we are content knowing our Disney days are now fond nemories.

    Queli…I love Alice too. Those animated movies were so well done when Walt was in charge.

    We have had the same feelings with the magic convention.
    Lots of the magicians that were kids now have gray hair and some are using walkers or canes.
    It is nice that there are lots of nice people under 30 getting into the fun.

    I am at a hotel attached to the Florida Mall.
    They have an American Girl store and a Disney Store so I don’t have to be at the park to shop.

    The parking at Disney World is now $40.

    Whee…. times have really changed.

    Looking forward to getting back to my small town in N.C. soon.



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